Meliodas vs Escanor Full Fight COLOURED [HD]

Raishin Egg

Raishin Egg

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    Credit to Anime Psycho for the colouring/affects
    Credit to Soul Madness for music choice
    Credit to Nakaba Suzuki for writing the bloody thing
    And then there's my credit for combining the coloured version and the best music choice into a near perfect collaborative style. Have fun !

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    1. Raishin Egg

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      1. Demetry Luka

        @William Jameslyde thanks

      2. William Jameslyde

      3. NekoTrueLove

        can you put music name please?

      4. Demetry Luka

        @Escanor The Lion Sin Of Pride wow thanks

      5. Escanor The Lion Sin Of Pride

        Demetry Luka here it is

    2. Seventh Atomizer

      What is the soundtrack name during 2:05 ??? Wanna knoww

    3. Xpkresx Lost

      2 more episodes !

    4. Ben Lol

      Wait so y r they fighting aren’t they friends

    5. Amine Geka

      nanatsu no taizai s3 ep 12

    6. Butterfly Guy

      What's the name of the song when Escanor becomes the one

    7. IQ Levels Decreasing

      nobody: Escanor: ITS HIGH NOON....

    8. Meriza Kewel

      Meliodas could have killed escanor if he went full power final form

    9. Maliid Smith

      Watching this after finding out everything about their past together is really cool. The parallel between how Meliodas beat down a young Escanor in "The One" form when he couldn't control his powers, and how older Escanor repays the favor in beating the sense back into Meli (to a degree), awesome writing for the two best characters

    10. zLucasZZ

      Meliodas is stronger now :) And has a power lvl of 800k 🔥

      1. Mandorle21

        Well, you know, if at the end the author intentionally fucks up the entire power scale of the world he created... Escanor loosing in The One form makes absolutely no sense at all.

      2. Afx X

        he gave away his demon king powers so no

    11. maikeru kun diagubiru

      Animation pls

    12. I bims ein Döner

      Escanor is my favourite character

    13. Gus swambara

      If you have read the new chapter, you will know who is stronger

      1. king emfj3201

        Yeah, escanor is the strongest.

    14. Barret King

      The battle of fandog

    15. Commissar Purity

      Escanor's final move: *B O I*

    16. MrDarkly

      chapter ?

    17. Charles Henry Turner

      Could have at least put all of the soundtracks used in the description...

    18. Viking Spartan

      Man all these Meliodas fanboys over here , I personally saw only the first season of this anime , and I saw some reactions about the second here on CZ-news , people reactions to Escanor are just amazing , this guy is one of the coolest and most badass character I ever seen in anime , he is the true MVP of this anime , and ofc Meliodas is the strongest since he is the main character but idk about King and Ban tho , he even sacrifice himself in chapter 333 while Meliodas and the others did nothing against the Demon king , also I am so tired of all this stupid main characters who get all the attention and they are always by some reasons the most op in their universe , Rip Lord Escanor and Praise the Sun!

      1. king emfj3201

        Actually escnaor is stronger than mel. Btw not all main characters are the strongest in thier realm.

    19. Badral

      demons heal themselves when even their body separated. But why meliodas didn't?

      1. king emfj3201

        Because escanor dealt too much dmg for mel to heal. Meliodas healed fully within 20 mins of that fight.

    20. Badral

      i think meliodas could kill him at 1:32

      1. Badral

        he was toying all time but why lol

    21. anime dude

      After 2 ep this fight will start

    22. dale aquino

      And that’s my Meliodas is the same power as Escanor

    23. Sōma Kun

      6:20 the music was from sinbad anime :)

    24. superman10408

      Meliodas picked rock :I win holding my sword. Escanor: you win who decided that. Picks paper. Writes escanor I'll be the one to decide....die picks paper ✋

    25. Hyper Silver

      Can Meliodas became even stronger than this, what if he used indra mode

      1. king emfj3201

        Meliodas has a demon king form but its still weaker than escanor tho.

    26. dylan meggs

      Ill he the ine to ssy , i kind of hate how escanor is stronger then meliods

    27. dylan meggs

      Season 3 will have this fight!, episode 9 Elizabeth is regaining her memories!

    28. nut zeeb

      6:44 Idk why escanor is a good last boss on a game with that song

      1. Matteo Creatura

        Then you are never going to end that game so.

    29. History Strongest Deciple Kenichi

      but at the manga escanor gets knock out by merlin with one punch because escanor had more injured than meliodas. And in the manga meliodas got healed by his dark power in just few minutes he can kill escanor anytime. Meliodas got defeat by escanor because he has a bad habit by playing his enemy and not taking them seriously.

      1. king emfj3201

        @History Strongest Deciple Kenichi "he underestimated escanor" u do realize escanor is the height of pride/arrogance and smiles aswell? And like I said holding back doesnt decrease your durability so even if mel was serious he'd still get oneshotted. "Escanor would get killed in The One form" someone who equals the demon king in strength would not get killed by a fucking dude with a pl of 142k. Sorry, the reason why mel even survives is because escanor held back *ALOT* more than mel ever could. Hell he didnt even touch meliodas. "He got stronger as time passes" and like I said even if he got his power from 3k years ago escanor would still oneshot him. Meliodas 3k years ago is waaayyyy weaker than the demon king.

      2. History Strongest Deciple Kenichi

        @king emfj3201 your right but your wrong too. you see meliodas smile at escanor right? Because he underestimate escanor that's why he got chopped by escanor. But if merlin and other's didn't get escanor from the perfect cube he will be killed by meliodas💀even in the one want to know why?because meliodas gets healed by the dark power in just few minutes and he gets stronger in time passes too because his recovering his original power of assault mode. I'm not a escanor or meliodas fan im a ban fan.

      3. king emfj3201

        Nope, escanor strained himself because he hasnt used The One in years. Not to mention he got all that dmg BEFORE he got to full power. Also escanor is PRIDE, holding back isnt an excuse considering escanor also held back in this fight. And another thing, holding back doesnt affect your durability so even if meliodas was serious he'd still get oneshotted by escanor. Meliodas can only kill escanor when hes not at his peak.

    30. GHOST Kill3R

      No one: Escanor: *B O I*

    31. Klubxie

      its almost time

      1. Ronald-Ghoulie-96

        @Klubxie Ok thx!

      2. Klubxie

        @Ronald-Ghoulie-96 in a couple of weeks in the next couple of episodes

      3. Ronald-Ghoulie-96

        When will this be animated? I've read the manga but haven't seen the anime so Im kinda lost lol

    32. TA3 Freak Nasty

      If I could get a list of the osts used I’d really appreciate it. Thanks

    33. Spllitz _2289

      What if escanor was all might brother...

    34. Renz anims

      I want A-1 Pictures to anime it

    35. Renz anims

      I hope Studio Deen makes this fight epic, they have missing frames, some animation movements are slow, and remove the white blood.

    36. Colonel Sanders The mad Titan

      How much longer till this fight happens in the Anime

      1. Annri Ciccone

        ep 12

      2. king emfj3201

        Between Ep 10-14

    37. Terrarax Flame

      Meliodas was being to cocky

      1. king emfj3201

        Escanor is literally the sin of pride...u cant be more cocky than him.

    38. Dominosters

      Melidoas: im in a bad mood. ME: WHO DECIDED THAT

    39. Missile

      Cant wait to see this animated soon

      1. king emfj3201

        @Annri Ciccone cool

      2. Annri Ciccone

        @king emfj3201 should be ep 12

      3. king emfj3201

        @eutch elk between eps 10-14

      4. eutch elk


    40. Sodolo FTS

      This fight is iconic,I’d say the equivalent to Goku and Vegeta iconic

    41. Naruto Uzumaki

      This is guaranteed to be shown in the anime in at least the next five episodes

    42. Q The Dcviper

      It’s funny how many times I’ve seen weebs be like ”iF yOu ReAd ThE mAnGa”

    43. Gowther Haschwalth

      Meliodas: 1000 Divine Slashes Escanor: *Boi !*

    44. William Jameslyde

      3:54 the name of the song pls ?

      1. MrThunderLuigi

        Valse hot

    45. G I A N P A N G A N

      Escanor defeat meliodas what the freak but lol....Melodias is my idol permanently

      1. king emfj3201

        Rener is retarded beyond compare.

      2. Rener Oslo

        @king emfj3201 Said the Escanor wanker who deny the manga and use headcanon lmao. 🤣😂

      3. king emfj3201

        @Rener Oslo nope, u never learned to read the manga, u learned to read fan fic.

      4. Rener Oslo

        @king emfj3201 More like if you learned to read the manga properly. Escanor wanker. 🤣😂

    46. Dess Erah

      All hail Escanor-sama

    47. KnuckSon

      Escanor defeating the protagonist ? Escanor It's the best character of deadly sins ever

      1. Rener Oslo

        @king emfj3201 That is your baseless headcanon, the author himself accepted it and published it with his own chapter while drawing it.🤣😂 What 11m nonsense are you talking about?

      2. king emfj3201

        @Rener Oslo that doesnt have a good pool of people. That's why escanor vid has 11 mil views yet mel vids dont getnnear that.

      3. Rener Oslo

        @king emfj3201 That was the people who bought the official volume on the market in Japan. Which is literally the same for any manga popularity poll, Naruto, Bleach, BHA, Fairy Tail. You don't even know the basic. So yeah, that was the official poll and the one sent to the author himself afterwards.

      4. king emfj3201

        @Rener Oslo and it was officially a small number of people

      5. Rener Oslo

        @king emfj3201 It is officially posted in the chapter 312 dumbass. 🤣😂 You don't even know the definition of " official ". As expected from a dumbass. 🤣

    48. Isabella .s

      Is this battle music from the anime's soundtrack

    49. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

      The ultimate one: allow me to introduce my self

    50. Matthew Hansen

      It's Hiiiiiiighh noon

      1. Mouad L. Hd


    51. Lord Popo

      Music at 6:20?

      1. Mouad L. Hd

        Sinbad theme

    52. Shaolin Hokage

      What's the song called when hawk reads Escanor's power at 114000?

    53. AshenOne

      3:33 when a loli sees ur 20 inches for the first time in hentai.

    54. Crispy Knowledge

      Whose here after big boi left us

    55. Vignesh S

      *How does it feel...? To be looked down upon by a human?* My favourite comment in the entire series

    56. S Holtz

      I just want to know what the song at 4:18 is

      1. Mouad L. Hd

        Magi : valse hot

    57. clectro man

      So for those who are wondering which episode or episodes is or are gonna happen, if i calculated correctly, it would start at episode 11 or above

      1. Annri Ciccone

        precisely 12

      2. king emfj3201

        It will for sure be 10-14

    58. D. V.F.

      First song name?

      1. D. V.F.

        @Feswey xo Thanks

      2. Feswey xo

        Blue exorcist kekkai remix

    59. Yorumcu

      3.56 music name?

      1. Mouad L. Hd

        Magi : valse hot

    60. Simon Inniss

      F*cking superb

    61. personance1

      Please song 6:24 please, i need a hero

      1. Mouad L. Hd

        Sinbad theme

    62. Dxran ·

      High Noon arrives Meliodas: *Why do I hear boss music?*


      Still better than the current season ANIMATION

    64. Kima

      The fact that escanor named a moved after his name shows how badass he is

    65. Raphael

      I desperately need the music used for the One. It is badass!

    66. yorusuyasoul

      When the sun dies it turns to white dwarf

    67. larry eagle

      I'm coming back to these videos cause of Chapter 333. Best Sin.

      1. Rener Oslo

        @king emfj3201 Editor note dumbass. Nice try. 😂🤣 The strongest was Mel as he literally did all the work lmao

      2. king emfj3201

        334 first page "The *STRONGEST* has left"

      3. king emfj3201

        Not debatable

    68. Spire _

      Where are escanor fans after the power up of meliodas and the death of escanor?

      1. Hai Hai

        @Vegard Ellingsen For me this anime actually ended without Escanor. He was totally the best, he is for me the best character i ever saw in anime and mangas.

      2. king emfj3201

        I'm here m8

      3. king emfj3201

        @Vegard Ellingsen YEEEESSSSS BRO

      4. Vegard Ellingsen

        Dude...The reason peoplelike him isnt because they think he was stronger than mel. He was so much more of a badass and so much more interesting than mel. Mel is just that usual boring main character who is insanely overpowered and pulls powerups out of no where. Jeez even if he dies he just wakes up even more powerful. And for u guys to not understand the hype of a human managing to beat this overpowered mf, is just insane. Escanor carried this anime/manga and without him the anime/manga is trash to me.

    69. Jose Lopez Cruz

      RIP Lord Escanor 😔

    70. Petes Thename

      Only like if you have read chapter 333

      1. Badral

        I almost cried lol

      2. king emfj3201

        About 100 chapters later