An Uncomfortable Trip to the UK

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    The UK was great and i had a time
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    Music: Assembly Line Frustration by ionics

    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May you never pee on your wallet if you don't want pee on it

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    1. Oto_

      I wish my phone had weirdo detector

    2. Pixel Games


    3. Weston Santoro


    4. arz_hoax

      so what your telling me is that you peed on the wallet, and it was still there, SOOOSOSOSOSOSOSOOSOS Gross

    5. Anonymous Commenter

      tl;dr Jaiden pulls a bruh moment

    6. POOTIS Sandvich

      Guy: All girls are selfish. Me: PaRDon Me Sh**hEAd?

    7. xx LavenderKattii xx

      If the wallet fell out, how come it wasn’t flushed? *Did you.... not flush..?*

    8. Jaydon Kang

      Kill him now

    9. Moises Burciaga

      5:57 haha yeah , they do that

    10. Charlotte Hanson

      6:46 look at jaidens phone Weirdo detected

    11. gaby TG

      Aha, WoW! That is RETABLE!

    12. useful chickens

      i *thunk* it

    13. Claire Griffiths

      So when somebody steals your wallet you can shout I peed on that

    14. ema neko mac 7w7


    15. Kelli Aker

      WHAT did she just say "I peed in my wallet"

    16. Blake Xristo SW

      7:57 “but I THUNK it” me: “but I THOUGHT it”

    17. Liam Connory

      You should get a hoodie with giant pockets to put your phone and wallet and stuff

    18. Puppylovefun21 Corina

      PLEASE tell me u washed that wallet?? Naw, u had to have right?

    19. Gabriel Villela

      Hi jaiden

    20. Ted Renneker

      He must be a sexist jerk

    21. Zoe Davis

      I was looking for my keys when you said you lost your wallet in the toilet I have this toy toilet I looked in and... there was my keys

    22. Carolina Beltran

      0:45 that poor shrek *THE PP WALET* Someone plz kill him

    23. Game Master

      3:34 why u aint flush the toilet.

    24. Game Master

      0:34 1:08 Why is there a noose?

    25. LilyPlayz

      Love how jaidens face at 3:13 looks like she's preparing to fight the final boss

    26. Text Parodies

      Shrek's Reply: Could you not pee on your wallet, *FOR FIVE MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!*

    27. Mine Crafter

      I went to England in summer and it was AMAZING I am very jealous of anyone who lives there

    28. CutieSmallFri

      So this is why mom doesn’t let me eat when I touch money and says to wash my hands.... ,O^O,

    29. bigdawgdee2 Garcia

      If I ever meet jaiden one thing I'm not doing is shaking her hand because she touches the wallet everytime she pays for things

    30. Sushi Studios

      1:28 me at a party

    31. Ronin Bayacal

      Waitt, if the wallet's still there... then that means... Jaiden didn't flush🤔🤨

    32. Sky Wolf


    33. Alejandro Otero

      El de los subtitulos en español latino es un payaso xD

    34. Michelle Geller

      I would have said that I needed to go to the bathroom and never come out until I think it’s safe... Also works to get out of class in school (hell)

    35. Khoi’s Playsandmore

      That was pewdiepie brofisting you.. It also looks like him.

    36. PlayWithDanny Games

      6:00 is that pewdiepie

    37. Gabby Oaktree

      so i peed on my wolit

    38. Galaxymoon

      Buy new pants lady

    39. Cabo Vitor

      In my mind the UK is just tea

    40. Divya Srivastava

      People make women's jeans pocket tiny so that women have to buy bags

    41. Galaxy- S

      *w e i r d o d e t e c t e d*

    42. Willows Gaming

      Jaiden: thanks ! Random man: *A L L G I R L S A R E S E L F I S H* fist bump

    43. Rena’s Life

      6:47 I only just noticed that Jaiden's phone said weirdo detected lol

    44. Yo DrB

      Good video, Greetings from Mexico!

    45. Tanooki Andrew

      6:42 Jaiden: Do you have an Android or something? Weird man: No Me: NANI?!!

    46. Alfonso Mendoza

      2:53 what the fu**

    47. Scooter Cat lover

      Wait...... if her wallet was still in the toilet.......after she went..... and it fell in before she peed...... DID SHE FLUSH?!?!?!?? I mean if it were a small enough wallet to fit in the pocket.... it would be small enough to flush...... ok I'm leaving now, don't mind me

    48. Sbaeneg

      I just have to say the guy is obviously a hippy and UK dosent have TSA it has british border force

    49. Giavonna 7

      How about you do draw my life

    50. Infinity 7

      That last part about the shirts tho...

    51. Ally Does gacha life

      “All girls are selfish” well I’m not OK

    52. I'm kinda fucking stupid, but

      Some stoned guy is feeling a deep regret rn

    53. GUNpo364

      U are gross

    54. Pedro Provan

      Wallet (idly floating) Toilet : What are ye doin in my swamppp

    55. Ren G

      i love travel related videos

    56. Andrew C

      I lost my wallet travelling to ny in 2017. if you found it.. please burn it, I already got new docs

    57. Guy some

      4:46 Enemy spoted

    58. Bub Vision

      0:45 I wonder how it feels for people to be in a suit and be nice to a bunch of little kids and act like the real person there playing as...I mean turtles

    59. Icaruspotion

      Wait... did you not flush the toilet... dude the fuck

    60. Juan Russell

      What the fu- Guys OMG!

    61. Zoey Granger

      Only some girls are selfish not all of them

    62. Cat Fighter

      Robber - Give me your wallet!!! Jaiden - I peed on it... Robber - keep it.

    63. Luis Ventura


    64. Tim Alexander

      Pewdiepie !


      6:47 weirdo detected 😂😂

    66. Shea Belle

      i pee on my mony

    67. 파르테

      Introvert in that situation:*stabs him, says “official S.H.I.E.L.D. Activity, stay clear”

    68. Zap ToiD

      One thing we need to know now... dOnT tOuTcH jAiDeN's WaLlEt.

    69. Sunless

      *when jaiden walks away the man looks at he butt* Hmmmmmmmm

    70. Glitch Wolverine

      So I peed in my wallet