Motorcycle Helmet in a Microwave

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    1. Corey Shaffer

      Oh, how I've missed Microwave Monday!! I like how you included the old intro too

    2. StonerDomTheGamer420

      i want more microwave monday

    3. Weegee Ortiz

      throw some bullets in a microwave

    4. Kenneth Ashley

      Miss the old school videos too bad all the custom shotgun shells have been taken down by CZ-news

    5. Aprig

      microwave 18650 batteries


      Put a gopro in a microwave

    7. Nekurie Santos

      You microwaved a glock before what about 6 glocks the shooting the microwave with 50 then running it over

    8. Ian Smith

      The old intro!

    9. Jrfforson Mitchell

      Car airbags ?

    10. Justin timerox

      Every different caliber bullet you own all at once from 22 to 50cal

    11. Fanaticalplel Oof

      Man..... the radiation.

    12. Fanaticalplel Oof

      When I was 7 I had those glow light stick things, and they got in my eye and it was PAINFUL

    13. JonatasAdoM

      I thought my microwave was beeping.

    14. Blasterboy 100

      Put a AK47 bullet in

    15. Landon Ethridge

      How to get radiation cancer

    16. Weewoo96

      Microwave a microwave?

    17. Dakota Hensley

      A 50 cal incendiary round!!!

    18. mr conservative

      Microwave a microwave in a bigger microwave

    19. Logan Brown

      Make napalm again

    20. Niglet Itachi

      Microwave vs bullets

    21. weaponized autism

      Stick a bomb with aluminum foil instead of the fuse and then microwave it

    22. Shane Chick


    23. apex2028

      How about atomic monday. That's how to start boring week.

    24. Mark A

      I love it

    25. Who Dat

      Oh man I've ruined awsome shirts before my mom acted the same way

    26. No Way

      there is only one answer: 50 cal ammo... in a microwave

    27. Green Ignitor

      A gun

    28. Michael Dalton

      Microwave grapes in gallium

    29. Will Cannon

      Me: I got glow stick chemicals in my eyes My dad: you dingaling

    30. Evan Ellis

      50bmg round vs microwave!?!?!?

    31. DougJK

      Microwave my head next

    32. tusskie

      does anyone remember Is It Safe To Microwave This???

    33. locosphinx

      Battery they explode like a frag grenade

    34. Jorge Perez

      Hand grenade

    35. Calum Jones

      Put a high point in it

    36. sexy fuhrer

      Reminded me of that fateful moment from the movie district 9

    37. Ethan Edler

      22 forks

    38. Thomas Mosey

      Incendiary 50 cal Bullet in microwave

    39. Warren Jones

      I want to see cans of wd40 in a microwave

    40. Nathan Shafer


    41. CK 2A

      Ban assault microwaves!! #Donut Operator🍩

    42. Limp noodle

      Put a gun in there

    43. ALAN AL

      put gasoline

    44. Mikeal Aldridge

      Light a candle put a glass drinking glass over it then microwave it. Its amazing what happens if it's on long enough

    45. Jono Cassar

      Microwave two grapes next to each other. a reaction happens and theres plasma n stuff its gnarly

    46. Dying DNS

      i have had a glow stick explode on my eyes. very painful.

    47. Red bull Or no

      9mm rounds in a microwave

    48. Max Spettmann

      Love #microwavemonday

    49. Azrael713

      Make it permanent again. Ive missed these so much.

    50. Gabriel S.

      Those glass fart bombs in a microwave

    51. con boss54

      GoPro with a shoe on top

    52. Jurasic Games

      Computer cpu in a microwave

    53. Cody K

      Oh how I've missed Microwave Monday

    54. kamikaze code

      Guns and... Glowsticks

    55. Peter Rennig

      A human head would be fun to see in a microwave

    56. Steven Wolf

      It was okay, but I prefer guns.

    57. Packie Flaversham

      Shoutout to the coyotes in the yonder... glad you have proper home defense Dr. C

    58. James Marois

      U should put the high point in the microwave

    59. I only comment No srsly

      Microwave a mini gun.

      1. I only comment No srsly

        A literal mini gun.

    60. Christian Palado

      You’re not a real fan if you didn’t watch Matt back in the Homemade shotgun shell vids and the microwave vids. Keep up the good work

    61. Reece Bill

      Microwave some bullets

    62. Mike Diggs

      I want to shoot the dueling tree with you. I have multiple sclerosis, still wanna try

    63. Spencer rounds

      Put a running motor in a microwave

    64. Dans Garage adventures

      Microwave bullets?!

    65. Luis c

      Microway a granade (live nade)

    66. Will Davis

      Explode a grenade in a microwave

    67. Alex Parrilla

      W-d 40?

    68. Charles Lopez-Lucio

      microwave your cool sun glasses

    69. Jay Haswell

      Matt put a gun in the microwave and see if it fires

    70. McTasty

      Microwave a microwave