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    I have been wanting this car for SOO long!! And never in a million years did I think I was going to buy it porque i'm a CODO!! I was going to vlog me going to look at the cars but I did not do it because I was not expecting me to buy it. I kept the car a secret and did not tell anyone except my family of course. In this video I show you guys my car and my friends reaction. AND NOOOO I AM NOT DOING THIS TO "SHOW OFF"! You guys know I like to share my life with you wether that's chisme or anything else. I hope you guys enjoyed the video and got some good laughs!! :)
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    1. Louie's Life

      SSSSTUPIDAS!!! Help me name her!!💖 I suck at coming up with names💀

      1. Lily Martinez

        Lily or perra or karla

      2. Toriee Luna


      3. Toriee Luna

        Zarai Stassy

      4. celia saludes

        @Wavy Osvaldo a

      5. asvp_cris

        LA perra mobile

    2. Crystal Gallardo

      Or name her Blanca

    3. Crystal Gallardo

      Name her white magic

    4. Mayra Moran

      Me morí cuándo dijiste y se prende la estuuupida JAJAJAJ🤣🤣

    5. Danna Cisneros

      Veronica name her veronica pls

    6. Jackie Bahena

      New subscriber I love you so much Louie you that’s best Omg you and Alan ♥️😍😂👌🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 yes please

    7. Lay Low

      Wow i wish I wish 💫💫💫✨✨ you so lucky

    8. lucky 3rd jr

      U should name ur car estupida

    9. Gloria Estrada

      New to you!! Love your attitude so full of life.. Love it 😘

    10. Myra Castillo

      Omg a white range rover is my dream car

    11. Jnr Nau Malaki


    12. Cynthia Cortez

      Yo Louie now you could drive around and yell at the.people walking and say STUPIDAS!!!¡!!!!

    13. Jennifer Gonzalez

      La perrita🤣

    14. Noni

      The Pera Mobileeee

    15. Jocelyn Aguilar

      perra moble 2

    16. Alex The Finesse Kid

      What about Dominique as a name car

    17. Terri A

      Bishhhhh that’s my dream car toooooooooo!

    18. Marisol Tovar

      You Said anniversary instead of universe 😂😂

    19. Rebecca Delariva

      Omg I love you Louie!! 💗😂 u make my days thank you

    20. Carlos Lopez

      That’s my dream carrr tooo

    21. Karen-K Casanova

      Congratulations I’m happy for you. dreams can come true with a lot of work and effort and that’s how yours bacame a reality Louie.

    22. Jennifer Lopez


    23. Carly Magana

      Pancha 😛😛😛 lol you could be like donde esta la panchaa

    24. Angelica Munoz

      Lol congratulations! Call her Perra mobile 😂

    25. Francisco Ayala

      This car is so bad 😍😍😍😭😭

    26. Nasir Jones


    27. Hector Dominguez


    28. Justin Alexander Carbajal

      He’s funny, 1st video I’ve seen

    29. Cristina Maldonado

      5:37 😂😂😭

    30. Tony Murillo

      Why do you have make up on? You don’t look right you look weird. Your a guy your not a girl.

    31. Grisel Vazquez

      You deserve it all your hard work yasssss

    32. sarahi soto

      Name it KARLA❤

    33. kat g

      Bien perrs 😘

    34. Barbieyury

      😂 omg so funny! I can’t!

    35. lou martinez

      Your the ugliest thing I've seen in my come on nigga don't you know you were born a man and you should fight for your ground as a man even tho you don't feel like gotta second think why you act like this and know something ain't right hold on to you being born a man be who you were born to be as God intended it to be

    36. Jenny Valdivia

      La cara blanca 💋

    37. M YG

      A little ruidito cuando tengo un carrito serca🤦‍♀️♥️♥️♥️carrier felicidades mori de risa

    38. Kailey Urgiles

      Name her VALINTENA

    39. Ismael Carrillo

      The perra mobile

    40. Francely Gallegos

      Ssssstupidoo u got my dream car

    41. Aileen Becerra

      It's should be named stupida

    42. Moönchild

      Stupidaaaaaa, Range Rover es mi favorito too 👀❤️ Ojalá one day pueda tener uno!

    43. Jennifer Perez

      That’s my dream car too 🥺

    44. mockingjaye

      I want one!

    45. Water Lilly

      You deserve it , wishing you the best always...👍👍

    46. Norma Suarez

      Love your personality. You should name Paloma Blanca or just Paloma.

    47. Marina Agustin

      You’re so humble mijo 💙🥰 you deserve all the blessings the universe has to give you!!!!

    48. Danya Vasquez

      Now I’m just waiting for his new “sneaking out at 3am” video in his new car !!!!

    49. unicorn ismyfood

      Name her carla

    50. Alicia Ortiz

      Love it congratulations to the badddeest perrraaa 👌🏻 you deserve nothing but the best 🥰🥰🥰

    51. stephaniee salvatorre

      I hope you called it the Chile mobile

    52. Nayan Nana


    53. Jewlz

      Congratulations babes! 💕❤️ They are beautiful ass vehicles and you deserve it. Work it, perrraaaaaaa 😘

    54. citlaly lopez

      Omg I love your car congratulations 😍😘

    55. Scarlet Mendes

      Call it the baddest perra moblie

    56. Shawty Tv

      Im so happy 🥺 like he sed thanks to us is like us buying him a care idk if y’all get me 😍but i love seen the baddest perra happy

    57. Analysa Miranda

      I’m so happy for you !!!❤️vas a llegar lejos 💗💗

    58. Mariiaaa L

      Ariana could neveeeer 😂😂😂

    59. Jacob Reoung

      Name her Bella

    60. Jen Luv

      Estupida Love it for a license plate

    61. Andrew Howell

      , can you please talk English thank you

    62. Ma.angeles Maldonado


    63. G Del

      The name for your car la paloma 🕊

    64. Mony Hndz

      👍Louie I hardly ever comment and I'm doing it because I feel very excited for you congratulations your carrito is beautifulll❣

    65. Dina&Fam Vlog

      Felicidades 🎊🎉🍾 That’s my dream Car too perris!!! ❤️💕🥰

      1. Dina&Fam Vlog

        La Perris suena buen nombre

    66. MsGNieto Nieto

      It’s a Beauty congrats !!!!!!!🍾

    67. Kiara Ls1

      I love it ❤️

    68. Mia's life 12

      Miracle is a good name I feel

    69. Linda Benavides

      The badestperra

    70. Mary Ortega

      Hola estupidaaaaa!! Felicidades!!!