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    1. nicole urbano

      Me niego aceptar que #wonho ya no esté, no es justo. Tiene que volver, somos 7 y no deben cambiar eso. Cuidemos mucho a esta familia porfavor

    2. nicole urbano

      Extrañaré esa sonrisa tan hermoso, hay porque el mismo es cruel 😭

    3. nicole urbano

      #wonho 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    4. nicole urbano

      Voy a llorar 😭

    5. Iam Irene

      75k to 14M

    6. •Yoy•

      I'm proud to be a Monbebe :")

    7. Lovely Army

      I'm an army and I love Monsta x... Stay strong boys!💖

    8. kamilladi t alieva

      Monsta x have hero 🦸‍♂️ ❤️ Kak hamburger 🍔 kakoy razmer morning I would exo monster

    9. gladwel nyawira

      Miss you wonho

    10. Denise Luevano Quintanar

      Wow. They make some good music. A lot of songs now a days I like the music but the lyrics not so much....they make good songs period! My daughters a big fan 😬

    11. Darie Olibrice

      I wish it was longer

    12. Mariel 7


    13. Müko Akari

      What do we need to do to return Wonho to us?

      1. Müko Akari

        @Kartika D Me too :(

      2. Kartika D

        i'll do everything to get him back😷

    14. Shownu Monbebe94

      😥 Wonho

    15. George Matchkov

      This song reminds me of Wonho so much 😔 I just want him back

    16. J

      "Someone you can't live without."

    17. ma bm

      Monsta X will forever have 7 members

    18. Nari Abdi

      Wonho darling, comeback to us!

    19. Moonchild Mono

      Bring back Wonho, pleaaasssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    20. nina

      my heart is aching so badly 😭

    21. 오세륜

      I like this song heheee

    22. 오세륜


    23. park vj

      Some one we can live without :K-pop!!

    24. Maryjane Kitiona

      I miss all of them

    25. Maryjane Kitiona

      I miss them

    26. Dalila del Carmen Lumbi Casco

      Me gusta mungo

    27. KPOP MXB

      Wonho you are my everything... someone I can't live without you

    28. yuka

      I just want wonho back...

    29. -Erika-

      ''Someone we can't live without..."

    30. Lovely Army

      I'm an army and I love Monsta x... Stay strong boys!!💖

    31. DecorousANGELSKY MSS

      The fact that they showed Hoseok in the last shot...was he that someone??🤧

    32. Doojin Park

      every time i listen to This song i remember how strong we Are...😞😔

    33. kim taehyung

      I wish it was a lil bit longer

    34. kim taehyung

      I love this song

    35. adv18

      Wonho, you're our someone. Monbebes' someone. ❤️

    36. so vídeo de free Fire top

      Amo essa música

    37. Dharma With Luv


    38. Smile Hoya

      Siento que ésta es una canción de despedida... :( 💔 #fightforwonho

    39. Crazy boy bg

      🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬Тука ли сте българииииии. 🤣 🤣 🤣

    40. レハムreham

      I listen to it when I wanna cry

    41. best vine


    42. matina zere

      I am an ARMY but this is my favourite song.It makes me feel safe.I want wonho back :( :(

    43. sama go

      monsta x dont have enough love and suport as you deserve you are just awsome this song is great i wish you the greatest succes and wish all the best for u......

    44. Seori Chan

      i am a wannable but really this song is everythingggွ!!!!

    45. Seori Chan

      i dun know...this is just so beautiful. the song, mv, sky, moon, ocean, colours and monsta x.

    46. safary kong

      You make my heart warm and happy.

    47. Gessica Silva

      Essa música e tão linda.

    48. Sharif Sharif

      13 million views only ?!!!?? They deserve more than this!!!!



    50. Kiara Higgins

      I literally feel in love with this song as soon as it came out, when I heard it I literally started crying. 😘🥰

    51. Pichayapa Sareewat


    52. Pichayapa Sareewat

      I love you

    53. Ariana Monbebe

      13 793 860

    54. victoria park

      I need SOMEONE like WONHO..bring him back starship!!!!!!

    55. Ngọc Vi Trần

      Love this song sm 💋

    56. Viviana Morocho

      fan ecuatoriana latinoamerica

    57. Gage Kat

      I want this song to be played when I walk down the isle.

    58. Yu Deok

      why does kihyun look so damn hot in this mv

    59. Jasielly Pires

      Tô apaixonada nessa música

    60. Indu Indrani


    61. Jooheon MX

      Stopping by after visiting Follow, Find You, and Hero :)

    62. Keep The Secrets

      monbebe can you live without wonho? i think monsta x is nothing without wonho

    63. 4_krz

      Monsta X is someone I can't live without!❤❤

    64. koko kokop

      I think i am in love with this song, i cant stop listening to it.

    65. Mavi Kooki

      This song is so beautiful 💜 💜 💜

    66. Olīvija Survillo

      this song now hits different...and it hurts... we will always love you Monsta X, no matter what

    67. hazza•


    68. sumairu x

      stan monsta x stan talent