My Hero Academia Season 4 Official Trailer (English Dub Reveal) Exclusive - Comic Con 2019



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    Fear is on the rise in My Hero Academia Season 4. Watch the official English dub trailer for the new season straight out of San Diego Comic Con 2019, which premieres in October 2019, streaming on Funimation.
    This dub is an IGN timed exclusive.*
    My Hero Academia's Season 4 Premiere Is Dark and Hilarious
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    1. boi

      Just a heads up, the arc after this one will be quite "gentle"

    2. Mohammed Altamimi


    3. Vishal Dalwadi

      What is the music at 0:23?

      1. Vishal Dalwadi

        Okay I found it. For anyone else who wants to know , it's United States of Smash

    4. Mohammed Shadab

      1 month 10 days remaining

    5. RandomPersonHere

      Spoiler Time Deku Starts having a crush on uraraka but he keeps telling himself she would never date somebody like him so he had to put those feeling away because of the fights that’s been happening in the school Something big is coming in season 6 too so get ready 🤧😭

    6. robokickpuncher1

      Me when I saw this in my feed: *deep inhale* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    7. Afiq Azri

      0:48 red riot unbreakable

    8. GreenFire205

      One question, Where's Camie? Like not the girl that transforms into camie, where's the real one

    9. •HaRDcOre ShIpS• 0.0

      My SeNPaI

    10. Nour Mohamed

      Is the dub coming out along with the sub or no?

    11. Im gonna be your daughter


    12. NotASmurf

      Non manga readers please ignore *Red Riot Unbreakable*

    13. Brandi Pattillo

      wait so there's a new my hero coming out this year?

    14. DekuXUrarakaSupporter777. EXE


    15. DekuXUrarakaSupporter777. EXE

      Roberto Egg

    16. Weeb Master


    17. Mr.Zi🔥Aw㊂som㊂

      I got chills

    18. * Mk’s Lounge *

      I’m just here for Eri ngl

    19. Zahid Malita


    20. Izzy_PotatoFox 123


    21. XB Cipher

      i think everyone is getting influenced by 'Whatever it takes by Imagine Dragons' by just that one reference😓

    22. Victoria Giordano

      I just finished season 3 and I-

    23. Turkey Boi65

      Will this be the last season of my hero academia?

      1. Abraham Villa


    24. Pastel Sky

      How. Do. I. Watch. My. Hero. Academia. Its not on anything that I watch anime on * cri*

    25. LiamPlayzmc and More!

      Umn why is it dubbed?

      1. animelovers000

        Because it is

      2. Luis Murillo

        Because this is America!

    26. iiiGlamGames

      *English dub: Exists* *Subtitles: Am I a joke to you?*

    27. akeki jimo123


    28. 1objection

      I wonder if this season will have actual conflict or if it will be the 4th tournament arc.

    29. B-B Smart

      Literal chills I can’t wait for season 4 to come out

    30. Erika lel

      man, the English Dub is really fast with their work o_O

      1. animelovers000

        I think it's mainly due to that season 4 dub will be simulcast along when it's broadcast in Japan. If that wasn't the case we would not of had the dub trailer this early.

    31. Underiz

      Season 3 = 8% of Deku's Power Season 4 = 8.01%

      1. boi

        Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *spoilers* Laughs in full cowling 100%

    32. I am BL4STONIC

      Only people who watch it in japanese can like this comment

    33. Oh My Ginger


    34. Alexie Ortiz

      Deku: *”Whatever It Takes”*

    35. RNW Shrimp

      When it says its coming out in October "Say sike right now."

    36. Iti Gamer

      So is there is website or somewhere to watch season 4??

      1. Requiem Edits

        Crunchyroll the app will have it when it comes out

    37. SirChristopher

      Dam found the shadow last week and I’m almost done with season 3 just can’t wait for this.

    38. Itz Mobro

      who else reckons subbed is better than dubbed?

    39. Hello My 30s

      I got tears in my eyes and goosebumps all over. This season finna be intense!

    40. Mikaplays games

      damn deku is working for the fbi to save a loli epic

    41. j'ai pas d'idée donc

      Oh bois u are not ready for this season

    42. Simon Sweet

      i'm not a manga reader but sir nighteye is fave now and i like him a lot...

    43. Criss

      kiri is the traitor

    44. Pieyli

      Me : *W-Wait why are manga readers crying?*

    45. BjSuper Sonic

      Did you know? My birthday is October 21 so it might come out on my birthday :D

    46. Dragon Lol!


    47. Oktay Çinkaya

      Just finished all season, and the film, in 2 days (can some1 welcome me to the "i have to wait till october squad"?)

    48. Zakboy90

      I'm just here for the opening song



    50. Fifi kat

      Ok srsly I’m really confused

    51. Deadly Ash

      Sir Nighteye: "The city is not looking for a dim light, but a dazzling one" Me: "Aayoma will be the number one hero then?"

    52. Creepy Janitor

      Me who da actual mop is that little gorl I bet she’ll easily be beaten by my holy mop!!!!


      Anime watchers:OH YAY! I LOVE THISSSSSS! CANT WAIT FOR SEASON 4 :D Manga readers: You are in for a world of hurt. Be ready for your heart to be torn open put back together and torn open again. But I honestly can’t wait for it to be animated. Oh yeah, one more thing. *stock up on tissues you’ll need them*

    54. YeeyOOtrIpLLeGuY

      Gift for my birthday in October

    55. XxAsunaxX

      Manga readers: *i cri* Me: *confusion* Also me: *realisation* Also also me: “We’re in the endgame now”

    56. Dank Kai

      Dang deku is going through purberty

    57. Bucket OfNonsense

      *mild panic attack*

    58. Agent Snow


    59. ethan cianfarani

      I’m so happy the dub and sub are coming at the same time 😚😚

    60. Anime boy Todoroki

      I like Todoroki

    61. 《 Pineapql3 》


    62. OspreyBravo18

      Dub? *gags*

    63. KrispyArtimation

      Normal people: Who is that girl??? Me and the Manga Readers: LET ME *REWIND* IT!!

    64. Towka

      I’m hyped af.

    65. Anxhi Berisha

      Long time ago two tribes were living in harmony. Everything changed when Manga readers tribe spoke the holly truth about Boku No Hero Academia season four. Anime watchers couldn't handle the truth and they were crying in confusion

    66. Ubong Ngerong

      So it's in October? Starts to meme dance cuz *Yay!! My favourite anime will be release season 4 on the month I was born!*

    67. Troll gaming

      Anime readers are waiting for season four while the manga readers are crying out there in the corner.I suggest you to only watch season four if you have a strong heart and wont cry easily. Im a manga reader and the pain is real.. THIS IS A PAIIIN

    68. Bakugo Katsuki

      Oi deku come look at this

    69. Rebeka Andrus


    70. Bad Beard Bill

      I love the implication that superpowers made the world worse. I think it's mentioned somewhere that the crime rates are huge across the planet and Japan's is low because of All Might's influence.

      1. animelovers000

        Really? i was under the impression that crime rate across the entire world had dropped thanks to all might.