New Lyrics for Old People with Offset & Cardi B

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    Offset is a very popular hip hop artist, and if you’re an older music fan you may have some trouble understanding some of his lyrics. But fortunately, Jimmy is here to help explain them. Here’s Offset and his bride Cardi B with the song “Clout” in a new edition of #NewLyricsForOldPeople.
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    New Lyrics for Old People with Offset & Cardi B

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    1. Sudev Kumar

      is jimmy kimmels audience all white ?

    2. Fitivalevale,Jeddy,JR Maile

      This was so stupid!

    3. Mars King

      This is just “whitesplaining” 😂😂😂

    4. DeeZy HyZ

      She's so hot 🔥 🔥 🔥 ♥

    5. Young Maryland

      Bro I even got caught up on some of those cardi lines and I'm black. So this was clearly scripted. Good job Jimmy.

    6. Martin Allen

      In the 90s. We'd all have shouted FREAK at her. 🙄

    7. Josephine Abali


    8. Josephine Abali


    9. Safir Hamdani

      Cardi just be saying yeaaah Out here sounding like Dora the explorer

    10. Lina Ray

      ok boomers

    11. Goztepe2002

      Them two on the left looking like some GTA characters you built when you were high lol

    12. Google User

      Jimmy is trying hard to keep his eyes off Cardi B😂😂

    13. Qiniso Jake Madlala

      Cardi sounds like dora

    14. King K

      Cardi Sounds like riley from the boondocks

    15. Bobby V

      No comment on either one of them, what the hell


      nicki is 💩 in front of Cardi.

    17. Jess

      She would know about good vaginas.

    18. Starlise Jun.from.17

      She should of put that oil on her legs lol it don’t look right all over her chest

      1. M Deen

        Not oil, *highlight***

      2. Nicholas Rickhoff

        How to make fake boobs look faker:

    19. Daniel Ugueto

      1:12 Cardi saying "Thats me" would be a hard ass ad-lib

      1. Lift4Games

        Daniel Ugueto word up

    20. Para Drone X

      Don't you guys have eny thing important to talk about other than promoting hoe prostitutes...

    21. toppa toppa

      She looks nice here

    22. ExoticTaco

      Cardi b looked like nicki Minaj in the thumbnail

    23. Oswaldo Mendoza

      HOLA SOY CARDI 🤣🤣 3:16

    24. mister marshmallow

      Do this with roddy rich and his new song the box

    25. Divi Vaa

      hahaha he feels abit embarrased hehehe

    26. Brahim bahi

      and they wonder why wight people are racist

    27. Hip Hop

      Illuminati doll

    28. Catalina barqa

      She’s cute

    29. mizzury54

      I really can't stand the rap crap but Cardi is adorable in interviews. I love her personality.

    30. Love Lies

      "You use my name for clickbait" Cardi B

    31. moe mo

      Offset just left his bride in the dust walking out 😆

    32. Endrit Bajrami

      Skinny girls have better 🐱, looks better and feels better , and skinny girls can take more 🍆

      1. J Has

        no .

    33. Sandy Azevedo

      A Cardi ta tão fofinha nessa entrevista, pena que eu não entendo nada :(

    34. rick m

      New low for Kimmel. keep it up maybe you should have the Dahli Lama, however you spell it, andbinterpret what it says next


      For those who are not American and watching this crap ... none of these people represent most American. These are puppets and product of the elite/democratic environment.

    36. glow factz

      Cardi so happy

    37. stefan Ghinescu

      She thicc

    38. Majeed Rahimi

      A waste of time video

    39. Kash Krop

      It looks so staged and robotic, her responses were so awkward many times

    40. ynw SkirtZ

      jimmy wanna be black lol

    41. Arbxr

      this was mad corny

    42. LIL TOON ebk.abk

      Cardi cardi caaaaardi b 😍

    43. Delikaadann

      This is so not her like she is so adorable ❤️😂

    44. ty bur

      To anyone not from America, I just want to say that Cardi B is only a representation of a very small portion of the country, and we for the most part are not this brain dead and stupid....

    45. Borninspain

      she looks like a rat. a rat made of plastic

    46. 74DEADSMITH141

      The FBI is going to be talking with Jimmy now sh*t Jimmy don't talk with the FBI 😂

    47. Jane D.

      Did anyone else notice some tension between this couple? Lol

    48. mg

      Cardi B chest 10/10

    49. gladys mwita

      What is the trashy b and Up cheat winning that has NEVER been won before and even infeature the rats ALWAYS like being surrounded by people who lie to her

    50. Shovin Barik

      Did anyone see slaiman and kate

    51. Glenda Freeman

      Cardi is cute

    52. Recon1775

      That excitement was too genuine.

    53. Queen Nancy

      "That's me" I'm dying 😂😂😂

    54. Tiger Beatz International


    55. Dave Maximus

      What language does cardi b speak.?

    56. liaxxy


    57. Mobalogy

      She is not comfortable at the end.. watch her body language.

    58. Charlie Brown

      40 years of hip hop and still this bad jokes from the 90s

    59. ShArK BoY

      Why did Offset looks like Young Thugg ???

    60. Sweaty Plays

      Cardi b sounds like Dora

    61. Mcj 11

      Lmfao not gonna lie cardi be having the most awkward interviews 😂💀 I can’t even watch sometimes

    62. Jacqueline Bailey

      Love it. Thanks for translation

    63. Lee Pink

      I like men but Cardis boobs look amazing!

    64. Kris Mladjenovic

      I dont understand anything 😂

    65. Evan Odum

      Cardi has a one of a kind smile

    66. Evelyn Garcia

      Aww there so cute... Cardi b: "that's me"

    67. J B

      Modern America for you. Idiocracy looking like a nobel prize next to theses two.

      1. Said Eli Cueva Sava

        Yes. This two are only manipulated weirdos

    68. Shayla Jenkins

      Lol 🤣I can't lol 😂

    69. Guadalupe Martinez

      Is it just me or cardi B look like a robot or move like onw

    70. drıllsenseı99

      daaaanmmm those tıtıes lookıng perky