Noragami AMV - Battle Scars (Nightcore)

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    Thank you for watching, I hope you all enjoy!!! If there are anymore recommendations for amv's let me know in the comment section!!! :)

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    1. Cyxwolfiex Yang


      1. Cyxwolfiex Yang


    2. Lucky CWN

      Mano, toda vez que vejo esse vídeo eu choro. NORAGAMI THE BEST ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    3. Ander hernaez

      Beautiful song

    4. Ander hernaez

      Fucking depressing amvs

    5. noragami yukine trisha

      2 0 2 0 ?!

    6. EIMO


    7. Sora and Shiro

      ?? *2020* ??


      Please tell me anyone name of this anime I want to watch

    9. Light Yagami

      2 0 2 0 ?

    10. CTSLAYER

      This is the best amv I’ve ever seen

    11. Rebbeca Vandels

      Anime please

      1. pheonix fire


    12. •Tikaani•


    13. Gabriela denise

      Quem ai ama noragami tb? Quero a 3 temporada

    14. Agos Sanchez

      Primer comentario del 2020? Uwu

    15. # Erik

      6.5 million views and 49K like? Come on u can do it for this guy

    16. kay produção


    17. tonya smith

      I think that should do a amv of this song and full metal alchemist

    18. Some._. Bubblegum

      My ears died

    19. Lizbeth Martinez


    20. Fayçal Hanafi

      This video really effects me so much . I'm in love . This is perfect 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤

    21. C S Pandey Watch this......

    22. Craz[Y]

      5 yen for yato plx

    23. Autumn Nelson

      I'm not crying I just got something in my eye btw it's a lovely music video :)

    24. Jhinmin


    25. Hanako kun

      So perfect love it

    26. C H

      Aveces me gustaría estar muerta

    27. Serenum Ignis

      F*ck. You are, the f*cking one, made me cry! I can't stop because of you. Thanks man. These feelings are... perfect

    28. Semiha

      Song pls?

    29. Luany Takanashi

      {\ /} ♡-♡ (>💖) quem ama esse casal da like

    30. KPOPER!

      Like por el Dios más sexi. Jajajaja ❤️😍

    31. Nirmala Siddaramegowda

      Is it a happy or sad ending

    32. Jerry anwer

      Amazing combination dude.

    33. Jerry anwer

      Amazing combination dude.

    34. Luany Takanashi

      Yato × hiyori cute Love 💓 Best amv 😌 My anime favorite 💙💚💛💜💓😘💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

    35. Ariane D souza

      Quero segunda temporada 😭

      1. Luany Takanashi

        Eu também noragami é um anime maravilhoso amo d+

      2. K A I T O M U S I C

        *Ya ay segunda temporada*

    36. Tassy Agbana


      1. Luany Takanashi


    37. Tassy Agbana

      I love this

    38. xKemiJML


    39. Old Music

      one of the best amv i have ever seen

    40. artur n

      shittt music

    41. Angie kurumi


    42. panzitoh uwu

      2019 (?

    43. Naruemon Phtthamongkhon


    44. KaPma0

      Woow,it's a cool....💕🙈

    45. Shamier Jalandoni

      One of my favorite anime 💕💕💕💕

    46. Alondra Itzel Sanchez Tenorio

      Bellísimo anime me encantó verlo acompañado de esa canción.

    47. ROJO Ez

      Like si es 2019

    48. Jose Henrique Oliveira

      gostei muito

    49. sharon123 juega y diviertete lario caro

      La mejor serie, la ame.Para los que no saben se llama, el anime Noragami

    50. Sean Paglinawan

      I am the 1k dislike guy I like it.

    51. Baby Princess Cat Kitty

      Season 3 where are you 😭😭

    52. MOHAMED Abdiqadir

      This make me cry

    53. leonardo coaquira

      2019 en español

      1. Luany Takanashi

        Siervi una brasileira?

    54. bilinmez umut

      Noragami love

    55. Trang Nguyễn

      Tuyệt vời

    56. sofia leyva

      me encanto , amo este anime

    57. Reyes 67


    58. Logan Newton

      Top 5 or 10 best manga I’ve ever read I hope the series continues

    59. Otaku Girl

      I feel like watching this anime again

    60. Дамир Лиев

      Большое спасибо это просто шедевр :) :3

    61. Lauren Pinkie Pie


    62. andrei barbu

      bro the song is really motivational

    63. Binay Bara

      what is the name of this "anime series"

      1. pheonix fire


    64. Kris Jones

      What animé is this

      1. pheonix fire


    65. Shenying Vang

      Love this song and this anime

    66. Arturo Cuartas

      Nombre del anime

    67. Arturo Cuartas

      Name anime

    68. Bat_ GunGamingHD

      the song is good but the amv is low quality and the nightcore does not sound right.

    69. Emy Gacha

      I love Noragami and this song ❤️♥️💖💗

    70. unknown

      5 yen for season 3