Odell Beckham Jr. Surprises Team with New Nike Air Max

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    Surprised the Chaney High School football team with new Nike Air Max 720’s during practice. It’s a blessing to be a blessing.
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    1. Ultimate Gamerz

      Can you make a new vidoe 😂😂😂😂😷

    2. Serenity Marie


    3. Abdullah Ashour

      How big is Odells hand to catch damn footballs with 1 hand

    4. brilee hurley

      odell you literally have the whole package. man thank you for being so inspiring on and off the field. you are a very blessed man

    5. Uptown Nias

      Ima be better than Odell, but he's the goat for right now

    6. Gameing with j Nfl

      Hi Odell

    7. Matty

      I heard it is impossible to get your comment a heart by Odell Beckham jr

    8. Jason Hughey

      Hey Odell you are on my can fantasy team you have been doing good this year

    9. Denzel Jones

      Obj can you start Rock the hand plumber from the Browns you should come to the LA Rams

    10. Wolfgamez Xforce team

      Also Odell your 1 of my favorite football players

    11. Wolfgamez Xforce team

      I wanna play foot ball but I’m a girl so people think I can’t but I believe

    12. Master key 1234

      Obj can you upload more😀

    13. Moss Town

      Thank you: hbcuconnect.com//content/351010/odell-beckham-jr-surprises-team-with-new-nike-air-max

    14. mikias green

      Hey you're the best receiver ever see you and your you think it's like anything will call you back those to you and you expired me every day to do my best on the field when I play you inspire me to do

      1. Nathan Stansfield

        mikias green you’re a nice person I like you

    15. Zay HAM.

      Odell is a true inspiration. I wish people would see how much he does and his talent as a wide receiver.✌️

    16. K E Y O N

      Odell you know my uncle Louis nix lll

    17. Yvette40K King

      It's a blessing to be a blessing!

    18. Yvette40K King

      What an inspiration!!! Odell you are the truth. Keep doing what you do. Pave the way and continue to inspire our feature play makers.

    19. Sam Owen

      I love you OBJ I was really excited that you signed with the Browns you will make us win the super bowl plz put a heart on my comment

    20. Bleach addict

      wow... Odell is truly an inspiration! thank you for inspiring me.

    21. KingJar Black

      Love you bro don't forget about me

    22. Nathan Stansfield

      We need mor people like Beckham being nice in this place

    23. Donna Lane

      Simply Beautiful😘

    24. Trenten Turner

      Wow i was the 527 subscriber

    25. NYLA XO

      Odell is the new player of Madden 19 and Madden 20

    26. Walker yuki

      Question How do I become strong like you.

    27. Demestic

      I’m actually hyped because my football number is 13 and I was like, “I’m blessed”

    28. Stephen Godlewski


    29. xd diego

      How your new team

    30. Ganajah Rawww

      I wanna meet him so bad 😍I rlly luv football 🔥it’s fire

    31. Chris

      These vlogs are amazing man. Looking forward to the next one.

    32. Pool

      And You're My Favorite Player

    33. Pool

      You Looks like better in the Giant Man this Theme is not That good with this is the end is my favorite Things You are on the door and When are you on the grizzlies My favorite Team is Cleveland

    34. Lcruse

      Gotta love OBJ

    35. Ultimate Gamerz

      Make a new vidoe

    36. fernando caceres

      Why can't antonio brown be like that

    37. Zac Charron

      Anybody know what kind of pants he's wearing?

    38. D0M01000

      That’s wassup!! If I was one of the varsity players who are CB’s I would’ve asked to check him on a route just so I could see how far I gotta go Nd then some!!!!

    39. Nardotini

      You a mad beauty! All the best on Cleveland this season!!

    40. Jiren

      Schooling the youngings on life, football, and showing some love for ludacris 💪🏾💪🏾

    41. Nevio Freuler

      The only thing wich has to be commented is, that Odell is just a beautifull person! No matter what they say about him i'm a big fan of him and he is the only wreason why i watch football i have never been in to it before because in switzerland it is not as well known. And i would love to play it but i have no team or anything around so im just going to keep on watching and yeah. Good luck for the rest of the season🙌 (perhaps someone noticed my english isn't very good im sorry for that but it is not my mother tongue)

    42. A.Y Vlogs

      Odell i love watching your video's their great!.

    43. Igor Telles

      You are my idol odell Love you!!!!

    44. mr.perry gang

      Hi im Christopher I'm a big fan I want to be like u and j want to be in the NFL I been a fan of u since 2013 THE ONE HAND CATCH

    45. I.M.L. Made The Beat

      Odell is the goat 🐐 💯I’m bein real

    46. Kaleb Umstead

      should be on viceland fr

    47. Terrance White

      They try there best to put OBJ in bad light like that watch. This man didn't promote the watch his rest. We as fans wouldve never known anything about it. They saw the watch on his rest and made it big deal. Thats what they do. Need to be talking about how trash Baker Mayfield is playing the last 2 games. When is this brotha ever gonna get a good QB? So he can take down all the recorders one by one.

    48. Snickel Fritz

      Welcome to Ohio OBJ. Seems like a really humble guy and I am glad to have him on my favorite team. May God bless him with peace and happiness.

    49. Benjamin Nguyen

      That's sick man, wish I could do the same ! God bless you

    50. Ghana Tekton

      Thank you Odell

    51. Vue Lee

      Thank you. You saved my fantasy team.... When Andrew Yangs UBI comes in I'll remember to donate to your Charity..... Monthly...

    52. Clif M

      Good deal man. Good deal.

    53. Sister Mary

      Great spirit... the kids feel it

    54. Entirely Randomness

      Odell me too!ive been playing since 4

    55. Ronald Brown

      Young king of drip....89 yards just now! Btw dope video..gotta give back!

    56. shawn seawood

      Good community work. Keep up the good job. The good side of the NFL.

    57. J&A VLOGSS

      Michael Crabtree came to carter and did the same thing with no press💯💯

    58. Isaiah Hrabal

      You inspired me cfc to play Football Odell and I have been playing for 6 or 4 or5 years thank you Odell for being friend

    59. Saucy Hoes

      Same highschool I graduated. Youngstown Ohio. We doing big things

    60. Valerie Keville

      Why did you have to go to bears my fav team giants and your my favorite NFL player your my inspiration man love you respect

      1. Valerie Keville

        And also wish you go back to giants

      2. Valerie Keville

        Know you on Cleveland but still respect

      3. Valerie Keville

        Please notice me and I wish I can meet you one day

    61. Robert Knights show


    62. DMH 455

      God bless you and those kids I am sure that they were very happy, we need more people like you

    63. LiL WHIP

      Odell your a good person keep up the good work

    64. Jan Ssb

      He is one of the nicest guy in nfl

    65. dark light

      school? what's school, weed? I've got 5 on it.


      that girl was like who Tf is this

    67. ZeroTo100

      How much does he weight? he looks so skinny here, was he injured?

    68. lisa colon

      Good job OBj

    69. Gladys Moore

      Beautiful 😍

    70. Gold Diamond & Jewels GDJ

      Marry a Black woman then you'll gain real respect and honour that materials cannot buy you.