My Best Friend Turned On Me



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    When Jean-Eduard was in fifth grade - before his middle school years - he had a best friend, named Matthew, who he loved hanging out with. They hung out all the time, ate lunch together every day and had a great friendship.
    However, something happened to Matthew that had a very negative impact on their friendship. Matthew's parents got a divorce, and it was really difficult for him, so he drifted away from Jean-Eduard and started isolating himself. Jean-Eduard wanted to help Matthew and save their friendship, so he decided to talk to a counselor about the situation. The social worker advised Jean-Eduard to talk to Matthew and show his support, so Jean-Eduard decided that was exactly what he was going to do.
    Jean-Eduard approached Matthew and told him that everything was going to be okay and that things would get better overtime, but instead of appreciating Jean-Eduard's support and friendship, Matthew got very angry. He got defensive and told Jean-Eduard that he didn't know anything about the situation.
    Then, his anger turned to violence. He threw Jean-Eduard into a tree and started hitting him. A teacher spotted the altercation and ran over to help Jean-Eduard, and she carried him right to the nurse's office. He was covered in splinters and bruises, and his mom was devastated when she had to pick him up from school.
    Jean-Eduard had to miss two weeks of school due to his injuries, and when he came back, Matthew was nowhere to be found. It turned out that, because of the fight, Matthew wasn't allowed to come back to school for the rest of the year, and get counselling.
    Even though Matthew had hurt him, Jean-Eduard was still very upset to hear the news. He couldn't help but think back on all his good times with Matthew, and although he regretted the way things ultimately turned out, he did not regret trying to help Matthew. Instead of looking back and saying to himself, "My best friend turned on me," Jean-Eduard was proud of himself for doing whatever he could to be a supportive friend.

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    1. ThisIsActuallyAnimated

      My name is Matthew Lmao

    2. Bitchin' Bartricia

      Someone at my school told my friends some awful shit about me and now they don't want to be my friends anymore.

    3. violet sky diamond

      I thought the title said "My best friend turns me on"

    4. yung daddy

      I thought the title said "My friend turned me on"

    5. Kaela Moon

      “You know what Greg? You’re not a good friend...”

    6. King of Darkness

      I wish I even had a friend to call a good friend. I’d love to help someone smile, and to have someone make me smile. Your such a good friend, don’t change that for the world.

    7. A Day N the Life with Aubrey and Adam

      Is his name Keillor because there’s a kid in my class that looks like home and is friend is name Keillor

    8. ElectroGamer Samir

      The voice actor sounds like possiblymakai

    9. Draw and Sketch

      This has happened to me

    10. Deepika Rajprabhu

      Matthew must have gotten into TROUBLE! VERY BIG TROUBLE!

    11. Da Infinity Gamer

      My name is Matthew and my parents died so I can kind of relate

    12. Stephanie Rosen

      Ya know we probably won’t get pushed into a tree but👍

    13. Spongebob Squarepants

      Matthew is like the human version of Patrick *Oh No!*

    14. FighterZ 67

      If i was you i would have punched him back and knocked the shit out of him


      The moral of the story is that you sholden't listen to grownups

    16. Michael

      Nigga if they hit me they'll be fucckkkkkkked😃🖕👊👊👊👊👊😢😢😢

    17. Leslie Austin

      I am suprized that he did not get in trouble for beating you up like that if you think he should have gotten in trouble make the like button blue and if you think he should not have gotten in trouble and got away for beating him up comment on this

    18. Chris Danby

      _"So many THINGS started flying in my face"_

    19. LeMoNhEaD

      99.9% of these comments: I read my best friend turned me on 0.01%of the comments: also read my best friend turned me on

    20. Pranvera Camaj

      Be brave stay stong and stay wild this is coyote peterson

    21. PROZ Tsm Sibgat

      I'm sorry but this made me laugh, ya I feel sorry for that guy and you can also see my comment I wrote 3 months ago but 0:58 🤣🤣🤣

    22. Miss Wrenchinitup

      Dumbest thing I have ever seen. If someone assaults you so severely get away from them and stay as far away as you can.

    23. Lola Nessi

      Ha that's nothing some kid at my school bashed some other kids head against a table and the chav got a concussion!

    24. makaralkara

      Top 10 anime betrayles

    25. saness the skeelleet0n

      I read the title as *My Best Friend Turned Me On*

    26. Marcus Prosper

      Did Matthew leave the school or committed suicide?

    27. pumpi REEE

      Yeah this happened to me too His name ia vhon

    28. Max Chan

      The worst thing is a friend turning you on- oh wait

    29. Kyla Phillips

      So the teacher was stupid cause she saw the fight

    30. TirishCrafter

      if i was the kid telling this story i would smack matthew and say : *BE A MAN YOU LIL B*TCH*

    31. daniel vallejo

      My friend tried to do that but I ended up winning not him because I was way stronger than him

    32. Beast Boy Productions

      But he doesn’t want to talk to you, he doesn’t talk to you

    33. RelatedContent

      my name jeff

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    36. Cpt_Potato_0

      “I have been assaulted by another student.” Nurse: “Have some water honey.”

      1. Draw and Sketch

        Cpt_Potato_0 my classmate had an asthma attack and the nurse told him to go back to class

    37. Bell Dankphine

      Oh yeah yeah

    38. Royal Gaming

      I would of fought him

    39. TextraFN


    40. Aidan Ocallaghan

      Anyone else read the title wrong cause I did

    41. Allen

      When did you know about his problems :/ I don't want to sound mean or horrible but it just doesnt make sense that he already knows about his parents getting a divorce and then going through these problems

    42. Joseph Thaete

      Why didnt you kick mathew's ass

    43. Almotasimblah Mustafa


    44. memetea

      he pushed me into a tree "prosedes to get thrown into a tree" me: push and throw have difrences like:i pushed my friend to the side, i threw my friend to the side see the difrence?

    45. DJsnipee


    46. Da Meme 'r' doodle

      2:16 thats abit specific

    47. JP E.

      This is why you can’t super glue yourself to your friends stuff happens and you gotta have other solutions

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      That’s deep

    49. GET SKILL

      Dude fuck your friend

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      Storybooth: my best friend turned on me My story animated: my best friend was my mother who gave birth to my dad who loved my boyfriend

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    55. kurama's world

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    56. Wickster Mixer

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    57. Pubg AndRobloxYes Yeetman76

      If my friend tries to hurt me like that then I am gonna run the frick away. Don’t worry it’s my opinion and also, I don’t care about helping him, because I get beaten up, and also I would help my friend if he didn’t threatened to hurt me

    58. The Best Twins Ever

      Me at the nurse: "oWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW i'M gOInG tO dIE." Nurse: "Okay."

    59. OhSnipeKid

      I lost my best friend as well 😭😭😭That’s the same with me😢😭😭He ditched me after his mum and dad got divorced

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    62. Nikola Maksimovic

      I get that you had good intentions but you kept persisting and he snapped. Was his reaction correct, no but if he don't wanna talk then thats where it ends.

    63. Mercvry

      I feel so bad for you..(the kid in blue shirt) He got beaten up by his friend and left him injured for almost 2 weeks Have not trusted him at all by talking everything out. So is he actually your bestfriend?

    64. vamsi piratla

      Idk why anyone would be sad if your parents got a divprce it wasn't lile you got a divorce too instantly... But ok i maby a dumass smh

    65. Professional anime watcher

      I thought the title said “My Best Friend Turned Me On”


      I bet Matthew is in a nazi concentration camp

    67. Viewing Booch

      Advice: Never listen to your Social Worker

    68. Battle Scarz

      Life was never easy on me my parents divorced yet it doesn't affect anyone outside of family and im not angry at people