Oscars 2020 In Memoriam Billie Eilish Performance



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    The Oscars pay tribute to the renowned actors, filmmakers and craftsmen who passed away over the past year with the Oscars 2020 In Memoriam.

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    1. burnt panncake

      Clapping for people who have died sends the message that people are happy they have passed on.

    2. maddyjul07

      so they clapping because they died?? okie

    3. ale_ xis

      The selective clapping- Is actually gross, if you’re going to clap, clap for everyone. Or even better, clap at the end.

    4. Shrinksjp

      Great performance. I also like the Connie Francis liver performance of Yesterday.

    5. Savannah Egbert

      STFU about the clapping

    6. Rick Mannion

      Ngl didn't really like Billie before this thought she was just a basic singer but after this I kno that's not true I'm a believer

    7. Maya Stoehr

      They forgot Cameron Boyce

    8. Pan Da

      First of all Billie did such an amazing performance 💚💚💚 Second of all, what a disrespectful behavior from the audience like if you are at a memorial (my opinion) you are not supposed to clap is like clapping at a person who fell and I know they are clapping for all of the things they did but I just don’t feel it’s right BUT if you are going to clap clap for EVERYONE not just your favorite people from there or the ones you know it’s like give one student an A plus and giving another one an F minus for doing the same work , guys I counted the people that weren’t clapped at and it was more than 20 people! It’s like the 80% of the people shown at the memorial weren’t clapped at.😔 Sincerely Myself

    9. Jason Morgan

      Dude. Why bother clapping if you don’t appreciate the others, this is on youtube, here forever. Everyone will see that some people have no respect for certain people.

    10. T Hamisch

      Can you whisper a little louder when you sing?

    11. j'mall 'n his monkey sidekick

      I'm not a big follower of Billie Eilish but wow i can tell she looks 18 now lol usually i cant tell the difference when someone turns 18 but she just looks more mature in her face

    12. Marshall Mathers

      disappointed no Cameron Boyce

    13. Destiny Parra

      I’m very upset that Luke Perry and CMeron Boyce were not “remembered” ❤️😭 breaks my heart

    14. may iask

      Although I really liked her singing I found her digusting fingernails at such a special occasion just as disrespectful as the audience‘s selective clapping.

    15. Wartopias1

      I started to cry right away wheb kobe came

    16. devin kurishuan

      Calm down everyone there was no clapping just *fapping*

    17. Smile

      I wish people were respectful these days

    18. Mateo G

      finneas & billie did a great performance.

    19. Tia Merrett

      Cameron should be on there as he was Iconic for the Younger generation

    20. KEVO & ASH

      Backstage footage here cz-news.net/online/video-fsupK4aED4U.html

    21. Martha Carlson

      The saddest and most depressing version of Yesterday.

    22. Jessica Smiley

      Doris day would’ve clapped for everyone

    23. Annah Kay

      It hope she records this. I know it’s not hers originally but her interpretation is absolutely stunning. I get tears every time I listen. 🖤

    24. Moto Moto Dosn't like you

      When they showed Peter Mathew (chewy) I almost cried. Billie has a emotionally touching voice. ❤️

    25. Rosangely Payano

      So so Beautiful billie🥺

    26. Bella Anderson

      I know there are lots of scalpés who got left out, but I’m disappointed that Cameron Boyce wasn’t in there. Other than that Billie sang incredible as always.

    27. jennie kim

      I cameron boyce

    28. Paula Ama

      Rest in peace kobi and gigi

    29. Susana Di Santi

      To clap or not to clap...that is the question....😆

    30. kolyan legalize

      a shitty performance,she's mediocre and she doesn't have a voice!!!! I don't understand how you can listen to such bullshit!!!

    31. ToyoMartel

      Billie eilish has a good voice, its sad she wasting it in songs such as bad guy imo

    32. Olivia Nicole

      Oh my GOODNESS i love that gal SO much 💜💜💜💜

    33. Parzival

      Okay, let me analyse the situation here. The clapping started when Kobe Bryant appeared on the screen. At least one or two people felt the need to applaud, probably because of his recent death. Of course, once a couple people start clapping, everyone else must join in, so they did. But it’s already too late. Only _now_ are they all starting to realise that it would now be disrespectful to not clap for anyone else, but it would also be disrespectful to be clapping the whole way through the memorial and the performance, so the whole audience is now caught in a dilemma. In the end, it evolves into a sort of selective, unorganised clapping, and no one really knows what to do anymore. Do they keep going? Do they stop? I wouldn’t really call the audience “sick” or “disgusting.” They’re not purposefully clapping for the people they like, and ignoring everyone else, they’re just having trouble deciding where they’re supposed to go, after being forced into it by a couple of stupid people who clapped at the very beginning. But even those people aren’t really all that hurtful, because they were just trying to be respectful, without realising what they were causing.

      1. Susana Di Santi


    34. Natalia spiteri

      Why didnt they inclue cameron in the memorium?

    35. Hales Wayne

      She Butchered The Beatles 🤬

    36. Bigdaddypounder

      Please don’t disrespect the Beatles gothic bitch

    37. nadia lin


    38. Szabó Előd

      And Andy Vajna?

    39. Denise Juntunen

      Disrespectful hoes

    40. Ocean Gacha

      Someday someone else will be here singing for her while billie is dead and everyone will remember her as an angel and a legend aswell as Kobe we love all of you💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚❤❤❤❤❤❤

    41. isla

      The audience is disgusting, clap for everyone or no one.

    42. Peter Torres

      fuck this people shoulve put dates on the deaths or not played their games fuck the industry over till no end

    43. Jaspreet Mann

      The audience is very disrespectful. Either clap for everyone or dont clap at all. It's that simple.

    44. Rocco G.

      There’s something haunting about Billie Eilish’s singing voice. It makes my innards feel uncomfortable and sends chills through my skin.

    45. Haloro17

      She has a beautiful voice and sang this song beautiful. It would be perfect if the audience wasn’t disgusting and rude for clapping.

    46. gtoss chddy

      "If it was me dying in the sidewalk you would walk right over me" The Joker I think this is what they tought for which nobody was claping THIS IS SO IGNORANT

    47. Ranch_Bird 8

      Setting the stupid audience aside, Billie did amazing and I’m so fucking proud of her. The audience really destroyed this performance for everyone. Billie did amazing and she sounded beautiful as always.

    48. Ranch_Bird 8

      Fuck that audience. I’m glad I didn’t waste my time watching this years Oscars. How disgusting of them to clap only for the big actors and celebrities. Either clap for every life of just shut the fuck up.

      1. gtoss chddy


    49. Makiyow Abriza

      Knowing that most of the audience are educated and from the entertainment industry but still don't know when to clap... 👏👏👏

    50. Cory Yohani

      I hate this song since I heard from her. Sorry

    51. Cory Yohani

      Hey Billie, just stopped and go to the college now!

    52. Katyushka Vakhnitskaya

      A disgusting performance!

    53. Đặng Ánh Ngọc

      Song name pls 🥺

    54. Relax Music Art

      If you read this, doesn't matter where you are right now on this planet, I wish you a wonderful night and a happy peaceful life where all your dreams become true.

    55. s.ophia_dx

      Uhm where Cameron Boyce?

    56. The Studio

      She's overrated af

      1. Enrique V

        fuck off

    57. Lariy Santos


    58. Danny DeVito

      If I was in the audience I would’ve clapped for everyone and tried to motivate people to do the same. Disgusting crowd

    59. lene larsen

      Hei are u ok Do u miss. X

    60. Fa Luffy

      Me: WOW this sounds so beautiful Everyone else: "ThE cLaPpInG"

    61. haluma khata


    62. Lia Summers

      I don't get what the fascination is with her. She mumble sings.

    63. Nellie S

      they should clap for everyone, or not clap at all and just have a moment of silence and music. that's so sad, everyone deserves an applause for their lifework. but it was still beautiful.

    64. Sikru


    65. A MS

      No Cameron Boyce!? da fuq

    66. Kuro Gure

      It makes it extra sad that they clap for some but not all....this world is so cruel

    67. Dustin Marquis

      wow she really does sound like shit .

      1. Enrique V

        Damn your comment really affected her

    68. Elise Brehmer

      That’s nice, cause I love the Beatles and I like Billie Eilish🥰🥳💖

    69. I Jedi Master XI

      No one clapped for chewie, absolute joke, should have all just clapped at the end

    70. Carl Gonzales

      2:06 Rip chewy