Nightcore - Battle Scars (Lyrics)

Eiden XII

Eiden XII

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    Song Name: Battle Scars
    Artist: Lupe Fiasco & Guy Sebastian
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    Art by: Unknown
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    1. Eiden XII

      Today video is different 🌹💜 i wanted to post this to encourage the people who talked to me about thier problems in the video '' How Could You Leave Us " i like to tell them that life is a series of beginnings, not endings. Just as graduations are not terminations, but commencements. Creation is an ongoing process, and when we create a perfect world where love and compassion are shared by all, suffering will cease. *Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls*

      1. Shy Echo

        Wow. That makes my heart ache. Thats beautiful.

      2. Blood Slasher

        Your the best CZ-newsr for good music and friendliness

      3. Tempest Stone

        Ur amazing I've never talked to you or anyone before but the fact that you even made a effort is amazing 😊

      4. BountifulSiren

        I have a scar

      5. Green Panda

        If I could heart your comment I would

    2. Something by Myself

      I have a battle scar from a surgery. It was when I was 4 months old, there are all over my nose. I’m surprised not much people make fun of them. Well, maybe because that battle scar.... save my life

    3. Coryna Coryna

      Scar on heart....


      fighting the biggest war i've ever been in 🖤💔

      1. Eiden XII


    5. Starla Lanningham

      My cuzen is In the air force

    6. M DeviL

      Battle scare 😱😱😱😱😱😱👈🏼

    7. I’m the Devil Himself

      Me: what that on. Your arm Stranger: ......battle..scars Me: tell me why? Stranger: because of everything Me: this really what people wanna do to each other let me tell you . There’s people family friends and a lot is in depression because of bully’s and assaults ok well look at me I’m just a stupid and unbelievable person and I don’t fucking care about what people think about me and one thing why is depression taking over because your not trying to defense yourself or love yourself..FIGHT BACK!!!

    8. AnnoyingGurl Beware

      When i was a kid,my teacher always asked:is there anyone who doesn't have a mom or dad,here? And i wonder how did it feels like having no mom? Then,One day. My mom is gone she choosed the guy over her own family.And then,until now. I asked myself how did it feels like having a perfect family?

    9. Brokenshutendown Wolf_xx

      *Scars on my hip* *Scars on my thigh’s* *Eyes full of hurt* *And a mouth full of lies heh...*

    10. Azan Bawar

      Nice sooo good your controling our feelings with lyrics and music

    11. Eclispe_gacha 1234

      i need answers....what do i do if i feel like im out of luck and love?

    12. Rielans

      i have waited for 1 year every few months i come back to check if you updated the picture in description ... @Nightcore Eden

    13. ichigo from tokyo mew mew :D

      I have battle scars They are painful But they feel good Please don't get battle scars Promise me if u don't have any Promise me to never get battle scars..


      1. Eiden XII


    15. Adam Frankenstein.

      You know what makes a body beautiful? No make up..... No surgeries...... But the scars earned through battle !

    16. puppydog8

      I don’t have any battle scars in the outside but there are too much to count on the inside...

    17. Dalton Pribramsky

      This is just a version of battle scars but sped up and higher pitch

    18. Mjch Consul

      I’m totally in love with this song...whisked someone sang it to me.

    19. Mike Stone

      when I listen to that this song I cried to be honest

    20. [D][E][P][R][E][S][S][E][D] Kid

      *die... Just die*

    21. Bradey Asselin

      I have been through this this song is true they never go away

    22. Friend 88

      This song makes me feel something between militaristic, and the feelings I have towards my faithful...Thank you.

    23. PhoenixDxnnis

      Bad people give you battle scars because your strong to handle it by your self

    24. Dragon Buster

      This song is a really a heart-touching song 💓💓

    25. Hunters Legion

      Wojenne blizny XD

    26. _XArizonaPheonixX_

      i have a ton of these on my arms

    27. Just Peachy

      Is it bad that I discovered this song from intro maker ;-;

    28. ShadedShadowStorm2222

      Who else learned this song from someone else?

    29. lilly Berton

      One cut, nobody notices Five cuts, they ask if she's okay, she says she's fine. Ten cuts, they push her aside Fifteen cuts, her last friend asks her to stop, she says she will Twenty cuts, she lied Twenty-Five cuts, attention is rising Thirty cuts, the bullying gets worse Forty cuts, she was pushed over the edge A suicide, a life was lost.

    30. LaziestDorkEver K.H

      No. Battle scars WONT fade... because they’re there to remind you “you made it” yeah you made it through a tough time and now you’re here reading this comment. Be proud of those scars. And learn how to protect yourself and others from making the same mistake.

    31. Diego PlaysGames


    32. Diego PlaysGames


    33. T0XiCNunz4 TN

      this picture.... this is what i did to my mouth.... no joke..... im serious....

    34. Ethan Zeutenhorst

      What is love

    35. shelter boy

      i wish someone or one of my friends tell me you not alone.. im here for you😔

    36. Punisher

      They put Kakuzu in the Video! Akatsuki is everywhere!

    37. PANDA !!!

      This is the only thing keeping me from killing myself rn... thanks so much I love u guys 🖤🖤🖤

    38. Dariana Montano

      I have one tear going down my fake smile face just to not cause problems and not make anyone know but in the inside you just feel worthless. And empty

    39. Dariana Montano

      I got one tear

    40. Red Dragon

      Can someone explaine to me what battle scars stand for?

      1. Jon.

        From "It’s about your own personal battle scars and for every individual those are different; some might be words or labels… it might be relationship scars"

    41. Shpirt lockman

      Have you been to the comment section of a video speaking out about depression and suicide? Have you seen the comments of a video talking you out of suicide, or simply one telling you you're worth it? They're so uplifting, the comments tell you that they love you and tell you you aren't alone. So go through comment sections more, it helps

    42. logan short

      i can connect with this in a very small way as i have had my battles maybe not as bad as others but they dont have to be and ive also helped a lot of my friends before i help myself heal because i know if at any point anyone comes to me to talk about there feelings or how they are feeling right at that moment i know that they are far worse than i am right there and i stop everything and help them right away as best as i can because i know it just takes one person to care about them to help them feel a little better and to keep moving forward

    43. Zerer

      Best musik forever

    44. Nikt Ważny

      I've got too enough memories with this song... But this song is beautiful.. And so true. 💔

    45. Ernesty5

      Plz no Mr. Nugget don't do it. Don't lose control.

    46. Destiny Chandler


    47. Rachel T

      ah, i'm a year late lol

    48. Tempest Stone

      Thank you all I can say is thank you. For helping me and others to except and be proud of the battle scars. You don't know how much it helps 😔

      1. Tempest Stone

        @Abbie D nobody will rlly read the replies so I can say this, nobody is proud of their battle scars but I've learned to accept them cuz they're not going away

      2. Abbie D

        Tempest Stone if only I was proud of mine😔

    49. Sapphire Hurricane

      This song is sad.. Not only because he sings about sad stuff- mostly, because it is so relateable

      1. Abbie D

        Hurricane Chan i agree so much I have a big range of emotions from anger to sadness and I can't fricken stand it

    50. unknown randoom


    51. x Patronuz

      Me: Wow this song is so good! Did I subscribe?! *Like a million years ago* 🤣

    52. BorkozZz

      My war never ends

    53. kurama bijuu

      Feel bad for him

    54. I am the biscuit Bunny

      This song relates to me so much I am crying. I want the old me back, the one who doesn't break down every night, the one who is strong, the one who doesn't cut, but she is gone and i'm left with a shell of myself. empty.

    55. Gucci girl

      i used to cry whenever i listen to this song but guess i have no tears left to cry

    56. Myra Lu

      love u nightcore

    57. BountifulSiren

      I am gonna sub Becuse you are the best keep it up Good youtuber

    58. BountifulSiren

      Nice man this reminded of my best friend on summer after first grade i would always listen to this😥😪😫

    59. Green Panda

      1.5x speed is magical

    60. Kathryn Boidock

      WhAt AnImE!!! pLz TeLL!!!

    61. Zano 220

      At 2:03 you made a mistake, you wrote down “I wish that I could stop loving you so much” but it’s actually “I wish that I could stop ‘cause it hurts so much” but nice nightcore anyway! You’re the best Eiden!

      1. Zano 220

        Nightcore Eiden it’s alright

      2. Eiden XII

        Thanks, Sorry for the mistake 💙

    62. •ღP I N K _R O S Eღ•

      This is so deep and Amazing! 💙

    63. De Stemkens

      I like battle scars

    64. No One

      Respect for the road warriors from Isle Of Man TT and R.I.P to all fallen riders

    65. Althea Näslund

      never look down to the pepole how has battle scars. you don't know what they had bin throu

    66. EyepatchKun

      .... ;--; I'm not crying.... Go away.

      1. BountifulSiren

        Hey do not do that eyepatch you go away shut up Do not hurt his feelings again He is a great you tuber

      2. Eiden XII


    67. Forgotten Shadow Animates

      Battles scars.Something I have.From my wrists to my shoulders,From my ankles to my thighs.From my stomach to my collar bone.Even tho a lot of them healed their still there..I like my scars.Call me crazy.People say they hate their scars but I like mine..why? Because every time I’m sad and want to hurt myself I can look at them and tell myself,”Do you want to live with more of those for the rest of your life?”.

    68. Skye Strides

      This describes how people get bullied and the scars never fade, great one!

    69. Scribbler 8282

      These scars will eventually fade but till then ........ We know 😁🧥

    70. Keith Fan