My Hero Academia: TOP 10 EPIC MOMENTS (60fps) Boku no Hero Academia the First Season

Nick Wilde

Nick Wilde

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    Top 10 Epic Moments of First Season of My Hero Academia - Boku no Hero (2018)

    Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to any of these clips or the music. This video is purely for entertainment purposes and all the contents of this video belong to their respective owners.
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    1. Vannarong Tith

      minute 11 make me more motivation

    2. super saiyan battler

      It kinda annoying how he splits the clips into bits and pieces and misplaces them

    3. It's Cris

      All Might: You are worthy to inherit my power. Deku, along with the entire fandom: huh?

    4. LH3R0LDIN12

      What about deku vs todoroki?

    5. kristien cruickshank

      Music, animation and characters are all amazing lol love this anime just wish deku would develop faster as well as his physical appearance

    6. Ashberdiny

      god, I can't wait for season four. This anime is a god send

    7. Tipsy Joey

      Present Mic 😍😍😍

    8. All Gaming

      If only Deku didnt receive Al Might's power , he could have been the legendary Mumen Rider !

    9. NotNotDanil

      tbh i think deku vs muscular should have been in the top 10

    10. Hello Hello

      *eats hair*


      Who else wants to see all might with those blue eyes again

    12. Mohammed Meethian

      Aizawa saving Tsui is easily top 3,other than that a pretty good list

    13. BTNiron

      at 9:35 all might says koiki jamaicA

    14. Khalil Allou

      Stop switching between scenes i hate it

    15. abdullah habib

      10:15 still gives me goosebumps every time

    16. ッVxdAbby

      Deku did that hair taste good?

    17. Edson Francois

      the clip are out of order for the scenes

    18. Evan Equilibrium

      dude i dont know why you cut out some of the most epic lines...

    19. Elizabeth Kolawole-Johnson

      Wait guys is thw reason all might cant use his myscle mode for long because of his injury or the fact that he's just living on the embers of one for all which he passed to midoriya?

    20. Matthew Ridley

      Everytime I see a clip for All Might entering the exam where Shigaraki/Nomu and the other villains are terrorizing the students I never see what is probably the most important part of that episode. The editor of the clips almost always (from what i've seen) include the part where Deku says "All... might..." But cut out the part that after Deku says that the show cuts back to All Mights face you hear his voice continuing with "He's not smiling..." That speaks volumes for whats going on in All Mights head. This is the hero who will smile no matter what the situation is but now here he is giving his famous hope inspiring tag line and he's scowling.

    21. Cubing Gamer

      10:26 if u look carefully u can see nezu happy?

    22. Putter Eternity

      What if Deku ate too much hair until All Might got bald?

    23. jukaa1012

      This show suffers from lack of subtlety and depth. It takes itself to seriously and thinks it's way more badass than it actually is. To bad..

    24. Xeno To Many

      Whats the outro song

    25. Anine Rushh

    26. monkhtsog ulziijargal

      yea it is i think

    27. monkhtsog ulziijargal

      i think :P

    28. monkhtsog ulziijargal

      deku quirk IS DOFA

    29. Privatepain1234

      i still like the fact that theres a pro hero who literally shoots people. like, my power is i can fly and shoot rainbows out of my ass, whats yours? I shoot people. and? thats it, i can shoot people.

    30. The Lone Potato

      10:25 Uhhh principal Nezu do you need a tea?

    31. Olaes Rodolfo

      Wtf with editing some part are missing and some are not sequential like 10:07 the robot destroyed first and then back again when deku jump and punch that robot

    32. ShenThaThutSlayer

      does allmight become more tan when he transforms?

      1. Lovell Abyss Walker

        never really noticed that, but ya he seems to

    33. noah the gamer

      Wait shouldn’t this video show the whole show because every single scene is epic lol

    34. YKH ykhdreamhigh2018


    35. Sevayen

      Deku: "Detroit-" Bakugo: "AAAAAAAAAA"

    36. Adrit sikdar

      yo where is the deku vs muscular?

      1. west hawk

        Adrit sikdar not this season

    37. Alpha Dragon Zerosix

      All might vs Slime *Tornado* All might vs Noumu *Sent to oblivion* Deku VS Todoroki *When TNT explodes on sand* Deku VS Bakugo *Buildings blasted* This anime is the symbol of destruction.

    38. bryce zion Pablo

      The outro is unravel XD

    39. cloudri

      Great ending😀👍👍👍👍

    40. Shehran Ansari

      Watch this

    41. HunterxnSlayer

      8:49 why is everyone shock when he did not throw the ball yet . -.

    42. Spiral Pixel

      *Squeeze your buttocks*

    43. Mateus KC


    44. thanos the dank egnine

      3:06 it reminds me when trump is angry

    45. Qopa

      This anime is trash :)

    46. 哥布林殺手

      WTF edit

    47. unknown people on internet

      dude you messingup the cutscene

    48. Pengu

      Lmao I like how they all have special abilities, but there’s just a guy with a gun

      1. Son Goten 07

        Clint guy lol


      Tokyo ghoul theme song at the ens

    50. JustaKid


    51. A weird name.


    52. Futon Flex

      I’m sorry but deku vs todoroki beats all of these scenes

    53. Kenshi Saan

      you know the anime dont run 60 fps so its still 24fps

    54. Harley Davidson

      so during the nomu fight when all might through the nomu to the ground he was probably thinking yeet with every throw

    55. Derpy Turtle

      The song in the end just end it

    56. abbas maak

      Ending with Unravel .... Just made it lit

    57. mad gamerguy

      Tokyo ghoul outro

    58. TryHardNich

      How is 1,000,000% not in here

    59. 5t0ckh0lm Afr00

      So bad editing, jumping back and forth like pinball..

    60. Neo

      when you see deku training in the beach you dont care what is around cause all attention to his screaming but if you look closer you would say WHAT THE FUK? HOW HE MADE THAT CAR ON TOP ?????

    61. Antony Smith

      this outro instant dislike, sry

    62. Gabsaa

      everything is so out of place, and the editing is bad and makes it worse than it is :L

    63. Franze Amorsolo


    64. Zreqa

      i m in love with tokyo ghoul s song at the end wtff

    65. Wang Winston

      that random tokyo ghoul song at the end tho

    66. Coady Forrest

      Unpopular opinion! My Hero is better in english than japanese.

    67. Gladson Victor

      I laugh my ass out when Ida says... U call that home run 😂😂😂

    68. Moderate FAN

      Can you make an updated version of this

    69. DeadfallAssasin

      7:17 Holy shit he got real pissed.

    70. Suppaz

      No Deku vs Muscular guy 👎 But other than that noice!