Opening Credits | Game of Thrones | Season 8 (HBO)



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    The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.

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    1. Isaias Alkimim


    2. Smyth Professional Advanced Screen Productions

      1:30 - The Iron Throne is up for grabs.

    3. CED channel

      It should be in 3D.

    4. جلال الشرع

      Amazing music

    5. Agnese Malfoy


    6. NaRiKon


    7. Willian trindade

      Fuderam o final da melhor série de todos os tempos..😭

    8. Gustavo SïLv

      Paaaan paaann pamramram pamramram paaaaannn paaannn

    9. Mega Mind

      Still better than the entire season.

    10. Shubham Rajput

      I love thes sound 🖤🖤🖤

    11. Sameer uprety

      Everyone's praising HBO for this. Do you even know the man behind this? Ramin Djawadi I mean it really shows when you have the passion for something it's reflected in your work .

    12. Muaz Kabir

      "1.4k 👎" Us: Why are you gay?

    13. Fastrada

      When your listening to the into but never watched an Episode of GOT and never will

    14. Bighead1740

      The Night King has cometh

    15. demondojr

      When you play the Game of Thrones intro, you either play it every time or you die. There is no in between.

    16. LeadFarmer11728

      The only good thing from season 8.

    17. nelida targaryen


    18. Adittya Shatil

      Goosebumps 😍

    19. Gabriel Webster

      1:32 1:32 1:32

    20. DaveKraft400

      Some time on and it still hurts. It hurts that Game of Thrones isn't around anymore and it hurts how little respect the end of the story was given. 2 full seasons worth of events chopped into 6 episodes. Chapters ripped out of a book. Devastated.

    21. Nomis G-Rossmann

      Best Intro ever!

    22. Muhammad Fitry My Yusub Md Yusub

      wow wow wo wow

    23. idcollecter

      i love Got

    24. gangster gastino

      00:00 Breaching of the Wall 00:55 Red Wedding 1:33 The Long Night

    25. Matthew Ling

      Anyone else notice the sound of footsteps at the very end?

    26. Girin Das

      Why do they don't put carice van houten or melissandres name

    27. Ali Frias

      Amo Game of thrones, me salvó la vida❤️❤️❤️😄😍🤩

    28. Lucas Monte

      this song now makes me sad and nostalgic what a terrible end

    29. subscribe nhi toh marjao

      I will watch the whole series again at age 60

    30. Celular Samsung

      Mas alguém q começou a assistir essa série só por causa da abertura

    31. Der Gesichtslose

      This season was so BAD!!!

    32. Ryan Skywalker

      floppy wiener floppy wiener floppy wiener

    33. dimpad 1

      Watching the opening credits of ep1 and almost going to cry about how beautiful it is, and then there comes the shit who dare to call season 8 !!!!

    34. arpitaghatak maitra

      This music is simply mesmerising....only and only Game Of Thrones fans will understand the emotions behind this opening credit and the soundtrack....and this is the only Tv show where I never actually skipped the intro....infact I used to wait for it❤️ Thank you Game of Thrones for actually giving the most amazing title theme and soundtrack in the history of television series. A journey which began in 2011 and ended in 2019....a journey of 8 years and a million emotions for a true Game of Thrones fan. Thank you for this remarkable journey 💙

    35. hopeman returns

      I never watched a single episode. I have to watch it now

    36. JokerL1000

      I used to get so hyped for this song. *used to*

    37. The Dark Star

      5th September 2019 *I FUCKING MISS GAME OF THRONES*

    38. Esteban

      When is the real season8 coming?

    39. f

      i don't even watch this show what am i doing here

    40. Fezal Malik

      1:33 why 4 dragons?

    41. leandroxcx

      only god knows how much i miss it.. it HURTS

    42. Alp Eren Fidanboylu

      Hiç türk yok herhalde bunu dinleyen

    43. Con Man

      S8 remake would be the most amazing thing. Sadly there will be no such thing.

    44. DaLoafofbread 90

      My fav character is "jesserys targayren" or however u spell it

    45. Shishir Clans

      Remake season 8 please 😭😭

    46. Daisy& Izzy

      I’ve never missed a series so bad in my life 💗💗💗

      1. Daisy& Izzy

        Andrew Frazier 💓💓💓

      2. Andrew Frazier

        Daisy& Izzy same here

    47. Sebastián Barattoni

      Still mad and sad for that ending

    48. Walter White

      There are 3 things certain in life 1.Death 2.Taxes 3. Me never skipping a single GoT intro

    49. Dariya Elven

      In loooove ❤

    50. вαɒ вσy III


    51. Po Ok

      光復香港 時代革命

    52. Ana claudia vaz

      I love this song so much! I did not see the entire series but I'm addicted to this song! 😅 I actually made a cover on classical guitar :) Maybe I should finish watching the series. 🙃

    53. fatima talhaoui

      Best movie theme in the world!!!!!

    54. Hailey m

      My watch has ended 😭😭

    55. Michele Legato

      RIP GAME OF THRONES 2011-2019,

    56. Dreadnova Darius

      Greates show ever got the red weading treatment

    57. Nozim N

      What an intro theme! So sad they decided not to finish the series and stopped in season 6

    58. Laura

      lyrics: (tutu tutututu tutututu tutututu tutu) tuuu tu tututuuutu tututuuu (tutu tutututu tutututu tutututu tutu) tuuu tu tuu tu tuuuu tu tutu tuuuu (tutu tutututu tutututu tutututu tutu) tuuu tu tututuuutu tututuuu (tutu tutututu tutututu tutututu tutu) tuuu tu tuu tu tuuuu tu tutu tuuuu (tutu tutututu tutututu tutututu tutu) tuuu tuuuuuu tuu tuu tuuuuuu tuuu tuuuuuuuu tuuuuuuuuuuu (tutututututututu) tuuuu tuu tu tuuuuuu tutuuu tu tuuuuu tuu tu TUTU TUTUTUTU TUTUTUTU TUTUTUTU TUTU

    59. ☆ A y l e i  g a c h a ☆

      Lyrics: A raven flies from the north to the sea~ A dragon calls my name from the east a daughter picks up sword

      1. loveyourself xx

        Nope wrong: A raven flies from the north to the sea, A dragon whispers her name in the East, The Watcher waits on the northern wall, A daughter picks up a warriors sword

    60. Waffluuz

      weiner weiner

    61. Renee Kadlubek

      The gamebler, he broke even.

    62. Levi

      wiener wiener wiener wiener nice and soft not erect wiener wiener wiener wiener

    63. Knight Enchanter

      This opening was the only good thing about S8 tbh

    64. Pavlik Mareš

      This soundtrack is best!!!!

    65. Pixie Land

      This is available as ringtone on iTunes

    66. Worship Grego

      You ruined the greatest show of all time

    67. sandeep Reddy

      Today anyone

      1. The Kingslayer


    68. Ümit Nayir

      Season 8 was so bad 😭😭😭

    69. Mer Buhk

      I actually think Season 8 was great, lots of people are just negative, because their favorite character died.

    70. Andra Cocea

      Nostalgia.... Probably I'm just going to watch it all over again from season 1

      1. The Kingslayer

        do it