My First Date

Morgan Adams

Morgan Adams

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    HI love you so much I hope you are having an amazing day and I hope you enjoy my first ever date haha. Also a huge thank you to Sean for being willing to do this and being a fun first date.
    PART 1:
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    1. Morgan Adams

      Hi just to clarify my friend was there because in the last video I invited her because Sean is her high school friend so I thought it would be less awkward for him if someone he knew was there so he wasn’t just randomly showing up to a house with a bunch of strangers. She’s not flirting with him they have just been friends forever. Okay I hope you enjoy the most awkward video ever. ❤️

      1. lacey poer

        I love u

      2. Draven Strickland

        I just thought she was nervous and excited to be on camera lol.

      3. Beverley Blair

        I hope it all works out amazingly and this was so cute and aww

      4. Michelle Boesem

        Hi I love youuu Morgan !!!!!!!

      5. debkonya ghosh

        @morgan finished apartment tour, please! 🤧

    2. Emily B

      I think they could have a good second date together 😊

    3. Sabrina

      I’ve never been on a date with a straight guy. Ahhhh sis😭

    4. Laura

      Andrew looked sad in the end. I gues he has a feeling for Mogan. I think they coud be like Monica and Chandler from friends ❤

    5. becka teran

      i have the same middle name as morgan😊

    6. keskelis b

      When he says 'if you were aries you'd be crazy' I'm very offended 😂

    7. Frankie JO


    8. dally dose of stupid

      I love how Jeffrey star just randomly show's up

    9. Cindy Flores

      Did y’all forget Sean knew it was for a video ... lol 😂

    10. Adam Zarlock

      “So like rocks” I was like NO NO NO OMG

    11. Laura Sand

      I kinda wish that they would have had the date alone and set up a tripod for filming. I think that would have made it less awkward, but honestly my first date was still just as awkward even tho no one was filming us. Like 30 minutes into the date he asked me “what’s the best sex you have ever had?” 🤦🏼‍♀️ and proceeded to tell me that he was going to Spain to see their architecture and sex parties... this was 6 months ago

    12. Jan Juan

      That guy just went on a date with Morgan's family and he just met Jefferey Star!!! He should be honored. If he goes on a second date, he is a keeper. I think the date should be more between 2 people and not be such an interrogation like date. But I am glad Ryland is protective of Morgan. I love that!!

    13. Serial Makeup

      Okay but I’m still waiting for Andrew to make his move 🤷🏽‍♀️

    14. Madeline Matthews

      What... your first date and you meet Jeffree Star 🌟

    15. Madeline Matthews

      Omg ryland cannot help being a big brother

    16. Madeline Matthews


    17. Kai Kent

      I was watching this, thinking it was cute at all. And then he had to go attack Aries... like damn.

    18. 1mARi0t

      Cut to 9:18 with Ryland smiling next to the fire lol xD creepyyyy

    19. Christina Shaulis

      MOTH: More LAMP

    20. iluvtelenovelas

      Sean seems like a pretentious d-bag. Morgan, you can do waaaaaay better

    21. Crystal Daly

      So it's cool we understand the second date didn't happen but could you give us a big life update girl we get it life as you get older is a bit stressful but remember the followers you have love your work and what you have shown us, just proves that we arnt alone on this crazy ride we call life. Trust us please take a chance and have fun in 2020

    22. Tiffany Bee

      jerffree what the fuck lol

    23. Lexapro Queen96

      Imagine going on a date with a friend of a high school friend outside on a beautiful night at a mansion in the mountains and basically the entire CZ-news elite sitting inside 😳

    24. Kim Watts

      I like him

    25. Stxri Gxcha

      Wait I kinda ship it-

    26. Bridget Griggs

      fuck that Aries comment

    27. Abby Duplissey

      He kinda looks like post Malone

    28. Saady

      He is a actually HOT

    29. Briannajadexo

      I really like this guy. I hope they go on a second date. I would love to see them together again.

    30. Riya Rokade

      i love this group of people more than any other. Add Jenna marbles and boom

    31. Geneva Sharp

      Is this person gay?

    32. Kenzie shandley

      Just saying we have the same birthday August 22 🎂

    33. typical binx

      So like... rocks?

    34. ellie

      you guys are actually cute with each other.

    35. Le uwu

      In my eyes Morgan is an angel

    36. Katelyn Ayling

      We need an update

    37. Abby Clement

      It honestly looked like they could be a good couple, but they need a date just the two of them. There was chemistry, but it was awkward because of everyone around them haha

    38. Disgusting Rat

      To be honest it wasn’t that bad

    39. Jacqueline Coleman

      Hi so can we just be best friends please? Anytime i watch your videos i just feel very homey and comfortable. Yohre awesome. Thanks for being you and sharing it with us peasants

    40. Samandcolbyfan

      Why does he kinda look like Thor so much

    41. Samantha Lopez

      I wish you and Andrew would date that would be everything!

    42. Jessica Olivia

    43. Kayla Schneider

      i loved them together tbh :,)

    44. Courtney S

      LMAOOOO JEFFREE 😂😭😂😂😂😭😂

    45. Beverley Blair

      Aww cookie is so cute and is baby

    46. mellove85

      We need an update on you 2! You guys are so perfect for eachother

    47. not your buiz

      4:50 me having a mental breakdown

    48. Ayesha Sreedhar


    49. Ayesha Sreedhar

      Sean:’Dora was the original explorer’ Morgan:’So you do have other interests’

    50. Kayla Alexus

      Y’all are seriously adorable ! I think y’all should try a second date doing something fun instead of an awkward dinner 😂 Love you Morgan 🥰🥰🥰

    51. Surayya Kha

      Jeffree 🥰😍

    52. Stuffy

      Everyone needs to leave and let them talk lol

    53. Andrea Sker

      Omg me neither hehe

    54. Danielle

      "Yes, your grace" **scurries away**

    55. Sophia

      If he doesn’t love your awkward cuteness then he doesn’t deserve you❤️ (ik I’m late but I felt like this needed to be said)

    56. Carina B.

      Omg y’all are freakin cute definitely should have a second date ❤️🥰 he’s a cutie too

    57. Disturba Black

      MORGAN IS SOOO BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS...also her eyes are mesmerizing!🥰❤️

    58. Maddie Smith

      He’s like the straight version of Garett 😂

    59. yogalover1960

      I so hope a perfect man loves you no matter how dorky you think you are. You’re adorable and funny and pretty. Any man would be incredibly lucky to find you!

    60. L.Neshelle uncut and unedited

      You look so beautiful Morgan and I'm glad you have a room mate.

    61. Malia Michelle

      He is hot!!

    62. Aubrey Sims

      I honestly think that they should’ve put the camera up somewhere and as bad as it sounds not told her date they were filming because I think the awkwardness came from the fact that there was a big audience. but no matter how awkward it was at times, I still think they had quite a bit in common and they really seemed to hit it off!!! Go Morgan 🥳

    63. Shelby

      Jeffree showing up gives me life!!!

    64. Lizbeth Gutierrez

      This was actually funny I was eating noodles and I started laughing so hard my noddles came out my nose 👀😖

    65. Bev Tooth

      Only Jeffree could mention his nails on a ball sack and make it sound matter of fact!

    66. Amb3r Ztarz

      Sean: I have a degree in Geography Morgan: So you like rocks? I screamed😂

    67. Chloe Louise Swann

      Bro he straight up looks Like Luke Hemmings' brother I BEG

    68. uwuseokie

      This be sounding like a wattpad story as the seconds go by 😭😂

    69. uwuseokie

      Wow my libra energy totally sensed his energy by the rock thing shdjdk

    70. Says Chims

      Shawn is deep voiced omg and can get it.. period