My Gangsta Relatives



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    South Korea was one hell of an experience..

    TY to the crying kid voice:
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    1. reza tajik

      No tabs do not do a face reveal

    2. Shadow Panda

      "Please say naa." Is my reaction every family reunion😂

    3. H. Davis Redd

      are you dead

    4. Dylan BOT

      Tabbes:*shows pictures of My room* i call it a fuckin miracle;-;

    5. FluffyPinkChaos

      I watch CZ-news more than you do apparently.

    6. Pierre Banks

      Your grandma should be apart of luffys pirate crew

    7. Woody Martin

      13 hours gota pump them numbers up

    8. Moon Star13

      Coincidentally the phone that I'm watching this on is a Samsung Galaxy S7

    9. SomeDood DatAnimates

      all my siblings always make fun of me cuz im the youngest

    10. Big TinPlayz

      Tabbes died again

    11. I like Oofing

      0:02 me when i realize i have to sleep because its a school night

    12. water rock

      migraines suck i get them often and am sick of them good job getting through it

    13. Erika Helena Bernal Velandia

      are you dead tabbes?

    14. KEWL Bruh

      Just call gangsters Tabbe's fam

    15. SP00K3D 4R3AL

      Like the art style direction

    16. chanyeol exo

      Hi tabbes im real happy for your next video!!

    17. Tony Stone

      Dam it I'm ever going to South Korea ever

    18. Marquinhos -_-


    19. Malcolm Gilbert


    20. Malcolm Gilbert

      Shuggur was the kid 🧒

    21. Randie Anderson

      I stayed up two days straight binge watching my netflix shows.

    22. BILLBOSS 21

    23. Arun ashok

      cool voice Tabbes😎Just became a fan of your videos,those were realistic and some do match with the circumstances we have in India,especially this granny one🤣keep posting cool videos!!love from India😊

    24. Earth Is my vibe

      I am a Koop fans

    25. Animal Squad

      Only 13 hrs

    26. elpapas 51

      1:36 had me dying

    27. issac Morales

      5:43 Who noticed that when gangsta granny was flexing via looked like she was smiling

    28. I smell The cheeze

      We are all waiting for the next video also by the way i say on youtube rewind you were in it i bet you did it for the money or somthing i mean it was so gay the ki ki thing died before the video was made

    29. bois poppin

      Oh god plz help havent slept in 2 days watching youtube

    30. deku xpx283

      Bts is my nightmare

    31. The Lich

      0:05 Cuthulu lathagin to you to

    32. Frozone. exe

      I have an s7

    33. Милашка Котик

      Hi! I love your videos and yes i am from Russia!


      I watched CZ-news for 24 hours straight I don't get no sleep I don't know why I'm still alive asleep at 6:00 all the way until night and do it all over again it's the best

    35. Karii zoda

      My goals to be like your grandma when im that old,

    36. Manuel Abendano

      7:24 Your welcome

    37. Babycakes.gacha

      omgggggg BTS EVERYWHERE?????? I want to fucking south korea nowww! Was it Jimin??? (ok ill stop fangirling now)

    38. Angelina Arpi


    39. Imyoupoo 9000

      She is died

    40. Western Camp2477

      I stayed up all night watching CZ-news

    41. Rainbow creeperYT

      tf i thought people eatch youtube 24/7

    42. Shirley Gray

      Play super hot you get to kill

    43. xX Hoplena Xx

      Galaxy S7 🤔............. THE BLUBBERSS YA GAOT DA SAME PHONE AS MINE!!!!!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

    44. - KÅJÂ -

      When you gonna go on webtoon and post on paper crown

    45. Ha Haha

      I watch youtube 18 hours straight. Sometimes 24+.

      1. Tooth Brush

        Ha Haha rookie

    46. Lord Farquard. exe

      Lol you have more subs than your son, TJ.

    47. Memeable Child

      Bruh is that bus stop the album cover of You never walk alone by BTS

    48. Rj The cool guy i gues

      We are venom

    49. ThePianoMan 06

      I had a screaming baby on an 8 hour flight from Calgary to London, tried to sleep, only got like 2 hours due to that screaming brat!

    50. one tome plz

      13 hours straight eh I on a 47 hour streak

    51. one tome plz

      My cus almost died like 8 times this year ever thing from murder drugs and servile desise and we went to here house almost all those times for like 3 4 hours and we would bully her for it

    52. one tome plz

      When you come back from north karia you had to be in a small cramped place with no food and water and that’s just the sprite Arline flight

    53. one tome plz

      I don’t Evan know who you are

    54. Gaming With Madison

      Your so awsome and btw I’m being you for Halloween

    55. xd pichu

      7:23 you slick bitch o wow sorry

    56. Violette Manuelito

      Uh my GOD I don't really like the but I think they cool big

    57. joci random

      Welp school is so boooriing

    58. mike 1

      Rule 34 got you

    59. Nathaniel Gilson

      Y didn’t u just cal Sia,Dora

    60. Kayla Playz

      Y’all live in New York =/ ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) Le cool fam =3 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    61. Adolf Hitler FBI

      2:41 Aayayayayay

    62. Hannah Asmr And Mukbangs

      Ur korean me too

    63. Taycry 2019

      My gramma never said I love you to my mom or me......

    64. humaneshadowx71

      trust me you did not see anything yet when you see my family they 10x worse XD but cool but sometimes think of drinking 5 red bulls yep that how they are >.> my twin is way different then me

    65. AK - 05HS - Queen Street PS (1514)

      me:spits on someone : other guy HEY DUDE WHAT THE HELL : me its my language ∂ƒ©ƒ∫ƒ˜˜∫˜˚∆∆˙¥ˆ∑ß∂ç√∫˙∆¨¥† :other guy ;-; what :me ƒ©˙¥¨¥ƒ∂©˙∆˜˚∆¨˙¥†®´∑åΩ≈ç√∫˜µ≤¬…æ‘“`¡™£¢∞§¶•ªº : ight imma head out

    66. Catracho 13

      can you make a new video im not saying you have to but just asking

    67. Jason Ramirez

      While I was watching this I saw k pop

    68. Sam Davis

      I was fine 'till she started bashing the S7. That brought the tears.

    69. JewelsRblx

      All This Time I Thought It Was Pronounced Tabe-s. My Life Is A Lie.