MYSTERY Riddles To Test Survival (7 Second Riddles Called Me Out)



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    Gloom (me) and Kubz Scouts are back at it again testing how dumb they (we) are. 7 Second Riddles also called me out, so it’s real this time. Watch Jay's Video HERE:
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    I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
    I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

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    1. Scythen X

      Wolfs are allergic to silver not vampires

    2. XX_mocha_XX Gomez

      I think B will die first because A is in a cage and B is not

    3. James Cornall

      I love your games

    4. \-Lightz-/

      26:31 Answer is A Because Piranas live at the bottom of oceans.

    5. Lucifleur

      "Nobody got two toothbrushes" me with 3: haha... yeah......

    6. Lola Playz

      I got it right here it was gold

    7. Ana In Reality

      Jays pure joy when he sees little Lisa is my sexuality

    8. Yusuf Açikgöz

      R u not focusing the Cage rıpe is almost ripped

    9. Yusuf Açikgöz

      My name is Yusuf açikgöz

    10. Yusuf Açikgöz


    11. Yusuf Açikgöz

      Antalia is written like this

    12. Yusuf Açikgöz

      İm from turkey

    13. Adelina Castellanos

      They did that to you?! That did that to My favorite French CZ-news r(SSSniperWolf ) too!Azzy also! Aaand wengie!

    14. Ella-Rose Saunders

      The kids are not gonna die because she doesn’t look like fish👩🏻‍🎓

    15. Ivy Childers-Nuelle

      Seven second riddle is not like thinking today because silver kills wolfs

    16. Sana Rasul

      kassie actually called the grabndpa out jay said ''and finalll one of them one.'' and kassie said ''and it wass me!!'' as a joke

    17. Eugene Bentley

      I have two toothbrushes not to be a hater

    18. Cock Roach

      I never knew that tiktok sponsores people The more you know

    19. TheSimplyxlooved


      1. TheSimplyxlooved


    20. Richard La Rosa

      I hate you

    21. Annabel arends

      Kassie if i folow you promise to folow me to

    22. Ej Gang

      isn't that the scientist that poisend a water bottle

    23. Caitlin Reardon

      no tic tok spys on you

    24. Quinn McTiernan

      The wolf man can chew on the shoes

    25. Dallas Pogue

      I follow you on tik tok

    26. isabella konwent


      1. isabella konwent


      2. isabella konwent


    27. Christina Mccormick and shyanne

      A on 2 comments

    28. Christina Mccormick and shyanne

      On first comment it's b you can eat and a young cant

    29. ItsLunaGalaxy YT

      They pro have no answer for comments

    30. Xx Latte Xx

      They always say comment cuz there's a choice for both like both of them are bad so they wanna see what u go far XD

    31. Miss Mango

      Pause at 15:49 and you get the cutest face Gloom has ever made.

    32. Luna The Wolf

      THAT DUDE sent me! But I've been watching you since 2016 anyway sooooooo

    33. Kylie Prus

      I’m not allowed on tik tok my mum forced me to delete it because it was to scary I was to scared to walk to my room

    34. Kylie Prus


    35. Kylie Prus

      Vampires are not dead or not so alive there undead!

    36. dragon gamer

      They also called out azzyland sssniperwolf and wengie

    37. audreykaye2008

      2:10 its john cause vamps dont like garlic BUT WOLFS DONT LIKE SILVER i think

    38. Lavender Cloud

      "Kassie, you're better at me than these" -Jay 2019

    39. MRNINJAGO ninjago

      How am i smarter then you and i am 10 year old

    40. Carolyne Empie

      On the thumbnail of this video the answer is the girl with the meat that’s the girl that will get killed because she’s the one that gets the meat so the shark was all him I mean will follow the girl with me because he’s attracted to it bye

    41. Roberta R.

      I have two toothbrushes

    42. Ffion Clanfield

      But wolfs are allergicto silver

    43. Clips YT


    44. Angela Baranda VLOG


    45. Gacha Wolfy

      Your eyes are red or light light light pink

    46. SlayerZPrime

      It’s werewolves that don’t do silver not vampires

    47. Roger Harvell

      I have a "bone" to pick with you

    48. Sung Jin Lee

      I like gloom because their smart

    49. Kieran Dockerty

      I love you 😍

    50. Onecca Porter

      👸🏼 👗 👢👢

    51. jo economidis

      If I was in a car Kidnapped I wouldn't jump out cuz Im still tied together... and yeah hes gonna hear a Freaking scrape on the ground as loud as probably as an Elephant Screaming. 0-o

    52. Camall 28

      7 second riddles “How else would he know this story.” Me: He could have made it up.

    53. xXSpxrklesxX

      Those cookies didn’t look appetizing to me... maybe a little less chocolate chips next time, grandpa!

    54. TrillersFun Gworld

      No,the girl with the piranha she will live because its only her and the girl in the cage it's puting on extra weight and she will fall in and drown the girl with the piranhas she'll just sit there for awhile

    55. Natalia Kaleta

      Its b soup

    56. Emily Downer

      The answer Is the girl in the cage because since she is in a cage she can't swim to safety and so she will die first and B can swim to safety

    57. Elyse McCarroll


    58. Night Lite

      '',Hey my last name is Sullivan".

    59. Brittany Turner

      Bark bark bark* clears throat* sorry when I saw the word dog they got me into the barking habit that happens to me I don’t know how many minutes ago and I’m just trying to control them so every day after school I go to superhero school to try and control my powers but I’m getting better and better now make the sound again bark bark bark bark bark bark* clears throat* it happened again but that clip you show me what is funny 😂 i’m a superhero in case you don’t know that I can even transform into a dog 🐕 ☺️

    60. Emma Kurtzhals

      Like for a new job for her!!! 👇🏽

      1. Emma Kurtzhals

        What does Highlighted comment mean?but thanks!!!!!:)

    61. Emma Kurtzhals

      Mrs.Sullivan,was my teachers name if she would have showed up cool right

    62. Emeralda Belamour


    63. Isabella Romero

      on the 3rd who will die cage a had a dolphin in the water

    64. FriskRoleplay 123

      Jane: *looks at boyfriends pics* *crys* Me: I know he's got lipstick on mug and 2 toothbrushes, BUT WHO TOOK THE PICTURES?!?!?!?

    65. FriskRoleplay 123

      Suddenly, a man came up to you, AND GRABBED YA! AND PUT YOU IN THE BACKSEAT OF HIS CAR! Now he's driving towards A WOOD. LOL

    66. FriskRoleplay 123


    67. infinite mmm

      Okay about B, talking to your kidnapper is the best option in my opinion because you can remember both his vice and both his face, than after that, you can jump out of the car, and hide.

    68. Marina Pearla


    69. Lau Zhan Rui

      I have two tooth brushes tough Cause i had one old one and a new one i am starting to use my old one doesnt mean i am cheating (I am seven years old)

    70. Alice zuberg

      I drink milk