Mo3 ft. Boosie Badazz & Desi Banks - Apartment (Official Video)



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    From the album "OSAMA". Out now!
    #Mo3 #BoosieBadazz #DesiBanks

    Official Music Video by Mo3 ft. Boosie Badazz & Desi Banks - Apartment © 2020 H$M Music / EMPIRE

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    1. Robert Griffin

      Know them know

    2. Anthony Lewis

      🔥🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂😂 Desi is hilarious!!!

    3. African Al

      Good video 3

    4. SSregal83

      That Desi cat gone come out the closet one day bo.

    5. Mr. Benz

      Say boosie three times in the mirror. I dare you. 👻

    6. Gregory Robinson

      Blood y'all killed thisbitch

    7. Darnell Ellerbe


    8. 10 000 Subscribers with 1 video

      Who else thought dessi banks was gone spit something...

    9. duce daily

      3:47 them nawf OGs too iced out



    11. Kaydee Jones

      He's 1000 times better than Blueface! No cap!

    12. F&F ZTU

      Dat Young Nigga say I'll smoke a niggga like Bob Marley hit him up boy. 20/20

    13. Mike Ebeling

      Love boosie

    14. Ghost Bey

      Niggas snitching 🛑

    15. FogBay TV: Music x Media

      OG Regency Park Apartment’s in East Point, GA - one of my ‘partments!!

    16. Lopez Maravilla


    17. YFN ACE

      Right after he made this song he went to McDonald's

    18. Deneal Henderson

      What's a glove department? You mean compartment? 🤣

    19. Treny Gotit

      Check out Treny Gotit beg for yo life

    20. TreFromVa187

      I feel it ❤️🔥👨🏽‍🦼🔫

    21. Sherlock Holmes


    22. Nakesha Flowers


    23. Matthew Tobias

      We need more this type of boosie badazz

    24. FOC


    25. Rex Jonez

      Sun set terrace.

    26. Kendrick DAWSON

      RIP TO ROY LEE DOEE boosie said his head look like a PT cruiser if he was alive he would've been in the video that ho would've been live mo3 and Roy use to rock 🎸 out 💪 strong. fuk the rumors mo3 solid I met dude once before at big T he had just DROP'D that shottas CD

    27. Terome Fordham

      Boosie got the pole 1:27

    28. Marvin Zeno

      Find one meal we feed each other. Shot out to everyone who comes from corn flakes and water No lights no gas so we outside in Apartments

    29. E-mac Louis

      Rip #24 kobe

    30. Ty Lewis

      Boosie all day

    31. Luciano Loya

      I live in the apartments too.

    32. Real Montana

      Meet me at da partments

    33. Texasveteran 81

      Autotune again !?

    34. Tarik Laabouchni

      is it Osama or


      This shit RAW!!!.

    36. Quicc savo Films

    37. Vernon Peterson

      boosie verse is fiya

    38. Jylon Clemons

      Dis nigga needsss to be in a movie im tellin yall bruh 😆

    39. Dave Williams

      Moe sitting in a booster seat 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    40. K Fly

      Brand New #music K Fly - Fourth Quarter out NOW! Brand New #music K Fly - Fourth Quarter out NOW!

    41. Corey Maddox

      Aaahhh, lookin' who walkin' nooowww..Wit y'all stupid azz...😆😆😆

    42. ThreeGrams


    43. someting to remember goated on the sticks

      Did desi car really stop?that's probably cap

    44. Swisher Hawk


    45. Ronnie Neal Jr

      Mo3 & Boosie never disappoint. Adding Desi Banks to this was lit 🔥 🔥🔥

    46. Frederick James


    47. Mark Badom

      Dis nigga live on da Lane #yikesss progress

    48. Moto Wedo

      Much love from Ingleside blood ✊👌

    49. Raven Madison


    50. Brandon Barker

      partments and glove department lmao

    51. POLAR B

      Check out the realest craka from southcakalaka POLAR B

    52. William Henry

      Mane my dawg Stubba lean popped up on da scene

    53. money_man_a_

      The real story

    54. Braeden Stewart

      where was this shot at

    55. Deez louize

      LMAO @2:05 dude on the right musta forgot he had his drink in his hand.. shit went everywhere 🤣

      1. Dhyme Keith


    56. Paris Coleman

      This dude mo3 is a cocaine head and jacked Future style fuck out of here 🤢🤮

    57. eugene mosely-brazille

      Only the hood knows this song.

    58. Franciaco Ayala


    59. Gregory Bates

    60. SQUALLE

      No cap Desi Banks stoooooooopid asf 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    61. SQUALLE

      Boosie verse was 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

    62. maegan parker


    63. Kevin Echols

      I tuned in to hear boosie verse cuh buddy ass weak af! I do not fuck w this short, fake 2pac, dramatic dude.

    64. Tree Dogg

      #rns5000 #subscribeback & #download On The Block Where I'll Be - TreeDogg Mr. Atm ft Tylee Tha Great #on @ReverbNation #DJ #GEE @CZ-news #YGRYEEYEEVol2 @DatPiff @DJGEE @DJGEETV @iamdjgee @THEREALDJGEE @WORLDSTAR @TREEDOGGMRATM @YGRATMBOYS #ontheblockwhereillbe #ontheblockwhereillbesong #ontheblockwhereillbeanthem #ontheblockwhereillbechallenge

    65. Honda_ Boss

      They say I’ve Been picking up weight bitch I need a dolly

    66. Baphomet THE GOAT

      Got too come the FAIR OAKS.... HXXVA

    67. Kaiyia Hopkins


    68. Henry Ricks

      He got Desi with him like Roy Lee used to be with him RIP Roy Lee

    69. E B

      Boosie sounded like the old boosie on this hit 🔥

    70. corey shaw