"my worst video ever” 😵

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    1. Nilou Artemis

      What is the point of even getting mad over that video LMAO? I watched it and was like ahaha I knew it wouldn’t work, and that was it???

    2. sarahswiftkelly

      This made me emotional because I could tell how upset she was. I can’t believe people would take the time to hurt a young girl’s self esteem by commenting mean things. Shame on all of you.

    3. Jenya Roskin

      honestly people never shut up. actually made her dye her hair so yall could stop crying wtf

    4. Gemma Diaz

      People really got mad at her for not dying her hair?! Wtf is wrong with people there are more important problems you should be mad about! Emma im sorry please don’t ever feel pressured to do ANYTHING you don’t wanna do❣️

    5. Shea Cox

      Okay but I liked the video so like what 😂

    6. Rihanna Martinez

      Aww poor Emma, she doesn’t even want to and she is only doing this because so she doesn’t disappoint her fans... Emma you don’t have too, those aren’t fans if they don’t care how you feel 😩

    7. syd rose

      “it just hurt my feelings i guess.” I CRIED AT THAT PART

    8. TheKagawaLife

      This is my first time seeing your videos, and...I am so sorry. Don’t worry, they’re just internet trolls trying to get a rise. Ignore them. You’ll grow, I know you will! Also, congrats for being #6 on trending!

    9. Mariana Garcia

      emma i swear we are the same bitch!💀💯 been here since day 1 n will always support you 🥺

    10. Mvnkhjnn Sn

      Emma when I get sad I always watch ur videos because u make me happy and warm inside

    11. Antonio-says-u-stupid U-stupid

      I love u Emma just don’t dye ur hair again please


      Love you🤍

    13. Sydney Robson

      You’re awesome. And brave. Don’t blender yourself lol, the world needs you 😘

    14. Jayden Anderson

      January 12 is my birthday

    15. Trinity Poole

      you guys rlly just broke her like that look at her she looks like she’s gonna burst into tears

    16. Lara Behrendt

      You need to remember you’re posting videos for the whole world to see. The whole world isn’t going to be sunshine and flowers. You need to be ready for hate comments. That’s how social media is.

    17. Mia Lown

      The blue looks nice and the haters gonna hate so yeah

    18. NJFB2188

      You’re so young. Do you know what you’re doing at 30?

    19. NJFB2188

      Do you have better video ideas. I have an idea. Can you find a a Harvard, Yale, Uni of Chicago, or Penn State, Cornell type of Frosh-Soph student and shadow them for a day, maybe a subscriber. That would be an awesome video idea. Don’t go down the path of Tana. You’re getting to close to that nonsense. Otherwise, what is your career? Influencer? Influencing what or who? God, most Americans wish they could hang out all day and not have actual jobs at a punch in/out clock.

    20. Tea Sis

      People saying the n word, cheating, striping, ...... Emma getting the worse hate for not dying her hair

    21. Nathaly Quinones

      What is the reason for the hate? What do they get from this? She’s obviously been crying she’s just vibing and ppl hate her for it??

    22. TheMiikuchan

      She called the video "DYING MY HAIR....*fail" not "TRYING to dye my hair *fail" etc. etc. she did that on purpose and yall ignoring that because she made another video about it where she looks miserable. Not saying she should have gotten as much hate as she did. but people were right to call it out and tell her its not okay, because its not no matter how much you cry about it

      1. TheMiikuchan

        @Nella & Dany if you have no idea about marketing why you tryna talk. Once you start using your brain maybe then it will click

      2. Nella & Dany

        TheMiikuchan please shut up

    23. Kym Mahundi

      ilyy dont let people bully u into things

    24. Morgen Hartshorn

      Emma sounds super stressed, like I fall asleep like that when I’m very sad

    25. Morgen Hartshorn

      Plz do what you like Emma, don’t feel pressed by jerks in the comments

    26. Lamiz Choudhary

      We love you

    27. Jasmine Maddison

      This whole video really upset me, how can people be so cruel😕

    28. Jane Margolis

      im so sorry emma... i am ashamed that ppl hate on you for unimportant shit like dying hair wtf

    29. Meara Licht

      I felt it was a good idea not to dye it in the last video. I usually get half way thru doing something and give up because it’ll turn out badly.

    30. gustavo chatard

      done ιм мα∂ wнy? done. ι ѕaw eтнan dмѕ *ιм ѕorry ғor eммa mnuuumnviuaz.tumblr.com/,adls,

    31. gustavo chatard

      done ι aм мα∂ wнy? done. ι ѕaw eтнan dмѕ *ιм ѕorry ғor eммa mnuuumnviuaz.tumblr.com/=-a=sd

    32. Lil'HomeSlice

      Wow can handle a big paycheck but can't handle any self esteem

    33. A. T.

      the “fail” was because she failed to dye her hair.. people mad cause they interpreted it their own wrong way.

    34. YoshiPerner666

      Wow..... My brain hurts.

    35. Andi Reeves

      “I will die regretting...that..” lmfaoooo

    36. Staci Rice

      I love you Emma! You make me laugh!!!!

    37. sunny xorry

      If she didn't want to dye her hair she didn't have too some yall just salty as hell and it's not pretty or cute. It PETTY

    38. Nishi Patel

      Literally love u so much emma please don’t ever change.

    39. Samantha Hughey

      I love you emma stay strong

    40. Marissa Scanlan

      I thought the video was pretty funny tbh😂❤️🥺

    41. Olivia Mnayarji

      you are so brave i would never want to dye my hair. i honestly loved that last video even though you didn’t dye your hair it was still a funny video.

    42. Felicity Wheeler

      pleaaaaaaaase dye your whole hair blue - it would look soooo stunning!

    43. Amelia Jade

      your hair looks so cool and you would look amAZING with your whole head that color ILY💗💗💗💗

    44. Kristian John

      why tf would you bully someone over not dying thier hair

    45. David Pierce

      The reason I love you is because you're not afraid to be vulnerable. You are a strong and powerful woman. Also, adorable.

    46. BTS News

      Omg wow why do people have to be so rude she is a human do let her do what she wants she probably is SOOO sad

    47. Anastasia B

      Wtf everyone is so mean whyyyyyyy

    48. Lindsey Giles

      Love ya emma♥

    49. Claudia Salazar

      i like your outfit

    50. Hannah Gray

      Emma, we love your current hair color, and we don’t care if you dye it or not. All we care about is you making more videos ‘cause we love watching you. Please IGNORE those hate comments and those dislikes! Just keep vlogging and posting stuff about yourself. Love you, stay strong ❤️

    51. Just Nobody

      Billie Elfish??😳😳😳

    52. logan noelle

      I know I’m late but I love u emma

    53. Nadia Psaris

      She should go all blueeeeeee

    54. Tealquoise arts

      Why tf are there dislikes on this video? Smh 🤦‍♀️

    55. Jacqueline B

      I love the video❤️❤️❤️❤️

    56. Pengueny Worshipers

      whut is something you would chang abowt emma me: i want to post more

    57. leah diamond

      wait pls dye ur hair blue!

    58. Acx_E

      Wow this physically hurts my heart - People are really fricking hateful Emma there are people who still love you. You can upload whatever you want,however you want. Sending lots of love and support.

    59. Julie Fenter

      1st of all I’m sorry for the hate 2nd your hair looks so freakin healthy despite what you said lmao

    60. Jenn St John

      You should do a 5 below haul

    61. Life With EJ

      REALLY the video even said that it was a fail y’all haters need to grow up

    62. LR Melvin

      "go...put urself into a blender and press blender"

    63. War War Lwin

      Bro don’t change because people r hating u the haters are nothing always stay positive and we all love u don’t care about the haters love u so muchhh don’t changeeeeeee love uuuuuu❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

    64. LM234

      I feel like it’s not that serious and she doesn’t care that much and everyone is taking it so serious lol

    65. Laura Crane

      Didn’t anyone teach you that if can’t say anything nice just stfu 😂 Ily Emma hope that counts for something 💕

    66. Nils Sjöberg

      when i heard about the video of her not dying her hair ~ i thought it meant her going to a salon and not dying her hair there - she shouldn’t have had to dye her own hair

    67. Jessica Nardiello

      Best intro goes to....

    68. Genevieve Luana

      Emma? There will ALWAYS be haters no matter what you do, but you know what? While they're waisting their time hating they're still giving you views ;) love you girl and I always always enjoy your videos even if you don't do shit, you're still hilarious and entertaining! ❤️ Keep doing you.

    69. buhhbuuh z

      u showed the haters wow

    70. Emily Shauger

      hope y’all are happy... destroying the comfort she built with youtube.