...Oh Yeah, Rango Was a Thing!



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    1. Cosmodore

      Go to nordvpn.org/cosmodore and use code cosmodore to get 75% off a 3 year plan and an extra month for free. Protect yourself online today!

      1. Natalia Álvarez Macias

        Could you make oh yeah grojband was a thing

      2. MOBmorgan

        Excuse me the worst Tarantino

      3. Milk Fish1

        Cosmodore ok spirit tracks music makes you my favorite human ever

      4. English_w/o_GMO

        Варшавская, дом 118

      5. The Engineer

        Mr. Magorium's Wonder emporium was a thing.

    2. aj williams

      Watch nomad of nowhere

    3. the supermonkey

      just watched it again... worth it

    4. Zader Rilune

      Got recommended this. Decided to watch the film. Startlingly solid, quotable, visually impressive. Angelique can get it, also.

    5. ArtStorm

      The animation in this movie was so Ike, grossly good

    6. Yell

      I remember watching this on long car rides. I rewatched it so many times oh the nostalgia from hearing just the name of it again!

    7. AJ4X

      oh god that ad segway fuckin killed me

    8. cookiebandit18

      Puh-lease. Spirit was clearly the best animated western

    9. Zephyrxia

      "Pretty soon, no one will believe you even existed"- rattle snake jake.

    10. TheCynx

      *epic guitar sola* HHHHOLLAHH

    11. ShadowCooper

      this is sad rango was one of my favorite movies f

    12. Random Fandom Trash

      10:00 *HOLY SHIT!* is that a m o t h e r f u c k i n g *NEIL CICIEREGA* REFRENCD?!

    13. Nonahedrix

      Just wait till Jojo part 7 gets animated, then we will have another great animated western

    14. x IP

      ...Oh Yeah, "Cosmodore" Was a Thing!

    15. The Locaser

      Thanks for shining some light on this film, I remember it as one of my favourites

    16. vulpine oak

      What is the song you use in the beginning

    17. MS04

      "I tip my hat to you, one legend to another."

    18. Trash Boat Productions

      I honestly think this movie is an underrated classic.

    19. Lance Stinson

      I tip my hat to you, one legend to another

    20. Paladin JN01

      The canyon chase is fantastic.

    21. WAR HAWK

      Rango is like the first ice age film. unique gritty character design with animals with emotional parts and humour for all age groups and if nikolodion dose make it a franchise they should not make the same mastakes blue sky made after ice age 1.

    22. Sketchy cat Animationz :3

      As a kid I thought these were real animals because I was stupid.

    23. MagicianKun

      Holy crap I forgot Rango existed!! I watched this when I was like 5 and a half. I KNEW IT SOMETHING LIKE IT EXISTED SOMEWERE

    24. WolfBlade0001

      I felt Velma's anger about font in my soul

    25. WKG 2015

      “I feel called out.” S A M E

    26. Long Time Fan

      2:52 it’s a monster house

    27. Fluke Doe

      Man you should review a show on XD called Crash and Bernstein

    28. imlaughing2death

      Dude, if you haven't seen the Wild West episode of Digimon you're missing out. One of the Digimon is literally a walking talking gun.

    29. Blue Son of Man

      I assumed his name had something to do with Gringo.

    30. Jamjuggleberries

      Who tf forgot Rango??????

    31. ydoomenaud

      It's a sharp lesson that you don't have to have experience writing, directing or producing animation to make a good animated movie while supposed experts like Pixar crap out The Good Dinosaur.

    32. Diamond Glitter

      Dry cut humor

    33. Chris the Guy

      People passed this picture partly because it wasn't Pixar.

    34. Isayah Soliz

      RDR2 should have a Rango expansion

    35. Zayn mowzoon-mogharrabi

      Also jake the rattlesnake is amazing.

    36. ClOuD sQuAd

      I grew up on Tombstone, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Lee Van Cleef, A Fistful of Dollars, A Few Dollars More, and.... no, not rango. It’s a great damn movie though.

    37. Vecret .M

      you have no clue how long it took to get the main theme of rango off my head when i was a kid

    38. Ola Padziak

      Lucky Luke - Best animated western.. Although its a little dated, therefore a little racially insensitive...

    39. lemon_boy

      Rango is easily my favorite movie. I thought it was hilarious, and Johnny Depp did great as our chameleon boi. Fuckin loved it.

    40. XxPhilip_GamerxX Semerstidhs

      I just saw rango yesterday

    41. The Pegasister

      This was a really fucking good movie snd as a kid I liked stuff like this but I think it didn't do good because of how it looked to kids as kids like brighter more bouncy things.

    42. Spike

      lit video fam

    43. Isaac 10

      At around 8:50 it started playing Full Steam Ahead (The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks train riding theme)! I love that song!

      1. PyroBird Chris

        @Isaac 10 yeah I thought I was gonna go crazy!

      2. Isaac 10

        @PyroBird Chris Did you recognize it and have trouble placing it?

      3. PyroBird Chris

        That's what it was!

    44. ¿ ?

      geico: the movie

    45. Pooky1991

      This is one of those movies i always wanted to watch, but never got to and can't find

    46. KottonKing

      Hello Cosmodore! If you don’t mind me asking, may we please have “Oh yeah, ‘Frankenweenie’ was a thing!”

    47. J Mont

      This movie was my childhood

    48. Pavlova Brizuela

      Rango is secretly rambo

    49. Earth- Chan

      I’ve seen this movie a lot I MEAN A LOT of times as a kid and now as I look back as a preteen, I never really got the plot of the show.

    50. Egg

      Rango 2: YeAaA iM gOnNa TaKe My HoRsE tO dA OlD tOwN rOaD iM gOnNa RiIiID tIlL i CaNt No MoRe

    51. Megan Linart

      This move is SO FUCKING good!!!

    52. HumdingerShmoes

      when will you rank season 11 of spongebob

    53. JoshTheInkling132

      now....WE RIDE!

    54. Ian Halterman

      Roses are red, god I hate mangos, my favorite movie is the cinematic masterpiece known as rango.

    55. TheRandomestR

      how could anyone forget rango?

    56. Mocha Sheet

      1:48 is that VADER

    57. Xavier Hollis

      This movie is amazing! I loved the "Fear and loathing in los-vegas" reference

    58. TimeLord 103

      ...Oh Yeah, "Over the Hedge" Was a Thing!

    59. Astrid Hardy

      Do a review called oh yeah ,"shark tale" was a thing

    60. Zalidia

      I actually quite like that movie.

    61. Machtilde IV

      Good western in cartoon:lucky luke

    62. Atom Light

      This movie still holds up, even in the year 2019, and I feel bad for forgetting this movie.

    63. The Little Gremlin

      1337 ١٣٣٧

    64. Lasnight

      "You've got your typical desert creatures, like salamanders" Hold on a second. Since when are salamanders "typical desert creatures"? Were talking about amphibians who spend most of their lives in the water and literally breathe the stuff until they reach adulthood, desert creatures?

    65. Lillian Powell

      Hey! I saw this movie play on TV when I was like, 9 or 10 I think. (I'm 15 now) My dad watched it, but I didn't understand a damn thing going on.

    66. The Sear

      you should do: The Snurks next

    67. cog wheel

      how dare, i liked hatefull 8 it was neato

    68. Frost

      what now?



    70. celestial rider

      This movie was a fever dream.