Melanie Martinez - K-12 (The Film)

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    1. Queen x

      57:21 just my reminder I'll be back soon😊

    2. Villian’s week 2

      6:00 Don’t touch black hair you have a death wish if you do Get permission first

    3. Simeon Novak

      What was your favorite song? I literally can’t pick one they’re all too good 😂

    4. Denki Is My Spirit Animal

      22:22 I’m sorry, I just needed this because me and my friend where watching this on her phone. Then I had to leave, so she sent me the time stamp.

    5. mew mew

      Ayo can we talk about the teachers pet thing that kinda confused me

    6. KingPaul Dahyun

      grrr, now I'm terrified in pastel colors 😵

    7. Ih8eile

      Fell inluv 🥺💗 lowkey wanna be just like her now

    8. Thư Phạm


    9. Missy Mi

      Сделайте пожалуйста русские субтитры ) а так очень крутой фильм

    10. Villian’s week 2

      I have spider phobia so I’m not the one

    11. aryana freeman

      I really like how you guys made it

    12. Element Green

      Angelita looks familiar...🤔🤔

    13. Kristen Mcgee

      40:49 IM NOT A PIECE OF CAKE

    14. Sage_Ivory Killer

      I love recess, fire drill, orange juice, detention, nurses office, and high school sweethearts

    15. Bearie

      This is amazing!!! I love it so much!! 😍😍🥰🥰❤️❤️💖💖

    16. Luna Qeen

      I love this film it's like you prepared for years and I already watch it 15 times because I love Melanie so much

    17. Isabely Santos

      BR ? 🇧🇷

    18. anya beans


    19. Anh Nguyen Minh

      Omg melanie looks so beautiful in K-12 im gonna cry * crying in happy *

    20. Darrion Hogg

      Was the ending a cliff hanger 🤯

    21. Animathyst

      School: this is fine.

    22. Wife beater 9000

      Why these niggas look like who’s from the grinch

    23. Faithful Mimi


    24. itsparis D

      Lol like if your a kid like me and watches stuff like this Melanie I’m your biggest fan!!!!

    25. AnnaLyn Wong


    26. Elle Sisk

      That men’s girls like Regina George lol

    27. Senor Cat

      Now matter how much times I watch this film I don’t get sick of it

    28. Bella Larsen

      The lunch box friends scene cures my depression on another level, good job Melanie your literally my favorite person and I love you your so beautiful and unique you deserve all the best things in this world congrats I love you 🥰💖

    29. Lightning Wølfy102

      *Waiting for this to get over 100,000,000 views*

    30. Wolfey/ Uraraka

      BEST. MOVIE. EVER!!! “Pinch me i’m dreaming!!!”

    31. maycember again

      Okay but the “thAt’s bUlLsHit” part was so satisfying to hear

    32. Unknown :}

      Who else keeps re watching it haha

    33. øEva _missunieØ

      This has to be the best film everrr

    34. Calvin Sean Luis Ocab

      24:30 when a psychopath taps on a table -_-

    35. XxSweetheart GamingxX

      Him: What the fuck just happened? Me: You jumped off a building with a spit bubble surrounding it. I would be asking the same question my man.

    36. dinosaur Nuggets

      This was a beautiful experience i would love for you to make WAYYYYYY more fucking movies because they don’t give me words! this is WAYY to good! GET IT BITCH♥️💕

    37. Rosanna Pansino is the baking god

      I’m so proud of Melanie! She has grown so much I found her at the B.L.I summer jams when she performed dollhouse I was like I found my fav singer!

    38. johnyo

      hi, i love this

    39. Lucifer 666

      Бля добавьте кто то Русские субтитры

    40. Кать, дай опять

      Пересматриваю третий раз это очень крутая работа❤️

    41. Daja Scot

      Maybe it's just me but I was so immersed in this movie I thought I was watching a Netflix sho and I must say the choreography and music were amazing. P.s. Melanie please make a show out of this is amazing

    42. d00r_framez 69

      24:36 - 28:06 the kids look like they’re being possessed by satan himself lmao

      1. but insidee UR JUST A LITTLE HEE HEE

        When she walks in that neck crack holy cow wtf

    43. IndieKid

      At the beginning her hair looks like nurse joys but blue instead of pink

    44. sunflower season

      *jasons ass is thiccer then me*

    45. KoolGiRl2230

      i hope there will be a second movie-

    46. princess Kate

      Your creepy I don't like it but am sorry

    47. r ø b i n

      The orange juice scene was so beautiful 🥺

    48. Isobel Heathcote

      Is it me or at 1:06:38 she looks like Ariana Grande

    49. Kylee Shumway

      Omg that cliffhanger tho 😭😍😍

    50. Alexandra Glowa

      I bet that orange feels special.


      Grease on Dope....

    52. JaShin

      Guys don't forget to like the video. We need to hit 2M likes.

    53. Mishel pink

      Огосподи что это такое ? Сколько надо тупых людей что бы такое сделать ? ? Почему этот фильм такой тупой ????

    54. Aspen Payne

      27:10 why is this so obviously ELA CLASS

    55. yeacoco

      19:48 wtf is he doing

    56. FireWolfXt

      I love this

    57. Ray Crespo

      I stan for a true artist 😍💕💕

    58. Raven Macera

      Please make more of these films in the future I really enjoyed this one! :D ❤️❤️❤️

    59. itzjus

      this is so incredible.

    60. Kaitlynn Garza

      The slap in that one scene looked so real

    61. -confuzzle-

      I have one question: HOW THE FUCK IS SHE SO BEAUTIFUL OMG

    62. Aurora Opheim

      This is just..great♥️♥️

    63. Johnny C


    64. Mint Choc Cookies

      the end tho xddd

    65. Anuj Dhungana

      58:08 Thumbnail

    66. Frida Hernandez

      Lol, CZ-news movies has this movie for 2.50 or you can just watch it for free

    67. Marisol Luis

      I wish I could go but the date is on November 6th and that day is my cousins birthday😭😭😭😭

    68. Little pullip house offical

      This is the only movie i watch

    69. Fahad Al Buraimi

      Ive watched this maybe 12 times. The songs and the film are so good. Whats your favorite song? Mine are nurses office, detention, and highschool sweethearts

    70. Victoria Elizabeth

      I’ve rewatched this 7 times. And I don’t regret it