[Opening + Ending] Popular Anime Song Compilation Mix 8 Hours [Re-Upload]

Ryuu Official

Ryuu Official

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    Good to hear when you do nothing or playing Game!!!

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    1. jürgen hansen


    2. NinjaSnipers

      YOU LIE ME ITS NOT 8 HOURS ITS 7:31:09 :( i cry

      1. Ryuu Official

        Should i make it 7++ hours :v

    3. Aneh Good

      I got this. Vid as a 30 min long ad. Only noticed it was 30 mins when I was like 20 mins in. Was too busy jamming.

    4. GammaKamui

      Oh that masterpiece is back and i don't even notice,well at last is back~♡

    5. James WANG


    6. James WANG

      Wow thank you so much

    7. SeT TheGoldenBoi

      Best list so far



    9. Kingseeker BACKUP

      This guy: uploads playlist of anime songs Copyright: *STONKS* Revenue: $ ÷ 117 Creator: oh shit. Creator with multiple songs in it: *oh yes.*

    10. daun ox


    11. Gabriel Menzel

      i like how at 5:57:58 theres just this random burst of some other music

    12. UFF OiFf

      Can someone make this a soundcloud playlist or song?

    13. Michix 15

      finally its back

    14. Samidare _

      RE:zero op is singed by konomi suzuki. I was in a critical need for new songs and this playlist was made in heaven for what I needed, may you have a wonderful life

      1. Karol Gutowski

        「Made in heaven」

    15. Anthony James Melecio

      damn this playlist, you'll get hyped for straight 8 fucking hours.

    16. Kuriyama Mirai

      Gilakkk saya suka

    17. Daniel Jun


    18. Rita Rodrigues

      Thank you

    19. Alan Williams

      Rip 22, 74, 75, 93 and 95

    20. martin vergara

      I really want a actualized version with new openings and endings

    21. joe opentoe

      Oh lord I missed this mix

    22. Thika Jackson

      Muito bom Man. Além de conhecer novas músicas ter o nome e imagem ajuda e muito. Parabéns ótimo vídeo. Curtindo e compartilhando

      1. Pedro Oliveira

        Esse vídeo já foi ReUpload tantas vezes q eu nem sei qual é o canal original

    23. GlowstoneLove Pad


    24. Isabel Barth

      this mix has helped me pull through like, four all nighters this semester so far. can't be more thankful i found it (and that it's been reuploaded)

      1. uvuKazumi

        Honestly same

    25. StamX

      thank you, aniki

    26. José RJ

      Thank you so much, it's really helpful when you're playing

    27. Bladen


    28. Your classmate

      Can you make it like 1-2 hours? Thanks

    29. Ari-Chan!


    30. Space Driver

      Thank you for reuploading this, you are the best!!!! ^^

    31. Maestrofeli

      actually, I'd like it more if it had the oingo boingo brothers song

    32. notyour business

      what is a song complication?

      1. Jacob Cox

        Not your business, that's what

    33. Undisputed Potency

      I love this , thank you all all of you thanks :)

    34. KYCrusher1

      Needs more Jojo

    35. Sprinkul


    36. Youtube is Entertaining

      This video will be forever immortal

    37. Jonathan Ordiz

      Hell yeah this is the very most coolest (exaj words) anime op mix , I cant stop crying 😭

    38. Li Yeh

      POGGERS! playlist is back! kind man, is there a way where i can download all the songs individualy? can you maybe upload a link with all the songs? or a place where i can download all the songs? downloading each one separatly will be an endavor (Worth though)

      1. tm man

        Would like a link to it myself ! Can't download this since it uses copyrighted songs ...

    39. Benedilson Lima

      Melhor play list de anime que existe

    40. misany hanny

      I like it

    41. Elias Bravo

      hola :v

      1. Ryuu Official


    42. jay vee

      anyone know where to find the fandom collective wallpaper? the classroom one.


      If my world was anime I would be dead by now.

    44. Bloq


      1. Maestrofeli

        lol I didn't notice

    45. Heavy Baby

      Need link download this compilation video please

      1. tm man

        Same !

    46. Niel Descaya

      Bro, do you have link for it so we can listen to it without internet connection? It was so boring since our connection is still not fix yet. I really want to listen to bro this is lit

      1. Azza


    47. Sorata ML


    48. NoaIsCold

      I was reading comics from webtoon while listening to this!!!! Thank u so much for this i love it :)

    49. Rachel Crimson

      This is the best video I want :>

    50. Raphael Rodigues da Silva

      Bleach melhor anime do mundo 😍

    51. Vape

      Now we know why i ran out of data

    52. BlackJ _


    53. Kaiser Bh

      Thanks for this. also made like half of the list so far on Spotify but some files are missing so download them here drive.google.com/file/d/1WynvEfH7K3kc3TOoDXFN3Xw7WUjs7bU3/view also Spotify link: open.spotify.com/playlist/3VSuREFkEjWbD6PmEAxvQg?si=TbasVIDtTUqJv6NHWFU8fA Enjoy will be adding the rest when I am free.

    54. Lizzie Lizzy

      You made a mistake on 03:03:50 - 03:08:14 its Sore wa Shiisana Hikari no Youna By: Sayuri not Sore a Akatsuki no You Ni by: kishida kyoudan and akeboshi rockets. the Erased ending is also on 71. I can see why you made that mistake because they're similar in name **Theres no need for me to say this bc someone else already brought it up LOL. Oh well.

    55. Atinverd

      You skipped #93 and #95

    56. lego t-s

      song 50 is not 'sore wa akatsuki no you ni' from GATE it is 'sore wa chiisana hikari no youna' and its the ending song from Erased, which is song 71 smh

      1. Cyphex

        Holy, thank you I've been looking for this song for a day now, and coincidentally, you made a comment about it Bless you ^^)b

    57. Néstor Ramírez

      Seriously, thank you very much from Mexico bro. This collection should be internet heritage

    58. macdrive 9

      thanks for the reupload

    59. Khent Cabanting


    60. Infinition

      Note: 03:03:50 sound is wrong, it is the sound of Erased Ending. Sooo, you could skip it

      1. StamX

        Yeah ikr

    61. octa octyabryskaya

      Nice Playlist. Thanks A lot

    62. Maestrofeli

      glad that you re uploaded :)

    63. Amych

      Oh my im so glad you reuploaded this!!!! I used to always listen to this mix of songs!!!

    64. raihan fajar ramadhan

      that transition from zen zen zense to kyouran hey kids is prefect

    65. Vinicius MRF

      Did anyone create a Spotify playlist with these? If yes, please link it :D If not then I'll create one and then link it here

      1. Gopal Purohit

        Anime Music - MUSIC ONLINE (Google Playstore)

      2. Vinicius MRF

        @Gopal Purohit anime music from who? I've found tons of "anime music" apps

      3. Gopal Purohit

        Did it on Anime Music. Great application for Anime playlist specifically

    66. Cyber Blaze

      wheres Unravel?


        Idk neither

    67. Eyad ZD

      Thx for this mix

    68. Eyad ZD

      sry i just kidding

    69. Eyad ZD


    70. Eyad ZD


      1. Eyad ZD

        wtf is this 5111*