Meliodas vs Escanor Full Fight COLOURED [HD]

Raishin Egg

Raishin Egg

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    Credit to Anime Psycho for the colouring/affects
    Credit to Soul Madness for music choice
    Credit to Nakaba Suzuki for writing the bloody thing
    And then there's my credit for combining the coloured version and the best music choice into a near perfect collaborative style. Have fun !

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    1. Raishin Egg

      5 Million Views ! Dayummmmmn

      1. Samir ZeGeek


      2. Kenneth Pabia

        Please Escanor vs Demon king

      3. Antonio Gaspar

        @True Moo yeah he did

      4. szczurNocny

        A work exceeding the artist's every dream ✌️😄 GG man - even I when saw this 1st time i won't expect 5 Million to come😁😉👌

      5. True Moo

        Raishin Egg did you mean to spell damn wrong ?

    2. Ashroff Shah

      Weewwew *Read more*

    3. HMooDi S

      It's high noon

    4. Gerald Glover

      Meliodas "was that one minute Merlin." Background Escanor laughs " who decided that."

    5. Gerald Glover

      I fucking love Escanor

    6. Higger 69

      What's the song in the beginning?

      1. Samir ZeGeek

        Higger 69 kekkai blue excorcist

    7. Innocent Butler

      PRAISE THE SUN!!! ○ \o/

    8. Samir ZeGeek

      Who can tell me all of the musics here????

    9. Abhishek Singh

      Song in the beginning?

      1. Samir ZeGeek

        Abhishek Singh Kekkai Blue Excorcist

    10. Crispy Knowledge

      I swear if the anime fucks up this bad ass battle I won't forgive them lol

    11. Armageddon Chaos Knight

      Martis vs Balmond

    12. Patrick Laslea

      6:45 and it's name is... Hax

    13. Justyna Kbk

      Title of the first and last song onegai

    14. D A E

      Escanor took way more damage then meliodas tho escanor really lost the fight that one min is the only thing that gave him the advantage meliodas was ok after he woke up escanor could barely move after

    15. Sung Jin-Woo

      Meliodas is still the strongest sin. since escanor can only defeat meliodas within the span of one minute out of everyday at high noon if they fought at anytime after that very brief window of time escanor would be screwed. Don't get me wrong though escanor is still a total badass.

    16. Carl Freericks

      The sins have too much plot armor and bullshit wins

    17. lanae morris

      Is it me or is the soundtrack so compelling it just drives me to excitement

    18. The Gaming Cuddle Fox

      3:55 to 6:18 what song is that?

    19. Bloodstreaker 000

      Whats the theme on 4:10

    20. Xdblood Wolf

      How the fuck did those trousers not rip

    21. NuMb

      Thx man

    22. THE 4 IDIOTS

      when meliodas being reincarnated over and over being stronger and demonic, will the tables turn and the MC be the villain🤔

    23. Michael thedford07

      Meliodas be like "I might be 4'2 but you can run this fade"

    24. Epic sponge

      That Divine *Boii*

    25. Reckless Fist

      First song ?

    26. Julian P. Yang


    27. sakib khan

      i wish that he killed meliodas

    28. Silent4Life

      Is this real even real meliodas is the main character wtf why would he die?

      1. Tonyque Mackey

        He didn't die. And Main Characters dying is sometimes a good thing

    29. Cloutsc_

      I’m so fucking happy escanor won cause if he died I would’ve cried😭

    30. ريان الزهراني

      Why are they fighting

    31. Nasreen Asif

      Escanor for second became an powerful as krillin

    32. High Conner

      The music suits this so well I love it

    33. The Anime Roundtable

      Meliodas: it seems you can only win at noon Escanor: Who decided that Me: the writer

    34. guest 29003

      Well... in Season 3 Meliodas Power Level is way too High for escanor 😂😂

    35. Jihad Pilot

      If he use his full power then he easily can beat escanor

    36. Jihad Pilot

      Meliodas isn't even using his full power

    37. KyrixYT

      And its name is..... White beard 2.0

    38. X4nny

      saitama vs the one??

    39. Fad3_ Wither

      Who else thinks meliodas looks too childish

      1. Fad3_ Wither

        @Priest of the Church of Iron I know but it's would be nice to see him you know bigger

      2. Priest of the Church of Iron

        Fad3_ Wither I mean he literally stopped aging while he was still a child....

    40. Al Fazri

      This guy basically has Superman power

    41. Shrek wick

      1:00 when your going to kill the spider and you missed.

    42. Julia Bitoon

      Mael vs zeldris plsplspls

    43. A lonely water faucet Barnett

      0:59 when you say something stupid in a restaurant and you don’t want any witnesses

    44. JSC 190104

      Meliodas : You look tired? Need a rest? Escanor : Yeah... Just... Just give me a minute. Meliodas : 0_0

    45. Marcus Chan

      let's be honest meliodas could have won but for the story to carry on he needed to be put for a bit

    46. Monarch BLUE

      And now hes just fighting the demon king completely ignoring this fight.

    47. Joshua Jamito

      damn! maybe I should start reading this manga right here right now 😂

    48. With Me Chill

      escannos win WOW!!! :))

    49. Fire Foxy

      Its not the end

    50. easygoing

      Why does Escanor looks like Marios brother Luigi? xD

    51. georgyz B


    52. GRIZZ GOD

      Remember when you thought Escanor at noon had unlimited power? Lmao

    53. Lilu Murmu

      Mliodas has more powerful than escnor he's not controlling over power

    54. Ingat Waktu

      Escanorrr over power on Mercurius😁

    55. Arturo Serrano

      what music 3:55

    56. Imblack 27

      Meliodas could have killed this man 4 times, but he literally said "Killing you would be a waste" boom playing with your food. Escanor would have been a dead man

      1. THE 4 IDIOTS

        Imblack 27 hakdog

      2. Imblack 27

        @THE 4 IDIOTS Ha

      3. THE 4 IDIOTS

        Imblack 27 just accept the fact Pride rules upon all clans

    57. Yukqri

      2-1 meliodas wins

    58. wismick joseph

      Why is meliodas secret treasure red treasure be green and silver

    59. Adrian Yang

      What the soundtrack for this video?

    60. Orvell Bautista

      escanor is the strongest he's the one!

    61. KilTheShocker


    62. EDCHRIS Hanopol

      The only one I love in the seven deadly sins Escanor

    63. Bajkó Tamás

      When a manga chapter on youtube gets 5M views...Maaan...yourtube is going to break when this fight gets animated.

    64. Mehrab Bin Tarek

      You just don't mess with Escanor.

    65. Charisma

      Escanor Fights is the only reason why this diluted show is worth watching to be honest.

    66. Huyen Pham

      Meliodas : time to revive and be 10000000 x stronger then escanor now

    67. ethan lee

      Escanor turns in the one Piller men theme starts playing

    68. Sai Vishnu

      The fact is after the fight escanor got damaged by 98% while meliodas got only 78% and escanor, used all his collected energy till that time fo that attack sunshine. My fav part in that chapter is merlin defeted escanor by only one punch😂

      1. THE 4 IDIOTS

        as a gentleman no mere Man should ever hurt a woman

    69. XxBossxX

      Escanor hit meliodas with *THE B O I*