Mom Accidentally Locks Baby Inside Hot Car

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    It was a race against the clock to save a baby trapped inside a car in the blistering Florida sun earlier this month. Christina Tufford accidentally locked her 10-month-old daughter, Maddie, and her keys in the car in Stuart. Tufford called OnStar, but her account had expired, leaving the company with no way of unlocking the car via satellite. Ten minutes into the drama, the air conditioner automatically turned off and the temperatures inside the car started to rise.

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    1. One Red Boi

      I read it as “Car licked inside hot baby”

    2. 0IIIIII

      Call AAA. Cars don’t get hot right away.

    3. Camrie’s Day’s

      You could have just broke the window it's your baby girl

    4. Erbert Adonis

      My question is... was the police baton that soft? I mean it cant break a car window?

    5. genetic gamer

      Y This Reporter Looks Like Taylor Swift

    6. MemphisLonghornOdyssey

      It’s always specifically a *hot* car

    7. rosegold

      So you couldn’t just shatter the windows in the first place…

    8. judith estrada

      this is so stupid theres no reason to leave Your kid in the car or just stupid or wants to get famuses by doing this i never forget my child in the car theres no reason to do it

    9. Panthea Cheng

      Stupid mom,use a rock!

    10. VinneGaming

      Just keep your key with you.


      You know damn well she wanted to kill that baby if she left her keys in.

    12. Zerina Marie

      If it was me the window would have been broken

    13. LeahWolfGaming

      Idk why but I cry even for other peoples situations

    14. Mr large mouth bass

      Spark plug.. Good old sparky worked for me back in the day.☺

    15. NiftyAwesomeburwell

      If your baby is in the car, locked then why do you not break the window?

    16. X Nine69_

      she could've threw a rock at the window

    17. Madalyn VanOort

      My name is Mady

    18. epic Gaming moments

      you know what u can use *A ROCK*

    19. J.P. Capone

      The one time a baby chooses not to press buttons they see. 😂 And why didn't she try to persuade her child to press the buttons.. If a child can learn how to read and understand context by 10 months old they can figure out how to unlock a car door. Lions figured it out and they don't even know what a car or a door is.😂

    20. MerliShu

      0:42 oh what a nice rock thats LAYING ON THE GROUND

    21. Venom Ikon

      Could’ve just went in the store and bought a hammer FAST and broke the window

    22. AwesomeFire 110

      Instead of buying a tool to break the window just store a key

    23. A Queens World

      At least she recognized it immediately. Other people have walked away shopping only to return hours later. Another thing that would've happened is that I wouldve been broke that window.

    24. It’s Snowy0

      Me: so do anything to open the door? Woman:yes Me: ROCK

    25. voiceless glottal fricative

      break the window

    26. Frenchfry Guy

      This is why folks you have to always bring your keys and leave the child And bring your baby

    27. science about everything

      Well my car does not have a hammer like how here husband said but we have a sword in or car Only on 1 car and the other ones does not have

    28. Gray_justGray

      At least she didn't leave her in there on purpose like some people would

    29. Ally Playz

      Sad this video was made on mother’s bday... :( and she want here to celebrate this year..

    30. Caylan Faulkner

      She clearly doesn’t need a kid if she is going to leave it in the car PERIOD 🤦🏾‍♀️

    31. Smart Cookie

      Typical woman behavior.

    32. Karen Fernandez

      That sad I want to cry

    33. Hope J

      that baby is the CUTEST

    34. Ava Bruno

      This is why I use apps to unlock the car door

    35. ape

      Media: *special tool that can break windows* Rocks: am I a joke to you?

    36. Ninja_mamut364 Dad is a reatard

      The spike isn’t a good idea cause someone can smash the windows with it

    37. Dr. Kahkashan

      this is DANGEROUS i say!they were ready to open that car...

      1. Dr. Kahkashan

        1:17 they were right they had to open it!

    38. Bijou

      Glad their princess was okay!!!

    39. marcusLBBH

      my first thought was to break the window

    40. Umar Ahmed

      First off who even leaves a baby in a car Alone?

    41. jake and bella forever

      I don't like babies

    42. Theresa Hardman


    43. Theresa Hardman


    44. JTP24

      Stupid mom

    45. Brittney B. Williams

      Break a window mom, the window will cost 100$ the lost of a child is a life long pain. I wouldn’t wait for anyone to show up! Bet she didn’t lock her phone in there tho?!!

    46. Cryptic Plays

      Smash the damn window open it’s not that hard

    47. Anthony Bonaddio

      Horrible mother if that was my mother she would’ve done whatever she could to get that window open and this lady is just walking around with her hands on her head

    48. Keishla Gonzalez


    49. sxm Kiano

      Isn’t there a security code on the side of the car??

    50. Anthony Taing

      "I thought i was going to lose my daughter." Lady... There was only a glass window between you. If you seriously thought she was in danger of dying you would have immediately tried to shatter the window instead of worrying about replacing it

    51. Big Boyo

      when you have a nice car and dont want to smash the window but you baby is also locked inside

    52. Julie Brasfield

      I don’t understand why the window wasn’t busted right away😣 Thank God the baby is alive❤️

    53. Christian Arcos

      How about braking the window. Before waiting more than 10 minutes.

    54. Moxi Paw

      This happened to my cousin

    55. Tomb Runner

      Idgaf if it’s my car, a window is gonna get broken.

    56. Anonymous Speaking

      You can call the police for this. I did. I tried hitting it w 25ib metal weight.

    57. Lewis McNeill TV

      If your. Car is 2017 or newer it’s should unlock when the car dectects the key inside just by pulling on the door handle

    58. Waiting till the world ends

      Gosh, idiots.

    59. Camillah Ybarra

      30 min pass bye to avoid breaking car window I would have got the baby out within 30 sec

    60. Jane Doe

      Why take that precious time to call police when you, yourself could smash out the window to get to your child?

    61. Joshy xP


    62. Teri S.

      That's her hubby's truck she was not about to foot that bill.. she needed somebody else to break it tf 😂🤦‍♀️ kid was in there what 20 minutes? GTFOH

    63. Dru N

      Expensive SUV vs. baby... Honestly it appears that the SUV is more important to this chic. Thankfully a decent person smashed the window. SMH

    64. TayTay Vaughn

      Push comes to shove I’m not standing there While my child is a car with no air , after a good 10mins of thinking of everything... I’m breaking Back windows 🤷🏽‍♀️

    65. Kimberly Belver

      Break the window!!!!!!

    66. J R

      Everbody should be carrying hammers

    67. Jessica Davis

      Seriously? This Baby girl was Locked in the Car for over TWENTY MINUTES before the cop finally broke the window!!!!!!!!!!

    68. curlyyhairbeauty ___

      Firefighters could of opened that in 2 minutes.

    69. BasicallyIDoCringe

      Break the window straight away

    70. Amysathi

      At least she wasent like that father who "forgot" his kids in the car.