Mysterious Signs of "Intelligent Lightning" | NASA's Unexplained Files (Full Episode)

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    Could spaceships be powered by atomic bombs? Can artificial rings encircle an entire star? why was Neil Armstrong’s transmission feed cut off when he spotted strange lights on the Moon? And how can lightning talk to itself?
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    1. A A

      The moon is something else's observation platform. Monitoring genetic manipulation lab earth. Where everything consumes everything else. Nothing benevolent created this place. There are no gods here or anywhere else; only more advanced creatures; (not all are life forms)

    2. Knott Reel

      What are those exploding sounds every time the scene changes? I was thinking of alien farts for some reason.

    3. Sonny Branum

      With an endless amount of stars or planets, we can't be alone

    4. The End

      This show has a very noticeable pattern. Introduce idea, speculate possiblities, discuss the most outlandish first, finish off with what it actually is. Gets really boring and predictable after awhile...

    5. S M

      Totally baked right now this was amazing

    6. Fonce

      The RUSSIANS were first to put a man on the moon! Except he NEVER RETURNED! That is why whenever NASA boasts that We were the first to put a man on the moon it is always followed by the phrase "And return him to Earth Saftely"!!! NASA LIES!!!

    7. Fonce

      We went to the moon because of a photo taken from the Yerkes Telescope that showed a triangular-shaped light spanning the distance of a crater floor. Aka. A 24-hour MINING OPERATION! I am sure the incentive was GREED! Our Civic leaders were looking for a humungous return from their financial investment. EVERYONE in our government LIES!!!

    8. bear vollmer

      NASA hydes the shit out of everything on just the Apollo moon missions

    9. Brian De Bold

      Brought to you from (1st one time productions) 🤨

    10. Sithris Arkuro

      "I dont understand this, there for , it must be aliens. " Every person on this show.

    11. Scarakus

      Should be named 'NASA's Fear Files'.


      Did anyone ever read the Summer clay tablets? They tell of zach very superior race that gave knowledge to man, the Bible talks of 7p gods with A little g that God put over 70 nations and Gensis chapter 6 tells of 200 Amgles making A pak to take the daughters of man and have children by them. The result was terribly tall giant we ar are not to mix with other spices. So God had the Israliets to kill the . The Angles that did this were judged they were called nephilim when means the fallen ones. These were put away till the 19th century then they started teaching men war and tr Technology these are the ones we call Alians but in reality they are pure evil that hate humans and will deceive almost ever one on earth in these end times to turn us away from God and lose are chance to everlasting life. Steve Wualy and L A Marzulli have wonderful books and video on this, I highly recomend,

    13. T. Hookman

      NASA "said". ? You idiots at nasa have proven time and time again that your own minds & conscience are the only things Hollow!! Lies!! Lies!! Lies!!! No 1 gives a Shit!!!! 👹👽🤡👺----💩💩🖕🖕🖕🖕

    14. Mike Hood


    15. wms72

      Einstein said the simplest explanation is usually the right one. ... Certainly, each lightning bolt in the same atmosphere affects every other lightning bolt.

    16. Mael Cote

      You know I ll thank the upload but really I'm 50years old was in the Navy on a sub and a carrier during the first part of the Gulf War. We got shit we can't talk about. There are companies who pay to destroy tech that could hurt their bottom dollar. We have idiot nerds who don't want to be wrong and we got idiot nerds who think.. Well their just paranoid. If you don't know admit it, Fuck it I don't know... Darth Vader


    17. Saroya Fanniel

      23:31 'Sympathetic Lightening' - Righteee-ooooh! BoL! On a August evening in 1994 my husband, and a half dozen other Pleasant Lake, ME peninsula cabin chillers, sat on the sand beach of the lake. As our daughter's and a few other people's children slept, we all peered through binoculars and watched with naked eyes, several unknown aerial objects moving in a variety of ways: sliding, gliding, bob, dart, stop dead, suddenly reverse and disappear/reappear for a couple of hours. The most interesting activity they performed was shooting beams of light, across *significant* distances, at one another. The 'beaming' was obviously intelligent: timed, rhythmic and in a manner that appeared in responsive relationship to one another. We were all baffled as to what the heck it was we were observing, LoL. It was a mesmerizing 'light show'. Yet the following evening we got our answer in the form of a direct sighting.

    18. AdroitWaterBear

      BTY-many of these comments are truncated mid-comment.

    19. AdroitWaterBear

      Entangled Lighting. Is the energy of lightening in one storm entangled with the energy of lightening in another storm?

    20. Rod Almond

      Fake science in preparation for the great deception. This did not happen

    21. Theresa Jandt

      It's resonance! That's how the storms know what each other are doing! Think about the Hundredth Monkey Effect. Also Emoto,s water experiments. There is a master frequency that flows through everything. Also the Earth is a living being.

    22. Rey Moyeno

      Star Wars death Starship remember that well that's the Moon

    23. Rey Moyeno

      We already know one of the missions to the Moon two men died two men came home and the alien ejected from a ship do your homework we never stopped doing homework 1967 to 1973 somewhere around there secret mission to recover Black Box

      1. David

        Rey Moyeno wow that's really stupid

    24. Rey Moyeno

      We are not alone in this galaxy universe solar systems it's in our history all pyramids caves memorials since the beginning of time just got to do your homework and gut feeling when you get the little butterflies in your stomach and you know

    25. Rey Moyeno

      I believe that I feel that in my gut too they communicate with the lightning and cloud cover and their cloaking devices and they can cloak themselves you might not see him but you sure will feel them intuition gut feeling

    26. Kelly K

      The editing could be better. The editing is fuzzy in the begining.

    27. Thomas Hurl Hi

      Lol i dont beleive shit nasa says

    28. mobious orgone

      I dont believe in bed time stories

    29. Eliza Taylor

      I don't beLIEve anything NASA says, if NASA says go left, then I'm going right. That Part

    30. Juan S


    31. Ricky Lzanlla

      Can it be Radiation from a nuclear Blast ? Residual toxic glowing chit From an alleged Alien building destruction that Nasa covered up.!

    32. Michael Harrell

      This is lies and bunk with a mind-numbing music track. Humans have been on the moon and Mars from the late 1940s. They also know that every planet and moon has ET living on them. We ave ha over 2000 different nonhuman intelligent beings visit us in this lifetime. This makes videos like this bullshit and lies to make us say wow.

    33. dimension 10

      When i was 8 years old, one summer evening we were having a thunderstorm. I was looking out the window of the front door of my home. Across the road was a yard and beyond that was woods. I was looking at a tree that was on the edge of the woods. When from my right , A FIREBALL CAME DOWN FROM THE SKY AND STRUCK THE TREE AT THE EXACT SPOT I WAS LOOKING AT. There was a shower of sparks and a crack of thunder , the tree then fell over. I took off running through the house to the back door. I was now looking out the window of the back door. In the backyard was a big old Willow tree. I was looking at a spot a couple of feet up the willow tree, when OUT OF THE SKY FROM MY LEFT ANOTHER FIREBALL CAME DOWN AND STRUCK THE WILLOW TREE AT THE EXACT SPOT I WAS LOOKING AT. There was a shower of sparks and a crack of thunder. The willow tree split in half with one half falling over while the other half remained standing. I ran into the living room and told my mom and dad that the willow tree was struck by lightning and fell over. I was now sitting on the sofa looking at the floor a few inches before my feet, WHEN ANOTHER FIREBALL CAME IN THROUGH THE WINDOW ON MY LEFT AND STRUCK THE FLOOR AT THE EXACT SPOT I WAS LOOKING AT. It made a sizzling sound and a little bit of sparks. The next morning i went out to look at the willow tree. Inside the half of the willow tree that was still standing was a burnt out area. Inside that burnt out area there was big gold colored Scarab beetle sitting there. A couple of days later my brothers and me were over exploring the woods across the road. My older brother saw something and took off running to a tree that had fallen over , he became extremely excited and quickly picked something up and stuffed in his pocket. He refused to tell the rest of us what he had found. I noticed that the tree was burnt ,and then realised that it was the very tree i was looking at when that first fireball came down and struck it.

    34. Britt Berry

      There they go again, A much of lies those devils of nothing but, they are lairs and decievers, let them smile lets see if the Rats smile before the face of a Mighty Creator. I don't think so The Creator will even give them the time of day to explain why they lied to the human population. They will immediately pass go and into a box of darkness and full of wickened demon entities. They wouldn't be laughing than and they wouldn't be able to say, We are just kidding, we were going to tell the humans what we know to be true but, we ran out of time.

    35. NPC #303

      The monolith on the moon was well documented and even photographed before any movie was ever made.... This show is no different then nasa... All apart of the satanic occult aka the deep state or as the kids have been brain washed to call it the illuminati and to even glorify it through rap songs and shit. People need to wake the fuck up so we can take this shit back before live as we have always known it seises to exist.

    36. Alex Castro

      I can't take all the sound effects. Buzzes, snaps, booms, crackles, hisses, all blended with dramatic synthesizers.....too much.

    37. jacob spair

      Craters are usually made from electrical discharge

    38. Unreal Society

      What's the point of NASA exploring space and finding Aliens and Exterestrial technology. Just to deny "We The People" the Truth we the people deserve and make decisions that affect us All, without our knowledge!#NeverAllowSocietyAnswers

      1. QQTrick1QQ

        It's just a cover for the war machine

      2. jim oberg

        @Unreal Society -- Thanks for conceding you can't document a single factual error in my reports.

      3. Unreal Society

        Its point less to battle over facts if you really did work for Mission Control, for that long than you drank the Kool Aid of Close minded Ignorance along time ago. I started off believing the lies and with an Open mind, I observed Both sides of the Argument. I found that dealing with close minded or Arrogant people, with this subject goes Nowhere and you take the cake. Good day Sir!

      4. jim oberg

        @Unreal Society - Could be the basis of strong friendship. I've spend a career in the heart of Mission Control grappling with life-and-death mysteries of outer space. You enjoy pretending you're smarter and better informed than most folks [including me], but you don't have the intellectual backbone to actually inspect my arguments to find holes in them. Instead, you protect your pompous bigotry with conjured fantasies of my nasty motives and mental failings. Now that we've cleared the air, how about we grapple with the evidence? Who exactly are these 'NASA whistleblowers' leaking insider secrets and why should anybody after the mental age of ten give them a minute's credibility? Show your stuff.

      5. Unreal Society

        I sense the only thing your website will prove to me is something im all ready aware of. Your either a Shill with a website or a Narcissist Shill with one. Judging from your response Im going to guess that you have accepted the crap Society has fed to you, in the name of Science and Education. The general public are waking up to theses new Reality's and No longer accept what shady sources such as NASA. Yet I Doubt Anyone could get through to you after reading response, your Overwhelming Arrogance makes it obvious that your close minded.#DropEgoDoResearch

    39. Army Labotimosky

      As i read the last 10 plus comments on this all i can say is you fools need to move out of your parents basement, try opening what many of us call a BOOK & PLS PLS stick to watching cable TV if you're so off-set by commercials......That's how these channels pay for their airing.....Most of you have the attention span of a dead NAT simply because the commercials here are what? 15 seconds long????? GOD forbid any of you ever dare go to college & actually try to's that called again....?? KNOWLEDGE~!!!! :) This has been a Public Service Announcement~!!!!! :)

    40. Mazapan🎭KingPin™

      My plug is an alien!

      1. Sinister

        Stop taking shrooms before u go there🙃

    41. Army Labotimosky

      Fantastic episode~!!!!!!!!

    42. OmninmO

      This whole show was total bullshit... they repeat themselves over and over again just stretching it, waste of time, all their theories are total bullshit. just laughable show me a real documentation of with some real science, real theories. This was all crap, TOTAL CRAP... no other words came to mind.....

      1. jim oberg

        I get this reaction a lot from nutters who have no rational response to my debunking reports at, and I'm not offended -- considering the looniness and outright scams many of the tinfoil hatters promote, I'd be disappointed if they DIDN'T consider me their arch-enemy. Anybody willing to try and point out specific factual and logical flaws in these reports is graciously invited to have their say. Their decades-long silence on this simple challenge is eloquent indeed. It’s not intelligence that I’ve realized is the major barrier to public authentic assessment of these scenes - it’s lack of effective awareness of really how unearthly, alien, and counter-intuitive counter-instinctual the new space environment really is. That’s why I wrote my “99 FAQs About Space UFO Videos” essay several years ago, based on my 20+ years inside Mission Control in Houston, and my personal fascination with UFO stories associated in the media with space flight. See it here --

    43. Computer Scientist


    44. Kael Griffis

      Talk ab 'conspiracy theories' lol These speculations are anything but scientific

    45. Gorn Rkewl

      4 commercials in 3 minutes? No thank you CZ-news. I'll just watch TV

      1. John C

        @Scooter Mcgavin I just wish they'd pair it with play music again

      2. Scooter Mcgavin

        it Is crap. but premium is worth the 12.99/ month to go commercial free. ( if you care to watch a fair amount of you tube ) (and as much as I dont want to give you tube money ) but just a suggestion, I find it worth It for all I learn and enjoy peoples content on CZ-news and that's all; just a suggestion to ponder. also back,round playing ability makes it far worth it for me!

      3. Montana fishing Fun

        Gorn Rkewl I wrote my comments before I read yours and I whole heartedly agree. CZ-news is crap

    46. Nella Enegue Samoht

      Even if you apply all the common sense and logical thinking transmitted radio waves will not & would not travel through the vacuum of space. Better yet 250,000 miles to the surface of the moon plus space radiation?... Every person on earth may be fools, but NOT ME!!! 🤣😅

    47. Tom Williams

      I hope we start sending lots of people out into space. . . anywhere. Who cares where they're going. As long as their gone.

    48. Rick Rutledge

      This started out interesting and then went lame after that...

    49. C H

      Attention NASA: Please call me when you need a chicken farmer on the moon; I promise not to throw any tools.

    50. L. Golden

      ...creepy sidenote...check out their ads....for children. Sick perverts. Crawl back into the hole you came from NASA.

    51. L. Golden



        @L. Golden -_- oh no! All hail your gift of gab! Bwhahaha

      2. L. Golden

        @STILL FLOWIN lol..kk, dude!! Bye to you too! (such a command of language and articulation!)


        @L. Golden eons which is equivalent to billions of years....dude bye

      4. L. Golden

        As for the black hole. "newly found" look into worm holes. They are ancient travelways, known for eons.

      5. L. Golden

        @STILL FLOWIN !!of course not. NASA has and always been under sway of fear porn. There may very well be those that there that have not yet been compromised, but are not in charge of what is being told to the public. If you understood what we are, you would see that fact clearly. Same with the "expert" archeologists.

    52. JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again

      science channel can you please upload space deepest secrets that is by far your best show on that channel you're not located on CZ-news TV please upload that you will get the most views you get out of anything else you've uploaded this year

    53. Shawn Galloway

      All of these negative comments and nobody could see the two objects in the clouds at the destination the lighting stopped at. But seriously, if you don't like or believe this stuff. Why watch it?

    54. Raul Ramos

      So..... this Phobos.... NASA still debating in going or ηοτ to our Moon, maybe 2024, and this TV show is intrigued about going to a neighbor planet's satellite moon? Sponsors....? Anyone...?

    55. stephen pack

      Huge claims....guess they have to keep public interested to make money!!!

    56. stephen pack

      Jeeerz they really are imaginative !!!!

    57. PewDiePie Is awesome

      Is this for kids? Or for Adults. I'm a kid.

    58. Private Private

      The best answers you're ever going to want to find about yourself and this creation around you are in the Holy books of God the Torah the Holy Bible the Quran the Hindu texts etc. books such as these will give you the answers that you seek and the truth. what these videos present is not the truth and just takes you off of the path of the truth and life.

      1. Private Private

        @stephen pack yes. you got it. :)

      2. stephen pack

        Holy books haha books of truth!!!!

    59. Carlos Valenzuela

      Are we all just going to just ignore the fact that the narrator is 3 dog from fallout.

    60. AC Spirit

      Science? Some think they know everything, don't they. This world is a living, breathing, intelligent entity. Probably don't see that, coming from the most intelligent, civilized race in the known universe. Still trying to discover life out there, and you still have yet to discover life on the planet, or each other. Your political leaders need to go. They are ruining much, on your behalf.

      1. AC Spirit

        Also love all the good that religion represents, throughout the everyday lives of those who present themselves in a decent way. I am not religious though. Spiritual. Don't take sides.

      2. AC Spirit

        PS, don't get me wrong. Love science, and shows like these.

    61. Thomas Tuohy

      Love the dramatic music and quickened editing around certain comments. Really heightens the tension. Why does every 'authority' frame their thesis statement as a question? Always a question.

    62. Daniel Ash

      Report this TO the earth aliances

    63. Daniel Ash

      Gotcha click baited again.

    64. 7 7


    65. North Georgia

      Everything in these videos of NASA's unexplained Files, NASA has an "answer" for.

    66. Lisa C. Humble

      Do not watch this video! If you do, approximately three quarters of your brain cells will die immediately. Can lightning communicate with itself!....They say there's no such thing as a stupid question but after this, I'm not so sure.

    67. Drayson Roberts

      A long time ago I read in a metaphysical book about advanced spiritual entities on Earth would cause lightening when they communicated with each other.

      1. Lisa C. Humble

        You're kidding, right?

    68. William Snitzer

      I ate eggplant parmigiana for dinner.

    69. Rose Mike Bossi