Mom Accidentally Locks Baby Inside Hot Car

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    It was a race against the clock to save a baby trapped inside a car in the blistering Florida sun earlier this month. Christina Tufford accidentally locked her 10-month-old daughter, Maddie, and her keys in the car in Stuart. Tufford called OnStar, but her account had expired, leaving the company with no way of unlocking the car via satellite. Ten minutes into the drama, the air conditioner automatically turned off and the temperatures inside the car started to rise.

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    1. Ms. Jackalope .j. Johnstone

      What in the world?? You stand there crying? Wait for onstar, wait for police... "I thought I was going to lose my daughter" she says. Um, how about you BREAK THE WINDOW??!? I would have done that immediately, not letting it get to that point. I get she was upset and scared, but how in the world does this happen without maternal instinct kicking in?? Women have literally LIFTED cars off of their children in emergencies somehow. You can break a damn window, lady.

    2. TheFirstMateFoxyShow

      Break the corners of car windows in emergencies, all the pressure goes to the center.

    3. RosaliaGaming

      To clarify for everyone yelling at the mom the window was made out of reinforced glass or some related material. The baton couldnt break it.

    4. zakar mohamed

      Oh know im scard

    5. Blue Moon

      53 kids died in hot vehicles... how???????? No of phones : 0

    6. Oliver Swart

      If u have a Tahoe you can get the app on ur phone too unlock it

    7. Ashley Cable

      Something very similar happened to me and my two kids were in the vehicle and I was TERRIFIED! As soon as I got the kids buckled into their seats, somehow the doors had locked (still NO clue how) and my keys were sitting on the center console (I had set them there while buckling them in). I shut the back door and went to open my door to get in to drive off and it wouldn't open. Here I am, staring at my keys on the center console, 5 month old and 5 year old in the back, in South Texas, middle of the day in the summer time!! I started to panic (huge mistake but I couldn't help it) and so my 5 year old started to panic. I kept trying to tell her to open the door but she was freaking out too and didn't know how to unlock the lock beside her or how to get out of her seat. I'm hysterical beating on window worried about rising temperatures as the car was already hot from sitting in sun. I was so lucky that it happened in my mother's driveway so she came outside and when it became clear that my 5 year old was too panicked to unlock door I took my mom's car and rushed as fast as I could to my house to get the spare keys (I didn't live far at all, which was a blessing- otherwise I would have smashed window out). I cannot describe my relief once the door was open and I could turn the car on and the AC started blowing. The kids were all clammy and sweaty and it wasn't very long at all so I can see how things can get life threatening very quickly. Thankfully they were okay. I would not have wanted to continue to live if it had turned out any other way. The guilt would be unsurprisingly astounding. I now have my keys on a lanyard and I keep them around my neck while I put kids in and until I get in the car and go to start vehicle. Scariest thing ever !!!

    8. Omar Delawar

      Damn the anchor lady is hot as ffffffffffffffkkkkkkkkk

    9. Monty Gates

      I remember some retarded ass lady forgot her kid in the car and she went home and when she got him he was crying... and weird thing is she was laughing about it.,,🤦‍♀️


      1:07 you can tell it's not his first time dealing with something like this.

    11. SipsOrganicTea

      You shouldn’t have a car if you’re that money saving to break a window

    12. Chris Coffey

      Logic:they could just have broken the window of the car it might sound stupid but what would happen if your baby was locked in a car

    13. J-P

      In a cybertruck this won’t be a problem

    14. Jecob Reza

      Why the hell they have to wait for other to save their child? Doesn’t make any sense. I won’t even wait a minute to break the window. It just a window.

    15. KM Trice

      That took too Long! Clearly a nice car but...damn the windows!!! Get your child !! 😂😒

    16. Gaming With Noah

      2013: Stay here, sweetie. Mommy's gonna go grocery shopping. 2019: GET OUT OF THAT TERRORIST MACHINE! Progressivism sucks ass.

    17. Aggressive Pie

      If this happens to you, do what these people did; break a window that's not near the baby, so that way no glass can get on the child's face, and you can get in the car.

    18. Robert S550stang

      Unless you have a ford , my mustang won't lock if my keyfob is in it.....

    19. Karina Olivares

      I gotta get one of those window breakers!

    20. Titanic lover

      Why couldent they crack the window from the begining? If my child was locked in i would jyst take a rock and smash the window

    21. Sarah Shae

      This stuff makes me terrified to have kids.

    22. Ziquera white

      Somebody else their baby probably would have been taken

    23. olive oil


    24. Sayyab ahmed

      once i locked my food in car on without loosing a minute i punch the window and break it but this women cant even do for her daughter .... WTF

    25. BA Peach

      If she was at a hardware store why the hell didn’t she go into Lowe’s and get a freaking hammer instead of letting her baby get distressed because mommy needed attention it’s been a while hasn’t it honey hahahahaha hahahahaha wow

    26. Sandi Palazzo

      After 6 decades of waaaaay too much key drama, I made an extra set of important keys, put em on a lanyard and always keep them on me.

    27. Elizabeth Awesomeness

      I asked my dad about this. He said “why won’t she breaks the window? If she’s a good mom she will break it herself”

    28. Ashley Borrayo

      Yea I don’t think a Mexican mom would break the window because they would think it would be TOO expensive to repair the car lol

    29. Ãri Chañ

      OH.MY.GOD! How the hell can somebody be this dumb don't lock your baby in the car and don't hesitate to break the window!

    30. Loki Yt

      What about robbers now they know u will get robbed

    31. ab soultde

      Arrest her no excuse this happens too many times 😡😡😡

    32. hannah dog 2

      1:20 just fricken brrak the window it is an emergency omg people these days!!

    33. Alexandra vega

      Bruhh how can you do this to your baby’ she cannot easily forget it

    34. Don’t touch Meh food

      Break the window first, the Baby is more important than the car

    35. Kathryn Smith

      I'll never understand the parent(s) who lock child/baby/pet in a hot car, the parent claiming the car key locked inside. Because I always wear a lanyard around my neck has a car key. Even if I'm locked out of electronic locking car, I can use the car key from my lanyard. I know I'll never hear why a parent doesn't carry a spare key to car.

    36. Volkronica

      She’s dumb asf

    37. ReynLife Vlogs

      Buy a Montero At or A xpander gls and gls sport

    38. Minereal Crave


    39. Abram

      0:20 the child’s in distress Me: no bro the baby’s fine 😒

    40. SuperZX

      *This is one of the reasons I no longer have GM vehicles equipped with OnStar. Because if you have an emergency like this and your subscription is inactive, they will not do anything about it, unlike Mercedes Benz’s M-Brace or Lexus Link which will have a emergency reconnection in cases like this.*

    41. BlAkeem el

      Yall whiling gon wait an hour before deciding to smash the window bit break the window damn

    42. David Arellano

      Get a crowbar or hammer and SMASH THE WINDOW

    43. Nariyah Smith

      Lesson today always have a hammer or a little thing in your purse to break a glass

    44. Jamison Teague

      Making sure the car ain't locked is so freaking basic. Someday, she'll prolly mistake her daughter's boyfriend for her husband. And I wouldn't be surprised.

    45. Vincent Cirillo

      At least she didnt forget the baby and go shopping like some other dumbass parents

    46. Colton Wilkison

      My lil cousin just passed cuz of that

      1. Dr kelp


    47. Lainie Roho

      My mom would grab a rock instead of standing there stressing

    48. Courtney Gough

      Or just buy a car that doesn’t allow you to lock the keys in the car

    49. Phenix Ceegae

      Rules to how to get a key out a s locked car 1: punch the window as hard as you can on the drivers side 2:unlock the door :BOOM

    50. Key Himself

      If that was me, my fist would had broken the window.

    51. lynris

      'accidentally' sis, absolutely not.

    52. Bert Dahlman

      Now that was a legitimate accident she didn't leave and go shopping and stayed there obviously it was a real I forgot moment. Glad they got the baby out fast

    53. Chris topher

      Why dont you just break the window?

    54. Angel Recon

      Bash that window or use tape

    55. William Dougherty


    56. One Red Boi

      I read it as “Car licked inside hot baby”

    57. 0IIIIII

      Call AAA. Cars don’t get hot right away.

    58. Camrie’s Day’s

      You could have just broke the window it's your baby girl

    59. Erbert Adonis

      My question is... was the police baton that soft? I mean it cant break a car window?

    60. genetic gamer

      Y This Reporter Looks Like Taylor Swift

    61. MemphisLonghornOdyssey

      It’s always specifically a *hot* car

    62. SipsOrganicTea

      So you couldn’t just shatter the windows in the first place…

    63. judith estrada

      this is so stupid theres no reason to leave Your kid in the car or just stupid or wants to get famuses by doing this i never forget my child in the car theres no reason to do it

    64. Roblox coolgirlbadhaver

      Stupid mom,use a rock!

    65. VinneGaming

      Just keep your key with you.


      You know damn well she wanted to kill that baby if she left her keys in.

    67. Zerina Marie

      If it was me the window would have been broken

    68. Emi

      Idk why but I cry even for other peoples situations

    69. Mr large mouth bass

      Spark plug.. Good old sparky worked for me back in the day.☺

    70. NiftyAwesomeburwell

      If your baby is in the car, locked then why do you not break the window?