NEXT XBOX Series X: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW



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    Xbox Series X has been officially announced at the 2019 Game Awards. Here's everything we know about the graphics, backwards compatibility, CPU, design, size, ram & more.
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    1. Smurf Papa

      So long as I keep my razor controller I’m good.

    2. Spirallx

      After hearing about backwards compatibility, I regret selling my Xbox 360 MW2 at a garage sale😭

    3. UGHxDestroyer 2.0

      How much is it

    4. GameStop Gladiator Macho Man Tranny Savage

      The so happy about the NvMe because download speeds on the current Xbox is a bitch

    5. AreFallout

      Im eager to see the price. If this is worth the money i kight cop but if i can upgrade my pc to beat these specs for the same price i will pass

    6. S0UND

      If the rumoured "Windows Mode" is true and allowed me to play Steam games at 144hz then I'm already sold !

    7. LordzBacon

      #6 But...How? Do we still have to insert disk and 'download' the game or like the old days just insert and away we go.

    8. Zak Sharman

      I prefer the look of the X box to Ps5 the ps5 looks like it belongs under the hood of a car.

    9. James Copeland

      Only one thing you need to know, I won't be fooled into buying one until they have more exclusives.

    10. drpepper03

      I still have a copy of conflict: vietnam for the og xbox. I really want to play it.

    11. blackex-lil x

      I just wondered how the home scrm well look

    12. saj 21

      I already know something before watching it was forges from a bin

    13. 死Death

      Im confuse is the xbox series x the new xbox 2 or another version of the xbox 1?

    14. 死Death

      I don't understand a thing he said🤣

    15. James Sewell

      If you are going to buy this you might as well get a pc

    16. Banks Drinnen

      Ik he probably said it but if you have downloaded games from your Xbox one will they go on your series x

    17. Wes Chambers

      Greaaat now time to get all the things like keypads. Charge ports. Headsets (maybe) and of course games. And if it is indeed backwards compatible I wouldn't need to keep my one anylonger.

    18. harpersneil

      There is NO WAY you'll be gaming in 8K. Have you seen the specs required to game at 4K @ 60fps? It's way more than the Series X is packing. Backwards compatibility makes this an inst-buy though. I'm totally in.

    19. Real D

      Solid!!! Can't wait! No more loading 🙃🙂💯💥🌞✨

    20. Nat

      Dam just bought an xbox s digital 😢

    21. Nita Soni

      Ps5 fans like here

    22. blake semrow

      Ltt refrence lol

    23. maradi_gaming yt

      Best new fortnite xbox bcs of 120 fps haha

    24. jerone wolf

      and the xbox series x can load games a thousand times faster than any other console me: idk it shapes like a big redtangle turd.

    25. xXMagicMikuXx

      RIP I have trypaphobia ...

    26. Kliche travels

      I'm kinda skeptical, 8k resolution? Ray tracing? The RTX 2080 can barely handle Ray tracing without dipping the frames to 40. Also the price is probably going to more than $500 for all that tech?

    27. Nick Bennett


    28. BssxXGeneralXx Gameing United

      Is Series X Scarlett????

    29. NetSurfer69

      *my console being delivered* Me: Wheres the box? Mail Man: *_ïT ïß þHə BøX_*

    30. Thomas Johnson

      I just bought a new xbox one s or x but moral of it. Microsoft needs to stop trying to be like apple! It's only making shit worse. Every time I play live. After a game it has to update like every 25 minutes! And as of now. Its down cause its got issues with that game I'm playing. Never had that problem when I had the Xbox 360. It was easy and normal! Im upset and pissed

    31. 5pointgo

      This console seriously needs a new friggan name....

    32. Edward Ballard

      I can’t wait for this console. As the saying goes “The bigger the better” I don’t care if it’s 2020 this is very manly

    33. - Baluta

      the controller is BLUETOOTH BRUH

    34. satanic poet

      Wow another console with no games apart from call of duty and NFL and wwe .not worth it ..PC has the best games

    35. Marques Eason

      What other launch title's are scheduled besides Hell blade 2 and halo infinite?

    36. Mike Meadows

      Still thinking what console do I want I have a Xbox S still thinking about the PlayStation 5 cuz they have different games

    37. sanaa chaouk

      You mean fridge

    38. Matt Ellis

      Want to get the next elder scrolls game on this console

    39. Omega8kilo

      The Sex Box 😍

    40. Richard Harris

      Is the Xbox One controller as good as the Sony Dual Shock design? Nothing has ever beat it for me, not even GameCube or 360 controller

    41. James Joseph

      Bleh. Turn on your controller, click on the Stadia app, play the game in 4K (on my chrome cast ultra) at 60FPS. Was playing Destiny 2 yesterday for hours, then RDRII; having a blast, and no hiccups at all. My xbox one X, and PS4 Pro are collecting dust.... Cloud gaming is here. No more consoles for me...

    42. allo king

      Xbox has already won I will be grabbing one to play ark on it cant wait

    43. MDZ786

      This looks like a PC..

    44. Steve Huff

      So Microsoft is basically just building a mini-itx PC with AMD Zen 3 parts, sweet.

    45. World UFO Watch

      Wow sounds impressive

    46. Erik Hernandez

      How much go of space does it have I hate that my Xbox only has 500g

    47. Mackenzie Burrows

      At 2:45 did anyone else notice the third button in the middle of the new controller?!!!!

      1. Baron Rothschild

        Its the new Elite controller, they will ship exclusive to the Xbox X series.

    48. Im a pug

      No loading screens, rtx confirmed, 8k capable...I'm nervous for the price but either way I will get one

    49. awesomegreg111

      I think Microsoft are trying to make a pc/console

    50. Otiss Erhabor

      Might get xbox again but do I need a 4k TV doe

    51. aardjazz

      rectangular prism?

    52. kik lpl

      I grew up with xbox but they need to fire the management xbox has been bad in the last decade

    53. Sahota Gaming

      I love the new xbox cant wait to get one

    54. Truth Teller

      They certainly took the Box to an extreme. Bit disappointed with design.

      1. FreelanceArt101

        It is unique though!

    55. Dylan Rutland

      Offline capabilities?

    56. Jose Garcia

      Will xbox scarlett have every game to download? or like the ps4 had no download, buy disc only.

    57. idanoclo

      Power brick gon be the same size?

    58. Mike Kazz

      The Xbox fridge.

    59. joshua haltli

      120 frames, weak

    60. Brother_ Reign

      Will the let me burn cds to it like the 360? Lol

    61. Fish

      I don’t care about resolutions and frame rates. I just want to see more physics implemented into games. Like gta 4’s euphoria engine. And more destruction

    62. wutang6020

      Let's just hope they can build controllers that last more than 6 months and power bricks that last longer than a year!

    63. Sam Bam

      The GameCube would be proud

    64. Future

      Gta6 where u at

    65. Didier Vinck

      I like the x-box and I am hoping it doesn't overheat at high performance.

    66. John

      XFridge series x

    67. Kiloman78

      Another cheap console thats gonna come with some bs... The all break at some point and then your with a plastic box that has no use..not even as a coffee xbox

    68. Gustavo V.

      Why people are complaining about Stadia ads when watching a whole Xbox console Ad?

    69. johan Grobler

      You guys know how in the middle of a consoles lifespan it gets smaller right ? so does this mean that when the series x slim comes out its gonna be a cube like a ligit box Microsoft be hitting different

    70. Tyler Carter

      What about VR?