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    Official music video for “Leave Me Alone” by NF.
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    OCT 26: San Jose, CA -- San Jose Civic
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    Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
    Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein
    #NF #LeaveMeAlone #NFLeaveMeAlone
    Music video by NF performing Leave Me Alone. © 2019 NF Real Music, LLC

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    1. MamaMina 009

      The Gold Standard, NF!!!

    2. newbie mcnewbie

      Wait NF has OCD

    3. DJJ DYLAN

      Who’s here after listening Paid my dues?

    4. Xx coolboy1442 xX

      Other rappers flexing about how many girls they have and here’s nf talking about his wife respect 💯

    5. Rose Evans

      Unique ❤

    6. ashvengeyboi

      NF and Eminem together like a track

    7. Mimi Hemmingway

      Director- "What car would you like in the video? Lambo? BMW?" Nate- "Hmmmmm... A Cart" Director- "A Cart? LIKE Store carts?" Nate- "What do u think I meant?" Director- "An actual car.." Me- Do you even know who NF is? Like Just go ;-; Please like Shoo Bai BTW that's actually how it went but take out my part and that's how it went when the director asked nate to pick a car the video is on Facebook I think.

    8. luke sanchez

      pretty sure the video was filmed in the abandoned six flags new orleans

    9. Bhavik JN

      Best song of 2019❤️

    10. zoz Glal

      Historical 🤍🔥

    11. FrantzDazzson the one

      For this fucking moment bro you're very different greetin' from Dominican republic one Haitian one fan neggo.

    12. Diana Cervantes

      Dont fail GODS LOVE ❤

    13. Diana Cervantes

      God loves you NF

    14. Diana Cervantes

      Is this a Christian song cause God would be happy NF

    15. obciden x

      #_# i like it 🖤

    16. Kevelyn Pissarra da silva Carvalho


    17. Justin Moore

      See you guys in the frozen foods section

    18. Cal C

      Lord let it be draining for NF to do anything make him sick and tired of sick and tired of sick

    19. Tiago Lages

      Producer:What do you want for Christmas NF? NF:A shopping ca

    20. Sunyy Singh

      Never Had a favourite rapper until this

    21. Whats Up?

      This song goes to my three siblings

    22. Kristopher Tanner

      Put this on and my car speakers lit on fire cause NF puts out so much heat

    23. Evan Allen

      why is he at a fair in this song, the only thing i get is the clothes and cart and balloons

    24. Landon Sillyman

      For the 10k people who disliked, I just want to have a conversation

    25. Silas Stenerson

      if i get 100 likes i will buy his "leave me alone" hoodie

    26. Kash Lasher

      Best rapper

    27. Mr. L


    28. CodyTheJ

      I keep seeing comments on this mans music videos about how lil pump is getting more plays than him. I can understand some may not want to listen to his message but the dude can go in and I'm not sure how he's not on a higher rise.

    29. Cal C

      Here it comes

    30. Zairul Pokcheq

      Lil Pump : I have lot of money and gold chain NF : Did you have balloon? So shut up then and leave me alone

    31. Matani Adam

      Why do I see people comparing NF to Lil Pump? Lil Pump is nowhere near his level

    32. 주태상

      한국인 손

    33. Ugo

      I may be late but this is the new Eminem. Nah Eminem your steal on it but trust me, he's on that level.

    34. Ahmad Izzy

      holla shady i think you meet friend he name is NF

    35. MMark

      If, Eminem ever had a son. Hmmm.....(takes a thinking stance)

    36. Kissnmyhomiegoodnight

      All of these comments are cringe as fuck.

    37. Anurag Das

      Let's bring this revolution ,its high time , let's uplift musicians who talk about real life shit , let's help him rise above all . Life ain't a fairytale guys .

    38. Pizza Steve

      God! 🔥🔥

    39. Marc Zweifel

      Is Nf better than eminem?

    40. Jose - Brawl Stars

      Flip denero leave me aloooonnneeeeeee

    41. Meanmachine570

      This song is to children in youth

    42. Eeny Meeny Miny Moe

      I die every time I hear this. #ThatFlowThough 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #GoBlue #Michigan

      1. andrew belcher

        @Eeny Meeny Miny Moe thank you, so much.. i think im beginning to see how he feels. by extension, every invention. gaining the attention. not for a pension. not a lesson. im just fessing. always try bestin, my suggestions, in sections. doing the same thing. however, not dying. only crying while we're flying... through space, not in a race. stare at it in a daze. no maze. not a phase. just a place... by saving grace.

      2. Eeny Meeny Miny Moe

        andrew belcher 🎤

      3. andrew belcher

        dont die, realize, that when you look at the skys, say no good byes, dont cut all the ties, dont tell any lies, be as quiet as flies. listen to these rhymes, because theres all kinds.

    43. boxing life 101

      You are the best now common you have earned it

    44. Marina Nisanov

      Quiet quiet quiet Quite quiet a..........leave me alone

    45. Aiden Estes

      Dang he watched Gotham with that mouth of his

    46. dark the wolf

      I wish I had something inspirational to say.

    47. Lone Wolf Agent

      Today,the first time I heard about him(yea,I know-dont judge ,Im late :S ), his songs are on fireeeee,every single one of them,the lyrics,the weight of his words! daaaamn!

    48. familylaptop familylaptop

      Maybe if he just goes outside for some fresh air....

    49. DS_ narly

      I think I just found Eminem's long lost brother like if agree

    50. zane campbell

      Am trying to study for my exam tomorrow but NF songs just wont leave me alone.

    51. 지민성


    52. Thomas Chapman

      Marques Brownlee: Matte Black Everything NF: Matte Black Balloons

    53. Farhan Qummar

      Leave me alone

    54. X M

      🖤Could be the theme song for Banksy’s DismalLand. So good! 🖤

    55. Kleighton Wild

      He is starting to get demonized

      1. Nathan Estrada

        What do you mean

    56. Walter Wiong

      What does the shopping cart represent?

      1. andrew belcher

        to me, i thinks is the hidden burdens, the weighted perception. because of the collective. being expressive

    57. Sidra Khan

      Why he is so underrated

    58. Holly Villarreal


      1. Madelyn Petrochko

        Holly Villarreal no what?

    59. Knock_Knock

      Who would NF collab best with? Comment below.

      1. Knock_Knock

        @andrew belcher MGK? Marilyn Manson? What female artists?

      2. andrew belcher


    60. LmAo YT

      Yeah yeah mental health, where's my mental health

    61. Game Verslaafd


    62. Heisenberg white


    63. Baylee Levitt

      I feel like I want everyone to leave me alone sometimes that just what we need to happen. God wants to help and be there for us through it all.

    64. 50 000 Subscribers with 0 Videos

      0% naked women 0%drugs 0%cars 0%money 100% talent

      1. Noah Sacco

        100% cart

    65. Tahmid Alam Sourav

      no one can beat eminem though

    66. Swara Mitchbz

      Does the balloon represent his feelings??

      1. Eileen Warjri

        You could say it represents his burdens.

    67. Steezy Geez

      Sad rapper

    68. Admiral Drakir Castrohawks

      Yo yo lol go

    69. Marina Nisanov

      Finally he answered me

    70. Katarina xD

      when i listen NF, i feel better. Ty NF. Love u from TURKEY ❤