NHL Highlights | Canadiens @ Bruins 12/01/19



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    Extended highlights of the Montreal Canadiens at the Boston Bruins

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    1. Louis Jolliet

      meh - not sure it's even worth it anymore to tune in to Canadien's games.

    2. Déborah Almeida Dias

      Three words I like very much: SCOREEEES, saved by... and no goal (to thw other team).

    3. MEJLUK

      Please subTo Me

    4. starchy

      Hahahah habs fans were trashing the leafs a week ago for being on a six game losing streak and now they're there themselves with 8! karma!!!

    5. Kenneth Lim


    6. Raizen

      Man David Pastrnak is going crazy, what an beastie goal.

    7. Mr. ENGlishJELLo

      Can't stop the big bad bear. Go Bruins!

    8. Matthew Vadenais

      All with out Bergeron too. Keep it up Bs

    9. Zorro 123

      Great job by the ref to point at Pasta after the goal since I wasn't sure who scored it.

    10. Nance Lynch

      I was at the game

    11. FearoftheDank

      Pasta is stupid good. Undeniable. But jesus do the Bruins have depth

    12. Anti bogus

      Bruins for the cup! From Toronto 🇨🇦

    13. Can Conservative

      Habs......too many small forwards... it's that simple....Beregevin WAKE UP.

    14. Leeanna

      God I love this team 🖤💛

    15. J James

      Lol at the cocky habs fans a few weeks ago. RIP Montreal. Seasons all downhill from here.

    16. Luca MERENNA


    17. Oreos&Milk

      I miss the stats at the start/end of the highlights :(

    18. Northlander

      HAHA the poutine boys loose another ..GO Leafs GO !

    19. Master Jay

      8 in a row

    20. Mr. Blutarsky

      Welcome back, 42

    21. G Money

      Glad to see the Bruins win, but these nail biters are driving me crazy. Awesome job B's. Just think how the the score would be if we could play a consistent 60 minutes.?! Let's go Bruins!

      1. Robert Therrien

        Keeps us on our toes!

    22. Kyle Blank

      Boston rules

    23. Nikolai Sergeev

      Boston the best! 👍👍👍 Обожаю эту команду!

    24. Gerste 1954

      we are number 1 🖤💛

    25. Ed Findlay

      Always a solid team.

    26. Mag neto

      It will be 9 losses in a row after the Islanders beat them on Tuesday.

    27. Drew Vandergriend

      haha I love how Pasta just immediately stops skating and looks up at the crowd. Slap shot, goal, brakes.

    28. SWG12012

      Happy Birthday, Tomas!

    29. KaraKraal

      I still love that there are players like Armia Gallagher and Lehkonen that never give up

    30. sumridge

      Jack Edward's STFU!

    31. Richard Isaacs

      Boston. Announcers the worst

      1. Northlander

        most American announcers are terrible ! ... now that i think about it most Americans are obnoxious !

    32. Not The Technician

      Despite all these wins the Bruins have managed, they should realize that in all seven of these games (on this streak, and in many before that) they haven't been in the lead for the majority of the game (including this one). Really good teams score first and control the game with the lead and I haven't seen that from the Bruins on a consistent basis so far this season. Also the Bruins are one of the teams which have the least shut outs of any team in the league. Ultimately when the games matter the most (late season into playoffs): catch up hockey is losing hockey.

    33. Malíčkova pravá ruka

      #16 in trendy in Czech Republic 👌🏼

    34. Pat Brennan

      price deserves a chance to win a cup. Freddy Anderson and Carry Price, '' Stanley cup winners 2020.'' gooooooooo Leafs..

      1. Carine S

        Nooo leafs

    35. Hugo Lalumiere

      The better team won. Period. And that Pastrnak goal... like he knew it was going in even before the puck left his stick. He sure was celebrating halfway thru that shot. :)

    36. Cody MacArthur

      Fire Julien.

    37. lucas D

      The Habs only goal was pure luck anyway haha

    38. Mechanized Chaos

      Love those new alternates, especially against Montreal

    39. Jakeybruins37 Jakeybruins37

      Go bruins

    40. Mikael

      Great new Uniform! Bruins Rule! Canadians drool! SO funny when the announcer says "juicy rebound".

    41. Book of shadows contributor Brian

      200rd comment 🍒🍑🍳🍤🕠🇨🇦

    42. Louie G.

      I guess we know who’s winning the cup

      1. Christopher Murphy

        Not boston, I'm betting the Caps or the Blues repeat

    43. lamrod83

      First game of the season you could predict the downfall of the mtl canadians like i dont know why people though that their defence was decent like this is the weakest defensing the mtl got since i dont know when the last time their were so weak like that🤷🏾‍♂️

    44. Thomas Jukl

      Pastrnak actually makes those EA NHL goals and moves look credible ...

    45. Игорь Коптев

      да бостон претендент на кубок номер 1 . Играют сильно .

    46. geoff euverman

      No call on the Chara cross check with the ref looking right at it . WTF.Enjoy your glory now Bruins because when Chara is gone youll be tanking for the draftpicks..

    47. cereal_boii

      je ne parle pas francais et je n'aime pas vraiment les deux équipes Someone translate this from French to English please

      1. cereal_boii


      2. George Jr Brock

        Google Translate came up with this: I do not speak French and I do not really like both teams.

    48. Real Jbmnt

      Pasta is not human🔥🍝🍝

    49. Davi Santos

      Hold on Canadiens, our time will come!

    50. Brian Lamore

      Does Pasta's goal remind anyone else of Cournyer's against the B's back in... '78 was it?

    51. Andrew M


    52. Ty Rang

      The Habs are who we thought they were.

    53. Ty Dance

      Also I bet backes is still sick to his stomach about loosing the cup to his old team hahahha

    54. David Bojarski

      Habs fans try being a Redwings fan with no coach no scoring no defense

      1. Christopher Murphy

        I am feeling the pain of being a die hard wings fan. I have been all my life and what keeps me going iare these 3 things ... 1. Stevey Y knows what he is doing and i have faith in him and the process 100%! 2. We have some great young players in development including our 1st round picks Filip Zadina and Joe Veleno among others. 3. Remembering how my team dominated this league for years, Winning 3 Stanley Cups and making the post season for a record number of times . And watching you tube videos of the great line up of players we had is always a treat and reliving those cup wins and watching Yzerman, Fedorov, Kozlov, Lidstrom, Datsyuk and many others perform magic. They can knock us down but we will return to form in a few years and hopefully another dynasty is on the way! i'll take making the playoffs to start lol.

    55. Joseph Marsala

      This is a bad dream, and were not even rebuilding yet.

    56. David Bojarski

      Every goal upstairs on Price try standing up

    57. Patrik Tobola

      I really like how Boston is half Slovak/Czech lol, I'd so wanna root for Boston if they didnt have that rat.

      1. DKfan87

        there's more Americans on the team, actually. in fact, 3 of them are Massachusetts-based. Wagner is from Walpole, MA. Coyle is from East Weymouth, MA. Grzelcyk is from Charlestown, MA.

    58. Andrew Dockrill

      Pasternak is such a showman, turning to the crowd "are you not entertained!?" Montreal is just not as good as Boston, plain and simple.

      1. Carine S

        @Northlander oh shut up

      2. Northlander

        hotdog !

      3. Kevin R

        Perfect quote for that celebration. I just hope it doesn't go to his head so much he starts getting lazy.

    59. franky9fingers

      NHL is great but the commentary??? Stupid 5 hole. 6 hole. Always only pointing out the obvious. Any passionate hockey fan would be better then these clowns

    60. Derek Linton

      Price needs to ask for a trade before Montreal lets him down.....again lol. Leave Price, leave!

      1. Northlander

        maybe he can be a back up for Frederik Andersen .

      2. Derek Linton

        @jay b blasphemy, price has difficult shots to face because his team defence is weak. Leave Price, Leave!!

      3. jay b

        I think price is part of the problem as well. price hasn't played well at all neither has the team infront of him

    61. Radically Cool Reviews

      There was A Scrum in 2nd Period

    62. David Rosenbaum

      As a B's fan, I remember when I was afraid every time we played the Habs. They seemed to have our number. But it hasn't been that way for a looong while. And I can't say I miss it...

      1. Ravit5

        Oh how the tables have turned :) I miss lucic and emelin hit offs

      2. Ptit Max

        David Rosenbaum lol

      3. David Rosenbaum

        Ptit Max It all depends on your vantage point :-)

      4. Ptit Max

        David Rosenbaum good old time! ;p

    63. Stayd Gamerr100

      Wow Boston looks kind of bad comparing them to their last game

    64. Defensive Driving

      They still played good vs Boston. They will beat the islanders because you cannot lose every game. I think Julien needs to go because he lost the room like Babcock but there is no better French speaking coach than Julien. If Quebec separatists would stop whining then we could hire the best coach. I will never forget when they went to go to protest when Cunneyworth was hired. They literally said the French language will disappear with Cunneyworth as a coach. That is just insane because sports has nothing to do with politics.

    65. HectorManGaming Minecraft, Roblox, and more!

      I got to be honest: The Canadiens really remind me of the Yankees that game. They started good but then they lose. Just my opinion and thought.

    66. Huston_Playz

      My mother goes to hockey games

    67. Rostislav Bajza

      Krása Davide. Takový "blafák" uměl jen Franta Černík :D.

    68. David

      - How would you like your Pasta? - On fire!

      1. JediBoo

        I personally would like an endless Pasta plate.

    69. BROWNBASE1973

      Hahhahhhahahhahah keep losing Patrick Roy and Pk Subban curses really work

      1. BROWNBASE1973

        @Snake EyesI disagree you don't buy or cheat your way to win a James Norris Memorial Trophy. Sadly in Nashville 2017 too much injury to overcome i truly believe they could have won the Cup. Right is basically a new team they have been missing the playoff since 2013. To say is not a good defensive player is not really fair. They just fire the coach of New Jersey so we will see what is going to happen from now .

      2. BROWNBASE1973

        @Atley Meow You are right he has been great for Montreal especially after he gave most of his money to children hospital, SMH. Now they are booing him in Montreal.I understand he plays for another team but why treating him like garbage anyway I am happy every time they lost .

      3. Atley Meow

        @Snake Eyes Yeah unfortunately I agree

      4. Snake Eyes

        @Atley Meow but he's proven that his defense isn't all that good in New Jersey. Yes, he made the Final with Nashville in 2017, but that will be the last time.

    70. Appolo P

      Any normal and intelligent owner would've gotten rid of the GM a long time ago, but not in Montreal, because maybe, the owner just doesn't want to pay for another salary. Marc Bergevin, as you can see, destroyed this hockey club by getting rid of soooo many players, and by hiring a goon coach before Julien. It truly shows that the owner is not really interested if the team wins or loses. His main concern is $$ profits. The French and English media "MOOCHES" of Montreal will have a field day today, they will be "BASHING" this club on the radio and in print media, like they usually do when any professional team is in a slump in Montreal. These media "MOOCHES" were on a diet yesterday they weren't able to eat "FREE" food at the Bell Center,because Montreal played in Boston. To be continued,.....