MYSTERY Riddles To Test Survival (7 Second Riddles Called Me Out)



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    Gloom (me) and Kubz Scouts are back at it again testing how dumb they (we) are. 7 Second Riddles also called me out, so it’s real this time. Watch Jay's Video HERE:
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    I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
    I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

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    1. Heather Lawford

      I thought the dentist one was because he had older equipment he was more advanced because he has been working for longer

    2. Ricky Perkins

      the maniger was the killer because he was takling to the boss he is the boss but he could be talking to him self

    3. South CurseOne

      In 12:33, It's a gold. you can find the letters. Edit: I knew it. Hahaha. Also it has four blanks. That means you can put 4 Letters. Haha

    4. Ilia Dimitrov

      Why would seven second riddles call you out

    5. jude3791

      I have two toothbrushes one for day and one for night

    6. Kariana Endo

      Dur dum dums the lions are in a cage

    7. Brooklynn Doran

      I have three toothbrushes

    8. Lindsey Tyner

      It would have been the girl in the cage she would have drown

    9. Joshua Taylor


    10. Planespotter PWM

      Kassie: one day Michael had a toothache- Jay: then he put his underwear on his head? Five minute crafts vibes anybody? 😂🤣

    11. Amaya Wentworth

      I’m pretty sure on the last riddle, they would both die since B has no form of protection, and A will die because she has no air and will drown

    12. Logon Heart

      Sharks will only eat you if you panick

    13. Eva Kotlarevska


    14. Aiven Relles

      A is going to drown

    15. RealShadowSoul20

      Cardi B called Nicki Minaj out KSI called Logan Paul out 7 Second Riddles called Kassie out

    16. Starr Midoriya

      Oh No is Jaden all right?

    17. Kendra Burwood-Desjardins

      It is the canebel

    18. SeeinqAllisxn

      I figured out the key one!

    19. Kit And cat

      Who goes to a restaurant and just gets a glass of water

    20. Anele Motlhabane


    21. Sally Gossage

      Jay at 12:39: “Ok Kassie you better at me than these”

    22. MiReyJrSwag

      Annie are you ok

    23. Mia Carter

      10:08- But I have 3🤓😅 Love u gloom❤️

      1. •Aesthetic •

        If its toothbrushes I have 3 too

      2. •Aesthetic •

        Mia Carter What do you mean

    24. Brianna C

      How dare them call you out

    25. Madison Patton-Graziano

      in the one were a girl will die a will die because she is in a cage she will drown and b can just climb the rope


      She changed your voice jay, yes. She did.

    27. Baby Dino

      Dont dogs eat shoes aren't wolf's like dogs?

    28. Autumn Bordeaux

      I love your videos this is my first comment

    29. Seibei

      26:50 I think A will die because if the rope rips the cave will go underwater and she can’t breathe

    30. Seven_Editz

      For the last riddle I think A will die because B can use the rope to climb up but A will just sink in the ocean and die

    31. gametwins

      u got the last riddle wrong,because the woman can grab the rope and climb up.The girl will sink because the cage is heavy and will drown. you didn't think of that!

    32. shadow moon

      First one is kind of obvious that the wolf when it get it because it has silver wolves can't have silver because it hurts them

    33. Annie Hadzhieva

      Am I the one with a popular name !?! LIKE WHAT

    34. Iskandar Ab Rashid

      But I used 2 toothbrush 1 for day and 1 for night!!!!

    35. jacob.

      Werewolf’s weekness is silver as well

    36. Freya Harmat

      The last one was a because the cages heavy so will sink and the girl will die but with the other one she can easily swim away

    37. Scarlet fox


    38. Lila Potter

      Wolf can’t use silver

      1. Lila Potter


    39. Shelley Reilly

      Plz follow me at Pearl2010

    40. Fox World

      And i oop-

    41. paydin Dunagan

      27:03 both bc there both hanging on a thread and when they fall A. is gonna drown and gonna be eaten so yeahhh..

    42. Autumn Fredrick

      cage girl will die because exposed girl can grab the rope above her while cage girl can't magically get out and climb up that rope. SOLVED. BOOM!

    43. Andrew Gosman

      On the last one it says Who Will Die and I say: Both.

    44. Alex Thai

      For the comments one it was B because all the flies died around it because of the poison

    45. Jack Wyatt

      Ron Ron Ron wolf man

    46. Shelly Dillworth

      One like= one Mickey alive I I V

    47. Savannah Johnsen

      At 12:29 If you listen Jay messes up his sentence and says "You're better at ME than THESE"

    48. Amirali Hm

      HEY I think it was "A" in the last riddle because the girl in the cave would drown faster than the other girl dies! ✌ 7-second riddles always does this kind of riddles to mess up the answer you know? 😂

    49. Mr Laggy FPS

      No phone 📲

    50. littlebit awkward

      7 second riddles wouldn't dare to use grammar

    51. •Aesthetic •

      I have 3 toothbrushes

    52. ღ Hanakõ ღ

      12:40 YoU’rE bEtTeR aT mE tHaN tHeSe

    53. Evelyn Williams

      😊😊😊you did your best kassie

    54. Evelyn Williams

      Kassie you did very well

    55. Ellie Datson

      I have three toothbrushes

    56. GLP FanGirl

      26:48 A is gonna die because B could grab the rope over the spot where it threatens to tear and climb up. A can't grab the rope because she is in a cage and if she falls, she can not show up to breathe, so she will drown.


      I have two tooth brushes

    58. Chloe Zibuna

      Loran is gana die

    59. Iyanna Thomas

      mine is rock_the_stage

    60. Iyanna Thomas

      I already followed you on tik tok

    61. Kayden Mendiola

      Okay, I like that tik tok

    62. Steele Doge

      Idiots the kid in cage would die her/his (no assumptions) rope would snap and they are trap under water drowning

    63. Y e n

      Well the old man can make the story up but I thought the guys who shot the cannibal was the man who got shot’s son!

    64. Valerie Johnson

      What I think it's the man with black hair because Mickey Mouse is holding some black hair that looks like from that man's beard.

    65. PotatoVince

      Gloom:No One Had Two Toothbrushes For Day And Night Me An Intellectual:Had Two *Toothbrushes*

    66. PaintedHorses

      Dr Phil- 'Send them to the ranch' Cassie- 15:48

    67. Golden Challenger and The Trojan Gamer

      I am 11 and this is easy

    68. Jordyn Gilbert

      13:51 when my mom buys me ice cream (pause it)

    69. Nerdy_ Mermaîd

      11:04 hilarious

    70. Xx lunarcatz xX

      Milk or orange juice with these cookies 🍪 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪