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    Mugen Motorsports is one of the most legendary names in Honda tuning. Opening their doors in the early 70s, this small outfit has been behind some of the coolest Honda builds and racecars ever. Join James as he gives you the inside scoop on Mugen!
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    1. Donut Media

      Remember it's Moo-Gen, not Mew-Jen.

      1. Tiger Doll

        fieryspy64 wrong

      2. Agribron Dua

        thats awfull nice

      3. Komi Shouko

        i pronounce it as mew-gen

      4. ZHIBIN GUAN


    2. Ian Visser

      I would definitely take the Mugen NSX over a ferrari

    3. Welshy


    4. Freeflow0578

      Spoon sports for life

    5. hiphopisdead

      2019 HRV Mugen for soccer moms!

    6. James H

      I can believe you didn't mention that they've won every isle of man tt zero race

    7. UnionPacific1337

      2:09 Is that the legendary S800?!?

    8. Lean Mean Green Bean Machine

      Okay but what if like Mugen and and Spoon joined forces?

    9. Noj Rpaico

      Anyone else pronounce it as Myoo-gen?? or is it just me?

    10. Brett Marshall

      Mugen = Unlimited Mugen produces a limited run of cars. Sooooo, basically..... An Unlimited Limited.

    11. LogicalMisery

      Buncha worker bees making out. And all worker bees are female. That's hot, bebeh.

    12. viperdriver82

      MF = Motha F¥€@

    13. viperdriver82

      What's wrong with xbox bro. ....?

    14. R Stowers

      It's okay, I am a weirdo who shots about car

    15. David

      Poned subtítulos en español por favor

    16. Tommy Thorpe

      MF= Mugen Factory

    17. Faizaan Shaik

      3:22 YOU GOT MY LIKE!😂

    18. R G

      MF 308 is Mugen Fucking 308....oooooo yaaaaaaa

    19. AMG ONE

      Mugen S2000 & NSX

    20. Gabby Palang

      clarkson or may

    21. Oki Nasution

      12:33 Thank me later

    22. peterjakeson tsai


    23. Mark Villar

      "The MotherFucker 351-8, a 3.5L, 40 valve, V10 that put out over 700 hrsprs..." ...Mugen sure knows how to be badass.

    24. Simone Marconcini

      Old Spice ads be like 3:23

    25. Hilal Yendork

      Do midnight club of 80s japan!!!!!!

    26. Keyholder79

      My first though comes to my mind for MF308 was Mother Fucker 308 bitches!!!

    27. Seth jk06

      Thank you for doing a Honda dirtbike episode donut.

    28. andres lorenzo

      Mugen Formula

    29. Galih Rivky

      Hey James, can I get up to speed with the Honda Supra..

    30. Immanuel Aria Kristono

      Mugen M7 Sport its a mpv with a frickin mugen bodykits

    31. Coolyn Fadrick

      "Before post melone was born" that got me..🤣🤣🤣


      MF- Mugen Freeman?

    33. Legacy Turbo

      MFPB. stands for more fucking power babeh ...!!!!!!!!😂

    34. Maaad Matt

      Up to speed on cosworth as well

    35. Robert Knapp

      mugen is the equivalent of the supreme brand lol

    36. TacticalBunnyCA

      “Don’t work...s 😉”. 🤣😂🤪😅

    37. Kyle Langer

      My favorite Mugen is the 84 CRX.

    38. Chris A

      MF:....stands for MO FUNGO.

    39. Asakura Joe

      Dad: no son, I wont give you my company! Son:

    40. Farikesid Outlook

      i dont know, i just like watching you telling me stories about any honda cars

    41. Nathanial Lee

      2:05 omg love that avatar the last airbender reference

    42. Daniel Butchart

      Next time you say cabbaaaaagggggeee, say cabáiste instead (ka-baw-sh-teh) It’s Irish for cabbage

    43. Abextado

      7:13 OH SHIT

    44. seigisama

      Mugen means infinite or fantasy/dream depending on the Kanji. The parts company uses the kanji for infinite.

    45. Azmin Azram

      History of isuzu please😪😪

    46. Kyler Hutchins

      I want a TSX

    47. IQ is Thicc

      nsx mugen for sure

    48. Dreamy

      You did Mugen dirty with that small old Honda car on that thumbnail 😂

      1. Tayali

        no... thats not an old car...its a new honda kei car (N-one)...get ur facts right.!

    49. Brian Bethea

      So... Mugen means unlimited? And the company was named Mugen Company Ltd? Unlimited Company Limited. Wonderful.

    50. Rico Paz

      "Unlimited powerrrrrrr"

    51. Cavaleiro Perdido

      More FRIGGIN (POWA)!

    52. Neboel

      MF basically means mother flatter motor

    53. Liam Duffy

      Track's groovin man!. POP UP, UP AND DOWN HEADLIGHTS !!!!!!!!!!

    54. Level 100

      Mugen fricks

    55. Level 100

      Today i saw a datsun in miami

    56. Rennan Semensato

      Please do something on best pilots of all time! And how important they are like F1: Senna, Prost, Schumacher... And others drifts, Nascar, indy and street drivers that made history

    57. LMBLCKZY

      Pet shop boys want their haircut back chief

    58. skankininthecircle

      Mugen formula

    59. Alesva

      "Mugen is that hot girl that walks into the party" and Honda was like "Chill out guys that's my SON!"

      1. Im Rizki


    60. Momo Tab Tutino

      Mf for motha fucka

    61. Arch

      MF might mean MEGA FAST

    62. Ivan Joseph Aparel

      Do another epispde about trucks The Isuzu Trucks

    63. Imad Shmait

      We need up to speed Mitsubishi Evo 9 mr full episode

    64. Corey Daniel

      I'm not saying it's the right answer, but the symbol for power and force are the same symbol in Japanese. So MF could stand for MUGEN FORCE?

    65. regional power60

      I think mf stands for mother fuckin

    66. Mike Pierson

      No I'm here for motorcycles too!

    67. * Comment Noises *


    68. Soulhenge

      5:46 sounds like the intro of Petrolicious

    69. Mayhem Kings.2. vlogs. , reviews & gaming

      3:22. Unlimited power

    70. Mugen Mugen

      Not once did you mention that the company is actually called M-Tec co ltd ! Mugen is just a brand name !! All the items are made and designed by the engineering company called M-Tec co ltd , as in the great big sign outside the company place of residence, do you homework boy 🤣