My Weekly Cleaning Routine + Cleaning Products I Love

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    Hey guys! Today I wanted to partner with The Grove Collaborative to share some products I like to use while cleaning, and also my current weekly routine.
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    ♥MAILING ADDRESS: 18653 Ventura Blvd., #655, Tarzana, CA 91356
    * DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed are true &my own. I link affiliate links to make it easier for you to find the exact products I mention.....and... I LOVE YOU!!!! =) Thank you for supporting what I do!! ♥♥♥
    THIS video is sponsored by The Grove Collaborative. I am a paying customer of theirs, and receive regular orders.

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    1. Genesis Cristal Familia

      So many different products o.O'' but good job!

    2. Wargarblet

      Towels are probably the only thing you are NOT supposed to use fabric softener on. It makes them less absorbent.

    3. Justice2Hearts

      A big problem with American bathrooms is the lack of floor drains. Stayed in an apartment with my family a few years back and I DREADED mopping the floors because I was used to pouring water and bleach or some other disinfectant and liiiittle soap and scrubbing it with a brush then swiping it away into the floor toilet (Asian households). No need to deal with icky hair or worry about missing a spot. Really commend you for being able to mop the bathroom.

    4. Kaylie Z

      where is your steam mop from?!

    5. cassiealexander

      How are you so wealthy?

    6. cassiealexander

      Uhg! I want your life!

    7. Laura Guerro

      Lemon also has antiseptic properties and I hear it kills some molds, too.

    8. lsaddatova m

      Where can I buy the steam mop

    9. deToos Portable Central Vacuum Cleaner

      there is a new type of vacuum cleaner in Ukraine (branded deToos) that works just like traditional central vacuum cleaner. No exhoust air with allergens and bacteria. easy 1 hour installation in existing houses. Vacuum Cleaning may become healthy and comfortable, the site is in slavic language so you may try web translation

    10. TP

      girl your house is GOALS 😭

    11. Kara Linn

      I heard that Mrs.Meyer’s is cancer causing

    12. Yuki Maree

      Loved this video!!!

    13. Yamini Parashar


    14. Small Things Big Moments

      Your house is beautiful!! It makes this so satisfying to watch 😍

    15. K.R. Guy

      Hi, What brand steam mop do you have? Thanks

    16. Alma K

      Why is there a toothbrush in the laundry rack that is labeled laundry????

    17. Lydia

      Sometimes J watch your videos because my head is spinning from my 3 jobs, taking care of my own home and remembering everything for my tornado brain boss and it makes me feel like the world is clean and simple and uncomplicated and so thank you for that.

    18. Ferox Yoga

      I love having a clean house, but have no idea how to keep up with it!

    19. Maggie Branch

      Hey Rachel

    20. Kulsoomriz Kulsoomriz

      I hv a job 9 to 6 telme any tips to keep myself motivated for the cleanings

    21. Nim Jajo

      Lady, you are so clean and organised. Not just clean, but “ Monica clean”. Heads off to you.

    22. Kgopolo Lehabe

      Most realistic video👏👏👏

    23. Vincent Vincent

      Those american houses all look the same. in Europe, they get history, personality.

    24. Nafissa Nessaba

      Hi the brand of your clean mop please

    25. Anne Tan

      What’s the brand of your steam mop? Thanks 😊

    26. Jyoti Bodas

      I love these videos!! I do feel like it would be better to avoid using anti bacterial stuff because it will lower the immunity of people who come into contact with the chemicals. Non anti bac cleaners can disinfect really well, I love using a rubbing alcohol/ water / dish soap mix!

    27. Ivana Ana

      Hi and Welcome to my channel! I am Ivana, a 37 year old Instagram and CZ-newsr. I love to make videos about motherhood/babies, cleaning, organizing, decluttering, fashion, beauty, DIY's, lifestyle, hauls and much much more....

    28. Ellieways

      Why does EVERYONE use Mrs. Meyers????

    29. AsmrJustCleaning

      Great video

    30. Samia

      I like cleaning my room / house and love organizing but I'm so lazy and I procrastinate so much

    31. Hima Rohini

      I have no idea how many times I have watched this video, I just love this video so much!

    32. J C

      I bet you are great on bed too Rachel.

    33. Ribbons & Bows

      Fabric Softener may make your towels, "..feel nice & soft". However, I heard that both fabric softener & dryer sheets break down the fibres of towels, making them more oily & less absorbent during drying, thus making them less effecacious. I had this double-checked in a lab. & it's quite true!! Also, unless you have a dog-cleaning business, there is absolutely no need for the stiff-bristled brush we are watching you scrubbing your bath out with & aIso using on your tiles. The cleansers which we have access to today have ingredients which break down body oils & take care of other such waste which is sloughed off our bodies during bathing or showering. These aren't our grandmother's (staff's) products we are using :-). I knew that you wouldn't want to be disseminating incorrect information. Now you don't have to!!

    34. JONES

      do you give the kids chores? i hope you're not doing it all by yourself.

    35. D J

      Anyone else watching cleaning videos bc they want to clean up a little and get it out the way but its 3 am? lol

    36. SarahLynnHoneyBee

      What steam mop is this? :) need one that works well and this one looks good!

    37. Katie Lynn

      You're right, that does seem like A LOT. And I have a big fluffy white dog and 2 long haired cats. So basically my house should just be burned down.

    38. Rasul Hafeez

      Hi, Rachel. This is Jalika. Thanks for sharing this video. I now use some of these products, especially for the kitchen and bathroom. It's awesome. Thanks again, and welcome back. Have a good and healthy year.

    39. Abhishek Kumar Singh

      Great. Soooo Organized

    40. Genesis Peralta

      Mrs. meyer’s products are NOT nontoxic just fyi. Look up the ingredients on think dirty or ewg app

    41. Iain Dennis

      Do not use a fabric softener on towels - it ruins their ability to absorb water - the best thing to put in the final rinse for towels is white vinegar - makes then even more absorbent and fluffy - and no vinegar smell. Cleaning toilet once a week - No, every other day

    42. Valarie D

      What steam mop brand is this? Thanks in advance

    43. El mundo de MinchuMinchi. ASMR, GRANJA, Y MAS!

      Where do you buy this mope?

      1. El mundo de MinchuMinchi. ASMR, GRANJA, Y MAS!

        For clening de floor

    44. ASMR with Sofia

      I agree a way to maintain a clean, organized home is to do a little everyday. Yes making the beds everyday is a must, makes a huge difference. I also have my morning routine and night routine and your videos are always so much fun, love to learn new tips from others.

    45. Daouli Melinass

      She has every thing ,nothing missing that makes indoor chore very easy but I would admit that she is very organized.

    46. Mujtaba Bukhari

      I love this idea for weekly cleaning.

    47. niharika pihu

      Now i know why americans have highest per capita waste generation because they use way toooooo much cleaning stuff...home is already full of things and you buy more things to clean the existing things. Recycling and reusability is much needed.

    48. Anneke Mahabeer

      Loved your video. Wish we had these products in South Africa. Love your home!

    49. Ash Cash

      Here I am watching cleaning and organizing videos that motivate me to clean and organize but it’s 3:22 am in the morning and I know that all of my motivation will be gone when I wake up 💀😭😭

    50. S Trinica

      Hi this is the first time I'm watching ur channel it's really motivating ...I liked ur washbasin which is in ur bathroom it looks rustic

    51. Anahi Primero

      Where is your steam mop from?!! 😱😱😱😱

    52. Rosie H

      You are so detailed and hardworking 👏🏼👏🏼

    53. Yourcrazy Cleaninglady

      sweetheart! spray on the pad and not on the furniture this video is advertising products from Target store and not whatever it should be.

    54. renewer

      What do you and your husband do for a living??

    55. Mui Chinh

      Great video. Thank you! Question...How or what do you use to clean the cast iron range? I have difficulty getting it clean.

    56. Victoria Patterson

      Rachael sometimes you make me ashamed that i cant do more but a lot of times your like a becon of hope and confidence if i didnt have you i probably would have given up and im only 14. So thank you for being youself and making these beutiful videos of your life and just being honest

    57. Renew Your Mind

      At our home, my son and I milk the goats, feed the kids, filter and chill the milk, he usually plays with his toys while I sweep (literally just sweep everything on the hardwood into a pile, then sweep that onto the carpet.) once that's done I vacuum all the carpet. I wipe / polish the computer desk, dining room table. Wipe kitchen counters. Then make breakfast for my son, he eats, than we start school at the table in his room. Each day is different, so I look at the chart to see which workbooks, etc he's supposed to do. So proud of him, he is such a bright boy! Then he goes potty, we brush his teeth and he goes down for a nap. During this time the goat kids need another bottle, I brush our dogs (3 - one of which is a wolf hybrid and is currently blowing his coat. He's my other baby! He's huge, husky markings, and has a blue and green eye. Friendliest dog you will meet despite his wolf side.) Maverick usually rings the bells on the back door and I let him romp around the yard while I tidy the bedroom, do any laundry, etc. I usually check on the chickens (30 hens) and thank goodness for automatic feeders! Hehe, that's how our mornings go.

    58. basem samir

      What steam mop do u use?

    59. Let go things Its just a past

      Hi. From where you got your sweep mop i really like it ?

    60. Ay Işığı

      Yaşınız kaç

    61. Ay Işığı


    62. Sandra Marques

      What about cleaning under things too

    63. Victoria

      Did you clean before you cleaned? :P

    64. smilie120

      My daily cleaning routine consists of moving my clothes off the bed on to me chair to sleep, and off the chair on to my bed to sit. I also contemplate hoovering and washing on a weekly basis, but never do. And there are atleast 7 dirty cups in my room, not essential to wash until mouldy.

    65. Aoife Graham

      i love a free standing bath! plus, do humidifiers help get rid of dust? bc my house is so dusty and it takes agesss to clean

    66. marina cid

      What type of mop are ? Where can i find?

    67. Jitendra Pastaria

      Wow are you real so much cleaning, how lucky is ur husband

    68. sebbivism

      Nice routine there, but I must give you some advice NOT to use softener on your towels as softener destroys the towels and its absorbency. Tumble dry them instead and you'll receive the same softening!

    69. Concetta Luna

      You're house is amazing. Please adopt me. Lol

    70. Tiggeroo

      i wish i cleaned this much ;_;