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    Official video for “Paralyzed” from the Mansion album by NF.
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    Video by NF performing Paralyzed. (P) (C) 2015 Capitol CMG Label Group.

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    1. Cherrylee Sapphire

      I’m not human, I’m invincible. I’m not a failure, I’m perfect. I’m not lost, I know where I’m going. I’m not depressed, I’m a fighter. _I’m not telling the truth, I’m lying._

    2. Marta Juice

      This is my favourite song,I LOVE IIITTTTT❤️❤️😭😭💖

    3. Kira Shift


    4. almighty_ snek

      Listen to this if your going through something and plz read til the end Its gunna be OK u wanna know why because I was raped I was abused I hated my body I had anxiety I had depression I had an eating disorder NOBODY UNDER STOOD I ALMOST KILLED MYSELF ONE NIGHT I DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!! but I learned the hard way.. Please if your going through something tell someone you trust.. And don't do what I did I regret it so so so much Don't let depression take over live your life happily I hate seeing people sad and depressed

    5. FBI

      to be honest i only like this song because this is the only song in which he's singing (except the end)

    6. ItxAlyssa

      When im bored = i eat When im happy = i eat When im sad = i eat When im thinking = i eat - the freaking internet

    7. Justin Foy

      When the first said paralized a got a tingly feeling

    8. Clearica Pathaw

      I don't understand why people dislike this song

    9. The man in the suit

      When you cross over to my side of the line there is no going back from that . Frank castle

    10. 엠일리

      Just know that when you cry *Jesus cries* When you're yelling at him he's *holding you* When you hurt yourself you hurt him. *He feels your pain* He *died for you* with *overwhelming love* and he wants you to feel that overwhelming love. God gave his only SON who was himself. God sent him to save us *not* because we loved him but because *he loved us* He is God who became human just to die a horrible death for us. What *really killed* Jesus was a *broken heart* He knows how you feel. *It killed him*

    11. coconut :3

      free replay buttons 0:03 0:03 0:03 0:03 0:03 0:03 0:03 0:03 0:03 0:03 0:03 0:03 0:03 0:03 i don't need a like there all free and things will get better in your life

    12. A3stheticMylee

      UwU 💙

    13. Wanme Sngma

      *Your presence can give happiness.I hope you remember that* -Kim Seok Jin

    14. Dani Ela


    15. Nightcore Kayuna

      "i'm scared to live, but im scared to die" time for antidepressant 💔

    16. Arghhh No I cant

      "Wheres the person that I know?".I ask myself that a lot. Or "when did I become so numb"..

    17. Nana ###

      I'm scared to live but I'm not scared to die I just wanna die

    18. Daniel Gomez Perez

      That Guy Of Capture Is The Voice Real ?

    19. Thalia Martinez

      "When did I become so cold” My favourite line

    20. Straight Jacket

      I'm one of the many that can relate to this song. 😔😔😔

    21. goldie_goldenlocks 1221

      I'm depressed and this ong is so me I cut my self and I've thought of suicide cuz I'm useless and ugly and fat

      1. goldie_goldenlocks 1221

        @Kelpo K. thx

      2. Kelpo K.

        hurts to see someone feeling that way , hope you'll be better someday

    22. Jinx ._.

      "Nobody Loves You" "Nobody Cares" "Nobody Is There for you" "My Name Is Nobody"

    23. Incerno

      I'm P.A.R.A.L.Y.Z.E.D P- Persistent A- Adaptable R- Resistant A- Accepting L- Loving Y- Yielding Z- Zealous E- Elated D- Daring Even if some people don't feel it, there are people out there that will take their time to care for you. You still got your life, so don't waste it.

    24. آرمي/ مآرسلين '

      You are The best ever,💜💜💜

    25. Kim Dahyun

      *i longer feel things* 💔

    26. Tik Tok Fbi

      I want to kill myself honestly

      1. Kelpo K.

        please dont

    27. Maria Ester


    28. Dem snipes Snipes

      Thank you NF you have got me through some tough times I know you won’t see this but some stuff has happened “im scared to live but I’m scared to die”

    29. LadyAries CDXX

      the BIG saddd 😔

    30. كّيونغسو ,

      i love you 💕😭

    31. •Cream•

      Wake up, I feel paralysed. Go to school feel paralysed. Go home feel paralysed. Go to sleep feel paralysed.

    32. Tai Lung

      *"When did I lose myself?"*

    33. bryanna oguma

      i'm just tired. Telling myself to stop trying In pain Running out of my happiness Empty inside Don't know how to keep going

    34. brendon paulo

      Cadê os BR ??

    35. sofia bob

      Idk why this is so true in my feels

    36. Keerthen Cr

      Amazing😭😭👌🏼👌🏼🤟 will always support you❤❤❤

    37. Ayoub Hadik

      from 2015 and this album still on of my fav from Him !

    38. Kai Hutson

      Ok, I think people are misunderstanding the word 'Paralyzed' Paralyzed means: (Using googles answer) verb past tense: paralyzed; past participle: paralyzed Cause (a person or part of the body) to become partly or wholly incapable of movement. "Mrs Burrows had been paralysed by a stroke" synonyms: disable, immobilize, render/make powerless, incapacitate, debilitate, numb, deaden, benumb, dull; More make (someone) unable to think or act normally, especially through panic or fear. "some people are paralysed by the thought of failure" synonyms: immobilize, transfix, become rooted to the spot, freeze, stun, render motionless, become horror-struck/horror-stricken, petrify; raregorgonize "Maisie seemed to have been paralysed by the sight of him" stop (a system, place, or organization) from operating by causing disruption. "the regional capital was paralysed by a general strike" synonyms: bring to a standstill, immobilize, bring to a (grinding) halt, halt, stop, freeze, cripple, disable, put out of action/commission, render inoperative, deactivate; raredisenable "the regional capital was paralysed by a general strike" Basically saying for example, If your arm is paralyzed, You can no longer move it and it becomes numb. You are unable to move your body or body part. As it says in the song, '' Where are my feelings, I no longer feel things.'' In the song, I'm assuming either this persons whole body is paralyzed or a part of their body is paralyzed. It does NOT, on the other hand, mean 'depressed.' Depression is a WHOLE other situation, that I will not be talking about in this comment. I have seen many Gacha Tubers thinking paralyzed means depressed, but no. It does not. I assure you, they meant two different things! Anybody who did think it meant depressed, I do hope I have helped you out a bit more with your understanding. I appreciate if you read this whole thing, and I hope you have a good rest of your day/night.

      1. Jimin_Stans_ BTS

        Kai Hutson I think your confusing paralyzed and paralysis: Paralyzed: verb (used with object), par·a·lyzed, par·a·lyz·ing. 1). to affect with paralysis. 2). to bring to a condition of helpless stoppage, inactivity, or inability to act: The strike paralyzed communications. Paralysis: noun, plural pa·ral·y·ses [puh-ral-uh-seez] . Pathology. a loss or impairment of voluntary movement in a body part, caused by injury or disease of the nerves, brain, or spinal cord. a disease characterized by this, especially palsy. Obviously you can be paralyzed or have paralysis, but people who have experienced traumatizing experiences or are feeling depressed can feel paralyzed or stuck/helpless. In this song, if we listen to the lyrics and the way he’s singing and rapping he’s talking about his past emotional pain. He hasn’t been paralyzed physically but he’s been paralyzed mentally by his emotional trauma. One lyric states,” I’m paralyzed, where is the real me? I’m lost and it kills me.” Meaning he’s trapped in his own mind and he can’t find himself. Lmao I think you took it too literal. People can be paralyzed in ways that aren’t just physically (also you shouldn’t always trust google and look more into things) My source:

    39. percivex

      This song makes my heart melt. With sadness.

    40. percivex

      (T_T) I love this so much... The sentenced “where is the real me” makes me think... Where is the real me?

    41. L'atelier gourmand de Léa

      Je connais cette chanson par cœur 💓

    42. Ero Dutra

      Love you

    43. Blanca Samayoa

      Am paralyzed where is the person I know they must have left...

    44. MSP Hayal Perest

      very nice song

    45. skidipapap erere

      Lagu favorit

    46. SSO VanessaMarie

      ''Where is the real me?..''

    47. Miranda Edwards

      This song makes me realize that that can be so blind to see you but it is not their fault because you hide how you really feel with a fake smile or a laugh just so you can avoid getting asked everyone's favorite question are you okay and for a minute you pause and you think should I tell them how I really feel or should I stay quiet and say I am FINE but then you start to realize that you don't wanna bombard them with too many of your problems because you feel like A they don't care how you feel because they don't know what it is like to have that kind of mental disorder or B they have way to much stuff going on in there life and you don't wanna add more stress to them or C you are just uncomfortable with talking about your feeling cause you either hate to feel weak or you just like to forget that you don't have a mental disorder like depression or anxiety cause you wanna feel normal like everyone else so back to the question how are you feel are you gonna say fine like everyone else does and including myself or are you welling to talk to someone who you trust with everything about you to the samllest things even to the biggest things My favorite parts are I'm scared to live but I am scared to die a and if the pain was alive than I buried my along time ago but it is still alive and it is taking over me so where am I and if pain was alive then I buried my along time ago but it is still alive and it is taking over me so where am I wanna feel something but I'm numb inside I don't feel nothing and I wonder why and life is passing by and I just sit there with my hands in my pocket the weights come crashing over but I just watch them I just watch them I feel like I am at the bottom but I am in a box and I am the one that locked me in so I am suffocated out of oxygen I am PARALYZED I love you guys have faith be strong and Pray because all things work out if you pray and believe that they will cause God can and he will do amazing things in your life everything comes in different seasons in your life and they come with purpose wheater you believe it or not 💞💞👍👍

    48. JUST ME

      I am paralyzed. Everyday is the same, I can't feel life anymore. Life just passes by, I can't control it. I have lost myself a long time ago. I have no feelings, they just went away without me realizing. Now I realized I just exist. I don't live, I am just cold and that is quite hard. It kills me inside and I don't even feel it. I am numb. What is wrong with me?



    50. Lisann madden


    51. Lisann madden

      Am paralyzed

    52. Lisann madden

      **am paralyzed**

    53. PANDA Pups

      das ist super geworden! ich muss zwar immer weinen weil die gefühle hoch kommen aber super!

    54. babybluu

      It's hard to live with a body that *wants to survive,* with a mind that *wants to die,* and a heart that is *already dead.*

    55. Kate Cass

    56. Ezelian Chisim

      OMG love the song 🎶😍😍

    57. Jay Santi

      I swear that I didn't know sadness until I grew up, but Im not peter pan so I keep getting older

    58. Whatever People

      I'm paralyzed

    59. Stephenson Gina

      I heard this song and reminds me that life is a precious gift given to me by the creator of this after world the holy trinity,father,son and the Holy Spirit.❤️

    60. Dominique Williams

      I'm like him I'm paralyzed

    61. Lying

      Way to high thinking abt someone I'll never see agaun

    62. Timothy Newton

      This song hits deep.

    63. luiz henrique 3748

      Eu sou unico brasileiro Aki?

    64. Sirrock Shorty

      I'm broken... Had to put my dog down today! And I'm paralyzed. I'm lost and it kills me.. Hope everyone is fucking happy!

    65. Isy Neemeyer

      i scrolled down for more videos of this song and there was an hour long version ur supposed to fall asleep to but the bad part was..... it was a girl in her underwear which is exactly the thing he doesn't rap about😥

    66. Victor Paredes

      To the 1% who reads this Your skin isn't paper, don't cut it Your face isn't a mask, don't cover it Your body isn't a book, dont judge it Your life isn't a movie, don't end it Your heart isn't a door, don't lock it You're beautiful💓 Be you... Now please spread this message to the other 99%

      1. Katy Rigdon


      2. LGcoolJ

        I wonna thank you for those words...

      3. matt scott


      4. ItxAlyssa

        What if its too late?

      5. Landyn Johnson

        Yes your true I have depression and it really helped I cut myself once

    67. Lia Nascimento

      NF P.A.P.A.L.Y.Z.E.D 💔💔💔💔💔💔❤❤❤❤❤❤😊😀😊

    68. Damian Maty

      Sometimes when he says paralyzed I hear barely alive...

    69. Chris Miles

      THIS FLIPPIN SONG IS SOO GOOD "im parilyzed,where is the real me,"

    70. Erica Johnson

      Talking of locking yourself in a box. I felt that. For 17 years I did that. I became complacent and locked down from it till my brother died. Its like the buried pain didnt die but came back full force on me. I was paralyzed to the point I didnt want to do anything in life. Even house hold chores were too hard. I've recently started taking antidepressants and its helped with thr heaviness I've felt these last 2 years. But I've made so many mistakes, gotten mad and paranoid at innocent things and said Sorry so much its begun to feel disingenuous. A friend of mine is tired of me needing her so often, though honestly I've tried balancing the good and bad that I give to her....shes said that shes tired of hearing so many sorries without me changing. I want to tell her how hard it is. How it feels like I'm barely moving. Like trying to win a race but my side of the track has sticky mud that makes me go so much slower than her and for whatever reason my track's being flooded and its so hard. I want her to know I'm trying with all I have but with so many handicaps and so many things to change that I'm afraid I cant change them all in time to keep her and others from leaving me.

      1. Erica Johnson

        @Gearóid Coleman thank you. The part of being locked in the box almost by choice spoke to me the first time I heard it. I hope things can get better now

      2. Gearóid Coleman

        Well, here are 14 people read this comment and decided to like it, because you're never alone.