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    Absolutely insane! Can’t believe the diff didn’t shatter. Crazy torque. Get apparel @whistlindieselstore on Instagram.

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    1. Welsley Grondin

      Only a shaft drive can do that I realy wana see a new grizly or sportsman try it

      1. Tata saba Saba


      2. Rynico Harris


      3. Bmw 540i

        Wesley Garrison no theyre not, i own one and its pretty good

      4. Awkward Seal

        @Daniel Yager For motorcycles, chain drive is just fine. Most bikes use them. Dunno about for ATVs

      5. Daniel Yager

        @WhistlinDiesel why are chain drives junk? Idk much about 4 wheelers. Ive always had dirtbikes and street bikes. I figure shaft driven would be lower maintenance but what other advantages do they have?

    2. Mickey Holmes


    3. Luis Bermudez cruz

      Eresbien ridículo

    4. Luis Bermudez cruz

      Sangano gringo

    5. Daffydill Duck

      Only a honda can handle that torture

    6. Yoopertube Jeff adamczak

      Dude, your sister's hott.... id pee in her butt too

    7. Yoopertube Jeff adamczak

      Dude.... rock kicked up hit me in the eye...

    8. Timothy Mikula

      Man daddy’s money spent well

      1. Timothy Mikula

        Z Brock lol sure

      2. Z Brock

        CZ-news money.

    9. Crusher2k7

      When you max your starter vehicle

    10. Anthony Ramirez

      That 4wheeler has more balls than the duramax with wooden wheels

    11. 3pointshooter2k Basketball

      Funny vid

    12. Greekgodx

      It’s a Honda fourtrax... Why did he edit it where it says Kawasaki Threetrax?

    13. PIZZAPE

      Why would anyone hate on this it’s amazing

    14. Elberd Hall

      Wow what

    15. Blake B

      i really wanna know the amish peoples perspectives of u making all these projects lmaoo

    16. Chase Jones

      Like if you like honda

    17. Steve

      Bro if that winch cable breaks, she dead! don't use metal!!!

    18. Jimbo Packin

      Good shit bub 😂 subbed

    19. Adam Witek

      You won my subscribe at 7:40

    20. msw51995

      Boys this is fucked

    21. keanu Deysel

      Show off

    22. OntarioRedneXXX

      The booger’s are the best look the 79 had to this point 👍

    23. karla chavarria

      #your gay

    24. Andrew Jubeck

      Litterly you are spoiled it’s annoying how many trucks you get and you mess them all up we all working are buts off

    25. M4

      Osha Approved.

    26. WhxnYT

      Not gonna lie it reminds of that combine dude from cars😂👌

    27. what ever

      And no i will not tell you how my sister taste

    28. Pael TheBroken

      Is it the blue truck that he cut in half then blew the motor?

    29. bent540

      haha that thing! that shit aint torque! its momemtum!

    30. Coltrane Coltrane

      How much drugs do u daily lol?

    31. Lithuanian GLOCK31_NH420

      This kids funny... I have a friend that was just like this kid. All the shenanigans we would pull while we were hayin, or butchering cows and chickens, or chasing of coyotes and blasting crows. Always fun to be had on a full fledged farm. The youth of today just has zero ambition and it cuz they were not raised like me or the way this kid was raised. Theese days most 20 year old guys are useless once you get them away from their TV sets.

      1. Dragon Prince

        Cool story bro

    32. Rudy Avila

      Trevor of GTA 5 same . like her perro. Para el desmadre.

    33. Ej Morgan

      Go watch my second recent vid for a cool four wheeler vid please get me to 70 subscribers

    34. XLDCK

      I’m getting a four wheeler for Chrismas any suggestions?


        XLDCK a Honda fourtrax 300 4x4 manual it’s the toughest ATV you can buy

    35. Josiah Venable

      List it on craigslist as: Adult Owned

    36. Alec Kennis

      Bruh I want to see you and Danny Duncan collab

    37. Wasili Meier

      tipi4noe razvle4tnie реднеков

    38. fishnmaster421

      This proved the toughest Fourwheeler made

    39. Jacob Newton

      7:14 she cute

      1. Beef Curtains

    40. Guinevere Baroque

      ATV enthusiast: Oh your hobby is riding atv. What kind of quad you own? Guy: It's bit complicated....... Seriously.

    41. Killingsley Johnsok

      Lol looks like a life size Tyco Slammer R/C car🤣🤣

    42. Joeg241974 Investigator

      I can barely afford to feed and clothe my kids while this punk pisses money down the shitter. We are fucking doomed as a civilization. Just 20 years ago this kind of shit would been something to be ashamed of. Now the fucking retarded masses call this shit entertainment. I would like to take those $10,000 wheels off that truck the kid ruined for no reason and sell them. Maybe put a down payment on a house for kids to live in. But that wouldnt get likes and subs. Its beyond the fucking pale. Kid needs a good ass woopin

    43. Carlos Jose da silva


    44. Thraxy Films

      Super cool

    45. Jack Draper

      What's your girls insta?

    46. Laika 69

      "Because I'm absolutely concerned too- ALSJdbfasdjbfaskdhgab I can't handle those welds! Bahahahah!!!!

    47. Adam Billson

      The clip from the office when he drives into the field😂

    48. BooneTV Richardson


    49. J6fv

      The best part was his welding hemet

    50. Eric Johnson

      My uncles had these when I was a kid. Had a blast riding around their property on these and a Trail 90.

    51. Maurice Lewis

      You must apply to every audience

    52. Keith Kuzniarek


    53. max felx

      Funny man....

    54. Lubricated Tittie burger

      7:25 I almost peed myself

    55. chris lewis

      Oh man break's my heart that you are throwing rocks on that 79' Ford

    56. Blaine Nighsonger

      I loved your channel from the start havent kept up to date in the videos. But this one just popped up in the recommended. Best intro over ever seen

    57. zertman1000

      At least you had a brain bucket on when you were young

    58. Level Heading

      I call it the Brush Crusher. Clears land, breaks wind.

    59. Jonathan Lemonds

      a great idea would be to try and put all 4 tires on it

    60. Talon Larsen

      This guys the real reason there’s global warming😂😂😂

    61. Lee Fildes


    62. Roh Man


    63. Vincent Blouin

      Your Chanel is awesommmmmmmmmmmeeeeeee bro!!

    64. قناه الوحش ؟

      اسلام عليكم

    65. SPerkins

      Worst welding ever he needs classes

    66. SPerkins

      Uhm I know if your joking but that weld really sucks I hope there's a good bead connection inside all that mess

    67. Aidan Montgomery

      Lmao this is the most ridiculous looking thing, I am no longer afraid of breaking my ‘86 FourTrax. These things are tough as hell! And I baby mine. Looks like some kind of lowered tractor with double wide tires when he’s riding it lmao.


      This is what happens when you don’t spank your kids when ther bad

    69. Dwayne Miller

      That is funny as all out can be!!