Moneybagg Yo - Real Luv feat. Summer Walker (Official Audio)

MoneyBagg Yo

MoneyBagg Yo

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    1. mistianne cottle

      Real crime real time but it’s real love 🗣🗣 I FELT THAT

    2. DeeDee Smith

      this song just be hittin EVERYTIME IT COME ON!!! especially summer's notes she be hittin

    3. flyboy Gang

      Yes this my shit😜💖

    4. Marie Hill

      That boy bagg go hard #CMG

    5. Talib Taylor-Bey

      This better than Megan 💯

    6. Charles Johnson

      Summer Walker goes hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    7. Baby Red

      Moneybaggyo gets cool points for this song.

    8. Janetta The Lash Queen

      Got me where you want me I can’t leave you aloneeee

    9. Janetta The Lash Queen

      I swea im my boyfriend lol

    10. LaNeisha Nycole

      1:21-1:38 my favorite part 😍

    11. Baby AJ


    12. Lee Miller

      Summer killed this bihhh

    13. Kiara Mootry

      Naming my next daughter Summer 👀🤔🤷😂💞

    14. Kayla Mechelle

      they need to make a video for this.

    15. MariahDoMyHair

      Idk they both did that sexy trap type shit

    16. alonna boss

      💕 💦This song is a great vibe❤️ ❤️

    17. kforkalay halic

      Omg yasss i love it riding the freeways with zaddy

    18. AnikaCapreeTv

      Put ari in the real luv video 🥰😍😍

    19. Tsandos Tsandos

      Moneyybagg Go The Hardest When He Talkin Bout Bitches

      1. edylc one

        I noticed 💯😂🎤🎶🔥🔥🔥

    20. Deja JaQuaay

      she never disappoints 😩 this a whole vibe money bagg and summer did this fasho 🤗💕💕💕💕💕

    21. Deirra Paster

      Why u sitting way over there slide closer 💖💞🔥

    22. Chris Soto

      Im a grown man with tattoos and im affiliated i've been in Memphis Tn all my life.. I swear im not lying.. Yet this is one of my favorite songs😂💯 the beat slamming and moneybagg so f*****g smooth on it. Its a great song to vibe to.

    23. Ronnie Walker

      I’m surprised Summer not pregnant already, y’all hear her voice 😩😩😩

    24. Blasian Bluntz


    25. A. Link

      I love it... 💗

    26. Anonymous Anonymous

      They sampled this beat?.... I feel like it was, just can’t put my finger on the original 🤔🧐 I loveee this tho 🥰🥰🥰

    27. TDarius Taylor

      Check Out My Summer Walker Type Beat Please 📲🎶🔥

    28. Leelee P

      Love this song

    29. Keyundrea White

      Love this two of my favorite artist moneybagg bring that hood shit u like summer give it that smooth make u wanna sing lol

    30. Chittlin Skin Jodeci Boots

      This going on my playlist called "C-Section OTW!

    31. Chittlin Skin Jodeci Boots

      Ive laid some Proper pipe to this song! Proud of myself 😂🤣

    32. Delika Richardson

      He snapped when he made this🤯🤯🤯

    33. Beonca Williams

      My shit ❤️🩸

    34. Katisha P

      Summer made this song 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    35. Chanta Charee

      He honestly sounding a little like Kevin Gates. But I'm fukn with this sound. Its staying on repeat in my car. Ready to learn these verses.

    36. Daniel Logan

      I thought that he was Gucci man

    37. Tasha Wiggins

      She betta “yeah yeah” at the end 🙌🏾

    38. Brittany Matthews

      Idc idc what yall say he talking bout my sis meg

    39. Marquita Davis

      Yassss 💪🙌♥️

    40. MizSagANDIDGAF

      Ok then I Fw 💯💯

    41. Taniesha King

      This song instantly turns me into a stripper in my mind!! Lol!!

    42. Won’tTrickMe A1

      Awww he sound like he in love

    43. Bosslady Breezy

      🔥🔥🔥🔥 Repeat

    44. The ICON Donte

      this song is getting tatted on my face

    45. D-Rose Elliott

      I just for hip yesterday 🥰💎

    46. The Gamer King


    47. Christon Tucker

      Really fw the song the beat and everything 💙💙

    48. Kiana Stclair

      i love money bag but period summer 😩😩

    49. Aubri Hawaii

      Yawll mfs both got me all up in my feels ❤️

    50. Rene Caroline

      Summer walker kinda ruined the song here

    51. Marishia Branford


    52. Nia Danser

      Fav song of his 🥵❤ and love all of summers songs and features.

    53. Coolwhips 365

      This the new song for when I get in my feelings fasho

    54. Shay mo

      Ohhhhh Summer Walker 🔥🔥

    55. Mrs Felton


    56. Tanika Fitch

      Hood sex song!!

    57. Lyrics by Jada

      [Intro] 808 Mafia Oh, oh, oh, baby Oh, oh, oh, baby [Chorus: Summer Walker] Real good, real crime, real time (Yeah) But it's real love, real fun, real love Real hood, real wild, real loud (Yeah) But it's real good (Yeah, yeah), real love, real love, yeah [Verse 1: Moneybagg Yo & Summer Walker] Let me be your getaway (Yeah) Feel like a dream but we still awake (Yeah) Never got to say what you wanna do and where you want it at (Good) I was finna do it anyway, I'm on the way Rich sex, penthouse, top floor and me, with me, with me You know you my personal, do it all versatile Ring around the rosie, now we goin' circular Love it when she tell me I'm her daddy like I birthed her Make me make a song about it, eight-bar versed her Swear she me, got her talkin' like a nigga Look like somebody drew her, got the perfect figure Havin' an attitude mean you really wanna beef up Talkin' shit through the phone when I pull up and I freeze up (Maybe it ain't right) It feel too good to be wrong (Baby, I know) It's real love when you fallin' asleep on the phone (I, I) It blow my mind 'cause I'm gone, but still hearin' you moan (Yeah) Got me where you want me, I can't leave you alone (Yeah) [Chorus: Summer Walker] Real good, real crime, real time (Yeah) But it's real love, real fun, real love Real hood, real wild, real loud (Yeah) But it's real good (Yeah, yeah), real love, real love, yeah [Verse 2: Moneybagg Yo] Why you sittin' way over there? Slide closer Good girl, but you the baddest, bipolar Knew what you was ready to do on the ride over She know I'm not high, so she waited and came sober Moanin' so loud, make the neighbors wanna vacate This some real pressure I'm applyin', I don't play-play Long stroke her slow and then fast, straight A Next time bring another bitch, three-way She prefer me raw, but I ain't shootin' up the club If I hit it missionary, then you know it's real love Like it when I'm rough, want aggression from a thug Came from the bottom 'cause we started on the rug I can't beat around the bush, gotta tell her how it is Keep it 1K, show me who you really is Lockin' up when I hit that spot that's right between your rear From the back, got you bustin' back to back like hollow tips Brrt, brrt [Chorus: Summer Walker] Real good, real crime, real time (Yeah) But it's real love, real fun, real love Real hood, real wild, real loud (Yeah) But it's real good (Yeah, yeah), real love, real love, yeah [Outro: Summer Walker] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah-yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah (Baby)

    58. Queen Therian

      Real lovee real louddd Ig @alreadybeautiful__

    59. Life as Saliah

      This for my good sis Ari🥰😂

    60. 215Saralee


    61. Serena Bryant

      I love this song!!! Summer never disappoints

    62. Rachel Patterson

      i love this song

    63. WHOKEL

      Waited On This To Drop Every Since He Posted A Snippet On His IG In 2019 😍 SN: This Is A Hood Affair, Summer Ate This Up !

    64. Xawn Music

      Partynextdoor should’ve got on this

    65. Sauceman Keys


    66. Wade Barth

      It feel too good to be wrong!!💪🌠

    67. Prettyymaa

      Summer 😍😍😍

    68. Amethyst R

      Saw summer and clicked TOOO FAST! Was not disappointed

    69. Nikki Lewinsky

      Can't go wrong with moneybagg and summer😍😍😍

    70. Iamsarayah

      Only here for summer😂💗