Opening Credits | Game of Thrones | Season 8 (HBO)



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    The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.

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    1. Tony Casimiro

      They put more effort into the intro than the writing of season 8

    2. Michael D

      Comparing my excitement level between episode 1 and episode 6 opening credits is night and day...

    3. virendra kanojiya

      *_This intro is better then whole season 8_*

    4. Principe Gianluca Lettieri Stark

      Hey i realise something,when the intro ends in the down part its the houses Stark and Lannister,and those houses was the only houses that have members that survived.

    5. तुषाR डाके


    6. YouTopper

      This music is much much better than entire last episode of season 8 😉

    7. Casey Rowe

      Thanks lots. :)

    8. Johan Salvador

      Greatest theme song ever

    9. maria the killer

      remind me of a pillars of the earth beginning ...

    10. Gopal Anand

      We should all accept the fact that we are never going to see something as amazing as this in our entire life.

    11. soufiane hacini media

      If you want credits on episode just use it always works for me

    12. Qwicks -


    13. Larsson Cruze

      Stand up for our NATIONAL ANTHEM!

    14. Joaquin Phoenix

      M here after Sir Jablinski Games


      Melhor série de todos os tempos!

    16. denkigama


    17. David

      I want to return to April... So fckn sad

    18. Keral Felgrand

      I like this intro but I feel like the sun has dropped in quality

    19. THE BOYZ

      I don't think that season 8 is so bad They had worked hard for this

    20. Zpect

      It took me 1 week and now I've watched 8 seasons of Game of thrones. The last episode could be better

      1. Felicity Kinney

        Hey now little one, I’m slowly working my way to watching every episode of Game of Thrones, but I’m only just starting season three... cause of my job 😂

    21. Hama Spa Care

      We live in a such a boring world😣😤

    22. ANdroHeroGT

      1:23 BIONICLE 2 opening Melody....!!?!?! 😍😍

    23. Bollu Jagadeesh

      Whos watching now ?

    24. Ragetastic211

      I’m in Dubrovnik right now (King’s Landing filming location)

    25. Shanalizée Pillitteri

      On dit quoi à la mort pas maintenant!!

    26. Shanalizée Pillitteri

      Got =life

    27. Todo mundo ama o Rodrigo

      Foi a melhor abertura que já vi na minha vida e a série é uma das melhores que assisti.

    28. Lol Lol

      This inro spoiled me that the wall broke!

      1. Bruh

        Lol Lol ok

      2. Lol Lol

        Bruh I started watching game of thrones whens season 8 started and i dont want to finish it too fast because il never have the feeling of watcging it the first time! Im now season 6/5

      3. Bruh

        Lol Lol Wow you didn't Finish the show yet?

    29. Erik Apostol

      What's the music here?

    30. tavarel goal123

      Why am i thinking about crusade movie shit.

    31. Litteraly all I do is write comments

      When I thought this season would be the best one I was wrong.

    32. salomesweety


    33. Bruno Fail

      "Sometimes duty is the death of love".

    34. Chirag Baukhandi

      Cersei Lannister has that spark far beyond any daenerys. I just admire her the way She was. Besides, Eddard, Arya, Jon Snow, Theon Greyjoy, Jaime, Tyrion etc were very nice characters & they all played brilliantly well. I can imagine how difficult it can be to create a character in a fashion that it absolutely binds with your taste.

    35. RedonPlayz

      Clayclaim did it. He goddamn did it

    36. Animetaional

      Got so many ads on Game of Thrones that I got addicted to the music. please help i can't stop

    37. Elijah Solorio

      I never watched this show I heard it’s really good, wanna know if I should watch it

      1. CR xo EEzP

        Whatch this bro you won’t regret

      2. Awkweird

        @Elijah Solorio I reccomend reading the books the show's based on as well They aren't finished yet so hopefully the ending will be better

      3. Elijah Solorio

        Awkweird thanks for letting me know, I will try to find a time to give it a look

      4. Awkweird

        Definitely watch it, one of the best shows ever made! However, I should warn you, season 8 was incredibly disappointing with bad writing, inconsistent/dumb characters, and a hugely unearned ending. But I would still watch the show because everything before season 8 was excellent!

    38. plzbuffmarksman


    39. Platômixo Vlogs

      não vi a graça dessa porra

    40. Jan Brunk

      Längster und geilster Intro

    41. The Truth

      One of the best intro's 😍

    42. Bruce Humphrey

      Shame. Shame. Shame. *rings bell* if you skip the GoT intro.

    43. Stan Lee

      Best opening

    44. Maria Keane

      *puts on game of thrones on tv Yeah I’m just gonna skip the intro SAID NO ONE ,EVER

    45. Parves Koyes

      One does not skip the Game Of Thrones intro

    46. Abbas Alhusseiny

      Im crying

    47. Il Grosso Sul Tubo

      I've never been a GOT fan, but this theme rocks asfuck.

    48. Yawuz

      the intro is better than season 8

    49. Rowby

      Wait how did the whites cross that river on the map?

    50. StarKiller

      *Game of Cinders

    51. Sam Simpson

      When you watch Game of thrones, you either sit through the intro, or you die! There's no middle ground.

    52. andres rodriguez

      En lo personal prefiero el original

    53. Thirumeni Elavazhagan

      Daredevil Intro GOT Intro Sherlock Intro My hand will not touch the skip button

    54. Abol Tabol

      It felt like an end of an era after GoT. The music feels so old 😢

    55. Johnny Roberts

      When the intro is better than the entire final season.

    56. Nick Gollnick

      I started watching December 2018 thinking that this show was gonna be eh. But now, it’s my favorite show.. Thank you for making an amazing show that holds a great place in my heart.

    57. Dustin

      Dis dude name David nutter

    58. Space Corp

      the crappiest ending, to one of the best series in a long time ! shame !

    59. Kolamba_ Plus

      Who these people, who put dislikes?

    60. Berzerkers Media Chronics

      Best serie ever!

    61. zeddisntdead

      it should’ve been that arya got stabbed as well as the night king so they both died. they barely showed that nigga

    62. Constantin Dimitrenco

      i cant watch even the intro till the end. it prooves vray is not good. it looks so 8bit

    63. Gustavo Da Matta


    64. ali 546

      honor of Iran ramin djawadi

    65. Galaxy Wolf

      A parrot was singing this

    66. Andrew Feng

      Ok you fucked up

    67. MKSKM Look

      മലയാളി ഉണ്ടോ

    68. Chicken Shawarma

      Valar Morghulis

    69. Wesley Uchiha

      Miss this serie 😓

    70. Sean Aboim