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    I have been wanting this car for SOO long!! And never in a million years did I think I was going to buy it porque i'm a CODO!! I was going to vlog me going to look at the cars but I did not do it because I was not expecting me to buy it. I kept the car a secret and did not tell anyone except my family of course. In this video I show you guys my car and my friends reaction. AND NOOOO I AM NOT DOING THIS TO "SHOW OFF"! You guys know I like to share my life with you wether that's chisme or anything else. I hope you guys enjoyed the video and got some good laughs!! :)
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    1. Louie's Life

      SSSSTUPIDAS!!! Help me name her!!💖 I suck at coming up with names💀

      1. It's Lizzy

        Call her the baddest perra

      2. Bryan

        ESSKEETIT 🔥🔥🔥

      3. Damaris sujey Melendez gusman


      4. ithzel caro


      5. Kylie H


    2. Sami

      9:49 had me deaddd

    3. Master Gamer 01

      Louie's car

    4. Dana Von Seggern

      Congrats!!! Your bestie is genuinely happy for was a very sweet reaction...❤😍😘💋

    5. FuzzBall


    6. BART GOd Irving

      The car should be named lil la phera

    7. Arleth Miranda

      My BFFs name is yamilet

    8. Alejandro Bucio

      it has hella finger prints

    9. Alejandro Bucio

      puto joto

    10. Oliver Padi

      I love being bilingual i understand everything this nigga is saying 😌

    11. Lis Mejia


    12. Monique De Leon

      Name it bon bon

    13. Lisa M.Sosa

      Congrats on ur new car very beautiful name her Perla

    14. Kamila Catzs


    15. Casandra ledesma family1st vlogs

      Louie love your videos so freaken much your so fucken funny.🤣😂 got my people watching you and everyone loves you to

    16. Lizarai Villagomez

      Love your outfit here 😍

    17. Billie Eilish fan

      The name should be named michelle

    18. Kiki Reanna

      Louie you should make you own Entro and your own should sound so you won’t get sued 🤦‍♀️🙄

    19. Arely Acosta

      La mas coda de todo él UNIVERSARIO 🤣

    20. Leo’s Journey

      I almost fucking cried seeing your friend so happy for you !!! You’re awesome

    21. fanny marin

      her name should be amanda or maria?

    22. Emily Hernandez

      I say name her "Bella" beacuse "IT BAD WITH THE B" stuuupidaaa!!😂❤🚐

    23. noehmi castillo


    24. narelle prieto


    25. domination squad

      The sirens went off when la perra started to twerk and she should have said there coming because I am hot

    26. domination squad

      Perra or stupida

    27. Kenia Vega

      U can name her stupida

    28. Victor Celis

      La stupid

    29. Pablo Martinez

      I low-key like the car but when u said my dream car i was like “ va a agarrar un pinche lambo pero no “

      1. Pablo Martinez

        Congrats 🎉 loui

    30. Vanessa G

      I miss ur old intro 😭,got me all hyped up

    31. Making Gainz


    32. Dara Archer


    33. Alejandro Altamirano

      Name it the perra estupida

    34. Zariz Delcy

      Me emosionoooo looking at the baddest perra being excited 😆 yaassss

    35. Nicole V

      Hope you crash and die

    36. nicole Rodriguez


    37. Cemaira Romo

      CHINITA should be the name!!!!

    38. Melissa Chavez

      Porque ahi una anuncio de Donald Trump en el video de una perra latina. Why? Porque?


      Louie’s life you can name her “the baddie”

    40. xx.stacy lopez


    41. Belen Flores


    42. Perla Pulido

      The baddest perra

    43. Ana de la riva

      Louie: (gets out of the car) omg (shshshsh) omg (shshshs) (shshshshshs) omg(shsh)

    44. Michelle Gonzalez


    45. Jose Villanueva

      Dammn bitch I love ur car it's so fucking amazing

    46. Señor Tacos

      Can u make a sneaking out at 3 am agian in your new car

    47. Angel Zamorano

      It should be niki

    48. Carolina Arias

      What year is this car?

    49. Rosy Lugo


    50. Andrea fovever

      Heart but in español

    51. Katlin Torres

      The car name should be estupida o perra😂😂😂😂

    52. London Kiser

      The name should be arisbet

    53. Jay Menchaca

      Louie your the best I swear you freakin deserve it and much more 🥰🤗❤️🙃🙂...xoxo

    54. Kelly Valdez

      Lamerra perra

    55. Dayana Herrera

      I think the baddest perra would be so Perron 🙆🏻‍♀️

    56. Daisy Jannet

      Universario = universo


      LA GUERA!

    58. Teresa López

      vean mi canal

    59. Jasmin Lopéz

      Thats my dream car tooo stupida

    60. Victoria Altamirano

      Name the car “ Victoria” or “Vicky”

    61. M&N Channel- Ruiz

      U should name it the baddest perrraa

    62. Jime Heart

      Call her Cariana.

    63. Jime Heart

      Call her Bad ass

    64. Odalis Rivera Alvarez

      Call her odalis 😂

    65. Yocelin Maldonado

      Omg I love you ❤️ 💖💖

    66. MELISSALARA 022706

      You frecken deserve that estupida🥰❤️ I loveeee youuu pendijaaa❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    67. Yimalia Santamaria

      The name for the car is pera

    68. Zoe Silva


    69. Brian Chaj

      KRIS 😭 (kris Jenner)

    70. Brian Chaj

      Malaperra 😂

    71. Joanna Fonseca

      Yoi shuold name the car Rebecca

    72. Avïna Nata

      La Diabla Perra, montate en mi DIABLA PERRA que no tengo tiempo ESTÚPIDA 😱😱😂😂💖💖😍😍

    73. Juan Ramos

      Are you oky you need help or what

    74. Deja Curry


    75. Sarai Ayelen

      Name it Caroline!

    76. Amayrani Gonzalez


    77. Kate Sandoval

      My birthday is August 18, and that’s been my dream car since 4th grade 😂❤️

    78. ariel g

      That hair Is a hot mess but I love the car

    79. Keahi Ohana

      Where is your tripod for your car from?

    80. Aldair Echeverria

      Pun the car name lale

    81. Daniela Garcia

      El Rover 👌

    82. Victoria Rodriguez

      I think it should be named CHILE!!!

    83. Melanie Matadamas

      Louie congrats you deserved it. Love you so much❤️love your videos. You make me laugh so much😂

    84. Sophia Sanfilippo

      Say what’s up guys in spanish

    85. Cris Guevara

      U have the same as LARRY bUt LARRY as in black that cool

    86. Natalie Roman

      Name her perra

    87. Flavio Palacios

      La perrita 😜😜😜😜😜

    88. RoseAmber Gloria

      Laperramovil pa la caro o ssssstupida !!!!!!!!

    89. Alicia Mendez


    90. Allisson Zamarron

      name ur car "la Perra"

    91. Melany Guzman


    92. Gabby Ramirez

      Omg!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

    93. EarthToNae


    94. Diane

      for me lolah should be the name of your car. xxo

    95. Willianys Figueroa

      I love how you bought a car and still haven’t bought yourself a new chair CODA LIFEEE🤪🤪

    96. Siindee Gamboa

      That’s literally my dream car congrats estupida

    97. Jennessy Holt

      You should name it la badi

    98. Miah Cevallos

      Patricia .. periodt estupida

    99. Jocelyn Narciso Garcia


    100. Chare ONOFRE

      Can you name her snowy? Mabye!