Official Opening Credits: Game of Thrones (HBO)



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    Game of Thrones is an original HBO series based on George R.R. Martin's best-selling novels. In a world where summers span decades and winters can last a lifetime, the crown of Westeros comes with a price. Betrayal, lust, intrigue and supernatural forces shake the four corners of the Kingdom, from the scheming south and the savage eastern lands, to the frozen north and the ancient Wall that protects the realm from the darkness beyond. Kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars and noble men vie for power in the bloody struggle for the Iron Throne.
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    Game Of Thrones "Official" Show Open (HBO)

    čas přidán Před 8 lety


    1. Meg

      What do you say to the friends who want to skip the intro? Not today.

    2. Gaius Wyrden

      I recently watched the first episodes of season 1. I know, Im really up to date.

    3. はちくろ

      I'm. Japanese,Good title,GOT!! 素晴らしい作品をありがとう

    4. Dylan Kuit

      Look how they massacred my boy

    5. karan singh

      I never skip Opening theme song bcoz bgm is amazing and lovely😍😍

    6. ZachRULES1996

      this should be our new national anthem

    7. Marvin Hammond

      If you skip an opening the punishment is death

    8. Doesn't Matter

      "Theon! You're a good man"

      1. Daksh Kumar

        YES HE IS ... Suffer a lot and bad advice cost him a lot.😐

    9. Nils B.

      schniedel schniedel schniedel schniedel schnieldel aaahhhh schniedel... south park referenz ;)

    10. Rajas Rasheed

      What do we say to other works when GOT is telecasting... Me: Hell, Not Now !!!!

    11. Stefan Covic

      I have watch Game of thrones lot of episode 😞😞😥😥😣😣😣 season 8 is shit real?

    12. Basel Xobox

      I miss it guys I do

    13. Aleksandar Mitrović

      All those 4,6 thousand dislikes are from white walkers

    14. SkeeTer Reach

      Hier ist der deutsche Kommentar, den du (vielleicht) gesucht hast. :D

    15. Will Smith

      Too bad Daenerys died

    16. Mr PerioS

      My new phone ringtone in MEMORY OF GAME OF THRONES...

    17. DARTH ASH

      My dog listened to this now it's a dire wolf

    18. chinmay marathe

      Ohh I'll miss it

    19. Colombian

      Yeah, the show didn't end well and it was disappointing, but it was great. I have never enjoyed anything as much as I enjoyed Thrones, farewell.

      1. Zubair Ahmed

        True bro❤️

    20. Rockafire

      Thank you for GOT

    21. waquar abid

      1) why was sansa so cold n judgemental w.r.t daenerys from the moment she saw her. Was it right on her part considering the fact that she herself faced so many things in life. 2) sansa tried to manipulate jon snow w.r.t daenerys and Jon almost fulfils sansa's desires in the end. 3) The actions of daenerys in the finale is not true to her character. After all she is the breaker of chains. A lady who has the conviction to sit in the fire, who is so certain about her Destiny n greatness can simply not go about burning innocents' by the thousands'. She never can.. 4) Jon snow being one of the most honourable characters' cannot simply stab the lady he loves, the queen whom he has sworn his loyalty to.. 5) Did daenerys have such a negative streak or such an unstable mind? We all know she lost her dragons n her close aide, but we must not forget she has seen worse. 6) why did her guards leave her alone when she ventured near the iron throne ? Where were the unskilled? 7) Tyrion the imp, though fully knew what daenerys was capable of, has varys executed, then why did he not think twice before suggesting Jon to kill daenerys 8) Bran is the raven n it's implied by his character that he has renounced the world. Then why did he agree to become the king. .... the list goes on.. # I have written alternate ending to the finale which I feel may be a bit more acceptable, atleast I am convinced of it. I will share with u guys if I get enough likes. Moving further , I have also written a sequel to it, which may also be pleasing to many.. give a like, if u wanna know about it...Tq

    22. The Dead Night King

      i showed this to my puppy ..... Now he is a Direwolf

    23. Pedjoeang Tampan

      Bagus banget

    24. FadedHorizon

      One of the very few Intros I never skipped

    25. Cheixouna Gueye

      July 2019??

    26. Tuncay Nezerli


    27. Việt Hùng Jr


    28. Fayez MMA

      do several seasons please

    29. Fayez MMA

      do several seasons please

    30. Yuso Snow

      Yo viendo la octava temporada: Mira como masacraron a mi muchacho :'(

    31. ussox bayak

      I miss GOT a lot... July 2019

    32. Pet wussy

      Am i the only one who hasn't watched a single episode of GOT, yet likes the theme song?

    33. Jaqen H'ghar

      a man gets nostalgic when he hears this.

    34. Ya To

      He’s pretty than girls of wildling but he’s a good fighter tormond to jhon snow 🤣

    35. The Truth

      One of the best opening credits 😍

    36. Gaurav Pandey

      GOT is incomplete without this

    37. Kasper

      Why the fuck is this in my recommended 8 years after launch?

    38. Bruce Humphrey

      Shame. Shame. Shame. *rings bell* if you skip the GoT intro.

    39. Ilse Huerta

      Extraño taaaanto GoT 😩😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    40. DesuDesuDesu

      *Sean Bean* *Mark Addy* *Pentos*

    41. StarGaming101

      This song makes me want to invade a country

    42. Stranger Things happen in Riverdale

      Everybody stand up for the national anthem

    43. LOGIC

      this thing will become a meme in 2020 or 2021

    44. Dwighks

      Ill watch game of thrones again

    45. Sevezar

      Bloody hell, I`m gonna miss this...

    46. Sam Simpson

      Why would someone dislike the video? They might be white walkers!!

    47. Rery Clou

      I would never get bored of this intro even though I repeat listening to it for thousands of times👌🏼

    48. bella rodriguez

      please rise for our national anthem

    49. Santosh Sp

      All these years I have watched every episode many times, every videos of Queen daenerys. What I finally got was depression 😥 after watching S8E6 I am not able to watch even a second of GOT video 😫

    50. Nancy Hoffmann

      Die ersten Teilen waren wirklich aufregend, super und beeindruckend, die letze Staffel war einfach nur langweilig und lasch. Schade.

      1. Fayez MMA

        Schade das kalisi gestorben ist

    51. nirwansyah kelana

      bingung .. senin pagi ga ada lagi yang di tunggu tunggu

    52. Yasin Adsız

      Music is very good.

    53. Hillary Titos

      How can someone on earth say this is not classic...

    54. Juan Comizzo

      Gay of Thrones , Juego de Trolos, Gay Mostron

    55. Manis Yaya

      I never seen got but the ad for that game kept showing with this theme n someone told me it's gots opening so here I am

    56. Umar Khan

      Game of thrones > breaking bad

    57. delfina flor

      Soy el unico comentario en espanol q buscas :u

    58. ivy nne

      For a moment I wondered why it did not go on after the intro

    59. Sirvee Pranay

      Comments on any got video: "you'll be missed got. You have a special space in our hearts." Comments on Breaking bad videos: "gAmE Of ThROnEs < bReAKinG bAD"

      1. Haigovind Balakrishnan

        Sirvee Pranay its true tho

    60. brosay what

      I played this to my Wyvern Now he's a Dragon.

    61. Emelie

      i haven’t seen it yet

      1. Emelie

        @guerrier de l'amour i wouldn't mind.

      2. guerrier de l'amour

        Don't watch it. it will break your hearth at the end

    62. Shpoink

      watch this intro, then watch the newer ones. the music is different and after listening to it for a bit I realized that the bassline, drums and other things in the new intro's are more prominent than in this one. tl;dr they changed the music to make it more enjoyable, still epic tho.

    63. Illuminati Gaming *Lite Boi*

      2019 ??

    64. Thor Da2


    65. Kolosoa Andria

      I miss you Game of Thrones

    66. Sushi Banks

      Back when Sean Bean was leading the intro

    67. William

      Sean Bean bro

    68. Sneha SS

      Back to the good old days when it was gooooood

    69. abhishek mittal

      I put my phone aside while listening to it and When it ended, i thought the episode is going to start. But no. Its only a theme. Oh! Game of thrones.

    70. Hasan Usman

      i skipped the intro once only to find out jons parentage