Night Falls (From "Descendants 3")

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    Until the night falls everyone we'll stay together until the battle is done 🎶
    Check out the official music video for “Night Falls” in Descendants 3!
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    Music video by Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Booboo Stewart, Cameron Boyce, Thomas Doherty, China Anne McClain, Dylan Playfair performing Night Falls (From "Descendants 3"). © 2019 Walt Disney Records

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    1. Adriana Wright

      Favorite song from Descendants 3💙

    2. kiara norambuena

      Like si te gustaria que cameron boys este en la vida y esa enfermedad nunca la aya tenia

    3. Sophia Gray

      Tiktok made this song better.

    4. coconutz lov for ice cweam

      Omg sofia carson is singin sooooo gooooood and i love you sofia carson im your number 1 fan

    5. Lps fuzzy snowy Paws

      Who else loves the VK’s (Yes) like (No) reply

    6. Manuel Teixeira

      Is it out already??😶

    7. Romina Colil

      😭😭😭cameron murio . los amo chicos si estan leyendo esto menos cameron boice 😭😭😭 los amo y a cameron hsoy alex me saludan por disney porfaa

    8. meninas de diversão Stephany e wuilliane

      Eu já assisti decendetes 3 conpleto

    9. CottonCandy Playz

      R.I.P. Cameron. We love you

    10. Romina Colil

      Decendientes mi pelicula mas faborita del mundoo

    11. Ervin Acuña


    12. Isabell corps


    13. sophi giraldo

      Line si quieres que haya la 4 parte de descendientes

      1. sophi giraldo

        Perdón like

    14. Grace Kirby

      Who likes descendants like if agree ignore if you dont

    15. Devin W.

      No One: Audrey: RAOWR

    16. Classic Hb4

      I’m here from TikTok

    17. Persona Wings

      🎶 Until the night falls, everyone. 🎶 I love that vocal!

    18. Maria Contreras

      Esas sí son chidas cansiones

    19. huan felipe

      love this song addiction in my head all love all

    20. Alberto Humerez Montalvo

      Mi favorita es hivi

    21. Lautaro Parra

      Me estanta la cancion 😍😘😙😻💋❤

    22. Graciela Fernandez



      Gente De Todo Brasil Hoje 13:00 Hora Vai sair no meu Canal DESCENDENTES 3 Não percam! INSCREVA-SE e ATIVE o SININHO de NOTIFICAÇÃES para RECEBER O FILME em PRIMEIRA MÃO!

    24. Andressa Locatelli


    25. Liggetzis Castillo

      Me gustá muco

    26. rabia shaheen awan

      Who else saw Harry kick the night 😂

    27. Rosemary Sales


    28. Heizy Franco


      1. Rune King Thor


    29. Hilly D

      That's great! This song is very good for you also evil!

    30. Leide Mascarenhas

      Luke you😭😭😭😍😍

    31. Osama Msleh

      Love des Song

    32. Lilo Adem

      Jador descendants123❤👿

    33. shr shr

      i love this

    34. Elsa Arendale

      They all worked so hard and were so exited to watch how it turned out but sadly Cameron Boyce couldn't see it 😭😭😭 R.I.P Cameron Boyce

    35. Hamsa Youssry

      #RipCameronBoyce I cant watch this without thinking about him

    36. Ivete Fatima

      A uma ea mal sao primas

      1. Rune King Thor


    37. Fa Ha

      Ay laik Cameron boyce

    38. Fa Ha


    39. styles styles

      Do you like descendentes? Yes(Like) No (Ignore) (Cameron.Boyce)❤

    40. Jarchie

      *When your siblings fight over stupid things; **0:42*


      (☆○☆) (@▪@) (0*0) {♡.♡}

    42. Nightlight Shadow

      Evie would be a good leader too. She always see the situations clearly and know what to do *she is a damn Queen*

    43. Deise Cadete


    44. Nadie Lolo

      Me encanta descendiente pero Carlos ya no está lo siento mucho por er

    45. Sherry Fraser

      Llllo. Kl

    46. Donghang Ren

      I love your video

    47. Karen Tisoc

      Alguien habla español???

    48. my channel

      STAN #NCT 💚

    49. Williams Ikkert

      Mal pareses una muchieca soy mia victoria

    50. Li Yu

      Wait...wasn't Cameron dead??

    51. Li Yu


    52. Diana Sabala


    53. Victoria Abdala

      Todos tienen voz de ángel!😍😘

    54. Diana Sabala

      Al ricmo

    55. Diana Sabala

      Me gusta como bailan y cantan😘

    56. shahzain Ahmed

      End of D3

    57. bulukutu joseph

      when is descendants 3 coming ??????

    58. Marshmallow Fluff

      I love how funny it is when Mal starts dancing and Harry starts staring intently at her but at no one else during the time she was shimmying.

    59. diário da yasmin Vitória


    60. Edna Frimpong

      It's Going Down walked so Night Falls could run

    61. Meiluns vlogs

      Mal is harry potter Uma is ron weasly Evi is hermione

    62. anna luisa oliveira

      Disney me colocar quero participa de esses filmes amoooo

    63. Ethan MCPE GAMING

      I love this song the most

    64. preciouxxs j

      dAMnnn, : *until the night falls, everyone* can't eveN,, tHat was thE best lINe honeSTlY💖

    65. •Emmi Wolf•


    66. Ritika Mukherjee

      Sofia's vocals are everything in this one

    67. 123 AAA


    68. Monika Banach

      Bardzo fajna piosenka podoba mi się ten film nawet po angielsku

    69. Helena Rego