Motorcycle Helmet in a Microwave

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    1. Mike Diggs

      I want to shoot the dueling tree with you. I have multiple sclerosis, still wanna try

    2. Spencer rounds

      Put a running motor in a microwave

    3. Dan Beverage

      Microwave bullets?!

    4. Luis c

      Microway a granade (live nade)

    5. Will Davis

      Explode a grenade in a microwave

    6. Alex Parrilla

      W-d 40?

    7. Charles Lopez-Lucio

      microwave your cool sun glasses

    8. Jay Haswell

      Matt put a gun in the microwave and see if it fires

    9. McTasty

      Microwave a microwave

    10. Will Ziemniak

      A coke can

    11. Heather Dawn

      1 50.Cal bullet

    12. cole relles

      Jello microwave jello specifically green jello and orbeez in a sock

    13. Lion King

      Put a bullet in the microwave

    14. IMSF Famine

      Microwave tannerite

    15. Drilla.v2

      microwave a bunch of forks with gunpowder covering them

    16. James Riddle

      Steal toe boots

    17. ChaotykOriginals

      co2 cartridges bro!!!

    18. DAmazingFred

      Microwave a pistol and bullet

    19. SHA

      1:06 looks like plutonium

    20. ramen Noodles

      For the love of god, microwave tanerite

    21. Mina niña Lakwachera

      Omg dude what are u doing !? Lol

    22. Very Dope Edits

      Is it a good idea to microwave this?

    23. Corey R.

      Desert Eagle VS Microwave

    24. Lvl.50 Boss

      Microwave so c4 and napalm Oh and throw a couple lighters in there for taste

    25. Cody Vang

      confederate soldier leading charge 1865 colorized

    26. King Oreo

      The world needs to know what happens if you put james charles in a microwave for 180 minutes

    27. Ray Grizzly

      Microwave colored smoked bombs

    28. R. Bloodymyir

      How about putting a microwave inside microwave.

    29. Clear Lure Fishing

      Microwave forks

    30. Mitchmangaming XD

      Do a toaster appliance vs appliance

    31. Sirr Avocado

      Fireworks , bullets , gunpowder , paint cans

    32. brandon dembowski

      Never watched a microwave Monday before... I want to see more 😂

    33. XzombiehaterX09 XzombiehaterX09

      Matt should make microwave Monday limited time merch

    34. Jan Moravec

      U meltin' iPhone X next or what?

    35. Anther site

      Rips Matt’s shirt

    36. himouto_shark

      Put a grenade in the microwave XD

    37. Krattle Rattle

      You dingaling!!! Can't wait for my boy to grow up!!

    38. Jacob Aguallo

      Next microwave a box of steel case 7.62 x 39

    39. fastcar1957

      Put some cds in there

    40. Wyatt Unturned & More!!!!!!!

      Microwave a silencer

    41. Goblin Gamer2010

      Microwave a uzi

    42. MrEggBeef

      Put a gun in the microwave with a bullet in the chamber

    43. keith wickersham

      try microwaving mixed Binary explosives (like Tannerite)

    44. Ben Koskewich

      Nuke an Ostrich or emu egg

    45. RMG


    46. Nicholas Pierce

      Microwave a hipoint

    47. Joseph Dutenhoeffer

      9mm high point

    48. Gregory G

      Tacti-cool Tuesday!

    49. Jason Stanley

      I want you to do anything outside of demonetization so you can get paid for some of your videos. Matt if you have 2 make a 12-minute video of telling us an awesome story just to get some monetization I will watch the whole thing because I am part of the Demolitia

    50. Bubba L


    51. CrazyHestand

      put a fully loaded air-soft gun in the microwave

    52. Ruby Fox

      Put a grape under a glass cup and put it in a microwave. It is awesome.

    53. lowes gaming

      Put a light bulb in it

    54. thatguyJACKAL

      Febreze cans

    55. Lenny

      Aluminium foil

    56. Owen Destruction

      Microwave a bowl of gas

    57. Ryan Kirkwood

      Fork or Doritos bag

    58. The Jack Shack

      1lb propane tank

    59. Skullz Gaming

      Put bry ice in a microwave

    60. Layne Robbins

      love ittt

    61. Biblical Thought of the Day by Johnny Ruiz

      Put a can of WD-40 for like 5 minutes

    62. Andy silva

      You dingaling

    63. josh miller


    64. Cheese And Beans

      Put a full zippo in it

    65. Tamryn Thomas

      A insin round

    66. MysteryMan0071 1

      Microwave grapes

    67. Alex Playz

      Microwave a motorcycle ;)

    68. Alaskan1Medic

      Microwave a Lego structure.

    69. anonymousgamer

      Microwave some WD-40

    70. QuickSc0pe98

      Do an egg

    71. Joseph Davis


    72. WillTDG 8

      Microwave a grenade

    73. Jacob Seigle

      Put a hi point in the microwave

    74. mango army

      Microwave a grenade

    75. Billz666 Earrape'er

      a tree

    76. Blod5hot

      The Woodysgamertag style intro! Major throwback

    77. Dead1ySniper

      Put some silverware in there

    78. Ln By

      Hi-Point pistol

    79. Michael Brown

      Put a camera in the microwave

    80. OBS DeathProof

      Can you microwave a microwave while microwaving some tannerite?

    81. Theo Magalhaes Bubolz

      Live grenade. Do it.

    82. Reptile Ryder

      Do a 50 bmg incendiary round

    83. Ian Ketcheson

      Microwave a bullet

    84. Mickeythegamer 21

      Do bullets

    85. Aidan West

      Car battery

    86. Erik Enqvist

      Dry ice in the Microwave.

    87. Erik Enqvist

      By the gods I've missed MM.

    88. hoi hoomanz

      you should microwave different kind of bullets

    89. Denis Mikitchook

      Binary explosive!

    90. Morgan Oliver

      Fire extinguisher

    91. darkwizard225 m

      that was boring.

    92. Altis plagis Spirantis mortui

      Microdemolitawave the 1kilo NC powder pack and see waht happend xDDdddd

    93. Welden Wyse

      This is how people die

    94. Blasted Ya Digg

      Shrink a bag of chips in a microwave

    95. onewheelhopper '

      Tanerite in the microwave

    96. James


    97. Robert De La Vega

      AR500 steel?

    98. Bill Kim

      Long Live Microwave Mondays!!!!

    99. Parker Pocock

      Microwave a tub of mixed fuel and firecrackers