Mom Guesses Who's Slept with Her Daughter | Lineup | Cut



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    Mom Guesses Who's Slept with Her Daughter | Lineup | Cut
    #Cut #Lineup #Challenge

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    1. SIILE

      Hey guys! I’d love if you watch my music video and let me know what you think 🖤

    2. Sierra Nicole

      her daughter isn’t my favorite... she dresses like she’s 5 and her personality isn’t for me

    3. Darnell Morgan

      If my mom saw or knew I was not straight I would be out the house

    4. ga babyyy

      "Mama dukes"🤣 omg the whiteness I love white ppl tho my boyfriend is white

    5. Srizzy C

      6:22 facial expressions are too good

      1. Srizzy C

        6:34 far left

    6. Pricila Martin

      the roommates laugh 😭😭😭

    7. Kyleigh Baseden

      Mama needs her own segment..

    8. safet fidani

      What an awful mother

    9. ro

      can the mom be in another video? she da best

    10. Lexi Schoeberl

      I need Taylor in my life 😍👏🏻

    11. amirah elise

      my name’s amirahhh

    12. Jasmyn Sturgeon

      Omfg I love her mom ... Her mom: answer the question mera how many people u slept with? Amera: lucky number 7 Her mom: THATS IT

    13. Johnny Lopez

      She could be the best “MA” from that movie 😳

    14. Gr eg

      Awww. Cardi B

    15. kissnote21

      As much I'm open with my mom I don't think both of us are comfortable of doin dis

    16. Anabelle Scott

      I love that mom

    17. Adaluz Houghan


    18. Guac ASMR

      2:15 the guy in the back exhibiting a glitch in the matrix

    19. Sodomite Annihilator

      What a degenerate show

    20. Brooklyn Allday

      Where my Mississippians at???

    21. victoria kruger

      what’s those guys @s tho 👀🤤

    22. Megan Riley

      The guy in the yellow hoodie is fiiiiine

    23. Pam G

      Daughter : "you a cougar" 😂😂 saying it so nonchalantly


      Need a damn bra

    25. Melissa Pinto

      I'm confused about her not liking that guys style... like wtf did she look in the mirror this morning lmao. She's just gay and making excuses so it ain't hot 😂

    26. Tyler Wynter

      Why does the stripper look like the jigsaw doll off of saw

    27. Sara k

      يا فرحة امك بيك هههه

    28. Trinity •

      They all ug- nvm 😂 and the mom is funny.

    29. Ethan Short

      She lesbian

    30. Shazli Sally

      I always the feel the energy of black people is so vivacious and true! It makes you feel so good! :)

    31. Hyuck's Breadroll

      I need her to be my mom

    32. jess

      she thought she was doin something when she was calling out her roommate but it was unnecessary and awkward af.

    33. EnterTextHere_

      The sexual revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. This is disgusting.

      1. EnterTextHere_

        but ya mom liked it tho this video is disgusting. To say the sexual revolution was a mistake is an understatement

      2. but ya mom liked it tho

        Wait what

    34. [REDACTED] LBC

      The rampant degeneracy in this video

    35. thalia_gabriella

      okay but ole boy in the orange is FINNNEEE

    36. Nori Nori

      7 ppl ?? Wow

    37. Baller bros #1 fan!

      2:50 y2k??

    38. madi

      I feel like in this series asking the daughter her body count is so unnecessary...

    39. Kazuu Griffin

      2:43 HAHA

    40. Sierra Stephens

      I love this momma lmao

    41. David Martin

      Love them!

    42. Emma Waggoner

      The daughter looks like a black james charles

    43. Amirah Hutchinson

      That’s my name

    44. Awkrdly Prrfct

      "He ain't worth a God damn BOI" funny af

    45. Looney Toons

      the white dude is so hot fuckkk

    46. alex

      This mom is hilarious and open towards her daughter's sexuality.

    47. Ralph Wiggum

      The daughter was rude and it kinda pissed me off

    48. sivaarar

      Mum has a fantastic way of straight-talking and saying potentially hurtful things without hurting anyone! Heart of gold I think.

    49. Snow Dust

      I wish she was my mum! 😂

    50. MixMoalot

      I love this woman. She needs her own cut continuous series.

    51. Bobo yen

      This is the first episode in watching and it's all out demonic. How is this supposed to be entertainment?

    52. Lyissdustyy

      I love how chill the momma is XD

    53. Sadia

      Cut plz tell us who the stoner boy is plz I’m begging!!!!!! 🥺

    54. Eriacle’s Darkness

      “Children? You know u got another daughter right?” Bruh I say the same fucking thing to my mother. She has another daughter and a son. Like leave me alone...😅

    55. Kittengirl6000

      The first dude was so funny

    56. Chad McCormick

      Plot twist all raise hand

    57. Shubham jha

      I think america is full of weird , wacky , cringy people .. like u sleep with someone and you find out their preferences are different but they slept with you because its money

    58. IG: Milli.cent_m

      The mom is really cool but I don't know about the daughter. I didn't like what she said about the roommate

    59. ICE ICE BABY

      Casey looks like Cory Chase😅

    60. Marc Johnson

      I fuck with momma dukes

    61. Randi Alisha Ratcliffe

      Omfg this ma is a trip she said u a stoner 😝 all day I feel you ma ditto 😹😹🤷‍♀️

    62. saburezeq

      the daughter was hella annoying

    63. fiona lukery

      how i’m finna be when i’m a mom

    64. Nathalie

      Her mum is dope!

    65. Vuyolwethu Mtyapa

      Taylor's knees were kissing! They're in love sis.

    66. time is money so don't f*** with mine

      I thought the video was called "Guess who has slept with their daughter" ... woops

    67. predictionzzz

      Bring a mom or dad with their son

    68. puneeth rao

      Her mom's personality though....amazing dope!

    69. Janick Pruell

      Coolest mom ever!

    70. Jevaun Santos Benjamin

      WTH. No class. Where are the standards.