Matt Stell - Home in a Hometown (feat. Jimmie Allen) (Official Video)



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    Check out the official music video for “Home In A Hometown" by Matt Stell featuring Jimmie Allen!
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    1. Jonas Eriksson

      GREAT song !!

    2. Raphaela Bueno


    3. Vision Gustavus

      This song, I was In the vitamin cottage in Denver yesterday and heard this playing.. I immediately went home to that little town in Conway County. Way to Dream big friend!

    4. NZ Shares

      Lost when the turned up

    5. Laura Dimunno


    6. Eki Perok

      Jimmy allen😚

    7. Laura Dimunno


    8. Lacey Ivy

      Stop lights?! We got stop signs 😂 my tiny town has a co-op biggest thing we have.

      1. John Daliere '21

        yeah same, we don't have a single stop light.

    9. kerriona Lucas

      This sounds like my Hometown and oh my gosh our mascot is a blue devil too!!😱😂💙💚

    10. Serge Storms

      #the more i feel the better i drink😃

    11. Serge Storms

      dude rocke in lax.

    12. kevin joseph

      had to put a rapper in thar

    13. Carolyn Kilgore

      I can’t wait to see him in reading ❤️

    14. Lynette Eversole

      LOVE this! I love both of these singers!

    15. Serge Storms

      if you dont like this i question your humanity

    16. Wade Baker

      I grew up just 12 miles from him in Jerusalem, Arkansas. Even saw him at the Great Arkansas Pig Out in Morrilton many times. Conway County reppin'

    17. Connor Eckert

      Woooooooooo pig go hogs arkansas razorbacks

    18. Erik Brice Ledford


    19. CTO Drive

      hey how ya been when you aint been arounnnnd! cmon now!!!!! buncha ball caps and blue jeans...nah it really aint a new thang!!! damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I just wanna kick it with these guys for one day lol

    20. Erika Kusuma

      Nice song 🎶


      Country music is what can change your day! Good music!

    22. Jayde Lyric

      Filmed here in Lebanon TN for those wondering💋💋😍😍

    23. Jay Weekes


    24. ashley lahmers

      Thanks for having maggie baugh in this video shes the best

    25. Bob

      1:53 - Yooo... she’s Beautiful LOL

      1. Charles Treadaway


    26. Sallirose M

      Wow! Great song! I saw Matt open for Toby Keith this summer and he did a great job! I only know pray for you but he put on a good show and I like his music! Jimmie Allen is great too! Nice job guys!

    27. RC

      Another amazing song that makes you proud to be an American!

    28. TShirtArtDesignQueen Leo

      loving ur sound and songs...back to country

    29. Diane Samp


    30. jennie2177

      Damn ! OK...... I like it!

    31. Matt Yodmanee

      Stick to your friends , good people , raise and spread positivity , and never give up ! Much love!!! 😎🤙🤙❤️❤️❤️

    32. szymPOL YT

      Love it 💙

    33. J.R. Lobinsky

      Can’t wait to see Matt Stell in Jacksonville, Florida on December 5 for that Jingle Jam! Love Jimmie Allen too!

    34. Seforosa Piukala

      Love love loveeeee this song 🥰❤️ so good and so therapeutic

    35. Serge Storms

      dude your gon steal the show...

    36. brandonrodgers77

      I miss when my town used to be this way ☹️ it's just concrete slabs and concrete farmers tryna take over

    37. joel murungi

      Some days you worry that pop is destroying country lyrics, then other days you listen to such songs and know it's possible to move forward without forgetting the roots of the genre. Great song.

    38. Matthew Myers

      How much are tickets for your Huntsville show?

    39. Jack Haragsim

      Jimmie Allen’s shoe game though

    40. Jennifer Dijames

      Jimmie, I heard that you were coming to Buffalo in November. Come on down Bro. Matt,What about you?

    41. Sorin Morgin

      Both of them are very sexy and cute 💋💋💋👅👅👅

    42. Jordyn Sturgill

      Did they film this in Lebanon, Indiana?

      1. Spencer Heath


    43. new found life

      guess i better save old jim bobs song here or ill forget where it was

    44. eddiek7 official

      Thats the hallway i had my first kiss

    45. Retro Ownz

      Who would've imagined, our terrible school being put in a music video lmao

      1. Cold Echoz

        Retro Ownz right that’s big facts

    46. Daniel Bienapfl

      Came for Matt great song man

    47. Miles Steele

      Fun fact: Matt is like 6'7

      1. Jordyn Sturgill

        Gotta love a tall man!!

    48. Madison Darling

      Majority of the comments it legit “that’s my school!” JAHLDDJ bruh man that’s great lol this , that’s funny how it shows the highschool where my sister goes to which I’ll be there next year. My gosh the hallways and omLLLL I CAN JSJSVSKS BRUH YUP THATS WHERE IM GOING NEXT YEAR AHSKSH I play a concert on the auditorium lol ew I’m such a rant

    49. Noodle


    50. Piaohsiu Wu

      God bless great your music song

    51. Aimanaizat2001 Mohd Rizal


    52. Crystal W

      Ain't nothing like your hometown that's for sure!

      1. countrygirl countrymusiclover

        And neither of them are from the place where this is filmed. Matt is from Arkansas. Jimmie is from delaware

    53. Blake Risner

      Lmao that’s my school

    54. Amber Daughtrey

      2 of my new favorite artists

    55. Crookie Monster

      The Glade!!! Love my town.

    56. Jonathon Hills

      Buddha bless this beat.

      1. countrygirl countrymusiclover

        God is the only one who can bless anything. Take your buddha crap somewhere else

    57. Samantha Zolen

      Ayy LHS

    58. Breeze Copas

      Welcome to Lebanon High School. #bdp

      1. J.P. Wamble

        Breeze Copas 🤧

    59. Ritzie

      Two words: LOVE IT.

    60. Will Oglesbee

      Nice job bro!!

    61. KnockoutSkillz 6

      Definetly not a accurate representation of lebanon its a bunch of wanna be thugs who yall tryna fool

    62. Erin Chistine

      Aye I go to school at lhs

    63. Senpai

      Yo that’s my school lol I’m being literal that’s my school I thought they were playing around that’s my school

      1. Jayde Lyric

        @L R yes😍😍😍😍

      2. Sorta Sisters

        Brooo that’s so cool lucky

      3. L R

        Is this Lebanon, TN????

      4. Mr Davis

        Where’s this located ?

    64. Jordyn T

      Y’all love the song but I love my school #GoBigBlue

    65. •Isaac Thompson•


    66. henrryallan madronio

      Wow.. Nice voice sounds like country songs

    67. Kelly Norman

      Great song! I haven't heard of Jimmie Allen before his voice too!

      1. Garrett Agee

        He’s so good!

      2. Kelly Norman

        @countrygirl countrymusiclover I have... I never realized that's who it was! He's so good!!

      3. countrygirl countrymusiclover

        Have you never heard best shot or make me want to??

    68. Madison Hodge

      ayeeee go lebanon devils! haha

    69. Kyle Vieira

      I miss those day's and nights. Miss the rush from Friday night lights

    70. Nathaniel Selliers

      That's my school y'all