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NHL: Trolling the Opponent Part 5



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    1. VGK Coverage

      Go Knights Go!!!! Wooooooo love the Vegas chants!!!!!!! Thank you!!! Jens is the heart and soul of my CZ-news experience

      1. The Hockey Dude

        Go sharks

      2. Shaboi_Mike

        Fuck Vegas. Florida of the desert

      3. Capsfan 08

        LETS GO CAPS we beat u last year

      4. OIFIIIOIF07-09 VET

        I suggest you get a life then pussy.

      5. Lil Bosko

        VGK Coverage fuck the knits they lost a home game against the sharks and they never had

    2. Dan

      I hope the Blues give Marchand the ring finger next season

    3. James Bender

      Can we have a multi-hour video of Marchand getting his ass kicked please. Thanks.

    4. VictoryRoad04

      Whats the song playing at 2:30??

    5. blitzburg5505

      4:47 Fuck you pussy

    6. Fony Fazoulyanov

      Малкин Кузнецова по-русски материт)))) Я отчетливо вижу "Давай, нахуй!")))

    7. Seppo

      6:16 YEEAAAAA!!

    8. Dave Sovar

      So DC thinks Marchand's BS is funny and the Canes... well they are a bunch of jerks.

    9. Herrasmies

      3:54 what is that song?

    10. ChyloeReece

      Typical Pittsburgh @6:15 First off, the cheap stuff.. then whenever they're losing they start picking 'fights' and throwing tantrums, quibbling and crying about how mean the world is.. Definitely got that whiny reputation for a reason, lol

    11. Jonathan Seamans

      Kadri is a little bitch.

    12. conspiracies are just great stories

      Malkin, Crosby, Cooke, O'Neil, a whole laundry list of asshole that have played for the penguins in the last few years. I can't stand those dirtbags. Malkin and Crosby I hate the most. Crosby for being a massive cry baby and Malkin for following in Crosby's footsteps

    13. conspiracies are just great stories

      You are showing something wrong.....marchand and his ugly face shouldn't be allowed on television

    14. Taco Man 15

      Minnesota all the way... I love Vegas to

    15. Increda Boi

      Kadris the biggest fucking pussy ik. he’s dirty but we won’t do shit. like he’ll use excess force on a defenseless player but when it comes down to it he’s a bitch ass

    16. Megalodon65

      Marchand is such a little troll lol. I know a guy who wrote a song about him called "Little Ball of Hate"

    17. Max Vasilyev

      This ain’t trolling



    19. Dezire Bravo

      It’s cause vegas is the best

    20. Sledd Ed

      marchand is garbage

    21. Ed Findlay

      Golden Knights always put on the best show. I'm from Vancouver but go Knights go!!!

    22. Danny Shot

      I don't know how you can let a ref assault you like that and just take. Only in Hockey

    23. KamTheOnly

      Where's the trolling.....???

    24. Kevin Richter

      The Knights are gay as fuck.

    25. Kristin Bowling


    26. capsanddogs

      LOL Vegas is a bunch of showy bullshit. I can't believe they actually won any games they are so focused on useless shit.

    27. Drew Rycerz

      Gotta give it to Vegas I love their intros.

      1. Maddi S

        They're pretty good, until ur the opponent

    28. Kid Excellent WS

      Angry geno is insane

    29. x heitsmae x

      Me: Marchand is gay as hell. Also me: I’m gay as hell.

    30. Robert Jonsson


    31. Jerry VanSickle

      If Daneyko thinks thats a hit from behind he's blinder than when he played lol

    32. Jerry VanSickle

      The Vegas thing is getting old, kinda like Marchand

    33. Connor Baker

      i cant watch a single video on here without everyone bitching about marchand

    34. CosmicTV


    35. Emmett H

      Vegas doo doo trash and you know how the Knight beet the Washington knight oh then why did Washington win hahahahahaha Vegas jinxed it losers I hate Vegas! Yah

      1. Emmett H

        What do you mean oh your just a little girl that likes Vegas well now go cry to your daddy cause the Blackhawks are going to kick your...

      2. cameron lee

        Emmett Harootyan English please

    36. Jack Keith

      Jesus. Sabres fans, u just let the leaf fans take over ur stadium

    37. Greg Allam

      Ha when I played someone in my classes team he body checked me but didn't get a call but before he got to skate off I tripped him with my leg but I didn't get a penalty

    38. GikkiV

      People who say Canadians are the nicest people ever have never watched a hockey game with one of their teams in them before.

    39. Grayden Mowrey

      Vegas! Vegas! Vegas! Vegas!

    40. MR_tac0man 2005

      the way Brad Marchand acts wonder if he goes around the locker room sniffing his teammates nut sack?

    41. Jaketsu

      The opening is so funny

    42. Josh Hewitt

      5:46 the fan by the penalty box

    43. Zafo_58 x

      go knights go

    44. Marcus Milne

      most underrated account EVER

    45. Skankhunt41

      The knights intro is gay

    46. Frank Wiley

      Told ya - take fighting out of hockey & its disney on ice.

      1. derp diggler

        More contradictory statements, please

      2. Frank Wiley

        @derp diggler Thats part of hockey. Stick with basketball kid, its much safer.

      3. derp diggler

        right except for the brutal hits and throats getting cut open by ice skates, faces caving in on the ice and from stray pucks, broken bones, missing teeth, etc. etc.

    47. Craig Smith

      Still don't understand why Chia got rid of Maroon. He was such a great addition to the Oilers.

    48. Rmn Snk

      Marchand is disgusting prick

    49. IKEA Catalogue

      Marchand is a legitimate asshole

    50. Brianna Manning

      Brad Marchard should be suspended for fighting Lars Eller in October 2018. Lars Eller did not taunt the Boston Bench

    51. гуля имашева

      Кузя только и может языком молоть!фуууу

    52. darkdancerman

      more of these please

    53. 0123456789abc decghijklmn

      Gay malkin

    54. Mike Patton

      That Las Vegas intro was the gayest shit ever........

    55. Ian McSweet

      The way Kadris backed down from Ristolainen was priceless. What a pussy.

    56. mardlok

      блин почти одни русские там играют ... ну или из снг

    57. Lukáš Dobýval

      Alex ovechkin is BOSS

    58. Daniel Sorochan

      Hate kadri

    59. Renee Belliveau

      Kadri is a PUSSY!!

    60. Renee Belliveau

      It honestly bothered me that the comments were at 399 so I decided to to make the 400th comment

    61. Worst of Everybody

      чот у малкина натянутые отношения с кузей :)

      1. Erich Fromm

        Потому что Малкин ведёт себя как животное, тот момент - доказательство.

    62. Scrunchie Gang

      Hockey, where you can assault people and only go into a small room for two minutes.

      1. WinslowIsMyCat

        You could make a religion out of this

      2. Lmao

        Difference between fighting and assault

    63. misa Melena

      i love knights

    64. Phineas Hammer

      Jen won’t pin this

    65. Conrad Pragnell

      The knights have successfully turned hockey into a circus.

    66. Sergey Tsvetkov

      Солнышко лучистое...

    67. J.R. Puffin Master

      I'm a Rangers fan, but Avery gave us a bad impression on the league. That guy's a douche

    68. zocker bit

      Overpaid idiots! Part 5

    69. GODZONE YT

      Has 58k subs. Puts Sidney Crosby on the thumbnail... gets 750k views.

      1. D'Mario M

        That's not Crosby that's Evegeni Malkin

    70. Shawn Allen

      Sean avery puts dick in his mouth

    71. Adam Lewis

      You could make a video of every team ever playing the Pens from 2010 to 2015. Every single team just trolled Crosby and Malkin. If you get both of those players to focus on other things, distract them from the game, you can beat Pittsburgh. During that time they got rattled so easily. They both were headcases when they were younger. In recent years they've done better about keeping their cool and not responding to the cheap stuff and instigators.

    72. Console MonsterX

      The Pens are such babies. "We know Malkin has never been afraid to do that."? LOL. What? He's a fucking pussy. He can't fight at all. All he does is push and shit but won't drop the gloves. And if he did, he would get completely demolished by like 99% of the NHL.

    73. Brahma Bull Gaming

      I need a Marchand jersey so bad 😂 I honestly love him as a player it doesn’t get much better



    75. NosyNevada

      8:33 did he just say b*tch

    76. E STP

      The deep alpha male voice at 2:10 hahaha

    77. Oqlthorp

      Kadri and Marchand such dickwads...

    78. Increda Boi

      Kadri calls risto a pussy, sucker punches him backs away before risto can do anything and then doesn’t even get involved in the fight he started. Hate that guy almost as much as I hate Marchand

    79. Justin de Wit

      Can you do a comp of broken stick quick grab off teammate or trainer on bench

    80. Eric Gilbert

      5:48 the dude in the bottom right flipping off someone on the ice

    81. I'm love

      Malkin:-"А? Сука! Давай выйдем? Тебе пиздец,нахуй,бля..."

      1. Даниил

        Евгений сначала вежливо поинтересовался у тезки хули он там пиздит! Уже после этого, не получив внятного ответа и назвав в сердцах своего оппонента пиздаболом, предложил продолжить разговор в другом месте. Но это только конец разговора. Какую конструктивную критику в адрес 97го номера высказывал Евгений сначала пока остается загадкой.


      @08:50 BY FAR THE BIGGEST - L A R G E S T A S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S HOLE IN THE HISTORY OF THE NHL - - - PERIOD ....... ! ! ! .

    83. PowerPlay 06

      1:46 Here he’s got dee, ooheehhheegonge, lazeeeedezzeeddeee

    84. Vorobushka

      малкин сын шлюхи )

    85. JM

      Change the fucking title

    86. JM

      Worst fucking video

    87. mostly true

      Just a few questions I had after watching this video: A. How did sloth learn how to play hockey B. Why did he change his name to Brian Boyle

    88. NoNoDigUpStupid

      Is that Jesse Ventura talking at 2:11 lol

    89. Landon Malka

      1:52 Well come to the gay community

      1. Rasha Tha Mufasa

        Landon Malka Not really Because he still like women he was just playing around

    90. Lowell Pageau

      I love Boston

    91. drschplatt

      Oshie...Olympic fame, but mostly known as being a dirty asshole.

    92. Space Nightmare

      Who’s that sexy guy 0:38

    93. Darryl Stein

      ummm. vegas... its fucking hockey- NOT MEN IN TIGHTS... fucking joke and a disgrace


      Devils have the most boring unis in hockey.

    95. Zack Parker

      Not a Sabres fan but Kadri can go suck a cock.

    96. kelownarealman

      God i fuckin hate the laughs.

    97. kelownarealman

      Kadri is a pos.

    98. lv2keepfit 49

      Best game in the world ...period!