Marvel Studios' Black Widow | Special Look

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    “Family. Back together again.” Watch this brand-new special look at Marvel Studios’ Black Widow, in theaters May 1.
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    1. Sean O'Connor

      Still Hyped!great trailer intro music too.

    2. Who Said Yes?

      I hope we get a Black Widow trilogy, even if it ends up following Yelena and we get flashbacks of Natasha...

    3. Muslim Bale

      Task master = power ranger

    4. hpa2005

      Melina: "You got fat" Alexei: "Its mainly water weight" Natasha: "Moving on!"

    5. The Rose

      I like the Black Widow, but I thought she died?

      1. The Rose

        @Nathan Campbell Thank you for much!

      2. Nathan Campbell


    6. ND7652

      This is the BRILLIANCE that Marvel has displayed . Because there are sites and channels NOW that are speculating about.............. WHO is Taskmaster ??? A character who is at best a third tier as Marvel villains go . But if you read the Bio there are so many possibilities as he has connections with MULTIPLE Marvel mainstays as the Fantastic Four , Deadpool , Red Skull . So you know there's going to be a reveal that NO ONE EXPECTS ( My thinking is that he was "HIRED " by a King of a certain Eastern European country that sounds like Latvia ) .

    7. ND7652

      And here we....................................GO !!!

    8. The Skywalker

      Marvel: It's rewind time!!

    9. clonth

      DC : This year we have Wonder Woman. Marvel : We have Black Widow. DC : Wonder Woman have Superpower. Marvel : Black Widow no need Superpower. DC : Wonder Woman is God. Marvel : Black Widow’s ex-boyfriend beat God. DC : .................

    10. my rent?

      I need a movie based on me!!

    11. Tomsack

      Now make a taskmaster movie

    12. theacecosplayer

      Scale, brain, mirror, etc: you got fat Me, having a breakdown over my shitty body in the bathroom at 1 AM and lying to myself: _it’s just water weight_

    13. Mohammad Usman

      Thor: i am so fat This guy: just a sec

    14. Nemesis Dylan

      They should’ve put this movie in between avengers infinity war and endgame if they could’ve

    15. Matthew Hall Fitzsimons

      Taskmaster is going to be the best part of this movie

    16. Tyrel Morrice

      I bet Rachel Weisz is the Taskmaster....

    17. Chat with buddy

      Just think a minute if disney make daredevil and punisher pg 13 i gonna out from the marvel fan forever.

    18. Blue Shirt Guy

      I don’t know why they did this when there’s the SuperBowl but mkay

    19. Rodney Hunt

      Wait, I thought she was dead.

      1. uncanny dcmarvelous

        This movie is a prequel. Set after Civil War and before Infinity War.

    20. Jay Carr

      It’s all getting boring at this point....poor’s time for them to actually start creating again....ya know, telling interesting stories and not this MCmovie Hero crap....they pushed it to the apex with End Game...wait for it’s all down hill from here....they should have done Black Widow before....with Hulk and or Hawkeye.....haha...they gave us Captain Marvel and Brie Loser instead....see where this is going? Good luck

    21. Sean S


      1. Slap shot Studios1708

        Sean S how

    22. John Bleiler

      When you thought the worst the accents got was scarlet witch, but now there’s an entire family of Russians

    23. Kariuki Cariowkey

      Newsflash if this movie crosses 1B they'll definitely find a way to resurrect her

    24. Fouzia Firdose

      The mask men was hawkeye

      1. uncanny dcmarvelous

        Nope. This movie is set after Civil War and before Infinity War. During that time, Hawkeye was on house arrest because of helping Cap, why would Clint be antagonizing Nat and her friends when he's supposed to be on his farm house? Besides Taskmaster is way different than Hawkeye, Tasky has this power of copying his opponents' moves/fighting style.

    25. TheBlockBreakers

      Taskmaster mirroring Natasha's move at the end was scary :D

    26. Tommy Boman

      Badly done Russian accents with a hero already dead? And what is the point with this movie? No. Pass. Might VPN it... if I have nothing better to do...

    27. NewStyle Modeling

      Marvel is life

    28. Tsuki Elizalde

      sooo.... Budapest anyone? Hawkeye: YES

    29. Goura Krushna Sahoo

      0:15 PYM PARTICLES

    30. Sazuko

      Heres to hoping TaskMaster has Fight Scenes as good as Neflix Dare Devil~ >:)


      any black widow fans !

    32. Johnny Sicat

      I'm turned on, but it's not because of Black Widow

    33. Lorenzo Camacho

      Can't wait to see this

    34. Tears of Finality

      I dont know if I want to see this. Black Widow is kind of a throwaway character. I feel like the movie Red Sparrow already did a good back story for her. All they had to do was slap this name on that movie and make billions.

    35. John’s World Of Art

      This needs to be PG-13. Black Widow has always been in the PG-13 MCU

    36. AMV Channels

      0:27 didn't her sister had a russian accent?

    37. Oliver Elphick

      Hawkeye is gonna be taskmaster calling it

      1. uncanny dcmarvelous

        Nope. This movie is set after Civil War and before Infinity War. During that time, Hawkeye was on house arrest because of helping Cap, why would Clint be antagonizing Nat and her friends when he's supposed to be on his farm house? Besides Taskmaster is way different than Hawkeye, Tasky has this power of copying his opponents' moves/fighting style.

    38. mrbrainchild76

      Don't understand the point of this movie at all at this point.

    39. Gates fan 100

      Can’t wait to see taskmaster in action first movie where I’m actually going to see the villain

    40. Bongothom

      Five years ago, I would have waited in line to see this movie. Now that I know she is dead, I just don't care as much

    41. Rasta Fonz

      released on my birthday

    42. L Tarek

      Who else want Tony to save the day here too .?

    43. Jonathan Mendoza

      In The Post Credits of Black Widow Movie Captain America Returning the Soul Stone in Vormir And Dr. Strange Use the Time Reverse to Bring Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow Back to Alive in The Future Of MCU in Dr. Strange 2: Multiverse and Madness!?😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😚😚😚😚😚😚😚💙💙💙💙💙💙💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

    44. Jeong Min Oh

      1:22 This scene gives me the chills Can't wait for the movie

    45. R M


      1. Jimbo T


    46. Unban2higahiga54

      I think we’re gonna need to get the soul stone again Natasha you know the gig!

    47. Ashley Philip

      Florence has been showing up everywhere nowadays

    48. Anthony Nguyen

      This is how many people excited for Taskmaster 👇🏻

      1. Conner Conrad

        @Christian Aguilar thats sad lmao

      2. Christian Aguilar


    49. jamie andrews

      this movie will make 1.5 bil. I'm calling it.

    50. Tara Verbridge

      Hopper was transported to Russia to become Alexi.

    51. Maria Nilda Bareiro

      Nat ❤

    52. Tatum van Wilson


    53. Robin Rajaonarivelo

      *I'm done running from my past* She said while being a fugitive and one of America's most wanted after Civil War

    54. Cuervo 123

      😭😭😭😭😭😭capitan america is gon 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    55. Daniel Jaek

      Daniel Jaek

    56. Power The Immortal or Isaac

      when hopper died he got reincarnated into a russian. how ironic.

    57. Power The Immortal or Isaac

      finally what we wanted to be the first female staring marvel movie.

    58. Диана

      Наташа май сыстэр

    59. Oisin Reilly

      There's leaks for this out, the twists and end credits scenes. If any of you have seen them, what do you think of them??? Boring or not?? Do you think they're real or not??

      1. Russian Spy

        it's obviously fake

      2. Oisin Reilly

        @andrew cioffi well I hope not. Then we dont have to get spoiled 👏👏

      3. andrew cioffi

        I hope its real, That means more Tasky in future films

    60. SOBAN_ _K14

      1:22 by the look on her face it looks like she knew the guy personally.... Y do i have a feelin the guy is hawkeye

      1. Slap shot Studios1708

        SOBAN_ _K14 we’ll not her face looks more shocked and Hawkeye was in house arrest when this movie takes place

      2. andrew cioffi

        well its not..

    61. SOBAN_ _K14

      1:13 are those pym particles in her hands

    62. Back in blaCk

      You mean... Russian avengers...

    63. JKees

      I can't be the only one burned out on these movies right?

    64. ionut suvar

      it would be great if spiderman appeared in the movie.

    65. throwing shade

      her: “after all this time?” me: “always.” her: “what brings you home?” me: *disappointment*

    66. Orion

      are those *PyM pArTiClEs* ???

    67. Estevan Garcia

      Taskmaster looks like something out of a Nerf commercial

    68. Rhegina Anne Vasquez

      You know in my own world, Natasha ended up with Steve. I still can't accept that Steve went back to Peggy. Doesn't make sense.