Mystery RIDDLES that will make your brain HURT



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    Mystery RIDDLES That will make your brain hurt! Make sure to check out 88Fish and join their contest to win $20,000! Use my code SNIPER for free gold. Check out my Riddles Playlist Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack! 7-Second Riddles
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    1. nasarath Begum

      And I love that Dragon game asleep it’s your fault I know right Davis one sample without seeing it out this fall sleep because I always play then the night

    2. nasarath Begum

      I have that game

    3. Prudence Parks

      OMG im not he only edward fan!!!

    4. Amy Liberty

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    5. Genesis Viana

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    6. jamie demarco

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    7. Journi Turner

      I am so excited for this new game ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗💕❣️!

    8. Victor Camacho

      Uhh i dont have a id

    9. Natalie Wiles

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    10. Natalie Wiles

      My other cat no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    11. Natalie Wiles

      Oh no my cat no!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12. Natalie Wiles

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    13. Natalie Wiles

      Why am I so bad at tiping?!?

    14. Natalie Wiles


    15. Natalie Wiles

      Oh no my wolf is go no!

    16. Natalie Wiles

      A B C!

    17. Natalie Wiles

      Never mind.

    18. Natalie Wiles

      Twin brother!

    19. Marie lisa

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    20. Mike Oxsmull

      You so beautiful

    21. Maranda Baliles

      I love you😍

    22. Maria Gutiereez

      November 30 is my birthday

    23. Jason Acero

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    24. Jason Acero

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    25. Jean Dominic Kusuma

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    26. Gacha Girl 2000


    27. Marta Sandoval

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    28. courtanie west


    29. Jeremy Meidinger

      YOU SUKE

    30. Kaja Grocholewska

      Sniper can you Play roblox PLEASE

    31. Bobbie Jo and savannah Hollifield

      I love ssspincer wolf

    32. marie Anderson

      July 8th is my birthday and I'll 7 after I'm seven is it going to be 8 I am after I am eight I'll be nine after I will be 9 and then I'll be 10 years old I don't know when I'm I am is eight or 9 or 10 old

    33. Tanya Richardson

      I love your new videos

    34. Jessica Belin

      sniper i love you you inspire meeee

    35. TheTaylor Challenges

      wwwwwhhhhaaaat thats so cool

    36. Alora Russell

      I said Vampire at the same time

    37. Robbie Phillips

      Dragon as in Dragon ball z

    38. Grayson M


    39. Linda Raisor

      U are so mean 😡

    40. shortman funkie

      slime video can you make a slime video

    41. Sole Furbisher

      Right off of of one I used o

    42. bts forfun

      Her hair.....damn

    43. jose villatoro

      Snipr ok done

    44. Sandy Chastain

      so cool I love you

    45. Evie channel Halloween_evie

      You look like ariana evil sister

    46. Lisa Davis

      You are the best

    47. Super Kitty cat

      I have a game on my computer

    48. Super Kitty cat

      If you love SSniper Wolfs I Videos leave a like

    49. Gamer Sammy

      5:39 is when she stops playing games dont like it I get hate comments and people say I'm begging so please dont

    50. Hailey Graham


    51. G.A.P Vlogs

      He ms not a vampire! You can see a picture of him on the wall. Real vampires don't appear in pics

    52. Xiomara Hernandez

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    53. Xiomara Hernandez

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    54. Ximena Moreno


    55. Yezmin 1994


    56. Cupcakes Sparkles

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    57. Ana Ahmad

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      I never had one like So please like 👇🏻 👍

      1. Cindy Levine

        Ummm ok

    59. Taylor Carter

      Just do the game

    60. iamadura yen

      She spend half of the video on the GAME😂😂😂🤣

    61. Buzzy Bee

      It should only be 666 and nothin else

    62. Casa De La Elliott

      I hate you

    63. Erin Henkes

      Love it 😍♥️

    64. Desiree Cortes

      Take a shit to move make this blue if I'm right 👎

    65. Desiree Cortes

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      1. Desiree Cortes

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    66. Biran Wiltgen


    67. Jose Hernandez

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    68. Keshana Watson

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    69. Christian Hawes

      Ok sorry for this but itmade me really madbut half the friking video was u playing the game and i wanted to watch videos it made me maaaaaad