NBA 2K20 My Career 1st Trailer!

Chris Smoove

Chris Smoove

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    1. NostalgiaRama

      Uh why LeBron gotta be involved...🙄🙄🙄..

    2. Stephen Mason

      0:49 - 0:59 token white guy is the nefarious, manipulating, over-controlling agent who only sees him as a commodity to be used.... real subtle, guys, *REAL SUBTLE!*

    3. Vincenzo Muerta

      Did I just see The actor of Steve urkel at The end of The Trailer???🤓🤓🤓🤓

    4. Zyionah and Vaughn Abatemarco

      Ass smh 💯💯🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️2k20 and they still think bringing movie 🎥 stars will make it better how about letting us do more with all the so called money we gettin

    5. Ball Stacks

      Mark Cuban is in the game

    6. Steven Manuel

      I’m looking for 0:32 song ...anyone?

    7. Cortaz Iglus

      Am I the only one who saw idris alba

    8. Oh yeah yeah guy

      Idris elba is that you?

    9. Hyperviper333


    10. howardside90

      Why do they think adding in celebrities would make the story better

    11. Sencere8276

      That's gon b on & poppin can't wait to grab it

    12. TheNextgenballer

      Desus & Mero on 2k20 finna be lit Bodega Boyz all day!

    13. tashinga munjanga

      If you want it bad enough. If you are willing to sacrifice. It will find you.

    14. Reggie F

      i hope all that story last more than one session

    15. Sajad Almousawi

      1:06 There’s no way they’re gonna keep the park looking the same as last year that is so lazy and lame

    16. Tyler Tosian

      September 6!

    17. Aye Eye

      I clicked cuz you clicked 🤷🏾‍♂️

    18. ljvjr2011

      Man, they even got Jaleel White in the story mode. a.k.a Steve Urkel....bro was a legend in the 90s.

    19. Ak & Rose

      So tired of the road to redemption story line they need to bring back the draft

    20. OfficerAwesome 666

      Edris Elba?

    21. Cody MacCarroll

      They always try way too hard with the storyline...

    22. Ninja Channel

      Was that blonde reporter Jennifer Lawrence? lol

    23. Dan Hill


    24. Zach Butler

      Charles Miner Lmao

    25. Esther Okure

      Wow, I live it...

    26. Joe Armitage

      Make it a movie already

    27. Thezerofreeze

      If 2k wants to do a career mode they need to make it have substance after the prologue

    28. Ghostspeare

      Not hard to see the parallels with the NFL political issues and sports politician-athletes in general.

    29. Keanu Cadungog

      THE HYPE!

    30. PoKey PeNciL

      Stop wasting money on big name actors doing voice over work and use that money to make the game better.

    31. Mr Dy

      Idris elba????

    32. The Dirk Diggler

      Mycareer has gotta ve the gayest shit in history

    33. Teacher's Daily

      Anime vs Nba2k animation

    34. JayHQ

      does it have offline mycareer cutscenes?

    35. Next Up

      Can’t wait to skip all the cutscenes !

    36. CommonCompounder

      Can we skip cut scenes yet? If not then I'm not buying it.

    37. Lewiss

      1:07 same neightborhood

    38. Cursed_ Weeb

      First it was china now it'll probably be north korea

    39. Tramayne  Harris

      Way better than last year from what I’m seeing for my career mode

    40. They call me Blasphemy

      2k20 Gta

    41. Au Jun

      Idris Elba was every where.

    42. ayemjay

      They needa fix Kuzmas hair

    43. Ajant Smith

      It's basically another story where they force dumb decisions on you and tease with a few cutscenes before making you pay money to compete competitively online

    44. wolf master

      the park is the same):

    45. Kaizz Vasquez

      I couldnt make it out... Whats our new nickname?

    46. Gus the goose

      Damn I can’t believe they added idris Elba to the game lmao

    47. RJFromDaYak Beatz

      These niggas really got Iris n Rosario 😂

    48. 13one


    49. Gerald Vaughn

      looks trash


      Check out my 99 pure sharp

    51. Carl Valenzona

      What tf doin black superman in NBA2k20 😆😆😆

    52. Cordarius Johnson

      I hope that 2k changes the scoreboard and the shot meter. I’m tired of seeing the same scoreboard from 2k13 current gen

    53. theinterim

      They better have added a skip cutscene button

    54. Jelanithegoat 1

      Brando Ingram looks better in 2k than real life no 🧢

    55. John Smith

      I want Kombucha with Urkel!

    56. King James

      I can’t believe Will Smith is in the game! Lol


      Scotty Pippen the yoda master

    58. justin james

      Is that also for offline features ?or for online features only??

    59. Dreyfus03

      When I see Idris Elba, I see stringer bell

    60. Ohh No No

      The fact that the school I go to 5 days a week I go to for the past three years is in the my career it’s Chaminade where Beal and Tatum went

    61. Cammmy Ardyyy

      1:06. Neighborhood seems to be the exact same

    62. James Jamaica

      So Stringer Bell coaching basketball now

    63. Travis Glacier

      Lol 33savage on 2k....nice

    64. Water

      Wait...they not using real schools? What’s Bay City?

    65. Jalijah Pitts

      I can't wait any longer

    66. Warren Stanfield

      Stringer hoopin?

    67. Luka Magic

      You nerds will buy the same game every year. Hilarious that's the power of the best league in sports. Ronnie2k has nothing to do with the National Basketball Association but you guys will suck his tiny girthy cock every year

    68. Super G

      Is that fookin BLACK SUPERMAN?

    69. Wex X

      Hoping they make my career available in offline users :

    70. OMBE_Jasiah -

      Ay man all I ask for is 2k17 ankle breaker animations