Mysterious Signs of "Intelligent Lightning" | NASA's Unexplained Files (Full Episode)

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    Could spaceships be powered by atomic bombs? Can artificial rings encircle an entire star? why was Neil Armstrong’s transmission feed cut off when he spotted strange lights on the Moon? And how can lightning talk to itself?
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    1. Nella Enegue Samoht

      Even if you apply all the common sense and logical thinking transmitted radio waves will not & would not travel through the vacuum of space. Better yet 250,000 miles to the surface of the moon plus space radiation?... Every person on earth may be fools, but NOT ME!!! 🤣😅

    2. Tom Williams

      I hope we start sending lots of people out into space. . . anywhere. Who cares where they're going. As long as their gone.

    3. Rick Rutledge

      This started out interesting and then went lame after that...

    4. C H

      Attention NASA: Please call me when you need a chicken farmer on the moon; I promise not to throw any tools.

    5. L. Golden

      ...creepy sidenote...check out their ads....for children. Sick perverts. Crawl back into the hole you came from NASA.

    6. L. Golden



        @L. Golden -_- oh no! All hail your gift of gab! Bwhahaha

      2. L. Golden

        @STILL FLOWIN lol..kk, dude!! Bye to you too! (such a command of language and articulation!)


        @L. Golden eons which is equivalent to billions of years....dude bye

      4. L. Golden

        As for the black hole. "newly found" look into worm holes. They are ancient travelways, known for eons.

      5. L. Golden

        @STILL FLOWIN !!of course not. NASA has and always been under sway of fear porn. There may very well be those that there that have not yet been compromised, but are not in charge of what is being told to the public. If you understood what we are, you would see that fact clearly. Same with the "expert" archeologists.

    7. JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again

      science channel can you please upload space deepest secrets that is by far your best show on that channel you're not located on CZ-news TV please upload that you will get the most views you get out of anything else you've uploaded this year

    8. Shawn Galloway

      All of these negative comments and nobody could see the two objects in the clouds at the destination the lighting stopped at. But seriously, if you don't like or believe this stuff. Why watch it?

    9. Raul Ramos

      So..... this Phobos.... NASA still debating in going or ηοτ to our Moon, maybe 2024, and this TV show is intrigued about going to a neighbor planet's satellite moon? Sponsors....? Anyone...?

    10. stephen pack

      Huge claims....guess they have to keep public interested to make money!!!

    11. stephen pack

      Jeeerz they really are imaginative !!!!


      Is this for kids? Or for Adults. I'm a kid.

    13. Private Private

      The best answers you're ever going to want to find about yourself and this creation around you are in the Holy books of God the Torah the Holy Bible the Quran the Hindu texts etc. books such as these will give you the answers that you seek and the truth. what these videos present is not the truth and just takes you off of the path of the truth and life.

      1. Private Private

        @stephen pack yes. you got it. :)

      2. stephen pack

        Holy books haha books of truth!!!!

    14. Carlos Valenzuela

      Are we all just going to just ignore the fact that the narrator is 3 dog from fallout.

    15. AC Spirit

      Science? Some think they know everything, don't they. This world is a living, breathing, intelligent entity. Probably don't see that, coming from the most intelligent, civilized race in the known universe. Still trying to discover life out there, and you still have yet to discover life on the planet, or each other. Your political leaders need to go. They are ruining much, on your behalf.

      1. AC Spirit

        Also love all the good that religion represents, throughout the everyday lives of those who present themselves in a decent way. I am not religious though. Spiritual. Don't take sides.

      2. AC Spirit

        PS, don't get me wrong. Love science, and shows like these.

    16. Thomas Tuohy

      Love the dramatic music and quickened editing around certain comments. Really heightens the tension. Why does every 'authority' frame their thesis statement as a question? Always a question.

    17. Daniel Ash

      Report this TO the earth aliances

    18. Daniel Ash

      Gotcha click baited again.

    19. 7 7


    20. North Georgia

      Everything in these videos of NASA's unexplained Files, NASA has an "answer" for.

    21. Lisa C. Humble

      Do not watch this video! If you do, approximately three quarters of your brain cells will die immediately. Can lightning communicate with itself!....They say there's no such thing as a stupid question but after this, I'm not so sure.

    22. Drayson Roberts

      A long time ago I read in a metaphysical book about advanced spiritual entities on Earth would cause lightening when they communicated with each other.

      1. Lisa C. Humble

        You're kidding, right?

    23. William Snitzer

      I ate eggplant parmigiana for dinner.

    24. Rose Mike Bossi


    25. Greg Jay

      Stop the screwy screen junk, it don't work. The screen GLITCH transition sucks, get a better editor. By the way, rockets are antiques forget them. The answer to all your problems is electricity Music is way too loud.

    26. kimberly Rousseau

      In Gods throne room the Bible says from God lightening comes he’s in charge of lightening there is your intelligence.

      1. Danny Gouthier

        Lighting was given orders a long time before man was here !

    27. Gale Christensen

      How on earth do you go from "these two asteroids are sort of strangely linked and they are not the only ones" to " the Kuiper belt once had a LOT more stuff in it" ? How do you make that leap in logic? How does one thing relate to the other?

    28. Ken Durham

      Nothing to see here

    29. Alex Walker

      Never mind, America is a waring Nation now. instead of intellect.

    30. Alex Walker

      If phobos is going to crash onto it's Planet. Why not develop the technique to stop it just bring it back to a safer orbit? oh Yeah. Moscow Mitch's Cut's Cut's Cut's for the Nation of Coche.. Thus sparing us the debri's and incoming to us Astroids Planet dust a and more?

    31. German Wolf

      i got a theroy on why the ancients,, said,, as above,, as below,, and its crazy

      1. German Wolf

        because,, why would,, some stuff in space,, look like some of the stuff,, deep in the oceans????

    32. David Handshoe

      About 5 years ago I was looking through my telescope at the moon. I saw a very black object with no specific form float slowly across the full moon. It should have been reflecting light like the moon, but no reflection. Maybe an asteroid.

    33. pneumatonic

      For those in abysmal ignorance as yet regarding atomic and nuclear power : such are glorified STEAM ENGINES and nothing more. STEAM POWER propels our nuclear subs. The reason no nuclear powered planes exist is the superiority of the jet engine to a propeller. GET THE ACTUAL REALITY AND FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE DISEMMINATING MISREPRESENTATUONS AND FURTHER STUPIFYING THE LAZY AND IGNORANT OF SOCIETY. F.

    34. chad francis

      The sympathetic lightning is at 23 minutes in.

    35. chad francis

      Well, I'm seeing that this is anything but intelligent lightning but the intro caught my attention. Abandoned space stations.. Things flying around on Mars and the moon.. And I was reluctant to watch this because it's been recommended for weeks. I'm going to watch this simply based on the non standard intro

    36. Gary Whitesides

      We are like children in a sand box. Our lives is only as good as the toys we are only fascinated with and only a worldly sense of Love. Conditional to each others advantage. Understanding and wisdom are lacking amidst the little sand box.

    37. Mary S.

      Click & bait ( intelligent lightning ? )

    38. Donald Grant

      It is intelligent lightning. It's saying "Dam missed again!"

    39. rita moore

      I truly believe most things we didn't plan is totally random. This is the cause of evolution. Everything evolves even when we don't understand the processes in motion.

    40. Ante Kate

      Yes there are aliens, they are demonic... GOD spoke everything into existence, + - 7,000 years ago. Everyone will discover this truth, for many they won't realize the truth until it's too late.... "Every knee shall bow, every tongue shall confess.....

    41. Warren Roth

      lightening doesn't display intelligence in the classis sense, but it is a phenomena of the mass of charges in and around the earth, therefore, it has the structure of those charges, which flow in mass through the earth and atmosphere. Flow of charge is subject to magnetic and electric forces, fundamental forces, so if we see lightening strikes that seem to cascade from one cloud group to another, that represents the flow of charges through the atmosphere and ground. Not everything is known about lightening. Even engineers don't fully understand sprites (Upper atmosphere discharges). Lightening is nature's way of homeostasis, it is the movement of charge (current) from one place to another in order to balance the charges. to provide an electron to a molecule that needs one. It occurs on many planets and even in space. Lightening can certainly teach us about electricity, but it doesn't do well with social studies, so how intelligent can it really be, after all?



    43. Elena Scire

      They got to do all green screen for the us human infancy soul entertaining Theatrical Stage Show, that all. We are @ mentalist illusion eon of time folks!.taking our time as we grow until we become a planetary Stars is our future.we are the children of the Sun.

    44. Kaye Wortman

      Why in every U.F.O.movies or series is evrything in perfect focus except what they tell us is the U.F.O ?

    45. E Jones

      Kust cgi animation and artist renderings

    46. linda linacre

      scratch on the lens from small explosion debris chip.... all speculation until you check the camera used.

    47. Lisa Lisa

      now you have to remember one thing, this is suppose to be a live video of the earth and the astronauts in their craft looking at the earth. Now, if the earth spins at 1100 or so mph, what is going on? the earth is not spinning. so, the earth must not be what they say it is. remember also, it is suppose to be spinng thousands of miles per hour around the sun. curious

    48. James Roney Stators

      🔴 Endless speculative opinions is the norm in vids like this. Rather than flaming vids like this, take it with a grain of salt. I provide vids I make myself. Despite my vids are 100% real, I’m still accused of faking my results. So no matter how genuine information might be, there’s always a percentage of the world population who will always ridicule and shame a video.

    49. Sheri Mac

      The only thing they send to space is your imagination

    50. Linda Morse

      Nearly 42 minutes of questions, theories, interviews from scientists, etc., and until the last few minutes they are ALL MEN. In the 21st century and you're still acting as if only men are smart enough and capable enough to be included. This fact alone makes me want to rage in frustration and give the video a thumbs down. You idiots.

    51. TheGhOuLGaLs

      Transient lunar blahblahblah..nothing to see here move along!

    52. David Brogan

      Not aliens from another solar system but aliens from another dimension, these are all phenomenons created by man's ancient enemy the fallen ones. Their objective is to turn men away from God. It is quite simple.

    53. Dutchess Jones

      Why does everyone on this video seem amazed that NASA hiding things from the public ??? Come on mannnn is this for real? NASA releases all new discoveries except the UFOs that visit this planet. Smh

    54. Imagine Existance

      This is supposed to be the science channel, not the alien shit show

    55. Rosco

      "i dont remember" says the ONLY guy__________Debrief: "remember the contract you signed"

      1. Margaret Neanover

        Many contracts are a control way to do what? Remember the idea of just a word and or hand shake? I do.

    56. C&C Phx

      Stanton Friedman destroyed that hillbillies definition of sympathetic lightning when he said electrical discharge from someone something flying in atmosphere

    57. Ak Poppi

      These dudes ultimate denial of all the et explanations is bs lol

    58. Mr. Phillip Perott

      The phug'n blurring they used to add some wow to the video is dumb...uhhh ! what is this tik tok..

    59. freakin personal shit

      I don't believe any govt official or agency...who says they don't exist period... we have way too many galaxies period

    60. Dyl Connaway

      The people in this show make some hilarious leaps.

    61. Ak Poppi

      Well I for one like it

    62. Bryan Chance

      Why is Morgan Freeman not narrating these videos? This sounds like an infomercial..ShamWOW!!

    63. Mike S

      Satan fell like lightning

    64. Deborah Allen

      Is this really intelligent lightning or the scientist's at CERN?

      1. Lisa C. Humble

        Ha, ha, ha, ha! That was good!

    65. Victor DIAZ

      If you have a candle, and you have 1 million observers saying the candle is a bright as the sun, then the candle is as bright as the sun. Why waste time arguing.

    66. Williy From Philly Rev. of Truth

      I Believe Billy Meier was one of the Spectators with his Plejaren companion. Hey he has proof that he had a front row seat when the 1970's Soyuz and the ISS docked..... check

      1. jack flash

        that guy captured so many people that only "WANT TO BELIEVE"

    67. antonio volpe

      Spooky action at a distance / sympathetic lightning

    68. L. Hayes

      Bottom line? NASA can not be trusted PERIOD !!!

    69. ijams sum

      NASA photo of a Mars rover taking a picture of the ground underneath the rover shows the shadow of a man working on the side of the rover ? The rovers solar panels we cleaned to pristine glistening condition shown in photos but said to be cleaned by winds NASA says , no we have a Mars base at least 8 years ago ! The NASA prediction of finding life in 20 years out there has certainly found already for them to say that , it was on Mars !

      1. ijams sum

        NASA is a cartoon science channel for adults and kids , that's all they are doing ! What has been going on is by secret black space projects and there is a fleet of ships out there paid for with our tax dollars and several bases and 2 secret space stations in high Earth orbit ! Its so fantastic most people will not believe what technology we have acquired , on Earth the US has dug out 131 underground bases with high technology being built that actually is part of a breakaway civilization !

    70. Kelly Violette

      “The sign of intelligence is that you are constantly wondering. Idiots are always dead sure about every damn thing they are doing in their life.” ― Jaggi Vasudev