Mustang-Swapped Ford Fusion?? 5.0 Coyote V8 in a Sleeper Sedan

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    We see a lot of swaps here in the Burnyard... the two letter combos you all know well: LS. JZ. RB. SR.
    But sometimes, two letters just aren't enough to cover what's going on in an engine bay. Like Matt Soppa's Coyote swapped Ford Fusion. Matt took a normally pedestrian looking sedan, and made it matter - with 5.0 liters of fury packed into the family sedan. AND he drives the hell out of it. Matt, we salute you for this madness.
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    1. Hoonigan Daily Transmission

      How would you rate this Ford Fusions Swap and Chop on a 1-10? GO!

      1. JarHead SS

        Not to shabby 😜 sign me up coach

      2. Christopher Kaulfers


      3. Andrew Parris


      4. marquis_ugly




    2. Marcus Jackson

      Ford should have been dropped the 4.6 in the fusion. I know they got a new one in a shop covered up somewhere. That change from the 4.6 to the 5.0 seemed too sudden and unplanned, as if a rival company was come out with a renewed car (Camaro).

    3. RozziDidThat

      Engine swap anything and it's a sleeper. Is that the new definition? I could of swore a sleeper was a normal looking ass car with little to no body mods but a crazy engine.

    4. Brian Maldonado

      Sounds crazy but looks heavy af and moves so fucking slow lol

    5. Rodrick Johnson

      That is not a sleeper at all you turn that mf on and the whole neighborhood is wide awake

    6. Supreme Slatt

      Who else was waiting for them to speak English in this video ?🧐

    7. Jarrett Embry

      Okay, so this boi made a four door mustang and then made rear doors lead to absolutely nothing (there’s no backseat). Why the heck would he do that?


      This probably what ford needs to do

    9. Mike Glove

      Sir, do you know why i pulled you over?

    10. jose luis meza

      Hey bro I delivered the wooden spools that you guys used as obstacles let me know if you need any more. Keep up the good job with the videos. 👍🏻

    11. israel gonzalez

      Were can i get those rims

    12. Oscar Campos

      I want this car

    13. Vance Holloman

      Next invite = Bear Dellinger! She’s a pure bread Hoonigan

    14. Ben

      Sweet build! Take notes Ford

    15. Sergio Murguia

      That 5 oh sounds nasty

    16. Tyler nahtt

      Chevy mustang?

    17. Shane Parks

      Too bad ford shoves the EcoBoost down everyone's throat instead

    18. Austin Combs

      Car looks awesome great work

    19. Chris Flores

      I was thinking, that taillight is going to be expensive...

    20. Dean •

      ford should make these from its factor as a charger competitor

    21. MadCarTK

      I wish American car makers would still make V8 RWD sedans. I think were just down to the Charger and SS.

    22. Ethan Davenport

      Rest In Peace headphone users cause I just lost my fuckin ear drums

    23. xo khyle

      The possessed fusion surprisingly held back on killing that guy

    24. Abraham Pacheco

      This Guy needs a GF

    25. tankeriv

      I absolutely love it. Would personally give it a more civilized exhaust sound. Idle should be ok. Not like to deafen the neighbours. Personally I love it when its a real sleeper. When somene taunts you he basically is already lost... At this moment only a 911 will taunt you and get into a fight. An Audi S6 will stay away. Other than that... I absolutely second the statement that this is the car we all beg Ford to make. This is somewhat my wet dream.

    26. Kyle Marquardt Vlogs

      If this guy is in Az I’d love to see him swing it at the meets out here in Phoenix

    27. Tariq

      Who else thought that this was a video from *Donut Media* at first?

    28. Kog

      Ford should have made this. It would have been a good competitor for the Chevy SS and the dodge charger r/t etc.

    29. Smile Cat

      Mustang swapped mondeo*

    30. Aaron Zeph Cabebe

      Now We Need Ford Fusion Vs Dodge Charger

    31. Daniel A. Barcenas Jr.

      Where's the hit marker???!?!

    32. BigDaddyTony16

      Like everything except for that front camber, pretty gross

    33. Don Jorge

      Stop tricking the system and buy a real mustang

    34. David Orellana

      6:49 😂😂😂😂😂

    35. David Ornelas

      Ford needs to make this. They gotta introduce the falcon to America

    36. Sheretta Waters

      I'm so in love with this car🥰😍

    37. Justin

      Nascar sounds 🤘

    38. splizzid

      Wholly fuck😆😆😆

    39. Jay Candler

      I know what im doing to my fusion. 🔥

    40. TexasZ06512

      He needs more torque but still cool as shit.

    41. Wei Wang

      Guys, this dude put in all these work to make a v8 fusion While in Australia they can buy a Falcon straight from the dealer

    42. Paco Juan

      That hoe sounds like a helicopter 💀💀💀

    43. Jesse Lewis

      Finally, a crowd killer you that you can fit your family in!

    44. PlanesTrainsAutos

      I too, daily drive a 2016 Ford Fusion, and got excited about adding a JMS boost box for 60hp... this mother f***** goes out and guts the car and drops in a 5.0 Coyote. 😂 That’s it... someone fork me over a 4.0 Barra and a massive turbo!

    45. gunguy35

      I NEEEED one of those

    46. Carlos Rondero

      That was awesome

    47. Jacob Krimmer

      Well I hated my car. Until now. I just need to blow up my motor now.

    48. Bryce H

      This is not a sleeper

    49. Jose Vega

      The only Fusion I would buy

    50. marquis_ugly

      6:30 I legit almost screamed

    51. will b

      I'm starting to realize how easy some rwd swaps could be. first gen Taurus SHO? I think yes

    52. will b

      the face when the first pipe shots git him. maybe too funny

    53. Ryan Mattiacci

      How did you fit that motor in there?

    54. Shane's OnAir

      What ford should have done.

    55. lane D

      I’m starting to do this but in a 2012 Focus hatchback once it’s done I’m going to see you guys out there

      1. Kyle H

        lane D hell yea

    56. Rubber

      You made a Ford falcon

    57. Bry Ytab

      This thing is sweet! Too bad that fitment of the front wheels already ruined the fender...

    58. blu screen

      7:16 thank me later

    59. Kubeanie Gaming

      Cold air intake into hot engine bay lol

    60. Jose Ornelas

      Can I buy

    61. Jory Lafountain

      Makes me miss my 5.0. I had straight pipes no muffler and when I was trading it in the dealership was going crazy. They all had to test drive it. 2 of the salesman approached me with one asking why I was selling it and the other saying it sounded like it wanted to kill somebody.

    62. Lincoln LS

      Shit ok I want 1 now..

    63. Lincoln LS

      I am so wondering how much all that costs tho cause you know few will try and get pist off cause it was more money then they thought..

    64. The B-Line

      The family car Ford should have made!

    65. Merial Dumel

      That or a Chevy SS

    66. Jermaine Drake

      People just do anything these days smh

    67. David Gossett

      Why didn't they just make this thing RWD from the factory? I love my AWD Fusion, but this thing looks so slick going sideways. Could've been Ford's answer to the Pontiac G8/Chevy SS...

    68. Bryan Veliz

      This would be cool if it had back seats. Otherwise what's the point.

    69. Bryan Veliz

      Lmao a car that has no rear seats is NOT a sleeper.

    70. Ricky All Around Fisherman

      That's how a v8 should sound