New Barbershop

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    1. Lenarr Young

      I had to find a new barber that’s why I made this lol

      1. KiD Jackson

        It really be like this, and a barberngave me a really bad cut. So now I cut my own hair

      2. DWB DAYS

        😢😭😭😤real pain

      3. Jarod Brown

        Play apex legends

      4. Ocean Ace

        @La Quica barber's are like 9€

      5. Ayden Sandoe

        Hey lenarr have you listened to Kanye's new album

    2. Shantell Brown

      Anxiety frfr😅

    3. Benjamin An

      I just went to a new barbershop and this is the first thing I see.

    4. LoboPreto

      Man, I want to see you act in a movie! You are talented, brother! Keep up the hard word!!

    5. Omar Spider

      that video title should be : I SUCK

    6. Brandon Hammond

      How yu get ur hair like dat

    7. Jordan Williams

      This is the reason I cut my own hair 😂😂

    8. Semaj Martin

      The Aliens dancing on his hair had me dead 😂😂🖤

    9. CreativityUnblocked

      You wild. LOL

    10. Sincere Patterson


    11. Harrison Hohnecker

      Lowkey good acting when he was crying at the end

    12. Negro Neutron


    13. Lazy. le

      Felt that

    14. Nasir Webb

      give me a shoutout next video, ill give you a kiss btw i love your vids>3

    15. T Gaston

      Ayeeee I see that goosebumps shirt lenarr no lie bro, where did you buy your swagg from bro and keep up the great work man I be laughing so much I can't breath for real even when you play scary videogames your reaction is too funny 😂😂😂

    16. Paul Pfister

      When Howard started dancing I couldn't take it.

    17. YM Banks

      Yo you can't do it , f*cking suck

    18. Barack Obama

      He had a picture of Howard the alien moving how can he move on a picture

    19. Marwan

      Haah out of nowhere *YOU FUCKING SUCK*

    20. Jonah Wojcik

      why you sweating you have the same hair i dont get it ashidfsnadomxcmioxcj

    21. Krijn Consiglieri

      Broo lenarr funny af

    22. AndrewRat

      Bro how do you sweat on demand

    23. Pixal Craft

      I got a fresh trim lel

    24. JE TV


    25. Brianna StubbsRolfe

      Cool shirt dude

    26. jahnel simpson

      We basically watched the whole transformation of your hair, we been growing with your hair and the channel.

    27. Joe Budden

      when you go to a white barber

    28. Dark Void

      "Crazy, crazy he got a cut just like that you can't do it, huh? Y'suck. TRASH. GARBAGE." 😂😂😂

    29. Amanda H.

      What is that music😂

    30. Alpha Coo

      Is that King Kong hair cut😂😂😂😂

    31. fruity Loom

      They must have the same barber 💈😂

    32. leango

      signs that he may get rid of the fro

    33. Quinnefard Illgauskus

      “I never seen anything like that” as he has the same haircut 😂

      1. Quinnefard Illgauskus

        Alpha Coo oh shit lmao, I didn’t even peep that 😂😂

      2. Alpha Coo

        Quinnefard Illgauskus nah look at the decorations haha those are his hair cut 😂

    34. Amus Muas

      I kid you not the first time he showed the picture I didn't see the man dancing up there the second time I saw it and I was like WAIT????!!!! And then I started laughing.

    35. CoRrUpT_KiNg

      *shows him the phone* “ my old barber hook me up with this” ....”OK OK I’m sweating now”😂😂😂😂dead

    36. CarlyBennett

      Why i stopped doing hair maaaan

    37. Armoni Hollywood

      "Can you do this" Me: wtf is this........

    38. Niga Ninja

      Record TRAVİS SCOTT

    39. Malcolm McNab

      I'm dead asf 😂😂😂

    40. Daevon Byrdie

      Goosebumps shirt 👕 is dope as hell.

    41. IHaveNoIdea YT

      Just a suggestion, use a white screen. Those thangs are so much better

    42. Buchi TV

      This is so true my nerves be on edge

    43. JELEFX

      Man imagine a barber cutting your hair and it start moving.

    44. Choppy Glizzo

      1:26 had me dyin

    45. Choppy Glizzo

      Who toys is that on yo dresser

    46. Carlton Lou

      Sadly reminds me of my first year and a half barbering. Anxious and failing...but eventually you learn and become more confident.. sometimes.

    47. Fantaboy

      Petition for Lenarr to bring back his old intro

    48. Rachel Dunn

      Lmaoooo when he yelled at the dude the dude to get out 😭😭😭 the self loathing at the end im dead

    49. MR. StealYoGirl

      Butt chin I see

    50. Zeaun2

      Yo Lenarr we need some gaming videos

    51. one punch man

      I swear I didn't even notice the shit on top of his head lol

    52. D3AL_YouTube

      Do a Zac listens to lil peep that would be funny 🤣

    53. Jason Boykin


    54. Chris

      he was so upset he walked to the door twice

    55. Emman Vlogs

      Yo you one of my superlatives for school but they f’d yo name up 😂

    56. Xthebite 2

      *Howard The Alien Is In His Hair* 😂

    57. Joshua Waddell


    58. Noze _971

      Zac need to back bro

    59. boof stain

      What is that music 😂


      You should do more in the studio but you have to baby sit 😂😂😂😂 those are my fav

    61. ekahnoman

      It's a fade. If a barber can't do that, he doesn't deserve his license. Also why are you taking pictures every time you get a haircut? Stop that. Nobody cares.

    62. Joslyn Tv

      What do u edit with 😂?

    63. 3Drxpzツ

      you should be an actor

    64. ibobcey

      I'm currently looking for a new barber too mine fucked up my already shitty beard !

    65. Ace Joker

      im rollin💀💀

    66. The Kid Chris


    67. King Éron

      Aye man what's this civilized ass shit about?? Mf got elevator music playing on the outro. Fuck that bro lol turn up

    68. Leo Corder

      I haven’t had a haircut for five months just because I don’t trust anybody with my hair.

    69. Mijah Morgan

      Ctfu lofl “I really do suck “ lmao

    70. Madly

      How can somebody get a cut like that?