My Last Pro-2 Drift Comp - Texas Qualifying

Adam LZ

Adam LZ

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    Last round of the season and we've got heat, heat, and darkness? A lot has changed since the last round and we're coming at this round swinging! I've got a great team and a great car... fingers crossed for tomorrow!
    Video by Divine Media:
    Song: h.v.t.e. - r.e.m.n.a.n.t

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    1. kobie droped 81

      It’s just Texas sorry and also we don’t have a winter

    2. the great white

      Keep it up adam be better then ken block!!!

    3. SargeDave

      Plays Nerf, ends up being unsatisfied with performance, then proceeds to modify Nerf gun

    4. Rick Rothstein

      How the F does it take that long to run 40 something cars through qualifying?!?!?

    5. Nickk IRL

      i think the cone hit the bumper into the spinning tire and rolled it up like a fruit by the foot.

    6. Sonny

      Editing was great! You should hire more pro's to do it for you.

    7. Distracted Earth

      Man this Dodge commercial is really making me really want to buy a 2018 Z71 Chevy Silverado.. that grill with the headlight paint matched trim is nice!

    8. Trenton Ward

      why do people thumbs down?????? fr

    9. Xavier Davis

      Love the vlog

    10. manny s

      If your getting headaches... it's usually from the G-forces - fighter pilots get it from time to time... idk about on the ground, maybe compression socks and sleeves might help but idk I'm not a doctor... just be careful because if you have blood sloshing all directions in your head it could cause worse things to happen! Just keep it in mind homie... to be real I just turned 30 and am having vein issues in my legs that might have come from bad habits, eating bad food, but also racing... mostly from not being able to afford a good doc -- eh we got what we got

    11. series333

      choppy video. 30 fps is no bueno

    12. Christian Stephens

      Does Adam even go home anymore? I'm confused

    13. Mike Gulliver

      Larry Chen at 11:54?!

    14. ıllıllı ŹŐМβĨĔ ıllıllı

      when that SMOOTH ratio switch kicks in, you know its gonna be great scene up ahead.

    15. Joel Olivas

      It's not Dallas Texas. It's Fort Worth Texas. Dallas sucks.

    16. Ashten Allison

      florida man shulminates the shulminator

    17. RVIDXR. 666

      I’m still new to car shtuff so can someone explain how he has a s15 in the us Bc I thought they was illegal

    18. Kame Trick

      Boi you made some Mad Max edition nerf guns holy sheit haha🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 Good job in TX, congrats Adam!

    19. Lauri Hulikkala

      So is adam quitting fd or just pro 2 or why is this his last pro 2 comp

    20. Daniel Ortega wilson

      U friend girls is sign up for it

    21. D G

      What do you reckon the value of the s15 would be now?

    22. ChKN

      That hitmaker was great

    23. Gianluca Nordio

      Man, that divine footage is literally divine 😍

    24. Viktor Jovanovski

      NO OUTROOOO???? I AM MAD.. good edits tho 😶

    25. Forza JT Sneaky

      Dude fix the FOCUS!!!!!!!

    26. VRV Solutions

      Stop wearing kids sunglasses)))

    27. Jayden Minnis

      You should Take the s13 or another car to the burnyard at the hoonigans :)

    28. Ed Wolfram

      Always love the discussions with Trevor after the runs, Shout out to @motionautotv

    29. gate access

      @23:30 ohhh ok, its a legit cool suit, runs cool water though it. in that case no bashing but i would think that that suit would need to fit wayyyy tighter then it currently does so it has more suit on skin contact in order to actually transfer the cold from the suit to the flesh. otherwise that air layer between the drivers skin and the cool suit itself is a layer of "insulation" preventing the suit from functioning as it should? i would want that cool suit to fit me like spandex so i legit feel every artery of cold water as it circulates around my body. air gaps will reduce the suits ability to cool the driver.

    30. gate access

      the ice cooler works, but why not get a tesla, electric ac pump and install a super small ac system in place of the heavy water jug to run ac along with that blower motor to adams suit and helmet? just curious. real ac trumps ac water ac all day

    31. gate access

      damnnnn got some hotties at the crib.. need some coolers for them, got me sitting here overheating haha

    32. Phillip Shepard

      I’m so upset about the Ute :/

    33. Sam

      Wheres Tommy (JZX) these days?

    34. Troy Cunningham

      OmglZ! That was awesome. That last follow was phenomenal. I'd love to see you do Pro 1 but would be sad the content would suffer. You'll go far you young legend

    35. RowlandOverland

      Nerf guns, White claws and danger zone! I like your style! Lol

    36. Anthony Charles

      Still waiting for adam to pick up a shitty civic or somethin just for shits and giggles...

    37. Melwin William

      You need a spare engine

    38. bryan alpo

      Why alberto was talking like it was pimp my ride at 2:42? Lmao had me dead

    39. xMoistTowellette

      That hit maker

    40. Dillion Daniels

      'Like" 😂

    41. Nick Buist

      Why do you have beef with josh Robinson?

    42. G E

      God bless yo hair Line... Jk

    43. _ Real1ne

      Wish I wouldve known you were in my city


      Alberto is like Xzibit, telling Adam about all of his upgrades to the S15 while he was away.

    45. Chase Higgins

      Whats his tire size setup on the S15?

    46. Dorian Brooks

      Finally something besides Connecticut

    47. Chris Sims

      5:53 when he tripped him lolololololololololololololololololol

    48. 2ZZJAY

      Pretend race car team!

    49. Apex Shinøbi

      *I heard you like AC, so I got an AC for your AC so you can AC while you AC*

    50. Cappe_YT

      Have you switched to 30fps instead of 60? Waay choppier

    51. Topshot9890 1

      Adam, are you directing porn? Your moustache speaks.

    52. DJJammyJams

      Do you ever do Q&A’s?

    53. anthony carnana

      I got titanium holding my back together ! Lol

    54. wheresunagi760

      Lets go lz! Yearoftheflex

    55. Oscar Pineda

      Wow I thought you were going to come to Irwindale

    56. Dillon Jolley

      Keep it up, man. These videos are great, and you're doing great too!

    57. hvte

      Never would have thought my music would be in an Adam LZ vid. Thanks!

      1. hvte

        @DIVINE thanks bro great edits <3

      2. DIVINE

        hvte got you! I love your stuff ✊🏻

    58. Dylan Wanke

      Oh my god I so wish I got to go to formula drift this weekend, i live 20 minutes from Texas motor speedway 😭😭😭😭

    59. Daniel Vergara

      crazy good vid ! congrats on 2nd place !

    60. Björn Driesen

      That car is sick af !!

    61. Luis A.

      Just clicked on this hoping he doesn't blow it again 🤞


    63. GamesAndChill?

      I got to see you drift in person yesterday and I feel fortunate to have been there. I've been watching your vids for quite a while and I'd just like to say you're a huge motivation for me. I'm 19 and theres nothing I'd like to do more than to be in formula d. You make my dream seem possible. I'm so happy for you.

    64. Jared Beaucage

      Shave your beard now buddy lol he podiums

    65. Cameron Poces

      Ooooooooh Adam said the B word 🙀

    66. Tyler Benvie

      Man divine killed this video!! 🔥

    67. Nate

      I hope you pay Alberto well dude.

    68. Gtrr34

      The edits of the FD videos are so fking good :D

    69. Shrill Bubbles


    70. Shrill Bubbles

      Please build drag car. DRAG CAR PLEASE I would love to see what you would do with a muscle car MUSCLE CAR PLEASE ADAM