Marvel Studios' Black Widow - Official Teaser Trailer

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    Marvel Studios' Black Widow is in theaters May 1, 2020.
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    1. Cristhian Moya

      Am I the only one with hype for the fact that: THERE ARE MORE BLACK WIDOWS!!?! :'D

    2. Jack Rogers

      I wish they'd done this before Infinity War. Natasha deserves to have a solo movie that isn't tarnished by her death later on. I'll still go and see this, but I bet a lot of people won't because she's dead.

    3. Aj Rivera

      I just don't see the point of this movie other than Disney finally giving her a movie after she died, so the whole movie won't affect the main timeline, no ever talks about it, since those characters aren't in the other movies or talked about then they're dead. Why? This feels like Ant-Man 2 did it help build the universe. Yeah but does it really matter?

    4. Ehrik Rick

      First mutant could be Omega Red! That would be epic!

    5. Kethellyn Ester Pereira Santos

      MARVEL o quarteto Fantástico e os X- men Vão se ajultar com os Vingadores?

    6. Parengthony Castillo

      Oh! How I wish they included her bestfriend Silver Sablinova also in this movie.

    7. andreous

      0:51 me and my twin fighting:

    8. Guadalupe Reyes

      Marvel Enter tengo una pregunta🤔🤔🤔 cuando estará la película blak guindor

    9. Samir Yaghi

      I prefer the SNL'S black widow trailer

    10. Clash on Yuvi

      'What brings you home?' Is it only me who felt that thanos dialogue

    11. A3AnimeArtAwesome

      Aaah why wasn’t this released before endgame. It would have made her death more impactful cause we would have known her character more.

    12. Aj The idiot

      This is a sequel, she had on feather falling boots

    13. FREE Will Dummies!

      Black Widdow 🤔 hmm, where is this spider and do I get to kill it lmao 😂🤣😅

    14. Namees Amin

      pLEASE tell me this explains what happened in budapest

    15. Adam Joy

      That white suit looks sick

    16. Ricardo Roger

      Black Widow's sister: I have the best horrible MCU Russian accent...Wanda: Hold my vodka...


      Who want see see harry potter in the avengers

    18. BalsaVidak Lego

      Black Widow is dead

    19. Penny Williams

      1:30 This guy? *Remembers what happened to Hopper in Stranger Things* Oh...

    20. Eric Doty

      I feel like David Harbour is going to be my favorite part of this

    21. Jahanara Begum

      I need this

    22. jhon chapter 3 verse 16holybible

      How could this be she got killed in end games😥😥

    23. Daniel C Treidene

      Uhm, are you guys having scarlet manage the movie? If I know her right, she’s just going to wriggle the project until you give up the project entirely...

    24. Joe Wallace

      So did she survive from endgame or is that too far out there?

    25. MaxxSkywalker

      Is that the same apartment from one of the Bourne movies, because it definitely looks like that apartment?

    26. Tonystark Dafne

      I wonder, how Scarlett Johansson turned from comedy to action perfectly. The nanny diaries to black widow, such a great versatile actress. Lots of love from India

    27. Zy on Wii

      This is out of topic but I think they should make a movie with Peggy Carter and Steve on how they live there life after he goes back in time to stay with her or a threat tries to kill half of the USA or something and they fight it out and save the USA or something

    28. Rodrigo FernandezEsquivias

      Mothers be like: Endgame: Eat a salad Black Widow: You got fat

    29. S.A.M. TV

      It is just me? I think Hawkeye is the Taskmaster here. Before he became Hawkeye he play as the Taskmaster. Remember in the movie, The Avengers (2012)? When Natasha and Clint are fighting the first wave of Chitauri in New York? Black Widow/Natasha: Just like Budapest all over again! Hawkeye/Clint: You and I remember Budapest very differently! So i think he is the Taskmaster from the word he says. "Differently". And remember in Endgame? In Japan.?

    30. L Tarek

      Who else wanna Tony to save the day here too ?

    31. Civan

      David Harbour❤❤

    32. 10000 pounds of sloth cigars

      Kinda dont care same goes for a Hawkeye movie. I just never cared about the "special ops" type stuff in movies. I'm much more of a thor ragnarok, guardians, Ironman, spiderman, and hulk fan

    33. Aryan Lokhande

      I'm waiting for Doctor Strange 2

    34. ADIMAXanime project Athn&eroniya

      All ready disepointed from captain marvel . just watch Gotham all seasons

    35. RukudoSage69

      Eat your heart out Brie, you'll never beat scarlet, no matter how hard you try.

    36. R M


      1. Rahmat Rusly


    37. Meme Extreme

      Kinda looks bland to me but I’d be open to seeing it

    38. Lorenzo

      One of the most helpful world-building tools is the consistency of costume design throughout the MCU. This is what a supersoldier suid looks like. This is what Star Tech looks like. This is what Wakandan tech looks like. It adds so much to the believability.

    39. Mad Titan

      *jim Hopper*

    40. David King

      Everyone been asking for a black window movie but I want falcon

    41. phugun channel

      It's red guardian!!!!!!

    42. JoeyBalubah

      CZ-news commenters: I'm going to post an obvious conversation comment like 90% of the other commenters. ME: UGH! Enough already!

    43. Isaac Baldwin

      I just realized, this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce Omega Red and tie into the Xmen. Imagine Wolverine showing up to save black Widow from Omega Red in the final act. That would be epic.

      1. Isaac Baldwin

        Theres already Colossus in deadpool movies. They could easily make the plot that taskmaster is hired to protect a secret government project that turns out to be Omega Red. Having Colossus and Wolverine in Russia is perfectly plausible and ties in Xmen and deadpool. Since it's in the past they could even have Wolverine as a part of the Weapon X Mission and introduce other characters. Just because your little brain cant handle hardly makes it forced. I say missed opportunities.

      2. Chris Corley

        Ugh! That'd be forced crossover vomit.

    44. world views

      Fantastic movie

    45. James Dobbs

      The fappiest avenger

    46. Flame libra


    47. Game Amina

      Can I pls skip rest of the January and month February, March, and April and just see the movie already. I've been waiting for this movie for 3 years.;

    48. L Tarek

      Tony Stark will save the day as usual

    49. Justin Bieber ❶

      “One time I saw her kill 3 people, in a bar with a fookin plate.”

      1. 🔥Pill3🔥

        What a hell...

    50. Wonder Woman

      so good

    51. Mr Pikachu

      Heavy spoilers think that tony stark will come to your movie

    52. Alan Divine B


    53. Jelena Radović

      When does this take place?

      1. Milla Saunders

        Between Civil War and Infinity War, when she's on the run.

    54. shrimp

      Am i the only one thinking why is this film getting made now? The character has been killed off and now they make the film? :S Marvel makes franchises, how can they make a franchise with a dead character? Sorry but this film is about 7 years too late..

      1. SkyMaster Albani

        because it's cool? i mean, is there really anything wrong here?

    55. Vx Gho4st Xz

      I think this movie is overrated

      1. Milla Saunders

        It hasn't even come out yet, bit premature there.

    56. Prabha Badge

      Please com back iron man🙏🙏🙏🙏😢😢😢

    57. Abhinav Mamuduri

      Loved that bgm

    58. Trevør Ackert

      So she died the way X and juice wrld died I see how it is

    59. Tyler Graham

      They better show Budapest in this film!

    60. Lokesh .b

      తెలుగు ప్రజలు ఈ ట్రైలర్ చూసి ఉంటే కామెంట్ చేయండి పేరును

    61. Jordan Gan

      “Black Widow Movie gets announced” Me: Yes! “Writers of The Hustle and Thor Ragnarok attached to the project.” Me:No....

      1. Giggling Stoner

        Wait what? Not the Thor 3 garbage writers...

      2. Chris Corley

        Black Widow gonna rock it !!!

      3. Isaac Baldwin

        I agree, Ragnarok was blah for me. I dont hate on anyone for liking it. It was just there. I like Taika but honestly I Hated Valkyrie's character. Not a fan of Mrs Thompsons.

      4. Darren Walsh

        Tbh, I've enjoyed each Thor movie less than the one before it, though I'm glad most other Marvel fans love them.

      5. Justin Gillies

        Ragnarok was better than the first 2 movies. In fact, it saved Thor’s character

    62. Adnan

      0:33 Goosebumps

    63. Aries jr30

      Wow 😮

    64. Macaroni Cheese

      So this is what the Russians did to Hopper

    65. Moh lachi

      SHE'S CUTE, right?

    66. swankhood

      Florence Pugh, oh hell yeah❤️😜

    67. oopsie its henka

      I guess you really don’t mess around with Jim......

    68. Mayo Choi

      0:33 i love this

    69. Elvin Garcia

      From MCU The Studio That Brought You Guardians Of The Galaxy® Ant-Man™ Deadpool® Avengers: Endgame™ And Spider-Man: Homecoming®

      1. Elvin Garcia

        @Chris Corley I AM GROOT

      2. Chris Corley

        Suckup. 🐖😗

      3. Elvin Garcia

        @#KEVIN FEIGE OK

      4. #KEVIN FEIGE

        @Elvin Garcia I AM THE STUDIOS

      5. Elvin Garcia

        Scarlett Johnson Is Marvel Studios Black Widow Coming To Theaters April 30th 2020 In REAL D 3D DOLBY CINEMA™ And IMAX® ©2020 Marvel Enterprises

    70. Human Being

      I thought the movie was gonna take place before the first Avengers.

      1. #KEVIN FEIGE

        I thought I was your dad