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    I got some of the biggest NBA 2K CZ-newsrs for a fun game to win some SERIOUS VC.
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    1. Z Flash

      Iverson was 5 not 4 😂 2K, 2K1, 2K2, 2K3, 2K4

    2. Elisha Bareh

      not even gonna cap all these answers were wrong AI was on 3 covers it is Take Two Interactive and Mike Wang came back from 2011-2012

    3. Nivo Morales

      He was on the cover of 5 2ks

    4. PS 22

      If you watched one of his every 2k video would know the Allen iverson answer

    5. ThatFunnyGuy Brandon

      Its VC so its even better than money. 🤣

    6. Vizn Yt

      I said 4 but they got it off

    7. Josh Dough

      Malid is annoying

    8. Wucken Fasted

      Whose the last dude on the couch next to fanum

    9. terrence nassiri

      its actually 5 covers for allen iverson

    10. Sartaj S

      I feel like this trivia irl

    11. ImmaNova


    12. *gulp*

      im 5,3 in height

    13. KingCristhian2003

      0:44 🥺 I’m be you friend daviss

    14. ExpressYT

      This like 2ktv Live Edition

    15. Marcez Barrett

      That little celebration duke was doing and when he was about to throw the chair had me geeking😂

    16. NO.9 CASH CARTI

      Is the bed a o kay

    17. уα мσтнєя

      Nigga really said “it’s better than money, it’s vc” come on now lmaooo

    18. Shaheim Stephens

      This nigga 😂 said who is b fresh 😂 nigga b fresh from 2k18 she was cool asf

    19. Mad

      Fanum makes e this so much funnier

    20. SinriWoah LIVE!

      saying iphone 6 isnt a phone.... thats the most spoiled rich boi shit ive heard today

    21. Yo Boi Loc

      Nigga this rigged 😂😂😂😂

    22. Ben Wood

      AI was on FIVE covers. NBA 2k, 2k1, 2k2, 2k3, and ESPN basketball (2k4)

    23. Jaryn Gutierrez

      Fanum hit Davis like it was his chair

    24. Supr3m3JJ

      when he told phantom to throw a chair I lost it. LMAO

    25. G. Wind

      Y’all have to be the dumbest kids in the world.. y’all on 2k nuts hard..

    26. DaMazin Official



      Bro honestly I'm tired of 2k they never gonna change bro I want something like 2k16 or 17 again this 18,19,20 shit garbage

    28. Naz

      Duke Carrying Fanum As Usual 🤣

    29. Xavier Cleveland

      This shit was a banger 💯💯 phanum and duke had me dying.....your absolutely goated

    30. Darvin McCormick

      "Welcome Tuh 2K" 😭😭

    31. AD G

      Has nobody noticed that duke Dennis kind of looks likes Michael Jordan

    32. Khytheguy

      I was dead when he said fanum throw the chair 😂

    33. Zach B

      That Allen Iverson question was tricky cuz technically he was the cover athlete 5 times unless your not including 2004 when they called it espn basketball instead of nba 2k4

    34. Colin Evans

      Gets Million dollar answer Fanums chair: it's been a good run

    35. Mohmmad Alhamdani

      This shit funny af kepe it bro I’m over here having a heart attack 💀 😂

    36. Nicholas Muniz Jr

      I need my money now 😂👋🏽👊🏽

    37. Nike the best shoes

      9:30 Why cant I see the name?

    38. Tyler Go Sweaty

      Fanum almost said batter batter swing at the end

    39. Blamps

      Here's another challenge Agent: Go to the gym and lose weight😂😂 your reward is your life.

    40. Hugo Serrano

      “Jaime griffin’s a boy”-fanum 😂😂

    41. ShawnG-617

      davis also doesn’t have a high school diploma

    42. Pxrplecruz

      Lmfao rock paper scissors🤣

    43. HOF Clickbait

      Agent looks like the Auntie you hate to disappoint

    44. Jourdan Austin

      Don’t think duke n fanum asked the audience but it wasn’t needed

    45. Shaun Lockley

      Bro agents face after fanum said ronnie Singh made me weak

    46. ITZ Fayte


    47. Youngblood

      Man I got like 90% of those right wish I was there smh

    48. Trust The Process LLC

      yo, I love your content bro! it is entertaining for the whole community! keep it up

    49. Infxcted2K my nba2k19 mixtape🔥🔥

    50. jay joseph

      I literally knew every answer to duke and fanum eaaaassyyy

    51. Free Rel

      Fanums adlibs got me weak 😂😂

    52. Joshua Newry

      Y do people dis like this this good g

    53. F.R.X.Z.E.N T.U.N.D.R.A D.R.V.C.O

      Throw a chair Fanum 😂😂😂

    54. Warner Collins

      When vc becomes better than real money..

    55. MR. GT

      Agent moving to ATL best move yet

    56. oOG Certified

      Bro looking at the white dude just makes me wanna slap tf outta him

    57. Ant Woods

      These are collaborations that our community needs!!

    58. Ray Williams Jr.

      Forgive me if I'm misunderstanding the question but "How much real world money did a megaphone cost in 2K19?" Umm, it's not 50 bucks. It costs 250K VC for a megaphone. 250K VC is not 50 bucks. 200K VC is 50 bucks. 35K VC is 10 bucks. 15K VC is 5 bucks. Add it all together and that's 65 bucks. 65 bucks should have been an option since that's the correct answer.

    59. Minimal Cats


    60. Dj Micth

      Best 2k squad probably better than 2 hype no cap

    61. TheStreetZ89

      Nba Awards?

    62. Bryce Dancy

      Aleen Iverson was on 5 2k covers, Nba 2k, Nba 2k1, Nba 2k2, Nba 2k3, and Nba 2k4

    63. Keem


    64. HollywoodJD29

      What did he say at 9:21 ? Was it “wake up to 2k” I’m slow


        Haha lol

    65. Tender Tom


    66. Gaming W/ Nicko

      Who wants to win bare p’s

    67. Omar Da Pimp

      fatass nigga

    68. Eric Cartman

      #50 on trending

    69. Eric Cartman

      #49 on trending

    70. TyB.DaeDay

      Throw a chair fanum😭