My bully likes me||mini movie||gacha life||cookie._.lover10

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    1. Lynn# Fann

      Wat wtf the intro

    2. Buzzy Bees

      Bad grammar

    3. Gisselle Pincay


    4. Uriel Wu

      ᴜʀ ᴠɪᴅs ᴀʀᴇ ғᴜɴɴʏ

    5. hồng thái thiệu

      teachers so rude!!!! boy:itz me fault teacher:fk you to!!detention both

    6. sofia sanchezplacido

      this kiss star and max kiss star

    7. TwoSisters Vlogs

      Right lef

    8. Itz_LunarRose YT Channel

      Beautiful video :3

    9. tcrouch7772

      Nooooooooooooo where the babies

    10. nyamkhand baatar

      Why is it so short??

    11. SpideZ Gaming

      Ahhhh, it's what I like a happy ending

    12. Soviet Onion

      Not to be mean comrade but the spelling could be better

    13. Renad Ahmed13

      Everyone: focusing on the video Me: jamming to Zayn and Taylor in the background Also me: Wait what happened?

    14. Kobra KanekiKGX

      Use the mighty flip flop

    15. vioxlet


      Da Hell!!! MY EYES ARE BURNING!!! (Fun Fact: i have no eyes, so don't hate me plz, i just type it)

    17. Sandra Ysabelle De Guzman

      Umm it true my bully likes me in school i dont even like him

    18. Aoshi

      For being the gacha storie with most views of them all, it sucks.

    19. Nicoleplayz!

      Love ya!

    20. BUNME KA

      I HATE when James has no shirt

    21. Jillian Godin

      Love the intro

    22. Jennifer Aviles

      I Need the holy wrtr

    23. Gilbert 26 Kalu28

      This is a good video but one flaw, unoriginal name for main character (and last name

    24. kurt shepherd

      What the hell they merid yey

    25. Andrew Beverley


    26. Leoell Rog

      Let’s see if I can get pinned Cookie._.lover Cookie._.lover Cookie._.lover Cookie._.lover Cookie._.lover Will I get a pin?

    27. karen grainger

      I’m eating cookie right now! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    28. karen grainger

      Roses are red. Violets are blue. If you love,Cookie.__.Lover10, Make this blue! 👇🏻 I do! ~presses like button~ XD😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    29. Andy Van


    30. Maria Leonida Mendoza

      Star; I like you James 🥰🥰🥰 James; your so cute 😚😚😚 Star; kiss James

    31. karen grainger


    32. karen grainger

      Me just hit the bell and subscribe and click da bell!

    33. karen grainger

      Cookie.__.Lover Cookie.__.Lover Cookie.__.Lover Hope it works for me!

    34. karen grainger

      I heard if you say your favourite you tubers name,you’ll get pinned!😃

    35. Cookies master Cookie queen cake

      If I was that girl with dat bully I would bring out da flip flop and smack home with it :>

    36. Angela Cipra

      None of this makes sense,)(Oh wait GACHA LOGIC😅

    37. Monte Ealy

      James:it's ok I'm sorry Me:I totally ship it

    38. Gacha life Lover siren

      She said let's fight for it and he said ok 2 seconds later Waaaaa Oh my gosh are you ok Umm she said let's fight for it

    39. Rebecca Gelston

      I'm only gonna touch HE'S hair. I know this looks weird but I'm only gonna touch HE'S hair Me is cunfuzzled

    40. Ziplog


    41. Sherydan White

      the intro scared me a little xD

    42. Rehana Akhter

      Me: ... You: wth this video bad english no offense

    43. Anabelle Sadowski


    44. Kendall Shaw

      James is cute

    45. Colleen Dayton


    46. Obey Prime

      Gacha logic Girl with boy (bully) in dorm

    47. Kia Stephanie

      My heart❤

    48. Ahmed Alharthi

      I feel like the intro was creepy

    49. Ėłłŷ łøvė hėårt Bøbø

      I like it not to gay,

    50. Mahena Mcgregor

      I smell james charles in this video

    51. Louie Tan

      Aaayyyieeeyy jesica and david Ship it again😂😂😛😍

    52. Althea Mabatan

      Do i ship the two 😆😆😆😮😮😮

    53. Sef Hanzon Manubay

      Sana oll

    54. As St

      Me throwing a random fact in everyone's face:its actually common for a Male bully to like a female that he bullys

    55. Erin Brechbiel

      Why dose all the bathrooms have urenals

    56. {štâr_gâmìñg}

      if star was savage!-i will do that cause if i we're you i'll steal do it!

    57. Lillian Wiegmann

      00:04 save me im scared

    58. Lisa Langdon

      I love the intro 🍪

    59. Jessica Jordan

      I liked this because my Name is Jessica and my fav name is star

    60. The Mevzy Gacha

      Okay... I think this is confusing.

    61. Kassie Mae Playz- Gacha Life and Roblox

      This makes me straight af this is mood omg I love this

    62. Rita Ling

      Your intro is scary

    63. Ashanti Martinez

      A few spelling mistakes over than that it’s amazing 🥰

    64. Joanna Marie Capistrano

      Ugly bullies girls not the boys

    65. Cream-Puffガチャ

      I hope you are well aware of the illegal thing you did. YOU FLIPPING PUT A BOY AND GIRL IN THE SAME DORM! That is very illegal

    66. Elishah Villaflor

      Her front hair is always that

    67. Kaysie Ly

      Yeah it’s definitely okay to punch star and just say sorry, jAmEs ChArLeS. Then after that they catch feelings together-_- no hate but confused

    68. StarBlazer Girl

      Star: Talks to Jax* Star: I don't know- POLICE: JAX YOUR HOING TO JAIL Meh: Bruh what da hell just happened😆😒

    69. Laura Rojero

      There bulling you because they like you or because they got bullyed in the past and want revenge

    70. Renee Nunez

      And win it’s lunch time on Gotcha life they have to have lunch on the roof of the school or somewhere