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    Absolutely insane! Can’t believe the diff didn’t shatter. Crazy torque. Get apparel @whistlindieselstore on Instagram.

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    1. Welsley Grondin

      Only a shaft drive can do that I realy wana see a new grizly or sportsman try it

      1. Daniel Yager

        @WhistlinDiesel why are chain drives junk? Idk much about 4 wheelers. Ive always had dirtbikes and street bikes. I figure shaft driven would be lower maintenance but what other advantages do they have?

      2. Danger Jack

        @Maks Dutka wat about a boat anchor

      3. Dagny Mammen

        Hardkidd go 2 cøx.d. -'wPÆxxxz

      4. Wesley Garrison

        Natasha Retieffe I’m talking about the sportsman lineup, which are terrible.

      5. Natasha Retieffe

        @Wesley Garrison haha yea right polaris is the best been in the game the longest i got a trx450r and ill tell you polaris is the way to go

    2. lalalalalaimrightyourwrong

      Love your videos guys are hilarious 😂🤣 🤣👍👍

    3. jason graham

      To follow you

    4. jason graham

      Your camera man needs a segway

    5. Animal world con Miguel

      The performed is totally useless., this dude must be in drugs of something to waist his time buliding that shit.

    6. Andy Starnes

      Dude instead of breaking it man why wouldn't you just donate it to someone like me who would have loved to have that thing for my Son!! He would have loved to have had that fourwheeler!! I hate that man, people have perfectly working vehicles and thry ruin them for one video when there people like me who would have kissed your feet muddy dirty toes and all if you was to have donated it to me before you broke the hell out of it!!

    7. racerx5o

      You are my new hero!!

    8. Tori Reed

      I have a 70 and a700 my dad has one he have three

    9. Jason DeCristoforo

      Are you in Pennsylvania

    10. Atx-Jonathan

      Truck meet with Carl 😂

    11. Chamary stigers

      I just funny at your video recording

    12. Drizz Zumbrizz

      best part of the whole video 7:40

    13. Fox Plays

      The 4wheeler tried to sneak but it's rear tires where to dummy thicc and the tires kept alerting the gaurds

    14. Colynn Nickeson

      If you put four tires on that would probably float on a pond

      1. Colynn Nickeson

        31 Beats 😂😂

      2. 31 Beats

        Colynn Nickeson or just break on the water 😂

    15. Nite Train

      put them fertilizer tires on a Can Am 1000 and youll be doing wheelies

    16. Nite Train

      what in the hell do your parents think of all these wack ideas you keep dreaming up? lol. You must really be known in your area and farming community. I see you have another really nice Duramax, How long until this one is destroyed on a daily basis? Where do you live?

    17. HK vVv

      somebody needs to trim those trails geez

    18. Leo muger

      volume warning

    19. Refrencing

      5:21 had me so dead lmaooooooo

    20. Daniel Yager

      Dude dont be throwing gravel on my truck!

    21. WF

      What state you live in ?

    22. Nathan Carlisle

      That was some badass wheels on that truck

    23. Brian

      yo alll 4 wheels cmon

    24. shadowfangplayz YT

      I have mixed emotions about this

    25. Oliver Møller 2

      Warning headphoneuser

    26. Don Adams

      You are a nut job, I love it!!!

    27. Cole Burger

      I’m so glad you reaper wheels video got recommended to me 😂

      1. 31 Beats

        Yeah that showed me this godly channel

      2. Zachary Kamp

        honestly haha

    28. Ben Burnham, Sr.


    29. Carter Addison

      i like how he was just covering his eyes with his hand

    30. Heather Hoen

      how old

    31. Danger Jack

      @7:33 funny as fuck

    32. James Kanipe

      Carl sounds so damn demonic, it’s fucking beautiful

    33. bro vs sis Chris and Cassie

      Can you put big tires on all four and try to take a mud pitting

    34. MJF

      I hope u were just fucken around with the welding dude cause thats awful

    35. Eugene Cousins

      You are very cazy I love it keep it up be safe

    36. Rossie Harman

      If big bud ever made a four-wheeler this would be it.......sord of LOL

    37. Joel Nielsen


    38. Doug

      @ 10:17 love that truck!! vid on it?

    39. Cori Kingery

      You really only needed two lugnut. One to hold it on, one to keep it straight. 👌

    40. NieJestemzPolskiPL

      It would be good if only this was less cringy

    41. DOC


    42. Leo Osborne

      Project idea: footling spacers for all 4 wheels on the fourtracks with the stock wheels and tires

    43. beobe truax

      Working on big creek beef ranch we to dig crazy toys enjoy yer show

    44. blackey chan

      Face it your channel is dead since you sold the duramax.

    45. James Vankevich

      nice editing.

    46. Seedless Grapes


    47. Seedless Grapes

      YO . i luv this video. YO

    48. Brian Rosborough

      Holy roller! And here I thought that my Honda was dangerous!

    49. DR ANDRE

      7:33 is my favorite part it so funny

    50. Tonio9606

      Tip: wipe/clean your camera lense to get rid of that hazy white look

    51. Oliver Rosenkrantz

      I absolutely lost it at the welding part 😂😂😂😂😂👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

    52. Oran Moss

      Why do u ah e to wreck the poor aul quad

    53. Marlon Parsons

      Im so baked i started dying at the welding part lmfao that was to funny man

    54. HomeGrownCanadian

      epic build

    55. _*HARLEY DAVIDSON*_ IRON 883

      present your GIRL friend in video....

    56. VeRn allen

      Man thought is was a Polaris sportsman only a Fonda

    57. Jason Watts

      My friend almost has 500 subscribers. He’s trying so hard. Can some of you guys help him out? It’s called QUADNATION 929 He raced a Camaro SS on his quad

    58. Bob Carson

      you are still a kid

    59. William Cannaday

      You need to be hayin' not playin'

    60. D Grass

      You young people talk in a whole different language,what the hell are ya'll doing... Looking at your farm,mom and dad has spoiled the hell out of you.350 lbs tires, looking at this just tells me .. YOU CAN"T FIX STUPID !!!

    61. Lance Pittman

      I don’t get it Dan

    62. GEO THE GREAT!

      1:53 I love the weld work on these . Marvelous !!

    63. Brandon Pittman

      I agree on the dumb shit

    64. Street Plugs

      It was just meant to be funny

    65. gunny U.S.M.C

      I love the blue ford 4x4 !!!

    66. Kyle Landa

      Country boy will survive

    67. Kyle H

      Your welds are poop

    68. tractortrain77 chicken butt

      Should do all 4 God bless chicken butt

    69. Brody Bull

      Put big tiers on the front

    70. I’m yer Da so I am

      Imagine being Amish and seeing this monstrosity flying down the road