Nanatsu no Taizai S2 - Escanor Theme (Rearrangement)

Anime luna II

Anime luna II

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    Composed & Produced by HIROYUKI SAWANO
    Soundtrack: [104EYES-29CA2]suite-2楽章
    (Escanor theme)
    Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 ost / Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 ost
    Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu OST

    #Escanor #NanatsunoTaizai

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    1. Sogy P. Enis

      Remember when holy knights were bad ass?

    2. FBI AGENT

      Escanor entrance will be remember for years Appear and in only 5 minutes kill one commandment and injure the other

    3. Vex Warlock

      Pewdiepie whenever a mob hurts Sven.

    4. Sart788

      Who Decided this?

    5. WILLIAM Davison

      This song reaches its peak power when you turn the volume to 100% while wearing headphones.

    6. Zertion Gaming

      no puede ser... no pude no puede no puede ser

    7. Zertion Gaming

      lo siento te amo no mefije

    8. Zertion Gaming

      te amo

    9. 전드TV


    10. FBI AGENT

      I show this to a Christian, now he praise the sun

    11. Tuhix Master

      This is so epic that I can't even think on a joke, the only thing I can do is, *Praise the Sun*

      1. Darell Arocho


    12. savage pervert

      Just look at him so full of pride

    13. Dylan Galan

      I showed my cat of humility this... Now he's the Lion of Pride

    14. Gabriel Troche

      A lizard became a dragon while hearing this!

    15. phantom 1a2

      1:12 is where the Ten commandments shit their pants

    16. Dewdinni

      Hendrickson and all the other Holy Knignts would be demolished if he was the second sin found. I also feel sorry for the holy knights who went up against Escanor when they got framed and surrounded.

    17. abe lincoln

      Who decided this song should end????

    18. ktn_chop98

      When Someone is messing with Escanor , he calls the ambulance for himself

    19. Quarantine Zone

      Lord Nuxanor

    20. Dewdinni

      1:52 Now we are getting serious

    21. Connor-Rage

      Holy shit, Escanor, your soundtrack is epic! It makes millions of fanboys cry out in pure ecstasy! Escanor: “Who decided that?!”

    22. Sogy P. Enis

      ☀️ ☝️

    23. xD its me - Template

      1k dislike Meliodas fans

    24. Yiğit Gül

      It was so obvious that Escanor was gonna be more famuos than Meliodas the moment he made his entrance...

      1. Darell Arocho

        I still haven't seen Season 2 yet, gonna see it soon. Pls just tell me that Meliodas doesn't turn evil.

    25. Gray Fox

      *W H O D E C I D E D T H A T*

    26. Daniel Monsieur

      #author write on his computer# author : The main character is always the strongest of the séries...... #Escanor appear behind the author# "Who decided that ?"

    27. Tonik tr

      Dammmmn this sounds just like an OST of Attack on Titan

    28. Zain ALATTAR

      Yo escanor shoved Rita and cruel sun up estarossa and galands’s asses

    29. Lui Follower

      When you think you've killed a guy but then this songs starts to play "is that boss music I hear?"

    30. TheAnZy 009

      1:13,the moment in which I lost the heterosexuality

      1. Neo

        'I like men now'

    31. Shark GamingPH

      Imagine if your dick is like escanor, when your dick is shined by the sun, your gf will be so much scared.

    32. Lord Zeldris

      Bae: omg your dick is so small *the sun comes up* Me: and who decided that

    33. World Urchin

      I swear I have gained more muscle mass by listening to this then I have done by exercising

    34. Lord Zeldris

      Once the area 51 guards hear that that means they fucked up

    35. Lord Zeldris

      "Hear me and obey my will divine axe rhitta!!! Sacred treasure realease!"

    36. Elio Sánchez G.

      Finally I understand why Escanor looks like Chuck Norris! jajajaja

    37. Gian

      Who is here after the tráiler?

    38. Adrian Reyes

      I showed this to my cat, he ain't a pussy no more.

    39. Lord Zeldris

      Praise the sun

    40. Frabble Dabble Yt

      “I thought I told you that your death wasn’t going to be an easy one.”

    41. Bajkó Tamás

      I showed my puppy this, he is now guarding Asgard, Thor named him Fenrir.

    42. Moin

      For those who don't know.. Hiroyuki Sawano composed this and attack on titan's music. Genius at work!

    43. Nawaked

      "¿Mis ataques físicos no pueden alcanzarte? ¿Quien decidió eso? ¿Mi ardiente Sol fue consumido por tu abrumadora oscuridad? ¿Quien decidió eso?. El único que puede decidir tal cosa... soy yo."

    44. Nawaked

      SOY EL ÚNICO QUE DECIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    45. Nawaked

      Y QUIÉN LO DECIDIÓ?!!!!!!!!!!!

    46. vinicius andrade silva

      estarossa burned, meliodas chopped, zeldris poked, and now the demon king ...

      1. Darell Arocho

        OK, so without spoiling anything, did you just say Meliodas?! Does Meliodas turn evil or turn against the Sins?!

    47. Phanboi Chau

      The season 3 trailer just came out, need to pump up adrenaline again so I'm ready for THE ONE

    48. Sliver Bullet

      Teacher in evening meeting: you failed this semester.. Next day morning Me: who decided that Lol

    49. Angered Space Is Gay

      When I finally stopped fapping.

    50. chaztikov

      George Carlin worships the sun

    51. Mohamed Mchiri

      I showed it to my son Now he has a mustache

    52. Amzar Amaze

      He defeated 2 commandments just by introducing his sacred treasure and name of his magic

    53. Jesther Enriquez

      I've decided to never get rid of my moustache

    54. Yure Froiz

      Senhor do sol! ☀

    55. karan bisht

      8.5 million

    56. Chado

      Infinite: I am the tallest of mountains! Escanor: Who Decided that!? Infinite: I am the roughest of waves! Escanor: Who decided that!? Infinite: I am the toughest of terrors! Escanor: Who decided that! Infinite: I am the darkest of days! Escanor: Darkest of days in my presence!? I will be the one to decide that! CRUEL SUN!

    57. danger zone

      No gowther there would be know escanor

    58. Chado

      Chuck Norris as an anime character!

    59. Lavi Bookman

      Gilgamesh and Escanor. That'd be a sight.

    60. Devaxion RL

      This ost is so fire that the time of the video is 4:20

    61. Pirate King Luffy

      Gotta listen to this after I read the upcoming manga chapter

    62. Maxence Gary

      1:13 *Sun shining through estarossa's darkness* Escanor : I am the one who decide... Die ! Estarossa : Ffffffuuuuuck

    63. Marcel D Davis

      Doctor: You will die in 4 minutes and 20seconds. Me:Listen to the Escanor theme The Doctor: Why are you still not death. Me: Who decided that?

      1. Night mare

        Copy paste off

    64. fto lil t

      You think you are strong and powerful who decided that You think you killed me who decided that

    65. Ricky Wyness

      Gilthunder: I am more powerful than any of the Seven Deadly Sins. Escanor: Hold my ale...

    66. Giuseppe Trapani

      I tell others to be number one with this background song 💪

    67. FORTER_ Age


    68. BenjaFox

      me gustan estos tipos de soundstrack o como los del dark souls

    69. fto lil t

      swallow up sun who decided that you think you r the best who decided that Me: I did

    70. Александр Горохов

      Слушать под это