Nanatsu no Taizai S2 - Escanor Theme (Rearrangement)

Anime luna II

Anime luna II

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    Composed & Produced by HIROYUKI SAWANO
    Soundtrack: [104EYES-29CA2]suite-2楽章
    (Escanor theme)
    Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 ost / Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 ost
    Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu OST

    #Escanor #NanatsunoTaizai

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    1. I'm your moma bf

      IDK i feel proud whe i hear this ova

    2. Jurxnator 27


    3. The Last Uchiha

      In exams: Teacher:You have failed the test Me:The one who gets to decided is me

    4. gaming13 video


    5. Stelios Ktenios

      i deserved this one to be honest i purposely spoiled someone ~2 years ago of a certain sin vs a certain sin, i stopped reading after that and now that we re nearing this specific fight i get neck-snap-spoiled of something even worse, i deserve this so i shouldnt be mad *BUT WHO DECIDED THAT* GO FUCK YOURSELVES

    6. Siyei 3535

      and that who decided

    7. Troll Of Jom

      *what is photosynthesis for 900,000*

    8. MalacySZN

      Anyone else listen to this while taking a fucking shit

    9. Psycho Blue

      In Escanor we trust.

    10. Firestriker

      Jojo>Anime Escanor:I don't think so Escanor>NNT>Jojo>Anime

    11. Apple Thief

      Praise the sun!

    12. weismeister121

      I wonder what happens if Escanor stays in sunlight...from sunrise until sunset... constantly

    13. Izzy the Outlier


    14. Ivan Ruperez Calahorra

      como es posible que un solo personaje con tan poca presencia en el anime pero a la vez tanta me haga pensar en él constantemente , algún hispano-hablante que me entienda?

      1. Ivan Ruperez Calahorra

        @Juan Solá O'Cearmada ya deseo verle en su forma The One

      2. Juan Solá O'Cearmada

        Podrán decir que es sobrevalorado pero es el 2do en mí top 5 personajes animados

    15. Roger That!

      {{SPOILER ALERT}} (Continue at your own risk) RIP Escanor 💀 he was truly the brightest Star above ALL

    16. Aji Fakhrozi

      The sun always sets at the end of the day but when the night is at its darkest, the sun shall rise once more. Escanor will rise again! The sun is too prideful to stay down!

    17. So edgy

      Estarossa: “such insolent pride” Escanor: “ that is my *sin* “

      1. ibnu fardhani

        Estarossa : Yeah, my grace is powerful isn't it

      2. A sad Giants Fan

        @Go FK Yourself. Triangle is indeed a square sir

      3. Go FK Yourself.

        So edgy ky.s

    18. So edgy

      Escanor was carrying the manga now he’s gone

    19. Arturo Jara

      Es el que mas brilla de todos los pecados



    21. oh yeah gag

      why the fuck, do people have to spoil something? i was just vibing to this great fucking music and now people are like "omg rip, rip rip rip omg" im actually triggered

    22. Wazz

      "Sacred Treasure...Release" "A sun shines at night?!?" "Don't tell me...he's...!" "Isn't this magic on par with Estarossa's?! Unbelievable" " Escanor's extremely strong power and body radiate heat... and will consume everything around him. His sacred treasure, the Sacred Axe Rhitta's special ablity" Charge & Fire. It fully absorbs the tremendous heat he gives off, stores it, and is given off at his leisure." "Step aside! If this keeps up, not only Gowther, but Master and Jericho will get killed, too!" "He's going to turn the table with just one strike! This is how a festival ought to be!" "Now, you will atone for the deadly sis of toying with people's minds! "

    23. B0ULLIE

      Bridge across dimensions, but this theme and Ludwig's theme in Bloodborne were made for each other

    24. zero gamer

      this gives me attack on titan vibes

    25. TmoDDD

      The anime version of Shazam i would like to see a fight between those two.

    26. LordChai

      Escanor is what all gym teachers aspire to be.

    27. Sub Tyrant

      He dead lmao

    28. ッOnii-Chan4You

      Everyone who spoilers thats for you 🖕

    29. just golu

      Hey you stop, Don't read comments Heavy manga spoilers r their I don't want another human to have same fate as mine

    30. eutch elk



      El papu que se cargó a toda la familia demonio, y a todos los mandamientos que se le cruzaron en su camino, siendo el más poderoso, orgulloso, y con el corazón más grande de TODA LA JODIDA SERIE, y siempre molando de manera infinita ¿y saben el porqué? . . . . . . . . . . . . PORQUE ÉL LO DECIDIÓ!!!!!!!!!

    32. Chado

      His view count is rising even higher then it was before!

    33. Alberto Guzmán

      11m milion views and this is not the one theme? Imagine that theme now.

    34. Rodrigo

      03:15 Karai me arrepiei essa musica tem poder do sol kkkkkkkkkkkkk

    35. DamiCraft

      I suggested a champion in League of legends inspired by Escanor. Escarus - The Ambassador of the Sun. Support me please and lets make him playable

    36. ElFrancoYT - Gaming


    37. ayub el marbouh


    38. John Dan

      rip escanor

    39. WlLDSAKE

      I showed this to my dog Then I took him for a walk

    40. Pain

      I want to press like. However my pride tells me to dislike because I may have done it better

    41. Edward Martinez

      I like how the video ends at 4:20

    42. Elvis Quispe

      Descansa en paz dios escanor😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    43. Nyxxose

      I play this every morning when the sun glistens strong and proudly, just like our lord and saviour.

    44. Reap BBX

      ☀️ ☝️ *CRUEL SUN*

    45. MJ D'ARC


    46. Aiden Ross

      Escanor, The Flex Lord ahs descended upon the masses to flex on us all.

    47. PkLs

      From the 10 M views 100k are mine

    48. ElPunk

      *Y quien lo decidió*

    49. Sai Sumanth

      All hail the King, one and only Supreme one of Heaven and Earth..... Whose mere presence shook almost all the characters in entire series, one or the other moments.....

    50. taiga

      Can you manga readers have the consideration of putting a damn spoiler warning. It can't be that hard.

    51. Mathis Leyenda

      10 million views ???

    52. Evil Morty

      You know my hero acedemia and one for all cute and all but escanor is THE ONE FOR ALL!!

    53. Evil Morty

      00:54 thank me with a like please you will have the perfect drop thanks to this

    54. Juan Fernando Oliveros

      He died because he decided.

    55. SAITAMA

      R.I.P Escanor ☀ 👇 ☝ ☀

    56. irving lepe


    57. Aditya Nair

      1:11 and 3:08.

    58. natty muñoz


    59. Nefi Rios


    60. Laughing Sküll

      Whoever is writing rip in here fuck you guys for spoiling it ☀️ 👆

    61. Hoàng Thanh


    62. Jax

      i cried like a damn baby when i read 333....

    63. MaxiLord

      RIP ☀️

    64. Lr Mato

      My final goodbye to a true legend His death was not prideful nor cowardly his death but heroic Goodbye to truly the one above all lion sin of pride Escanor

    65. Max Nieves

      You might not be the strongest, you sure damn the bravest among the Seven. R.I.P to you, Legend.

      1. Jon Snow went MGTOW

        pretty damn close to the strongest. Went blow for blow with the DK, softened him up for Mel

    66. Mr Nadz

      I show this to my cat, now it become tiger

    67. Alsulegia glasialis secundus eli lätkäfani

      These comments spoiled escanor death U welcome

    68. Mama's Boy

      Praise the sun for our boy Escanor 😭

    69. I Like Anime

      Rip Escanor God: *Escanor enters heaven* God: Welcome to the afterlife Sin of pride Escanor: Hold on, who Decided That?

    70. Rodrigo Muñoz

      F for respect