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    Cavill looks like he came straight out of the womb with a bowl full of wheaties.
    NEW PACIFIC RIM - Netflix Orders 2 Seasons To Premiere In 2020.
    Movies Found In This Video:
    0:05 - THE WITCHER _ Official Comic-Con Trailer (2019) Henry Cavill, Netflix
    1:50 - TERMINATOR 6: Dark Fate _ Comic-Con Trailer (2019) Arnold Schwarzenegger
    5:35 - JAY & SILENT BOB Reboot _ Official Comic-Con Trailer (2019) Comedy
    8:02 - TOP GUN: MAVERICK _ Official Comic-Con Trailer (2020) Tom Cruise
    10:09 - HIS DARK MATERIALS _ Official Comic-Con Trailer (2019) Dafne Keen (X-23/Laura From Logan)
    12:50 - PLAYING WITH FIRE _ Official Comic-Con Trailer (2019) John Cena
    How Avengers: Endgame Sets up Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 (Spoilers)
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      Movies Found In This Video: 0:05 - THE WITCHER _ Official Comic-Con Trailer (2019) Henry Cavill, Netflix 1:50 - TERMINATOR 6: Dark Fate _ Comic-Con Trailer (2019) Arnold Schwarzenegger 5:35 - JAY & SILENT BOB Reboot _ Official Comic-Con Trailer (2019) Comedy 8:02 - TOP GUN: MAVERICK _ Official Comic-Con Trailer (2020) Tom Cruise 10:09 - HIS DARK MATERIALS _ Official Comic-Con Trailer (2019) Dafne Keen (X-23/Laura From Logan) 12:50 - PLAYING WITH FIRE _ Official Comic-Con Trailer (2019) John Cena

      1. The Mask of Nobody

        There was no Jay and Silent Bob in this trailer feature

      2. Victoria Sakhno

        I hope Henry Cavill will not make that face from Justice League. Anyway I'm so excited to see the movie

      3. En Ri

        His Dark Material, The Golden Compass?

      4. sharita soekhan


      5. Ryuu Senpai

        Got goosebumps watching the first trailer hope it's good

    2. alobo2000

      Terminator is going to SUCK

    3. Sean McClure

      Too much whispering in the Witcher series. That aside I predict 57% on Rotten Tomatoes and only 2 seasons

    4. Gabriel Rorke

      In the first trailer that dude looked strangely like Sorin Markov.....

    5. Ra y

      Love Henry as Witcher but I don’t like the actress they chose for Yenefar. She looks like bones wrapped up with skin harbouring an autistic mind whereas in game as well as in the story Yen and Triss are some of the most beautiful women with each of their charms.

    6. Marky Mark

      0.08 - 0.12 Arthas "Lich King" murdering his father.. Goodold Warcraft Fans will get this.

    7. Azka Azka

      Man of steel is Back 👍👍

    8. ends all

      They made golden compas again wow

    9. Will

      The WitcheRAIDEN

    10. überguy

      Why are the Jews in the entertainmentindustry Blackwashing every frigging female REDHEAD there is? That's racism.

    11. Andrew Mc kenna

      Just stole Supermans cape 1:13

    12. Hh Bb


    13. IronFox430

      Cant wait for the witcher

    14. Gunner 97

      Wait I thought the witcher is a tv series not a movie?

      1. gmail account

        Its tv series

    15. Allen Logan

      0:46 Made me feel so puny and tiny


      Dark materials look amazing cant wait loved pullmans books

    17. jon casson

      Well the witcher was underwhelming. TBH, it looked like shit.

    18. Ajay Chhabra

      last one is the best

    19. Guitjoo Torres

      Man what happened? this is just sad to watch!

    20. Raul Olivas

      The child will be extra ornery?? Is that what he said?! Fk that baby

    21. Clifford Canaday

      I want the Witcher to be good...but movies/shows made from books and games tend to be mediocre at best...hoping for the best...expecting the worst lol

    22. Drew Winslow

      Frankly.... a whole lot of "meh".

    23. BigBangVince

      10:35 why is there a man screaming there and the camera is recording some moving leaves? i can't see anything there

    24. JayStayHip

      New Terminator feels like the original t-1 t-2 👍🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    25. CrazyIvchoo1

      damn sarah connor look FUCKING BADASS

    26. Damian

      Thats the damn golden compass on steroids

    27. zeds dead

      Golden Compass remake looks exactly like the first first I thought it was Golden Compass 2.. a bit tilted. Have to re live to same old story, joy.

    28. Jay Carrion

      Playing with fire just proves kids are assholes

    29. mokang62

      His Dark Material looks like a remake of The Golden Compass

      1. Angela Fornelli

        The Golden Compàss was an adaptation of the book by the same name.

    30. Jussara Pontes da Cruz

      Eu vou assistir milhares de vezes...

    31. Kearny Garlow

      Golden compass? Wtf

    32. M C

      is john cena turning into Ernest? (Jim Varney)

    33. The Mask of Nobody

      The Witcher - YAWN! zzzzzzzzzzzz Terminator 6.....THOUSAND - Jeezus Chryst already........KILL THEM ALL AND GET IT OVER WITH!!! Jay and Silent Bob - didn't see it on here. Top Gun 2 - YAWN! zzzzzzzzzzzzzz His Dark Materials - Golden Compass remake it is then. Playing with Fire - GODDAMN THATS ONE FUCKING FUGLY MAN!!!!!

    34. World Breaker

      Would Henry Cavill make a good He-Man? For some reason his look in this made me think that

    35. CJ Cusack

      So is PLAYING WITH FIRE - John Cena's "Tooth Fairy"?

    36. DiscGolfHunter

      Thanks for showing us the whole terminator movie!

    37. Hey You!

      medal madha fuka

    38. Flandering Hooligan

      Any species that is smarter or as smart as man kind is too dangerous to be left alive

    39. Doug G

      Maverick vs Thetans

    40. B Headr

      Mannn golden compass remake is shit without that cowboy guy


      So excited for this. Love Henry cavill but he is not geralt. His face doesn’t tell the story.

    42. theGhoulman

      "Chaos is the most dangerous thing in this world BUT without control, chaos will kill you." What?

      1. Blue Panther

        😂 😂 😂

    43. Jancey Alamos

      Fate is what we make: should’ve called it that like what Sarah carved into the table in T2

    44. Maksun Maksun

      Saya setuju dan lanjutkan

    45. Dilsher Alam 786

      Full movieHindi me

    46. Dilsher Alam 786


    47. Dilsher Alam 786


    48. TNPG oOo__________oOo

      10:09 His dark materials ?????????? The fuck is this fckin bullshit ??? Isnt this completely a copyright of the The golden compass ??? This shit , this retardet movie is only a total copy of The golden compass , and to top it all of it is worse in all aspects ??? Really , what the fuck is director of this movie thinking... What is wrong with his brain ?? Really what ??!!?? btw .. If ya want to watch better version of this film... Not this idiot total copy , then name is (The golden compass) movie from year 2007 it is overall pretty good... And camera graphics and everything else is a league higher than this shit.. Conlusion: ...If ya wanna see it .. The watch The golden compass from 2007... because it is clear that this movie , isnt even worth to let your money be sucked away by this movie in the cinema.... Cause it is obvious... Story is the same and everithing else is too much inferior... The what is the problem ??? xdd

    49. Bad Daniel Ortega

      The Terminator franchise looks so helplessly cheap

    50. Joe Schueler

      Haha I thought Jay and silent Bob was making a cameo in the new Terminator. Nice transition

    51. Bauss

      another golden compass movie??? WTF..

    52. TheSaipher

      They call him Roid Legolas.

    53. Selim Firat

      The golden compass remake looks really bad. Even that hot actor didnt save how awful it shot. I wish they just stick to the cast that they already have and make the series continue.

    54. Paul Chandra

      Terminator & Top Gun : Grandpa movie

    55. Michael Dobson

      Admiral: *You should be a two star admiral by now, but here you stand....Captain. Why is that?* Maverick: *Because admirals don't pilot fighter jets, motherf***er!* That would have been a better line, methinks.

    56. lee zimby

      How the hell does Tom cruise not age !! Seriously this guy really is in communications with aliens

    57. Common Sense

      The witcher looking good so far lets see it

    58. Mapo

      10:11 isn't that The golden compass? from 2007? are we getting a remake?

      1. Pouria Papari

        I love the first one this one looks shit

      2. bb boo

        The exact thought Twin..

    59. A L

      women terminator,where the world go...

    60. Alec Cap

      Terminator on a zimmer frame next. Why can't they bring back the 1950's scifi films 20 million miles to Earth, This island Earth, Forbidden Planet why the same old milking rubbish that's CGI not film making of someone in their 70's

    61. Mathews

      Witcher and then my Cavill man of steel, mofos @ WB better announce one

    62. Kevin Gosse

      Playing with fire looks crazy funny!

    63. Henry Giles

      There making a Witcher movie tf

    64. Frozen Hawk

      There are 3 GREAT Mavericks. Brett aka James Garner. Marvels David North who used to hang out with Logan. and Top Gun Maverick. 😎. All were great. So I get to see Tom in one the roles I loved the most. Hell yes.

    65. Marcin P.Brodala

      Waiting for Sapkowski cameo ;)

    66. Eden

      Even though it's only a robot. Shooting something point blank in the face... as entertainment. Wha... that's disgusting. Nobody should be going to a movie, especially teens to see some senslessly violent movie like that. AND WE WONDER WHERE ALL THE AMERICAN TERRORIST SHOOTING UP CONCERT AND CLASSROOMS ARE GETTING THEIR IDEAS FROM. We'll it aint Al Qeida, it's friggin hollywood.

    67. CYxISee3ees Zo

      More Hercules than Witcher xD

    68. j en

      there is nothing more annoying than precocious child actors

    69. Dani Mandu

      Witcher the best, good trailers be good trailers, hella interesting. They all need like more heavy rock music in the trailers and movies tho. It missing. Ten times better if I just have it on repeat and listen to like *Slipknot* or *Delta Parole* both just release new song recently that I like rn as background music. Banger