Most EMBARRASSING Family Moments



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    Most EMBARRASSING Family Moments! Have you ever had an embarrassing or awkward family moment with your mom or dad? Leave a Like if you enjoyed this and subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack! WATCH the CHEAPEST FAMILY EVER
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    1. SSSniperWolf

      hellooooOooo friends what's the most embarrassing thing ur family have ever done?

      1. Puppy Lover

        Ok so I'm the oldest kid in my family and o the first day of 6th grade my mom,dad,little sister,and my little brother litterly brought me pads and tampons!!!!!!!In front of everybody!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Michael Villalovos

        I got embarrassed by my family when I was nine I'm ten now I was caught with my girlfriend and my mom said I was not able to have a girlfriend

      3. Maryna Valenzuela

        1:my brother 2:he was a my softball game

      4. No Nope

        My sister's bf wanted to drive her to dinner on her b-day and my father decided to surprise him and my father made him drive himself and my sis to the place they were going on a date to... I had to watch...

      5. Xxlate for cutenessxX ;-;

        She hit me hard in public mom hit me hard and shouted louud

    2. alexander labe

      your the badest person in the world

    3. Samantha Greenberg

      9:21 duh the dad 😂😂😂

    4. Anabella Gallegos

      Me:mom I seriously have to wear this for picture day Mom: yes Me:🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 Mom:*looks and smiles* Me:hell naw old women

    5. Carmen Valle

      The family foing live is say cok lol

    6. James Fedd


    7. cristina Vigil

      My parents do that 😭

    8. Andre Ziervogel

      I made a cup for my dad that said:world's greatest farther i mean father😂😂😂

    9. mason beattie


    10. FaithEditz

      Oh, my mom doesn't really care about seeing kissing scenes while watching Korean Dramas.

    11. Unicorn Skull


    12. SON Hughes

      Roses are red Violets are blue Please thumbs up WAIT! Why is it blue

    13. Chasya 21

      Roses are red Violets are blue I smashed the like button But why is it blue?

    14. Dom'z 12

      my parents did that to

    15. Livy Plays

      If I saw ppl making out at school I would walk up to them and say “BISH WHAT?”

    16. Blitz_scorpion

      It says cock

    17. Zee

      Mom: Aww you guys spelt love! 4 kids: uhhh, oh yeahhh. Yeah that’s love. Totally.

    18. Nancy Costa


    19. Anime bunny

      My mom would make me and mg brother out of the room intil the kissing or other scene is over

    20. mimi cutie

      Me too

    21. Caridad Martinez

      My parents would cover my eyes during a kissing scene T^T aNd i wAs aLwAyS bE sO cOnFuzZlEd!!

    22. C00K13 C0RG1

      My brother or sister just cover my eyes with their hands, but I can easily take it off UNLESS there's an INAPPROPRIATE scene, then I'll accept that.

    23. Kitty Girl

      Once I was danceing and my mum recorded it and tried to send it to her friend even tho I didn’t want her to

      1. Kitty Girl

        This is a reply for SSSniperwolfs comment but it would end up being at the bottom so ya

    24. The Greatest Ocha


    25. Keisha Kasbashian

      It says cock lol

    26. James Phillips

      I wouldn’t have any of the reactions, I would be the one swallowing people’s tongues

    27. hi welcome to chillis

      I can relate

    28. __vic.tori.ous__ xx

      When a "scene" came on my mom threw a pillow at me to cover my eyes Lol

    29. YoFavvv NeNe

      2:21 it was the word "kick"

    30. Jane Onoka

      We were watching a movie bout Jesus and my parents covered my eyes when Jesus dies

    31. Mr. Moop

      I just cover my own eyes

    32. zeeshan hayder


    33. Ozzda Boss


    34. Sandra Calleri


    35. Jimena Molina

      Same here

    36. Wolfgang master

      Cock means d*ck

    37. Katelyn Contreras


    38. Crystal gamer xox

      I don't get the "lock"

    39. MohammedX_Gamez

      My parents does that as well even to my 19 years old brother

    40. Codi Lundy


    41. Itz_Star light

      When my classmate uses the maker but he unscrew's the top then unscrew's again but their was no ink I told him to used the point but instead I said " hey use the nipple 😐😑😂😂

    42. Gacha Moki

      Oh I get it it spells Co- wait No don't say that word kidss

    43. The 8th member Bts

      My mum just laugh at me when I go like this AHHHH EWWWW OMGGG ITS KISSING * cover eyes * Mum: starts to laugh

    44. Rose Gold

      my parents didn't care what was on the TV

    45. Meryl Carson


    46. Nitrogamer109 90

      My reaction would be brutal shadow clone JUTSU!👏👐✊✌👇👈👉👊

    47. ゾーイは忙しいXoeIsBusy

      2:25 I'm sorry buuut does it spell F*** Owo

    48. its_preety kitty cat

      hey thats cock

    49. Kayla Pinto

      8:43 my dad has that same shirt lmaooo

    50. Zuha Nazir

      my parents also do that on the kissing part!

    51. Aida B


    52. Faith Hope

      The covering the tv is sooooo relatable

      1. baby remix amiyah ja'va

        Faith Hope OMGG yess

    53. Mary Miner

      yes my parents always cover the tv when there was something way bigger than a kiss and my mom would be like aye what's up girl

    54. Jessica Nava

      remember that you telling us one of your videos that are about this Ronald McDonald statue on the chair that you used to sit there cuz your parents forced you will that Ronald McDonald statue was haunted and it moved at night I just saw it in one of those cameras recorded

    55. Bailey LaMadeleine

      So I have a twin sister and we r friends with a boy. My mom comes up and says: Are u taking care of my girls. I was sooo embarrassed. It wasn’t to bad but it was weird

    56. Mahrukh Shami


    57. Michael Jackson Vlogs


    58. Lollyjolly Flapjacks

      My parents did the same thing during movies

    59. Maharani Rosalina

      Joana is almost close to my friend name Joanne

    60. beerus lucky

      The coke heads 🤔

    61. Team.Righteous_ Rebels

      Bruh grandma a legend

    62. Kendra Bowbrick

      When my perants walk in or think me a nd my siblings are watching too mutch tv they "stretch" in front of the tv

    63. Jacqueline Brown

      Some of these are just like WWWWWWHHHHHHAAAAAAATTTTY

    64. Flame Dragon

      Just saying when i was (still am) kid My dad you to be you parents but my mum would be like "Let the kid watch ok"! And i still am scarred till this day of when my dad wasn't in the room...

    65. Kallie A

      My DAD was bringing me to school and had a train horn and honked it...the whole school was talking about it...XD

    66. galaxy gamer

      I don’t get the one with the kids and the mom making a word comment if u know what the word is plz ⬇️⬇️

    67. Broadway musical Edits

      My parents made me cover my face with a pillow during scenes

    68. layla alami

      0:22 honestly i rather the candy than the money

    69. Jayla Newson

      My dad and mom just laughs at kissing scenes

    70. Panda Goff

      Avoiding everyone that does that and dry cause I would be that one kid on Valentine's day that's alone while everyone's like making out