Most EMBARRASSING Family Moments



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    Most EMBARRASSING Family Moments! Have you ever had an embarrassing or awkward family moment with your mom or dad? Leave a Like if you enjoyed this and subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack! WATCH the CHEAPEST FAMILY EVER
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    1. SSSniperWolf

      hellooooOooo friends what's the most embarrassing thing ur family have ever done?

      1. Jacqueline Castillo

        I farted while watching TV w/my fam

      2. boxingchav

        SSSniperWolf Your the best best ever

      3. Lexi xxx


      4. •Q u i e t S e a•

        When a dog humped me and everyone started laughing at me ;-; does that count


        SSSniperWolf they had me lol

    2. vynxyy

      My parents dont care aboug me seeing kissing or *a bit more* but if mh brother is there he would take my hand a drag me into are kitchen

    3. Kaydence Carroll

      The most embarrassing thing is my mom videos me at tumbling 🤸‍♀️

    4. Cartier Gardner

      🍅 Trish

    5. Teresa Delgadillo

      My mom does it

    6. Lesmarg Rojas

      Wgen i was younger my family would never cover the screen so i would just sit there uncomfortable watching

    7. america america

      2:14 It took me a while to realize what it really spelled. In the end I finally figured it out It spells LOCK! DEFANLITY NOT ANYTHING THAT SEEMS TO RYME WITH LOCK IT DOESN"T START WITH A C THAT'S FOR SURE

    8. Gene Auprey

      just just eww

    9. Gene Auprey

      I would be like the one in the white

    10. Angelthegod 561

      So I'm 10 so it's fine I'm not aloud duh

    11. DeeJ82

      I don’t get it

    12. Shashi Subbiah

      My parents do that

    13. Peyton Gamez

      I used to have that "cover the tv thing" in my family too!! lol

    14. Jordan and Elizabeth

      embarrassing moment that happened to me at school today: went to restroom at lunch expecting a normal rest of the day except my fly was all the way down all 4th 5th and 6th hour... 😑

    15. Paige McD

      0:59 omg mood 2020 anyone

      1. Mykah Stockes


    16. Mohamed Ahuzam

      The TV covering is relatable af

    17. Irene Zarceno

      My parents one pointed at my crush and yelled: "Hey is that ur crush Irene?!" I wanted to die in that moment

    18. Irene Zarceno

      my parents ALWAYS cover my eyes when there was kissing scenes

    19. Pamela Clary

      Hi sniper yes my mom cover the tv 😞but any way love your vds😀😀😀

    20. Teresa Le

      I want 5 million dollars *gets chocolate* SCORE!

    21. Marie Evans

      I'm 9 my parents don't cover the tv I cover my own eyes in a romantic scene.

    22. Fortnite Master

      Why does it say cock instead of love like how do you mess that up?

    23. billythesavage

      Today is my b daayy:)

    24. amir dawson

      My grandpa yells "PILLOW"😅😅😅😅

    25. rachel nobles

      My parents did the same with sex scenes lol

    26. rachel nobles

      I like grandmas prank

    27. Samrocket132 Fitsjerols

      My parents covered the TV too

    28. Claire Plaisance

      how maney times she said babra

    29. SSSniperFox

      2:30 I don’t get it

    30. Teddy Bear Adventures🐾

      Me:This is a ugly shirt. Mom:PUT IT ON Me: Dies a little inside and cry

    31. Abigail Ryan

      My parents most embarrassing moment was me being bough into this world👍 My most embarrassing moment was when I did a PFT while we had 2min of silence on Remembrance Day😎I got detention😅

    32. Luna Star :3

      TV: has kissing on it Parents: ... Me: ...

    33. Andrea Camacho

      Sssniper wolf I don't get it

    34. Jizzy B

      My parents do that too they covered the tv in the kissing seen

    35. elizabeth jao-dolan

      your the only one

    36. Deandrad Mccants

      It’s. SAID COCK

    37. Sophmuchfun’s World

      My friends name is Alec

    38. Mrs Rocket

      2:38 Ah yes the cocacola cult!

    39. Lizzie Games

      The crying one

    40. amany saad

      I didn't get it may be because I'm 10 years old

    41. Daniel Shandley

      waht does AF mean bro

    42. Kawaii Shuishy


    43. Masha vlogz

      when my mum says something out loud to my friends or in public

    44. Somebody Nobody

      My family watched Deadpool at a family gathering, and yes everyone was there, my grandma just sat on the couch laughing

    45. Crystal Rose

      I mean, I would still be pretty happy if I got 50 candy bars! I don't get what the problem is...

    46. Maria Gonzalez

      Come in the bathroom in school

    47. Lia The Wolf ùwú

      Yeah, my mom always does it Lol

    48. Emma Gondesen

      It is “cock”

    49. nanaadu1000

      Me: ummm mom we spell c**k

    50. Unicorn Horn

      Thumbnail:C-o-c-k Me: do I laugh or laugh

    51. Erika chacon

      My parents cover the tv wen something or someone is kissing and doin the s e x. But yeah sssniperwolf your not the only one

    52. Anime Baka

      I didn't know u was a fan of attack on titans

    53. JAY Queen

      My mom says: TURN YOUR HEAD

      1. Sister James:D

        JAY Queen my always does that!

    54. Karlaaah Kimm

      I don’t get the “love” family portrait one.

      1. Amanda Brown

        It doesn't spell love it spells cock🤦

      2. Random Phoenix

        Me neither

    55. goodzys goodz

      4:50 so thats what happened when you watched Titanic

    56. Armando Alvarez

      Grandma is such a savage

    57. Adora Walker

      Every times there’s a kiss scene or something more my parents be like “CLOSE YOUR EYES COVER YOUR EYES “ and I’m like “ we seen this more than once 🤦🏾‍♀️😂

    58. Fatima Hawladar

      Ssniperwolf*talks about what her family did during her childhood*Me:Omg my parents do the same thing!Super relatable high five!Well in comments anyway😑😁

    59. Brick Raptor

      Who else noticed the One Direction was made of cardboard cutouts

    60. GalaxyLuna Moon


    61. melissa green

      I was Aloud to watch kissing scene 👍 if you were too

    62. Payton Begley

      What was the word?

    63. ayesha khalid

      Do anyone know what they spelled at 2:24

    64. Melanie Green

      my cat's name is gertrude

    65. Clara Larush

      I invited my crush over to my birthday party and my mom said to him that i like him and then he kissed me on the cheek and i almost fainted

    66. Michael Tomowski

      I have been embarrassed so.many.times!!!!!!!!!!! UUUGGGHHHH

    67. Jacques Gerber

      These people are so funny! 🤣

    68. Oddessey_ Arts

      My parents do the tv thing too.

    69. onnarae swenson


    70. Melina Heath

      Whenever that happens each one of our family members when we were sitting by each the other one on the other to recover the ice and the other one because the other side and the other one would cause the other person dies