Noragami AMV - Battle Scars (Nightcore)

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    Thank you for watching, I hope you all enjoy!!! If there are anymore recommendations for amv's let me know in the comment section!!! :)

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    1. ROJO 886

      Like si es 2019

    2. Jose Henrique Oliveira

      gostei muito

    3. apinan nongnuch


    4. sharon123 juega y diviertete lario caro

      La mejor serie, la ame.Para los que no saben se llama, el anime Noragami

    5. Sean Paglinawan

      I am the 1k dislike guy I like it.

    6. Baby Princess Cat Kitty

      Season 3 where are you 😭😭

    7. MOHAMED Abdiqadir

      This make me cry

    8. leonardo coaquira

      2019 en español

    9. bilinmez umut

      Noragami love

    10. Trang Nguyễn

      Tuyệt vời

    11. sofia leyva

      me encanto , amo este anime

    12. Bel reyes


    13. Logan Newton

      Top 5 or 10 best manga I’ve ever read I hope the series continues

    14. Otaku Girl

      I feel like watching this anime again

    15. Сапфировая Луна Мувана l

      Большое спасибо это просто шедевр :) :3

    16. Lauren Pinkie Pie


    17. andrei barbu

      bro the song is really motivational

    18. Binay Bara

      what is the name of this "anime series"

      1. pheonix fire


    19. Kris Jones

      What animé is this

      1. pheonix fire


    20. Shenying Vang

      Love this song and this anime

    21. Carta YTB

      Nombre del anime

    22. Carta YTB

      Name anime

    23. Bat_ GunGamingHD

      the song is good but the amv is low quality and the nightcore does not sound right.

    24. Emy 123

      I love Noragami and this song ❤️♥️💖💗

    25. unknown

      5 yen for season 3

    26. Rudi


    27. digoGamer plays


    28. Yato Shizuoka


    29. Costrike ahh

      i really love💕💗💖 this song i subscribe and💝i turn on the bell🕭🕭🔔

    30. I dont care as f*ck

      So deep

    31. I dont care as f*ck


    32. Hope McDonald

      Whyyy does this make me cry so much, every damm time i watch this. (And yes iv watched this many many times)

    33. bakugo is doom

      This is the one anime next to toradora that got me into the never ending world of anime.

    34. 0xxnhxx0

      The musicvideo of Noragami

    35. Bissha Moon

      Me enamoré de esta canción y de Noragami otra vez

    36. Bissha Moon

      AW amo tanto este anime lpm

    37. Asidi 120

      The best amv! I love it and I listen it again and again....

      1. Asidi 120

        @Deepak Chaudhary Noragami

      2. Deepak Chaudhary

        What is the anime name

    38. Jaime Yurivilca Montes

      Me encanta😍😍😍

    39. Ja'Quan Griffin

      i have battle scars that want go away lol

    40. Samina Toufeeq

      I like yato. Hope so season 3 will come soon .

    41. bare Glory

      Nice nice nice music

    42. That0neweeb :

      if only this wasnt nightcore

    43. Miss Manga

      I like your video

    44. tokyo ledezma

      Esta cacion me gusta mucho .Like si te gusta buscar musica de anime de serie como de Noragami

    45. natsu push

      Me gusta bastante la combinación del vídeo y de la música combinan muy bien me encantó el AMV 😁

    46. Gacha Nerd

      This gave me chills, ive never even watch the anime..

      1. pheonix fire

        Noragami is amazing :>

    47. Ума Магомедова

      I love this anime!!!! So cool Yatoo😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😃😃😃😃😉😉💓💓💓. You video awesome

    48. Alice Black

      5 yen for another saeson!

    49. Lena

      *I get it, Yato and Hiyori are a cute couple but aren't you missing out Yuki-May? ...*

      1. Dusty Paws


    50. Small Queen

      2 0 1 9 ?

      1. AKAINU

        ? 9 1 0 2

    51. Chandramaya Limbu

      My fav anime i love you yato

    52. vitoria alves

      amo essa musica

    53. Adrian

      I like AMVs but this is trash XDDD, night core producing puppies and lovers deserve to be hanged for appreciating the distortion and ruin of good songs XDDD

    54. Musica Anime

      te amo ,te quiero yato

    55. Arianne Tjong

      The song and the Anime = perfect

    56. Mohen Patel

      wht anime?

    57. lina alejandra pachon pinilla

      Me encanto ...... te amo yato y genial el amv

    58. Ava Babajafari

      What's the name of this Anime?

    59. Yukine Sekki 雪


    60. AeroRed YT

      I need to start watching Noragami again and finish it this time...

    61. naruto uzumaki


    62. Cristina Pop


    63. King Ace

      I like it 😍👌🤘

    64. Шафагат Сулеймен

      Да ладно из русскоязычнрй аудитории только я заметил этот шедевр

    65. AnnaMae DeCoster


    66. ilham aku

      baka god never see god like that in my life but im like him

    67. Тревор Филипс


    68. Kamilla Elisabeth Bartens 7A Mørke Skole

      Its so good but the text is just annoying...good work

    69. Mykaela Ono


    70. Rovic Uzumaki

      season 3 info?