ONLY Girl in an All BOYS School (Animated Story Time)



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    Being the ONLY Girl in an All BOYS School! Animated story time about true stories that actually happened, how would you feel? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last animation Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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    1. kitten lover

      Da fugh my daddy and brother most hansome

    2. Lillian Heath

      that girls gay

    3. dude L

      She is sacura

    4. Lillian Heath

      100 bucks I wouldent take that it depends on there personality

    5. Lillian Heath

      if my crush seen that I had a big booty id be blushing

    6. Lillian Heath

      OMG I seen a girl in the background when the girl with pink hair was in the caf

    7. Hazel Ann

      Its like a Mutya ng Section E story in wattpad Hey there Filipinos and WATTPADIK

    8. Charlie Gaa

      5:28 Sasuke???

    9. PEPE BOI

      Bruh if going to pay for what where be like me wip out Ur knife and runna away

    10. Kyndal Adrianna

      she want the whole crew shawty brave

    11. Genevieve Franco

      Is the girl Sakura❔

    12. Pyro Monster

      Boys at school:"oh great a female" only girl:"I feel so special":)Guys:"whelp it sucks to suck not knowing we are gay!"Only girl:"well I like they are fighting over me" "WHAT!!!!"

    13. Maison Irushadh

      Sssniper Wolf watches demonslayer kimetsu no yaiba

    14. Maddie Grace


    15. Toshi Sato


    16. Roman Reyes


    17. Ireny Farag

      I’m an early boomer like right now and I’m in 5th grade

    18. Werita limary Perez raymundo

      I like Luis

    19. Wee Care

      I like naruto

    20. EST Hacker 2238

      5:22 sasuke?!?

    21. The A Sisters

      As soon as she said demon slayer I started singing the theme song I am obsessed

    22. taylor kirrane

      Oh my god what the hell hundred bucks for what a doc pic OMG 😮 that’s so naughty that dirty boy

    23. Gacha Life fun

      Gay guys don’t have a good job

    24. Zaima Khatun

      **ladybug fans enter the chat**

    25. kawaii stars

      Dammmnn... Gilgamesh ☺️

    26. Fluff-Fei GAMER Muffin :3

      Rlando * enjoys us fighting* Lia: He’s gonna break up with both of you God: Ok I will make that happen *breaks up* Lia: *DABSSSSSS* Me: *Dab*

    27. Funny Guy

      Is that Sasuke asking her out

    28. Janice Odom


    29. kim Anpangirl

      Them: **kissing** Sssniperwolf: seems like they are saying ABCD into each other's mouth

    30. Aysha Talib

      Best 1st girlfriend 👍👩‍❤️‍👨💏💋😘😍👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

    31. Aysha Talib

      Stupid 2nd girlfriend 👩‍❤️‍👨👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💏

    32. Lps Splash


    33. Lps Splash


    34. Lps Splash


    35. Lps Splash

      I would kick

    36. Ellie Barrett

      No way hose

    37. Cryptic Alter

      Where the black people? Seriously....

    38. •Gacha Life •

      My little sister looking at the disgusting Hog : WFT IS THAT Me : ?!?!??!?

    39. Sam Kiesel


    40. Rw 1980

      No I would not share hin

    41. Chaos's Paintbrush

      Looks like *inserts anime boy name* Story enters: *Unrelated people*

    42. ErinWillett X

      Sorry i mean a boy school but not this yeah

    43. ErinWillett X

      That haven't seen a girl because it's a boyfriend

      1. ErinWillett X

        I mean

    44. Snazzy Mango

      2020 flirting: FIGHT TO THE DEATH

    45. Kate Rance

      You are my crush

    46. Stephen Solidarios


    47. imy ice

      Brobably not true like if u agree

    48. Justin McMillan

      white knights=strongest knights=racism

    49. Like Jojo

      You should watch Gacha vids

    50. Liyah Draws

      Don't be messin with my dude sasuke he just wanted his real life Sakura you know😂😂😂😂😂

    51. Edmundo Aguirre

      Did you guys see another girl in the back where the boy was buying the chocolate forma the girl

    52. XxprincessteddyxX

      You did is on my b day

    53. Ma’ayan Praiss

      “Like if not stupid” but it is stupid

    54. Armando Jaime

      No dip shit i would

    55. Julia Rodarte

      At 9:16 I was like “ that’s called a side chick”

    56. I’ll try And help

      Wait wait wait just one minute in the second story they having a three-some???

    57. Amanda Freemyer

      Oh heck now I would never share my crush with anybody.

    58. peeboo424


    59. I HitThose25

      Shit I mean like depends on who I have to share with

    60. Alam Kham

      Superwoman ur fitttt

    61. Lanah Keller

      5:24 I am SO gettin Sasuke and Sakura VIBEZ!

    62. Christine Munroe

      Someone asked me if I was boobless 😑😑😑

    63. Ainsley Armstrong

      Imagine being a gay dude and your parents not knowing of your sexuality and sending you to an all boys school. Like bruh, you got your pick of the lot basically. Or vise versa with girls.

    64. PoppaRBX

      she shouldve said he had a small dick and she left him there that wouldve been funny ngl

    65. cacti draws

      When she said she was nervous she look like one punch man

    66. Dylan Plays

      I don,t have money

    67. pro ANIME watcher ;D

      Girl:at least i would be the first girlfriend Lia: Honey is u stupid Me:👍👍👍

    68. Radnny1980RTF Green Nunez

      if a girl loves a girl it’s not legal is gay also boys

    69. Dylan Plays

      I’m seven

    70. Dylan Plays

      I want to join your channel